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The Warrior AE "Battle of Guerta" Season 4 finale (LONG)

After long time of decision, Douglass decided to give Sanchi's crew back to Molax, after Arthur figured out they were in Guerta. Arthur decided to execute Danny and Boris in front of the citizens in Molax, taking them to the town hall. Meanwhile, Winslow managed to get a knife out from the inside of his boot. He quickly took out Arthur's men and freed Sanchi and the rest. Boris quickly get freed, taking out one of Arthur's men. Boris quickly ran towards all of Arthur's hidden explosives, detonating all to blow up the town hall, killing the rest of Arthur's men but Boris knew he'd have to sacrifice his life to do so. Danny quickly escaped from the town hall after Boris's commands, starting Boris's plan. Boris quickly lit the explosives, killing Orgras, rest of Arthur's men, and...his self, saving Sanchi and the rest. Finally, Sanchez gets into a fight with Arthur and eventually leading to Danny taking Arthur out. Now, Sanchi and the rest quickly returned back to Guerta and they encountered a guest, Kane, Coda, and Fin Dorsal. Now, the battle of Guerta officially started.

Sanchi and Sanchez stood there, staring at the two bounty hunters and listening to Kane talking. Malik, Danny, and Julia quickly got all the citizens in Guerta back inside their houses but Douglass refused to. Winslow quickly runs back into their house, finding Randal hiding under the bed. Winslow quickly noticed the fear in the boy's eyes.
"The enemies," Randal said, "They're here...what are we going to do!"
Winslow quickly grabbed Randal's arm and gently pulled him out, "I want you to hide...we'll take care of them!"
Winslow gave Randal a tight hug then the boy slid back under the bed. Quickly, Winslow ran towards the closets, opening it up and pulling out weapons after weapons. Then, he ran back outside, giving out weapons to his crew.
"We need to make it quiet," Julia whispered, grabbing a weapon from Winslow.
Winslow shook his head and ran away to retrieve more weapons. Malik quickly ran up to Julia, shaking and all sweaty. Malik was nervous and he knew he wasn't prepared, like everyone else.
"Julia," Malik said, "I-I-I...don't know what to do!"
Julia placed both of her hands on Malik's shoulders, staring in his eyes. She knew he could do it, she knew they can't turn around, and most importantly, she knew everyone's going to have to fight.
"You can't be nervous Malik," Julia said, "We been through worse...we can overcome all of this...but you can't be nervous, just fight!"
Malik looked at his gun. Then, he looked up at Julia and smiled, "I'll get in the guard tower with Danny...I'm ready!"

"I want you and your crew," Kane said, "It took a lot of thinking to find y' did!"
Sanchi and Sanchez remained silent. Sanchi was trying to think of a way to escape. Meanwhile, Sanchez was staring at Coda, thinking about Courtney and what the monster did to ruin his life. Sanchez was furious and wanted revenge. None of them spoke, they just listened to Kane.
"I have an army and two bounty hunters," Kane said, "You guys don't have much and I think it'll be foolish if you try to do something incredibly stupid."
"Y-y-you don't have to do this," Sanchi said, "We haven't caused any trouble to the armada army in a long time...It was Al and the filthy pirates!"
Kane laughed, remembering the filthy pirates and what happened to Deacon. Kane knew Sanchi was telling lies, "That's incorrect...I remembered what happened to Deacon and...the royal Rogers?"
"I did all of that," Sanchi said, "You only need me...I did all of this!"
Kane started to laugh, walking off his ship and next to the two bounty hunters. He started to throw his cane up and spin it around like he was a kid in a play ground, "I want Julia and the I can kill them in front of you, then I'll throw you in a cage and make you die from sadness...and maybe starvation!"
Sanchi shook his head, looking at Sanchez. He didn't even look back, he still was looking straight at Coda. 

"Winslow," Julia said, "Is everyone inside?"
Before Winslow could even talk, Douglass came running out of his house with his weapon. Winslow quickly turned around, pushing Douglass away from Julia and tried to get him back inside.
"We're trying to keep you all safe," Winslow said, "Stay inside!"
Douglass pushed Winslow away, getting closer to Julia, "I want to help you guys!"
Winslow grabbed Douglass's arm and threw him away from Julia, "You did enough!"
"You don't understand," Douglass said, "I made a mistake...and it caused someone I loved to die, Boris, I feel dead inside and I want you to help you guys!"
Douglass wasn't done. He continued to speak his heart out. He explained how he felt awful and took the blame for Boris. Also, Douglass wanted to return the favor for everything they did for Guerta. Douglass meant every word and he wasn't the only one. Lots of citizens of Guerta walked outside and surrounded them, with weapons and an eager to fight. 
"Julia and Winslow," Douglass said, "We want to fight!"
Julia looked at Winslow, trying to decide, which took a few moments. Then, Julia shrugged her shoulders with a smile, "Get into good areas where you can spot the enemies...If you have a two or more story house well then get on the roof and fight!"
Quickly, most of the citizens ran and got into places. Douglass quickly ran into his house and climbed on the top of his house, getting prepared. Meanwhile, Danny and Malik noticed all the citizens running around, both of the two smiled.
"Well," Danny said, "The armadas are going to have a problem!"

"You guys can't convince me," Kane said, pulling his pistol out, "I am taking you all or this town will fall!"
Now, Sanchi would know he would have to make a decision, die or fight, he knew the consequences and what is at risk. After moments of thinking, he decided. He threw his hands up and gave up. Kane clapped his hand, signaling for Coda to get Sanchi and Sanchez.
"I call killing the ninja," Coda said, "He's all mine!"
Coda picked up ropes and started to walk up to the two. Everyone in Guerta was watching the sharktooth bounty hunter walking up. Sanchi had his head down with a sad look. Although, Sanchez kept his head up, staring at Coda and had a brief smile on his face.
"Put your hands out," Coda said, swing the rope around, "Ninja is going first!"
For a brief moment, Coda stared at Sanchi in his eyes. The sharktooth smiled, revealing his big, bloody, and sharp teeth. Sanchi slowly placed his hands out to Coda. Meanwhile, Sanchez watched it all happen, staring at Sanchi's sword.
"We're going to kill you all," Coda said, "Like we did to that one female!"
Sanchez wanted to kill Coda for Courtney's death. He wanted Coda dead and he knew he'd do it. Sanchez quickly grabbed Sanchi's sword and pulled it out. Suddenly, Sanchez pushed Sanchi out of his way and injected the sword in Coda's stomach, finally fulfilling his wish. Coda slowly dropped the ropes out of his hands, staring at Sanchez. Sanchez smiled, pulling the sword out, "You aren't doing anything!"
Meanwhile, Kane couldn't believe it. He slowly placed his arm up, looking away. Then, he finally looked, staring at Fin Dorsal's face. Suddenly, Fin yelled out a loud roar. Then, he pulled out his weapons and started to fire.
"Get back inside," Sanchi said, "Quick!"
Boom! Cannons was fired into Guerta, blowing up the hospital and killing couple of Guerta's citizens. Sanchi and Sanchez ran towards Julia and the rest, retrieving weapons.
"We're fighting," Julia cried, "Even Douglass and the citizens are helping!"

"New objective," Kane cried, "I want everyone inside the walls dead!"
Quickly, loads and loads of armadas started to march up and towards Guerta, firing and killing bunch of pirates. Danny and Malik remained in the guard towers, firing at the armadas and defending their homes.
"Danny," Malik said, "Group of them are heading to the left of the walls!"
Danny quickly turned, firing at the armadas and took a few of them out but those two weren't enough. The armadas aimed their cannons at the guard towers and Danny noticed it, "Malik we need to get out of..."
Boom! The armadas fired cannons into the lower part of the guard towers, causing it to fall down. Both of the two fell off the guard towers and landed hard on the ground. Quickly, Malik grabbed Danny and pulled him away from the fallen debris.
"We need to do something about the ships," Malik said, "We need to take out the ships!"
Danny slowly got back up. He felt dizzy and almost fell back to the ground but he was determined to fight again. Then, Malik and Danny took the back way out of Guerta and took the long way in the woods, trying to reach the ships.

