Saturday, November 24, 2012

Interview with Paige Moonshade!

Blaze: Hello Paige, To start things off, Tell us about your wonderful & helpful site! 

Paige: Oh, I am unsure how much it helps everyone, But I do write what makes me happy. I hope that I am giving good ideas for housing all over the spiral! 

Blaze: It is pretty helpful & you have wonderful ideas also! Now, Pirate101 came out not so long ago? Anything you love about the wonderful game? 

Paige: Ship to ship battling. Though housing will always have a BIG place in my heart.

Blaze: You're great with housing tips, Can you tell us some housing tips for W101 & P101?

Paige: Details, details, details. It is all about how much details you use to make the finish look. Here is a blog post on Pirate101 decorating 

Blaze: Any favorite Companions/Pets, Worlds in P101 & W101

Pirate101: Bonnie Anne hands down is my favorite companion. Favorite pet I've seen in Pirate101 is the Jackalope. All my pets will have the same name "Chucklesworth" 
Favorite world? Cool Ranch! 
Wizard101:  All my pets must have spirtely and or Unicorn 
Favorite world- Marleybone
Favorite instance- Kensignton Park 

Blaze: Awesome, Mine is Celestia anyday!! velincia (Idk if I spelled that right) anyday! Anyway you had a dorm contest and you had some amazing winners recently, Tell us about it? 

Paige: All entries are fantastic. judges really had a hard time picking winners. Here is the newest one for Halloween decorating I'll say each time I have a new dorm decorating contest players keep getting better :) 

Blaze: I was amaze with all the amazing dorms! I doubt I can make one of those that amazing! Ok, To rap things up, How does it feel becoming a official site? 

Paige: Feel? It is a great honor! The very first time I was chosen for Wizard101 was for my house ediquite post. I was so amazed and honored.
Just remember stay positive, Helpful and support the game you love in any possible way. Never blog for fame. I blog for the love of it.
I would blog about housing even if I was not a official site.

Blaze: Thank you so much Paige for letting me interview you! It was a great honor, Happy sailing!! 

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