Sunday, November 11, 2012


"Ahoy Pirates, I need ye help! Some scurvy armada stole my items, Such as flying turtles. I need ye help to find them on AoTS. They like to hide during the day, 1-5 PM. But they always try to find a way out during the night. But they must be careful with the Armada roaming around during the day, If ye not afraid ye can take care of them! The less Armada there is the more the turtles will appear! But that's not it, My prize items. The ones I love so so much! Can ye find them too? They worth a fortune! If get them back for me, I can get you a prize, So ye in Young Pirate? I don't ye can't resist the deal!
I know ye like treasure" -Egg-Foo-Yun-P

Egg-Foo-Yun-P Pride n joy was stolen by the Armada! Help him. When you see a Mooshu item, Turtle or Armada click on it. It'll give you a code. E-mail it to Quick they'll get away with everything on December 29th, Starts on December 1st