Once the cannons were fired, Sanchi and Julia quickly became separated and got lost. Sanchi slowly got back, smoke and flames surrounding him but he left the area, trying to look for Julia again. He went by dead bodies of familiar citizens that Sanchi knew. He tried his best not to look but he couldn't help it.
"Julia," Sanchi cried, "Where are you!"
Winslow ran up behind Sanchi, almost out of breath and ammo. He had blood all over his shirts and bruises on his face. Sanchi knew he got into a brawl  with a few armadas.
"We already lost a lot of our own," Winslow said, "We pretty much only took out a total of fifteen armadas plus Danny and Malik are missing!"
Sanchi didn't listen to anything Winslow said, he slowly turned around, looking at Winslow, "Have you seen Julia...I can't find her!"
"Maybe she went with Jordan and others," Winslow said, "I don't really know!"
Boom! Sanchi heard more cannons being fired into the walls. He slowly looked there and he noticed armadas started to run out, being led by Kane. Sanchi knew this was he'd have to duel with Kane again.
"Get out of here," he said to Winslow, "Find Julia!"
Sanchi hid behind debris, waiting for Kane to go by so he can take him out once and for all. Once he noticed Kane, he walked out, calling Kane's name. Suddenly, Kane stopped and pulled out his sword. Then, he slowly turned around, "There's Sanchi!"
Sanchi let out a roar and he ran at Kane, swinging his sword at him. Quickly, Kane swung back and started the duel. Cling, cling! Back and fourth both of their swords hit each other and nothing else. Sanchi knew this would be a hard duel.
"You should of killed both of the bounty hunters when you had the chance," Kane said, "Now we found you all!"
Sanchi pushed out, kicking Kane in his legs. Sanchi slowly walked away from Kane, swinging his sword around, "I took out Deacon...I can handle you!"
Sanchi swung his sword at Kane and missed. Kane quickly ducked his head, avoiding Sanchi's sword. Then, he went up, grabbing Sanchi's arm and headbutted him, causing him to drop his sword.
"Now you have no weapon," Kane said, "Just give up!"
Sanchi still didn't give up, he kicked up dirt and debris, blinding Kane for a few moments. Then, he got up and managed to get his sword out. Quickly, Kane swung his sword out, getting rid of the dust but once it was gone...Sanchi was gone, too.

Boom, boom! Douglass remained on the top of his house, firing and taking out armadas. He had a great smile on his face, he felt like he was helping out and winning the battle. Although, they were far from winning.
"Douglass," Sanchez cried, "Have you seen Sanchi?"
Douglass quickly turned around with a huge smile on his face, "Sanchez...we're doing it!"
Sanchez shook his head, "Where's Sanchi?"
Douglass shrugged his shoulder, turning around and continued his objective. Sanchez quickly ran next to Douglass, looking at battle. Suddenly, Sanchez knew he wasn't done with revenge once he noticed Fin Dorsal taking out three pirates. Sanchez let Douglass be and ran towards Fin Dorsal.
"You should of never killed the love of my life," Sanchez said, "Aiming his pistol at Fin."
Suddenly, Fin stopped and dropped one of the citizen's body. Fin slowly turned around, with the same smile as Coda, revealing his bloody teeth and his bloody and angry face.
"She deserved it," Fin said, "Just like what I am going to do to you!"
Fin started to run at Sanchez. He fired shots at the sharktooth but missed, causing Fin to tackle Sanchez to the ground. Fin released another roar and started to choke Sanchez. Quickly, Sanchez bite Fin's hand, causing him to let go of Sanchez's throat. Then, Sanchez punched Fin twice in the face and pushed him off. Sanchez quickly got up, coughing and struggling to find his weapon. Fin also got back up.
"I remembered that crane companion," Fin said, "And a bald headed trooper...lemme guess, those two are dead like your lover?"
Sanchez shook his head, biting his lips. Quickly, he released out his anger. Sanchez ran towards Fin, punching him in the stomach repeatedly and kicked him in his knee, causing him to fall down. Then, he kicked Fin in the stomach over and over. Fin quickly fought back. He rolled over, knocking Sanchez over with his huge tail.
"None of you guys understand how doom you are," Fin said, "This place isn't enough to stop what we're doing!"
Sanchez slowly got up. Sanchez knew Fin was wrong, he knew they can take care of the armadas but not all of them, "You're wrong...we have enough to stop you and Kane!"
Fin smiled, picking up Sanchez's gun. He raised the gun and aimed at Sanchez, "You cannot do anything!"
Boom! A gun was fired. Fin stood there and so did Sanchez. Then, Fin dropped the pistol and looked down at his chest, noticing blood was coming out. Suddenly, Fin looked up and at Sanchez.
"None of you," Fin said, falling to the ground.
Suddenly, Sanchez heard laughter from above. He looked up, noticing Douglass with a smile on his face. The old man saved Sanchez and he knew that.
"Douglass," Sanchez said, "T-t-t-thank you!"
Douglass laughed, raising his weapon up, "Keep fighting!"

Sanchi kept running, trying to look for Julia but he couldn't. He started to yell for her name but it didn't help. It made it worse and made Kane closer to him. Suddenly, Sanchi heard Kane's voice again, "Last time we dueled, I lost my arm."
Sanchi looked around, no one was nearby but he kept hearing Kane's voices, "Lucky I managed to get a fake metal looks better!"
Sanchi dropped to the ground, covering his ears and tried his best to ignore Kane's voice. Then, his voice grew louder. Sanchi slowly looked up, Kane was right next to him, "Now I think it's time for you to lose something!"
Kane swung his sword but Sanchi jumped back, causing him to miss. Then, Sanchi ran into Kane, pushing him to the ground. Sanchi tried to kill Kane but the armada fought back, causing both of his sword to hit Sanchi's sword.
"I told you to leave me alone," Sanchi said, slowly walking away from Kane, "And you still can't do it!"
Suddenly, Sanchi heard a scream of terror. He stopped what he was doing and tried to listened. He heard the scream again and it quickly became familiar. It was Julia.
"I can't do this," Sanchi said, slowly backing up from Kane, "I can't!"
Sanchi left Kane there after hearing Julia's voice.
"Coward," Kane cried, "You cowards!"

Julia were in Douglass's house with Winslow. Armadas quickly started to fire at them and surrounded the house. Douglass tried to defend them but there were too many armadas. 
"They're surrounding the house," Winslow cried, "We can't get out!"
Julia kept firing at the armadas, tears coming out. She thought she wouldn't make it and started to fear more. She was out of options. She started to scream for help, "Sanchi!" and "Sanchez!"
Jordan came back from downstairs, out of options too. She quickly helped them and fired at the armadas but it didn't go well. The armadas kept firing at them, hitting Jordan repeatedly in her chest, killing her. Julia quickly got back up, aiming her weapon and she pulled the trigger only to hear clicking noises. She was out of ammo.
"I'm out of ammo," she cried, "I'm out!"
Winslow tried to fire but he was out of ammo too. He quickly threw his gun down out of anger, "Me too!"
More and more armadas started to surround them. Julia and Winslow dropped to the ground, trying to avoid the gunshots. She kept yelling for help, yelling for her crew's help. Luckily, she got it.
"Over here," Sanchez said, "She's here!"
Sanchez and Sanchi dropped down and started to fire at the armadas. Then, Malik and Danny managed to steal an armada's ship, firing cannons at the armadas.
"Keep firing," Danny cried, "Make sure you don't hit the house!"
Armadas started to drop to the ground like flies and in a matter of a few minutes, they were gone. Quickly, Sanchez and Sanchi ran into the house, retrieving Julia and Winslow.
"Get on the ship," Sanchi said, "Now!"
Sanchez led Winslow, Julia, and Randal to the ship and the four quickly got on. Meanwhile, Sanchi ran upstairs and to Douglass, who was still firing at the armadas.
"Douglass," Sanchi said, "We need to leave!"
Douglass stopped firing, lowering his gun and looking at Sanchi, "This is my home...It's pretty much gone now, all of it, and I want to go with it and go out like a hero!"
Sanchi quickly became confused. He thought Douglass was doing this because of what he did before, "Douglass you don't have to do this!"
Douglass got closer to Sanchi, patting him on his back, "You guys!"
Sanchi knew there were no more time left. He hugged Douglass and ran back downstairs, gathering the surviving citizens. 

Sanchi helped the last citizens on the ship and before he got on the ship, he looked back. He looked at all the destroyed houses and walls, remembering this place well. Then, he looked at Douglass, the only one left. He was still alive and firing.
"Woohoo," Douglass cheered, "Come at me!"
Douglass continued to fire at the armadas, taking more and more out. Douglass felt invincible and proud of his self but he was unaware on Kane walking up from behind. Kane started to whistle as he got closer to Douglass, pulling his weapon out. Then, Kane aimed his pistol at Douglass's head and he pulled the trigger, releasing the last gunshot on Guerta.
"Get on," Sanchi said, "We need to leave soon,"
Boom! Sanchi heard the gunshot, causing all the gunshots to end and brought in silence. Sanchi looked back, watching Douglass's body falling off the roof. Sanchi shook his head and getting on the ship.
"Malik," Sanchi said, "Get us out of here."
Their ship flew off and Kane watched it go by. He knew they escaped from him again and he was furious about it.
"Sir," General Tousk said, "They have-they have escaped...w-w-wwhat are we going to do about it?"
Kane removed his mask and threw it on the ground. He rubbed his face and tried to relax, thinking of something. Then, he thought of something, bounty hunters.
"General," Kane said, "Get me the best bounty hunters and scumbags in the spiral...I'll get Sanchi and the rest back!"

