Monday, November 19, 2012

Battle of the......titans?

I recently receive the quest "Go go Stormzilla!" But I call it "Battle of the titans!" Master Li Hark drops it. But first you'll have to talk to Spare Chang & it goes like this

Spare Chang: I am auxiliary member of the order of the White Lotus
Spare Chang: Tengu Goblins have invaded the valley of the titans and they called foruth, The greatest threat to all.....Stormzilla!
Spare Chang: Due to Tengu & the giant monster, We can no longer access the temple. But perhaps there is a way....
Spare Chang: My order has sought refuge in a cave not far from here. Speak to Master Li Hark
Master Li Hark: We are order of the white lotus. History has shown again and again how nature points out the folly of Mortals, And we are living such a lesson.
Master Li Hark: Our studies were disrupted by the Tengu, who brought with them the Scourge of cities: Stormzilla! There is but one response to such a great threat....
Master Li Hark: In our most ancient scrolls it is writ a stranger will come and pilot Stupendor-X, Wondrous vessel of the titans forge in Shangri-La, to victory!
Master Li Hark: You, young Pirate, are that prophesied one!
Master Li Hark: Go to the Stupendor-X, Take control of it, and rid the Valley of the titans of storm!

The quest gives 2630 XPs.
In this devastated battle. Only one comes out!

Coming out. Weigh 5,350 pounds with hard metals & screws.......Stupendor-X!
Coming...From Bamboo? Weigh....6,350 pounds with angry storming power......Storm...ZILLA!
Stupendor-X striking at a egg, Zilla going to be mad! 
Stormzilla gets payback, By doing a Headbutt! 

 Who won the showdown? Well that question is easy............Stormzilla did. 

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