The Warrior AE "Betrayal mixed with Work" S4

After returning back to Guerta, Sanchez starts to see Courtney in his imaginations, causing the group to worry more about him. Sanchi, Julia, Danny, and Malik noticed Sanchez's weird actions and quickly followed him. After watching him running around and talking to his self, Sanchi got up and brought Sanchez back into the real world, explaining the truth about losing people. Boris, Winslow, and Randal comes in late, leading into a crew hug with everyone in the crew, including Randal. Meanwhile, Arthur delivered a note to Guerta for Douglass and gives him choices; bring Sanchi's crew or watch Guerta fall. Eventually, Douglass decided to get rid of Sanchi and the rest of the crew by giving them fake locations where Arthur and his men were patiently waiting for them. Now, the whole crew is back with Arthur and Molax which makes things become bad.

Once Arthur got everyone, he made sure they wouldn't escape. He injected meds into Sanchi and the rest, causing him to get knocked out for a few hours. Arthur, Orgras, and the rest of his men placed their bodies on a wagon and pulled them back to Molax, which only took few hours.
"Take them in the dungeon," Arthur said, "Near the townhall!"
Orgras and some of Arthur's men dropped all the knocked out bodies in the dungeon, where they tied up their hands and sat them up, eventually leading to everyone waking up. Danny was the first one to wake up, "W-w-w-where-where am I?"
Arthur clapped his hands, introducing the traitors to everyone in the dungeon, "Ye're the first one up!"
Danny looked around the room, noticing his whole crew knocked out. He quickly started to panic and jerked around to try to get his hands untied.
"Arthur," Danny said calmly, "You don't have to do this!"
Finally, Sanchez, Sanchi, and Boris woke up. Sanchez shook his head and stared at Arthur with an angry look, "How did you find us!"
"Woah there," Arthur said with laughter, "Let's stop with all the questions...please!"
"You're making a big mistake," Sanchi said, "If you were would let us go!"
Arthur nodded his head, walking past Danny, Malik, and Boris to get close to Sanchi. He quickly bent over, next to Sanchi's ear. Arthur stood there for a few seconds, breathing in Sanchi's ear to irritate him.
"Ye killed lots of my men," Arthur said, "Then ye have the nerves breaking into Molax!"
Arthur slapped Sanchi's face twice then spit in his face, "Ye all weren't smart and if ye wouldn't ever messed with Molax!"
Boris quickly started to worry, "We could of killed you all...but we left...we only came back to retrieve three of our friends!"
Suddenly, Orgras came back in, asking for Arthur to speak with him. Arthur turned around and walked out of the dungeon, discussing something with Arthur. Meanwhile, Sanchi and the rest quickly tried to come up with a plan.
Winslow, Julia, and Malik finally woke up, "What's going on?"
"We need to do something before they kill us," Sanchi said, trying to get loose.
"Last time we came here... I went in the townhall's upstairs and noticed lots of explosives in one room," Boris said, "We have a chance if I can get up there and we can detonate the explosives...which'll cause a huge explosion!"
"Smart plan," Sanchez said, "Only plan we have left."
Suddenly, Arthur opened up the door with a huge smile, "Every day, one of ye will be executed in front of your crew and others who want ye all dead!"
"Arthur," Danny said, "You can't do this!"
"Oh Danny," Arthur said, "Ye will be the first, soon!"
Arthur's laughter filled up the room, before he slammed the door. Then, he slammed the door, giving the crew darkness everywhere and made their worries bigger. Although, Sanchi's thoughts wasn't about dying, his thoughts were on how he would kill Arthur.
"Baby," Julia whispered, "I'm scared."
Sanchi understood the situation and everyone's fear, "Don't worry baby...I'll make sure no one get you."

After few hours, the door opened back up, revealing Arthur, Orgras, and six of Arthur's men. His men had swords out with pistols on the side and they quickly surrounded everyone. Arthur knew it was time for Danny's execution.
"This is wrong," Winslow said, "All of it!"
Bam! Arthur kicked Winslow in his face, causing him to fall into Malik. Arthur walked towards Danny with a knife. Malik and Boris started to yell for him to stop, following with Julia's crying.
"Don't do this," Sanchi said, "We can negotiate something!"
Arthur shook his head and grabbed Danny, making him stand up. Then, Arthur made his way towards the doors, ignoring all the yelling and begging. Although, only one sentence stuck out for Arthur. It was from Boris. Arthur stopped, pushing Danny back to the ground and slowly turned around, looking at Boris. Boris quickly looked at Winslow, gave him a smile and a nod.
"Danny is useless," Boris said, "I'm valuable...why not take me?"
Arthur laughed, "Ye turn will come soon!"
Boris shook his head with laughter, "I can easily escape."
Arthur gave Boris a questionable look, bending over and getting closer to him. He stared at Boris for a few moments. Then, he asked for Orgras, "Take this pirate and the traitor in the town hall...I'll meet ye up there!"
Sanchi scooted closer to Boris, "Do you know what you're risking?"
"I do," Boris said, "Risking it for family."
Orgras and one other pirate escorted Boris and Danny towards the town halls, leaving a few guards with Sanchi and the rest. Meanwhile, Arthur went gather folks to watch.

Orgras used his key to open up the townhall. Then, he pushed Boris and Danny in. Orgras didn't check any hands or anything, he just kept pushing them upstairs, near the explosives.
"Dorian," Orgras said, "Keep an eye on these two!"
Orgras opened up the two windows, placed chairs near them. Then, he went downstairs to retrieve the weapons. Boris and Danny knew this was their chance. Danny closed his eyes, holding his tears and fear in, he quickly started to talk to his self, "We're going to die,"
Meanwhile, Boris raised both of his hands up with no rope. Boris quickly ran towards Dorian, pushing him out of the window. Then, he ran towards Danny, who had his eyes closed, he untied Danny's hand and closed the windows. Danny quickly opened up eyes and noticed his hands were no longer tied. He then looked around and noticed Boris running into a room. Danny quickly got up and followed, "How did you get freed?"
"Winslow had a knife in his boot," Boris said, "His hands are untied me...we'll getting out of here."
Danny walked into the room, looked around and his eyes exploded. Dynamite, everywhere, Danny looked around and couldn't believe what he was seeing, "Boris...what are you doing?"
"I'm going to detonate all these when they come back up...there'll be lots of them," Boris explained, pointing at a vent, "We'll climb down here and get out of this death trap!"
Boris quickly cracked open a crate and threw Danny a small pistol and a knife. Danny was surprised and amazed at Boris's plan. Then, Danny ran towards the doors, poking his head out and noticed Orgras with more pirates near the stairs. Without any thoughts, Danny pulled the trigger and fired at Arthur's men. He quickly took out three but Orgras jumped out of the way.
"I'll hold them off," Danny said, "Make this quick!"
Boris was almost finished but he had one problem, he didn't have a remote to blow the explosives up when they get out of here. Now, Boris knew he'd have to take the plan to an extreme level. Boris knew he'd have to become the remote, detonating the explosives by hand. Boris remembered what Sanchi said, feared for this moment but he knew it was his time. Meanwhile, Danny managed to kill more of Arthur's men as they tried to run up the stairs with their swords.
"Woo baby," Danny cried, "How's those explosives going?"
Boris shook his head, knowing what have to be done but he didn't want Danny to know just yet, "Good...going good."

"Now Boris and Danny are going to die," Julia cried, "I'm scared!"
Sanchi didn't know what to say. He was tied up and surrounded, Sanchi knew all the trouble and how difficult escaping would be.
"That's it for us," Malik said to his self, "Going out by execution."
While everyone was complaining and worrying, Winslow was slowly pulling his knife back out, dropping the ropes. He turned his head and noticed the closest guard, right behind him. Winslow took a few breaths, preparing for a daring move.
"On the bright side," Sanchez said, "I'll be back with Courtney, Bonnie, and everyone else."
Sanchi looked at Sanchez with a smile, "All of us will be back together."
Suddenly, Winslow jumped up, turning around and stabbing the guard in the stomach. Then, Winslow grabbed the sword and sliced the other guard nearby. Quickly, Winslow ran towards Sanchi, cutting the rope off and handing Sanchi one of the swords. Sanchi quickly got up, swinging the sword at the two remaining guards. Meanwhile, Winslow continued and untied Malik, Sanchez, and Julia.
"Get'em," Winslow yelled, throwing Sanchi another sword.
Sanchi stood there, facing the two remaining guards. The guards were in the corner, waiting for Sanchi make the first move and he did. Sanchi ran towards the guards, swinging his sword. He knew the two guards were inexperienced and he took advantage of it. Sanchi dodged the moves, sliding between one of their legs. Now, he was behind them, Sanchi quickly stabbed one of them in their back. Then, Sanchi threw the body into the other guard, knocking him on the ground and his sword out of his hand. Sanchi walked toward the unarmed guard, looking down at him.
"Ye are all crazy," the guard said, "No way you'll make it out of..."
Sanchi didn't want to hear more, he quickly executed the last guard in the room. Then, Sanchez grabbed the keys and unlocked the doors.
"Let's do another rescue mission," Malik said, "Let's also make sure this is the last visit in Molax."
But before they left, Sanchi stopped and faced Winslow. Sanchi placed his hand on Winslow's shoulder, "How'd you do it?"
Winslow laughed, "I was involved with lots of criminals and had good experiences."

With all the gunshots from the town hall, it dragged lots of attention. Arthur quickly ran towards the town hall, meeting Orgras and Dorian's body outside, "What is going on!"
"This was planned," Orgras said, "Go check on Sanchi and the rest...we'll take care of the other two!"
Meanwhile, Danny continued to guard the stairs, firing more at the pirates. Orgras quickly ran inside and towards the stairs, he pulled his small pistol out. Then, Orgras ran in front of Danny, firing at Danny and shooting him in his shoulder. He rolled away from the stairs, covering his wounded shoulder.
"Boris," Danny said, "They're coming!"
Boris motioned for Danny to come and he ran to Boris. He quickly noticed the explosives were in different positions than before. Although, he noticed there were nothing to ignite the explosives, "Boris, where's the remote?"
Boris smiled, "It's me."
Danny had a confused look on his face and he tried to argue back but there were no time. Orgras were upstairs with lots of back up and he fired at them. Danny ran and closed the door, locking it. Boris quickly opened up the vent and motioned for Danny to go in it.
"Boris," Danny said, "You can't do this just can't...let me die for y'all!"
Boris jumped up, "I can't...I need to do this, I'm doing this so you and the rest can carry on with the story!"
Danny was speechless, he didn't know what to say. He ran to Boris and gave him a hug, tears coming out. Boris managed to hold back the tears, patting on Danny's back. Then, Danny went in the vent and he looked back at Boris.
"Thank," Danny said, knowing this is the last time he'll see Boris, "I love you."
Bang! The door busted down with Orgras leading the group. He quickly fired at Boris but he dropped to the ground, dodging the bullets. Boris started to fire back, taking out few of Arthur's men but he couldn't get Orgras. Boris rose up, firing few more shots but Orgras shot Boris in his shoulder, causing Boris to hit the ground. Then, Boris crawled towards the explosives, pulling a small match out.
"You fools," Orgras said, walking towards Boris's body, thinking he was dead, "You thought y'all could handle us!"
Orgras jumped over the counter, looking at what Boris was doing. His eyes became wide and he had fear. He noticed a small flame on a string on one of the dynamites. Boris smiled and waved at Orgras and the rest.
"Bomb," Orgras cried, "Run!"
Orgras dropped his gun and ran towards the windows but it was too late. There were no time left.

Sanchi was first outside, noticing bunch of pirates with swords running towards the town hall. Sanchi knew what was up and he wanted to handle Arthur but Sanchez wanted it more.
"I'm killing Arthur myself," Sanchez said, "He killed my companion!"
Sanchi nodded his head, "I'll take Malik and Julia to safety...I'll be back to help you."
Sanchi, Julia, and Malik ran towards the guard towers and Sanchez ran towards the town hall with both of his pistols. Although, he heard yelling and stopped, staring at the town hall.
"Move," he head yelling, "Get away!"
Boom! Suddenly, the town hall went into flames and debris flying everywhere, killing Orgras, all of Arthur's men, and...Boris. Sanchez slowly walked out and into the open, staring at all the flames and debris. Then, he was tackled to the ground by Arthur. Arthur quickly turned Sanchez around, punching him in the face. Quickly, Sanchez headbutted Arthur, punched him repeatedly, and threw him off. Sanchez slowly got up, looking at an angry Arthur, "You did this!"
Arthur shook his head, "I killed I'm going to kill you!"
Arthur ran to Sanchez, trying to tackle him but Sanchez punched him, causing him to hit the ground. Sanchez tried to pull his pistol out but it was stuck in his holder. Arthur quickly got back up, uppercutting Sanchez, and threw him near the fire and debris. Arthur slowly pulled out his knife and walked towards Sanchez who was unable to get his pistol out so he knew he'd need something else. With bravery, Sanchez grabbed a burning plank. He started to scream from the burning flame, but he smacked Arthur's face with the plank. Arthur fell back with his face burning. Sanchez slowly crawled towards Arthur's knife and tried to grab it but he was quickly kicked in the face by Arthur. He slowly got back up, picking up his knife and flipping Sanchez over, who was too weak to do anything else.
"This is it," Arthur said, getting on top of Arthur, "This is it for Dan Sanch..."
Suddenly, a sword went through Arthur's chest, causing him to drop his knife. Arthur remained silent and stayed there until the sword was out. Then, Arthur fell off of Sanchez, revealing Sanchi.
"You're finished with killing," Sanchi said, wiping the blood off his sword, "Finished!"
Sanchi dropped his sword and got closer to Sanchez, making sure he was okay. Meanwhile, Arthur wasn't finished. He slowly crawled towards one of Sanchez's pistol. Arthur placed his bloody hand on the pistol. He tried to pick it up but someone stepped on his hand. It was Danny. He stomped on Arthur's hand, picking up the pistol. Sanchi helped Sanchez up and the two walked next to Danny, facing an injured Arthur.
"I never lied," Danny said, "You lied to your people and denied the truth!"
Arthur looked up at Danny, giving him a scolding look, "Your guys won't last..."
Boom, Danny pulled the trigger, finally killing Arthur. Then, Danny dropped to the ground and went into tears, remembering what happened to Boris. Sanchi and Sanchez didn't know the reason but they helped him up, knowing they had to leave before it got worse.

"I see them," Julia said, waving for them to come this way, "Over here!"
Once the rest approached, Sanchi quickly noticed something wasn't right. Someone was missing, Sanchi quickly noticed. He slowly turned around, facing Danny, the last one who were with Boris.
"Danny," Sanchi said, giving Danny a confused look, "W-w-where is Boris?"
Danny broke into tears so he was unable to speak but he gave them a clue by pointing at the exploded town hall. Sanchi and the rest quickly understood Danny's clue, breaking into tears.
"No, no, no, no," Sanchez cried, "Did Boris sacrifice his life to kill all of them?"
Danny nodded his head, "He did...I offered to do it but he wanted to...he did it for us...he did it so we can carry on with the story!"
Julia covered her mouth, already crying. Winslow closed his eyes, shaking his head, Malik shook his head, patting Danny's back, Sanchi cried in Julia's arm, and Sanchez just stood there, staring at the flames and debris of the town hall. Suddenly, Sanchez started to yell.
"This can't be true," Sanchez said, "Not Boris, not Boris!"
"He saved us," Julia said, "He did it for all of us...he cared!"
Everyone was upset with Boris's death but they knew they'd have to get out of here and back to Guerta. With sadness with them, they slowly walked back.

It was day time by the time they made it close to Guerta and something wasn't right. There were no one in the guard towers and they didn't hear any noises. Although they didn't look at the docks near Guerta with ships everywhere. They took the back way and entered Guerta. Their first priority was to get payback on Douglass, blaming him on Boris's death.
"Douglass," Danny said, first one to noticed him, "You scum bag!"
Danny ran towards him, throwing a punch and hitting Douglass's nose. Quickly, citizens around Guerta walked outside and ran towards the conflict. Sanchi quickly ran and tried to break the fight between the two, "Danny stop!"
Malik and Winslow grabbed Danny's arm and threw him off Douglass. Sanchez ran in front of Douglass, aiming his pistol at Douglass's head.
"Don't do this," Douglass said, "What did I do?"
"You set us up," Julia said, "Boris is dead because of..."
Boom! Cannons were fired into the walls of Guerta, causing lots of noises. Sanchez lowered his pistol and ran towards the destroyed walls, the rest followed behind. Sanchi ran past Sanchez, the walls, and outside of Guerta.
"Oh no," Sanchi said, looking at the danger ahead.
Sanchi noticed all the ships, armada ships. Then, he noticed Kane walking off a ship, followed by Fin Dorsal and Coda behind. Julia ran out to see what was happening but Sanchi demanded for her to go back inside of Guerta. Sanchez was the only one to go out.
"It's Kane and the bounty hunters," Sanchi said, "They found us."
"The Warrior and his crew," Kane said, "Let's have a talk."

The Warrior AE "The Crew as a Crew" S4

Sanchi, Sanchez, Malik, Boris, and Winslow starts their plan to rescue Bonnie and Randal out of Arthur's men. After receiving Randal, Sanchi knew he'd have to make a choice to keep him out of danger which means he'll have to stay at Molax or risk it and bring him home. Sanchi quickly decided to risk it and Randal went with them. Sanchi and the rest quickly found someone else in Molax when Danny aimed at them. Luckily, they convinced him and he came back. Bonnie and Arthur got into a fight, causing Arthur to stab Bonnie in the stomach, eventually leading to her death. Finally, Sanchi gets into a duel with Orgras, giving him a huge cut in his leg. Everyone managed to escape with only Bonnie dead. Meanwhile after the attack was done, Arthur took matters in his own hands and plans to look around the island. First place Arthur will look for Sanchi and the rest is Guerta.

We almost did it, Sanchez thought on the way to Guerta. Another crew member gone because he wasn't fast enough for the rescue. Two loved ones, Sanchez thought, remembering Courtney as he looked at Randal. Sanchez looked around, staring at his crew. No smiles were on their faces even after they survived. None, Sanchez noticed. Then, he looked at young boy, Randal. Poor body lost his mother and father, Sanchez knew it'd be tough for the kid.
"Danny," Sanchi said, "Let them know we're back."
Sanchi's tone made everyone feel more depress. Sanchi was depressed due to his failed mission, another day, another body...Sanchi remembered those words.
"Sanchi and us are back," Danny said, banging on the gates, "Open up!"
The gate quickly opened it up, revealing a mad Julia and normal Douglass. Danny was first to enter, passing Douglass without looking at him. Then, Malik yawned and went into the house, he was followed by Winslow. Although, Winslow gave Randal a tight hug before he went to sleep.
"I have lots of questions going through my head," Douglass said, "But first I want you guys to know that I'm happy you all survived your trip!"
"We got Randal and Danny back," Sanchi said, keeping his head down, "Sadly Bonnie didn't make it."
Julia looked at Sanchi, noticing his head down. Then, she looked at Boris and Sanchez. Boris was close to Sanchez, trying to cheer him up but Sanchez just had an upset look with dried up tears.
"I should be mad at not telling me where you went," Julia said, "But you made it back alive!"
"Wish I never did," Sanchi said, "We failed!"
Douglass stopped Sanchi and placed his hand on Randal's head, "You guys found Randal, that's fantastic!"
Sanchi shook his head, biting his lip and he managed to hold his anger in, "But Bonnie is dead!"
"We went and risked to get her out," Boris said, "We failed and almost died!"
Julia walked up to Sanchi, giving him a kiss and hugging him tight. She slowly whispered into his ear, "People come and guys are still alive."
Suddenly, Randal's squeaky voice broke the silence, "Thank you for bringing me back home."
Douglass looked up at the rest, giving him a sad look. He quickly turned Randal around and the two walked into Guerta. Everyone heard Douglass talking to Randal, "We need to talk about something."
"You know what," Sanchez said, "I'm going to stay outside of the walls and chill...alone."
Julia tried to talk to Sanchez but Sanchi stopped her, "He needs alone time," Sanchi said.

Next morning, Arthur quickly started to write the letter for Guerta. Also, he woke up Orgras and the rest to watch him write it. Everyone around Arthur knew he was upset, noticing how hard he was writing with the pen, making holes in the sheet.
"You're going to run out of ink writing that hard," Orgras said, "Want me to write it?"
Arthur stopped and slowly turned around, giving Orgras a death-like stare. Orgras turned around, avoiding eye contact with him.
"Me will offer ye coins, supplies, and ships," Arthur continued to write, "And ye lives...if I don't get them and me know they're there...Molax will be in war with Guerta!"
He was done, everyone around him noticed when he threw the pen on the ground and knocked over the glass bottle filled with ink. Arthur walked up to Orgras, slamming the paper on his chest, "I want Douglass to read it and no one else!"
"But sir," Orgras said, "I can still hardly walk and they know what my face looks like!"
Arthur still continued to walk away, "Bring others with ye!"

Few hours went by since Sanchi's crew returned and Sanchez were still outside, staying there. Tears all over his face he knew this was the perfect time. After thinking about Courtney for a long time, he started to hear voices. He slowly opened his eyes and saw the love of his life in front of him. She was in a gorgeous white and blue dress. Sanchez slowly got up, taking his hat off, "'re alive!"
She didn't talk. Instead, she winked at Sanchez and turned around, walking away from him. Sanchez started to follow Courtney but was unaware it was just his imagination.
"I'm sorry for everything," Sanchez said, "I'm just glad you're back, baby!"
Courtney didn't talk or turn around to look at him. She ran and Sanchez followed, playfully, "Wait up!"
Meanwhile, Malik and Danny watched Sanchez running around laughing and talk to his self. Danny didn't believe him at first until Malik handed him binoculars. Sanchez running playfully and talking to his self, Danny witnessed it and lowered the binoculars. Danny looked at Malik with a confused look. Malik just shrugged his shoulders, "He's losing it."
Quickly, Danny called for Sanchi when he noticed him and Julia walking by. Sanchi and Julia quickly climbed up and Danny handed him his old binoculars.
"Sanchez is acting weird and yelling stuff out," Danny said, "I think it's because of Bonnie."
Sanchi handed Danny the binoculars, "Can't's because of Courtney."
Sanchi, Julia, Danny, and Malik ran outside of Guerta and followed Sanchez, trying to hear what he was saying to his self.
"Baby," Sanchez yelled, "Slow down!"
Suddenly, Courtney stopped which made Sanchez stopped. Courtney slowly turned around, smiling at Sanchez. Slowly, he walked to Courtney and started to kiss her.
"Oh man," Malik said, "Is he kissing the air?"
"I don't know," Sanchi said, getting up and running towards him.
Sanchez kept hugging Courtney, thinking she was alive. Then, he heard more voices. He looked around but when he looked back for Courtney, she was gone. All he saw was Sanchi running towards them. Then, Malik, Danny, and Julia.
"Sanchez," Julia said, "Are you okay!"
Sanchez moved his head around, trying to find Courtney and she was gone. Then, he dropped on his knees with tears coming out. She's gone, Sanchez thought. Sanchi ran towards him, grabbing his shoulders.
"Get off me," Sanchez said, pushing Sanchi away, "I need to be alone!"
Sanchez got up, wiping his tears away. Meanwhile, Sanchi knew he'd have to calm him down, himself.

"The gates are open," Citizens around Guerta shouted, "Where's the ones in the guard towers?"
Quickly, citizens of Guerta surrounded around the gate, asking questions to their selves. Eventually, Boris and Winslow ran towards them. Douglass came behind them.
"You two," Douglass said, "Where's your crew?"
Boris poked his head out, trying to look for his crew. Luckily, he noticed Malik's head. Ginormous head, Boris would like to describe. Then, he tapped on Winslow's shoulder and signaled him to stay close.
"I can see one of them," Boris said, "You all stay in here...nighttime is close and last thing we need is people getting lost!"
Boris and Winslow managed to get through the crowd and outside, running towards his crew.
"We can never have a normal day," Winslow cried, "What's going on this time?"

"We lost so many," Sanchi said, "It's something we have to deal with!"
Boris and Winslow finally arrived, coming behind Malik and Danny.
"You don't get it," Sanchez said, "She was my love!"
Sanchi shrugged his shoulders at Sanchez. Then, he turned around and noticed his whole crew was here. Sanchi nodded his head and was happy everyone came when they knew something wasn't right. This was his perfect example.
"Look around," Sanchi said, "Everyone who's here came outside of Guerta just to make sure you were okay!"
Sanchez shook his head, covering his eyes with tears, "Don't look at me!"
Sanchi got closer to Sanchez, placing his hand on Sanchez's shoulder, "Everyone around here loves you!"
"Sanchi is right," Julia said, "We're all family!"
Julia walked up and hugged Sanchi. Then, Boris walked up and hugged Sanchi and Julia. Eventually, Malik and Danny came and became part of the hug. Winslow smiled and clapped his hands, hugging Danny and Malik. Now, everyone was hugging, showing love and support towards Sanchez.
"We're all family," Julia said, "Who been through a lot!"
"I don't know about Malik," Boris said, "Have you seen that ginormous head?"
The crew started to break out laughing, except for Malik but he was smiling and tried to think of a joke, "Here comes them head jokes!"
Sanchez wiped his tears away and wrapped his arms around Sanchi. He knew he lost his love and would have to deal with it but Sanchez knew she was watching him and wanted him to do good and be good. Sanchez looked up at the sky and smiled, "I love you."
"This is kinda weird," Winslow said, "But if family do it then I don't care!"
Most of the citizens at Guerta watched the crew and their hugging moment. Douglass and Randal was in front of the crowd, watching the crew hugging, which made Douglass smile.
"Randal," Douglass said, "Go join them!"
Randal quickly ran towards Sanchi and the rest. The young boy grabbed onto Winslow and hugged him.

Douglass walked away from the gates and back to his house. Although on his way there, he noticed something weird. He walked towards the walls and noticed planks in the walls like someone used them to climb into Guerta. Douglass quickly ran inside of his house and towards his office, trying to find a weapon. He slung his drawer wide open and noticed his weapon was gone but there was a letter inside the drawer. He slowly picked it up, looked around, and opened it.
"It's Molax," Douglass started to read the paper, "We know ye have Sanchi and his crew."
Douglass continued to read the letter which made he become more worried. Then, he made it to the last few sentences. Douglass wiped the sweat off his forehead and slowly read the words out loud.
"If we do not get them," Douglass stopped for a few seconds and quickly continued, "We'll attack Guerta."
But the letter wasn't done. Arthur quickly wrote the location where he wanted to receive Sanchi's crew at. After finally reading it all, Douglass crumbled up the sheet and threw it back in his drawer, slamming it shut.
"Oh no," Douglass said to his self, "This isn't good!"
Douglass sat there and started to think of a way but he knew he couldn't risk Guerta anymore. Douglass decided to give away Sanchi and the rest. Once Sanchi and the rest came back inside Guerta, Douglass gave them a fake objective.
"I want you all to go to his location...I'll give you the map soon," Douglass said, "There's supplies that we desperately need and enough for you all to carry."
"Anything for you," Sanchi said, "We'll go now."
Sanchi shook Douglass's hand but Douglass wasn't looking at Sanchi. Then, the whole crew left and went towards the location. Eventually, Randal ran inside Douglass's office.
Randal asked, "Where did Winslow and the rest went?"
Douglass rubbed his face and knew he'd have to lie to the young boy, "They went out to get supplies."
"Well," Randal said, "Are they coming back?"
Douglass nodded his head, "They should be."

Finally, Sanchi and the rest made to their desired location. Sanchi lowered the map and noticed there were no supplies. From that point, he knew something wasn't right.
"I don't see anything," Sanchez said, "Is that location accurate?"
"Douglass probably got the location confused," Boris said, "He is pretty old."
Suddenly, pirates rose out of the bushes and jumped out of trees. They quickly surrounded Sanchi's crew. One of them quickly threw Malik into the crowd. Sanchi and Sanchez slowly lowered the weapons. Danny, Julia, and Winslow followed their steps and dropped their weapons.
"Ye guys are back," Arthur said, coming out with Orgras, "Could to see ye again!"
"I don't think he got confused," Sanchi said, "I think he set us up."
Orgras quickly snatched all the weapons, throwing them in a bag, "Got all the weapons."
Arthur walked towards Sanchi, looking at him in his eyes. Arthur had an evil and happy look on his face like he won a war. As he got closer, Sanchi pushed Julia away from him.
"Last time I saw ye," Arthur said, "I had a knife in me."
"Boss," Orgras said, pushing Danny towards him, "We have the traitor!"
Arthur quickly slapped Danny and pushed him into Sanchi. Arthur demanded to return back to Molax and his men packed up.
"I got the warrior, the traitor, the wife of a warrior, his partner, and his whole crew," Arthur said, "My luck must be out of this spiral!"

The Warrior AE "Fight for Somebody" S4 (LONG)

Sanchi and the rest managed to escape the bounty hunters and Rogers's castle with only losing Courtney. When returning to Guerta, Sanchez knew it was time to attack Molax and rescue Bonnie and their objective started with Sanchi, Sanchez, Winslow, Boris, and Malik. Meanwhile, Arthur patiently waited for the night to end so he could start the ceremony and get rid of Bonnie, without Danny knowing.

Another day without eating, Bonnie thought in her head. Another day trapped in a dark cold room, she slowly started to lose hope for her crew to rescue her as she slowly leaned her head back with her eyes shut, holding the tears back.
"You don't have much time," Orgras said, "Tomorrow is the day your suffering can end!"
Bonnie shook her head, "Big regret for this whole awful place!"
Orgras laughed, "This place wasn't always like's kinds like your crew who made his change the rules!"
"Well if you're going to kill me," Bonnie said, "Do it quick and make sure Randal doesn't see it...please."
Ogras slowly opened the door back up and he looked back at Bonnie, "The boy might go, too."

Sanchi wanted their plan to go smooth, slow, and sneaky. He kept looking around, making sure they wouldn't get caught and so far no one came out...until now, Sanchi noticed. It was Orgras, walking out of a small building with no windows. Sanchi quickly assumed Bonnie was in there, "She might be in there."
"I'll go check," Sanchez said, "She's my companion...or was."
"Listen," Sanchi whispered, "Boris will stay up here with Sanchez until we return."
Sanchez quickly stood back up, "You're crazy!"
"Quiet," Sanchi said, "Please listen and Bonnie can live!"
Sanchez shook his head and sat back down in his own alone area. Then, Sanchi, Malik, and Winslow quickly crawled down the guard tower and ran towards the home for children. Winslow jumped ahead of everyone and placed his hand on the door, "Is Randal in here?"
"I hope so," Sanchi said, breaking the chains and the lock, "Slowly get in."
Boom! Suddenly, Sanchi heard a scream from a pirate and they released fire. Winslow quickly ran into the building with Malik and Sanchi. Then, Sanchi grabbed a huge plank and placed it on the handles, keeping them inside.
"Randal," Sanchi cried, "Are you in here?"
Suddenly, bunch of kids jumped up and started to scream. They ran past Sanchi with a scream of terror, unfamiliar with the ones who broke in. Luckily, Malik noticed Randal and grabbed him by his shoulders.
"Please don't hurt me," Randal cried, covering his face, "I'm innocent!"
Winslow quickly dropped to his knees, looking the scared boy in his eyes, "It's us..we're to get you out!"
Gunshots started to fire in the room, going through the windows. Sanchi quickly led the group upstairs towards the small rooms. Winslow picked up Randal and took him with them.
"This is dumb man," Malik said, "Now we're trap up here!"
Sanchi knew it wasn't smart after hearing Malik's yelling but he knew there were nowhere to go. Sanchi ran towards the windows and looked out, noticing bunch of pirates with knives and a few with guns around the building.
"We need to get out of here," Winslow said, "But how?"
Randal quickly pushed his self away from Winslow, causing him to be dropped. Then, the boy grabbed Winslow's hand and motioned for them to follow, "At the full top...there's a ladder we can climb down!"
"Show us," Winslow said, "Fast!"
Quickly, the four ran from the windows and towards more stairs. Bunch of Arthur's men ran into the children room, looking for the enemies.

After hearing all the commotion, Arthur ran outside of his house with his pistol. Luckily, he saw Orgras running by. He quickly stopped him, "What is going on!"
"Those intruders are back," Orgras said, "They got in here somehow!"
Arthur knew this day would come. He knew he would have to fight against Sanchi's crew. Although, he didn't know it'll be this soon.
"Go," Arthur cried, "Find them and KILL them!"
Orgras nodded his head and ran towards the children's building. Danny quickly ran behind Arthur, hearing the noises, too. Danny was nervous and unaware about his own crew attacking his new home, "What should I do?"
"Don't try to fight them," Arthur said, "Get back in ye house!"
Danny quickly ran back to his house, which was pretty far away. Then, Arthur started to walk towards Bonnie, knowing that her death would have to be today. He opened the door wide, causing Bonnie to poke her head up.
"Looks like ye friends are here," Arthur said, releasing Bonnie from the chains, "Guess you'll have to die today!"
Suddenly, Bonnie bounced up, tackling Arthur into the metal walls. Then, she punched him in his stomach a few times until he threw her off. Arthur wiped the blood of his mouth, kicking Bonnie's stomach three straight times. Bonnie knew she'd have to fight to survive so she rose back up when Arthur turned around to look for his pistol. Bonnie quickly punched Arthur's back and threw him to the ground. Then, she noticed his pistol on the ground and she quickly ran towards it.
"You're a terrible nightmare," Bonnie cried, picking up Arthur's gun, "And nightmares end!"
Bonnie quickly turned around, aiming Arthur's weapon but it was too late for her. Arthur quickly jumped up and ran towards Bonnie, stabbing Bonnie's stomach. Bonnie slowly released the pistol and dropped it to the ground.
"No," Arthur said, "Ye have lost!"
Arthur quickly grabbed his weapon and ran out of the shed, leaving Bonnie there to bleed out. Although, Sanchez noticed someone running out and he knew it was Arthur because of the descriptions from Winslow.

"They have Randal," Boris said, "They should be up here soon!"
Sanchez paid no attention to Boris's words as he noticed someone bloody running out of a small dark building. He knew it was Arthur and he noticed all the blood.
"Bonnie has to be in that building," Sanchez said, running towards the ladder, "I gotta help her!"
Sanchez quickly climbed the ladder which brought lots of attention towards them. Luckily, Boris came to the rescue and tried his best to take out Arthur's men who were firing at Sanchez. Then, Boris climbed down and followed Sanchez.
"Sanchez," Boris yelled, "Be careful!"
Sanchez ran into the room without checking for any enemies. He quickly looked around the small dark room and saw an injured Bonnie laying in the corner. He quickly ran towards her, hugging her and shaking her to see if she was alive. Luckily, she popped her head up with her eyes almost shut.
"Oh no," Sanchez said, "This can't be happening...who-who-Boris you gotta help her!"
Boris noticed both of her arms were covering her stomach, where the blood was coming from. He quickly ripped both of his sleeves off and wrapped it around her stomach. Although, he knew it was too late for Bonnie and she'd die if they would try to move her for medical attention.
"That's all I know to do," Boris said, "I was a scientist and not even for that long!"
Sanchez shook his head, tears started to come out as he looked back at Bonnie, "I'm sorry we came late!"
"Don't be," she said, "You need to leave and leave me here..."
Sanchez punched the wall and dropped back to the ground, hovering over Bonnie, "This wasn't the plan...the plan was to get you out of here...alive!"
First thing Sanchez saw in a while was Bonnie's smile and he finally saw it today. She slowly raised her hand and placed it on Sanchez's cheek, "You did your I can die with a smile on my...face!"
"But-b-b-but I can't lose you," Sanchez said, "I finally found you again...remember Wing Chun and Shiruku Neko...our crew!"
Bonnie smiled and nodded her head, "You two need you leave before Arthur finds you..."
"No," Sanchez cried, "We'll get you out of here alive!"
Boris got back up and walked behind Sanchez, placing his hand on his shoulder, "We can't do that...she already lost too much blood, we need to leave!"
But Sanchez refused. He pushed Boris away from him and got closer to Bonnie, trying to keep her alive by changing the subject, "You remember when I got in trouble for the first time at our old home?"
"Yeah," she said, "You kept throwing mud when they told you not to..."

Finally, Sanchi and the rest made it to the top floor of the building. Winslow quickly kicked down the hard door and they ran outside of the top floor. Sanchi quickly ran towards the edge of the building to look around the area. Pirates with swords and a few with guns were everywhere and he quickly knew it'd be tough for a young boy like Randal.
"We need to get down quick," Malik said, "Before they notice us!"
Sanchi needed a few moments to make another decision. Then, he turned around and looked at a scared young boy, Randal. He knew it wasn't safe to keep going and putting him in danger. Also, Sanchi knew that they weren't looking for Randal.
"I think we should leave Randal here," Sanchi said, "They aren't looking for him but if we keep running, they'll be soon!"
"We can't do that," Winslow said, "They know by need to go!"
Sanchi shrugged his shoulders and agreed with Winslow, knowing time was a limit. Then, they quickly climbed down and off the building. They quickly ran far from the children's building. Although, one of Arthur's men caught Sanchi's crew running by and he quickly followed them.
"Don't move," familiar voice said, "Put your hands up!"
Everyone knew that voice but Malik knew it best. They all slowly turned around and was amaze on who was in front of them. It was Danny pointing a gun at them. Although, Danny was more surprise to see them.
"Malik...Sanchi, Winslow, Randal," Danny said, "What are you guys doing here!"
"I should ask the same question," Malik said, "Why are you in an evil place like this!"
Danny looked around, looking at all the pirates running around with swords. He noticed a few breaking into houses just to look for the enemies, destroying properties. Then, he looked at his weapon and dropped it, "I didn't know...I didn't know!"
Malik ran towards Danny and hugged him like their friendship was united again, "It's didn't know but where you have to tell us Bonnie's location!"
Danny looked up with a confusing look, "Bonnie is here too?"
"Oh great," Sanchi said, "They kept Bonnie as a secret from him!"
"It's fine," Danny said, picking up his weapon, "I know this small little building where they put dangerous prisoners...she could be there!"
Danny quickly ran towards the location, with Malik, Winslow, and Randal following behind. Meanwhile, Sanchi stayed back and he went to look for Arthur. He wanted to take care of Arthur his self.

Couple of minutes went by and Bonnie didn't stop losing blood. Boris tried his best to stop it by ripping on sleeve off then he ripped off his other sleeve. Once the blood went through both, he ripped off some of his pants to cover and tried to stop the bleeding but it didn't stop. Meanwhile, Sanchez kept talking to Bonnie about their old memories together.
"I remember we use to roam through the jungles," Sanchez said, wiping his tears away, "And Chun was always scared and tried to convince us not to remember that?"
Bonnie laughed and shook her head, both eyes closed.
"Sanchez," Boris said, placing his hand on Sanchez's shoulder, "Hate to say but she's not going to make it..."
Suddenly, the rest came running in. Hovering around Sanchez and them. Sanchez quickly noticed Danny and patted him on his back. Also, he quickly told everyone the news, "She's not going to make it...we need to go!"
Bonnie slowly opened her eyes again with a huge smile. She quickly noticed Randal, Malik, Danny, and Winslow. She didn't notice Sanchi around, "W-w-w-where's Sanchi...?"
"He went to look for Arthur," Winslow said, "He wanted us to come check on y'all."
From this point, everyone knew this was the last time they'd see Bonnie and knew they'd have to say their goodbyes. Sanchez looked at Randal and he quickly started it, "I'm so sorry we were too late...we tried to prepare and...we lost Courtney and things went bad!"
Randal came in front of everyone and gave Bonnie a hug, "Thank you for protecting me!"
After everyone said their farewells, Bonnie smiled with tears coming out. No one thought she would be smiling but she was like she won something big and she thought she did, "You guys actually came to rescue didn't turn back and left me all tried and I'm happy to go out knowing that my own family tried to you.."
Bonnie closed her eyes and fell back. She was dead.

Sanchi managed to get by most of Arthur's men and in a no matter of time, he was near what he thought was Arthur's house. The town hall and he knew Arthur was in here. He slowly opened up the door with his sword out and walked around, looking for Arthur. Everything was quiet but then Sanchi heard footsteps behind him. He quickly turned around and he was hit in the face with a metal bar. Sanchi quickly fell to the ground, the enemy tried to hit him again but Sanchi moved out of the way, grabbing his sword and got back up.
"Trespassers," Orgras cried, "Enemies!"
Sanchi quickly recognized that face from long ago when he was actually a true warrior. He knew that face of a pirate troop and he thought it was a traitor too, "Pirate trooper...traitor!"
Sanchi ran towards Orgras, swinging his sword at Orgras, trying to execute him but Orgras fought back with a random metal stick. Quickly, Sanchi managed to get Orgras's leg and sliced his leg, giving it a huge gushing hole and caused him to fall down.
"You couldn't blame me," Orgras said, "Lord Derwitchi gave me those orders to kill him!"
Sanchi shook his head with an angry look. Then, he kicked Orgras's injured leg couple of times, "Well if that's true...then my mind is giving me orders to kill you!"
Sanchi rose his sword, ready to strike Orgras but he heard an echo throughout the large hallways, "Stop!"
Bam! Arthur ran out of nowhere and tackled Sanchi to the ground. He quickly punched him in his face repeatedly until Sanchi grabbed his fist, twisted it around, and threw him off.
"Ye would think ye wouldn't return after what happened th' first time," Arthur said, "It's too matte what...Bonnie is probably close to dead anyway!"
Arthur made another risky move, he ran into Sanchi, throwing him into the walls. Then, Arthur pulled his knife out and tried to stab Sanchi. Luckily, Sanchi moved out of the way, causing Arthur to stab the wall. Quickly, Sanchi jumped up and kicked Arthur in the back, causing him to go into the wall. Arthur quickly turned back around, dizzy and tried to stab Sanchi but Sanchi grabbed Arthur's hand, trying to remove the knife. With using all of his strength, Sanchi pushed Arthur's knife into his shoulder. Arthur started to scream in pain as Sanchi pushed him back into the wall. Sanchi walked towards his sword and picked it up. He looked at the Arthur and Orgras, lying on the ground and screaming in pain. Sanchi laughed and walked out, making his way towards the guard towers where his crew were at.

"Sanchi," Danny said, "Up here!"
Sanchi quickly climbed up, meeting his crew again. He looked around and knew they were missing someone. It was Bonnie, the one he tried to save, the one he gave money to when they first met, the one he wouldn't see again, Bonnie Anne. Sanchi gave Sanchez a hug, "I'm sorry pal..."
"It's fine," Sanchez said, wiping his tears away, "Let's just go."
Quickly, Danny and Malik climbed down. Then, Randal and followed behind Winslow and Boris. Now, it was just Sanchez and Sanchi to come down.
"I understand about losing Courtney and Bonnie," Sanchi said, "But you still have others who love and would die for you..."
Sanchez smiled, patting Sanchi's back. Then, the two quickly climbed down and everyone ran back home, leaving Molax.

Arthur and Orgras quickly got patched up after their injuries. Bunch of Arthur's men came running in, "Sir...they got away!"
"We'll find them again," Arthur said, "What about Bonnie?"
"She's dead," Arthur's guard said, "We checked."
Arthur quickly rose up, placing his hand over his bloody wound. He slowly walked towards the doors and opened it up, looking at all the chaos a group caused. From that point, Arthur knew he wasn't done.
"They could be hiding in another place," Orgras said, "Perhaps...Guerta?"
Arthur knew where Guerta was and he was familiar with the leader and the deals they made in the past. Arthur shook his head with an evil look on his face. A look of revenge, "We'll make a deal with Douglass if they're staying in Guerta."
"I shall go and write the letters," Orgras said, "Although I need to rest for a few days so we'll need someone to give it to Douglass."
"I'll get one of me men to deliver it," Arthur said, "I want those ones I saw here!"
Orgras knew most of the faces, including Danny's face, "Sanchez, Sanchi, Boris, Danny, Malik, Winslow, and they must have Randal...too!"
"Good," Arthur said, "Write those names down!"

The Warrior AE "Onto The Next" S4

After Sanchez confessed to Sanchi about Rogers and the bounty, the two both knew they'd need a plan to execute the king of Monquista. Sanchez, Sanchi, Boris, Douglass, and Courtney heads out to Monquista to work miracles and keep Guerta safe. Trying to save Sanchi from being executed by Rogers, Sanchez and the other three tries to look for him which resulted in them bumping into two familiar faces, Coda and Fin Dorsal. From that point, Courtney knew this was her chance to help out Sanchez. She quickly tried to pull a move on the two bounty hunters but it wasn't enough as Coda killed Courtney in front of Sanchez. Finally, Sanchi managed to break out of chains and he dueled King Rogers. Luckily, Sanchez came to the rescue and killed Rogers. Now, Sanchi and the rest must escape the two bounty hunters and Rogers's castle...alive!

Couple more days, Arthur thought as he checked another day off. He was excited for the upcoming ceremony to execute Bonnie in front of the citizens of Molax.
"Sir," Orgras said, "Should we feed Bonnie?"
Arthur laughed, "It'll be ye mistake if you do."
Orgras knew the consequences and ate Bonnie's food, knowing that the trouble maker haven't ate in almost three days but that's what Arthur wanted. He wanted to see Bonnie struggle and become weak.
"The works have cleared the rocks out of the area," Danny said, opening the door, "What are you building there?"
Arthur crumbled up his plans for Bonnie and handed them to Orgras. Arthur quickly got out of his chair and greeted Danny, "Splendid!"
"Yeah...well I got a question," Danny said, "What was up with all the screaming couple nights ago?"
Arthur gave Danny a strange smile as he placed his arm on Danny's shoulder. Then, him and Danny walked outside to talk. Arthur liked Danny but knew if he'd become nosy, he would have to execute him, "Why are ye keep worrying about that...boy?"
"I want to repay you guys," Danny said, "You guys know nothing anything about me and you still brought me in here and gave me a home...I want to repay you guys and if there's an issue I want to take care of it!"
"Just a scuffle," Arthur said, "They be happening all the time...don't ye worry!"
Danny nodded his head and walked away from them. Once Danny was far enough, Arthur demanded for Orgras's presence. Orgras quickly ran to Arthur, "Yes sir?"
"Check on Bonnie Anne," he said, "Also make sure Danny doesn't go into the prison."

"This was a mistake," Douglass said, "Why would you talk us into this?"
Sanchez wanted to make things right, to keep Guerta safe but it took the life of his girlfriend, Courtney and Sanchez knew that. He felt terrible and knew it was his fault for her death, "I tried to make things right!"
"Enough," Boris cried, "Let's argue once we actually make it out!"
Sanchi opened up the door and couple of guards popped out, waiting for the intruders to open up the door. Sanchi quickly sliced one of the guards and he threw two of them down the stairs. Sanchez managed to take the other one out with Rogers's weapon. Then, they ran out and ran towards the doors. Coda and Fin walked upstairs and watched them running out. Coda smiled, "Cowards!"
Sanchez turned around, looking at Coda with a huge smile. Then, he thought of Courtney and her death. Tears started to come out and he tried his best not to show it. Sanchez quickly fired all the rounds at Coda but the sharktooth ran towards the steps and he wasn't hit.
"Sanchez," Sanchi said, "We need to go!"
"We shouldn't," he said, "Fin is back with Coda and they killed Courtney!"
This was the first Sanchi heard about Courtney's death and he felt awful for Sanchez but he knew they needed to go. Sanchi grabbed Sanchez's arm and ran outside and towards the ship. Sanchez started to scream hateful things and they were directed towards Coda and Fin, "We'll find you again!"
"Brother," Fin said, "They're getting away!"
Suddenly, everything came together for Coda. He figured out that Rogers wanted them to go downstairs so he could collect the bounties his self. Coda become furious and from that point, he didn't worry about Sanchi and the rest.
"We'll find them again," Coda said, "But we need to take care of Rogers's guards!"
The two bounty hunters slowly turned around, facing the guards. Then, they ran towards the guards, executing all of the guards with laughter.
"Bounty hunters wait," Monquistan guard cried, "No!"

"Winslow," Malik said, waking up, "I keep thinking about Danny and I'm starting to wonder!"
Winslow rolled his eyes as he rolled off his bed which took him awhile to get back up. Although, his noises caused Julia to wake up, too.
"I don't know wanna know why you two are already up," Julia said, "It's not even morning!"
"Danny isn't back yet," Malik said, "He been gone for a couple of days now."
"Maybe he's just roaming around trying to get some food," Winslow said, "I can tell Guerta is close to running out."
"You guys should worry," Malik said, "He's part of us...I mean come on!"
Julia quickly got out of her bed, trying to calm Malik down and stop him from doing anything stupid, "Maybe Arthur has him?"
"That's not making me better," Malik said, "We need to take care of Arthur!"
"We are," Winslow said, "Once Sanchi and the rest returns back."
Suddenly, they started to hear doors opening and citizens of Guerta running towards the gates, opening it up. Julia, Winslow, and Malik quickly ran outside and they knew who finally made it back. Once the gate was completely opened, Julia smiled and ran to Sanchi, hugging him tight, "You're alive!"
Winslow grabbed Boris and shook him around, "Good to see you!"
Sanchi and his crew surrounded each other, greeting and hugging them but Sanchez kept his head down and walked past everyone and back towards his bedroom.
"Man," Malik said, "Is Sanchez alright?"
Sanchi's smile quickly vanished and he knew he'd have to explain to everyone about Courtney's death. He hoped Douglass could tell everyone but when Sanchi turned around, Douglass was back inside of his house.
"Courtney didn't make it," Sanchi said, avoiding eye contact with everyone around, "She was killed by a bounty hunter..."
Tears started to come out of Julia's eyes. Sanchi just grabbed her and held her tight, knowing how close she was with Courtney. Also, Sanchi knew they couldn't escape a bad day with losing someone. He knew it was impossible and would have to get use to it.

Sanchez was all alone in the house, laying on his bed and thinking about Courtney's death. He thought about how close they became and how she saved his life from her own husband.
"Sanchez," Douglass said, "I am sorry about your lost and I understand that you're seeking revenge."
Sanchez laughed, rising up, "Those two bounty hunters are gone by now..."
Douglass nodded his next and sat next to Sanchez, "What's the next plan?"
"Arthur," Sanchez said, "We're going to get Bonnie back...if she's alive."
"I don't want a war with Molax," Douglass said, "Make sure you get your friend back safe and without them knowing where you guys came from."
Sanchez understood the consequences and what could happen if they screw up but he also knew that the rescue mission would be easier than Monquista's plan.
"Just me, Sanchi, Boris, Malik, and Winslow," Sanchez said, "Make sure Julia doesn't come or maybe keep it a secret until we return."
Douglass nodded his head and patted Sanchez on his back, "Bring back Bonnie."

Nighttime arrived and Sanchi's crew were already near the walls of Molax, patiently waiting for their chance to break in. Meanwhile, Arthur counted the days until Bonnie's death and he was excited for tomorrow's ceremony.
"Arthur," Danny said, "What's this ceremony I'm hearing about?"
Arthur had a feeling that Danny were close to Bonnie or Randal so he knew he had to lie about it and keep him away from the ceremony tomorrow, "Don't ye worry...just celebrating an annual thing!"
Danny understood and bought Arthur's lie. Then, Danny walked away and left Arthur alone so he could think. Although, he couldn't think due to an issue. Arthur noticed one of his group wasn't in the guard tower. Arthur stood there, looking at the lonely tower with no one in it. Finally, Arthur walked away, calling for Orgras.
"Say one word and you'll be dead," Sanchi whispered to one of Arthur's men, "We can do all this without anyone even dying."
Winslow and Malik grabbed Arthur's guard and tied him up to a tree. They made sure they tied up his mouth, too.
"This is our chance," Boris said, handing Sanchi binoculars, "We need to make a move before they get another guard or notice one missing!"
Sanchi nodded his head then he looked at Sanchez, noticing the ready-look he had on his face. Sanchi quickly placed his arm on Sanchez's shoulder, "We need to do this...right."
"Trust me," Sanchez said, "I'm ready!"
Sanchi climbed up to Molax's guard tower and made sure no one was around. Then, Sanchez and the rest climbed up. Sanchi knew it was official...they have reached the inside of Molax and their objective begun.

The Warrior AE "All hail King Rogers" (Extra long) S4

Arthur gets the news from Orgras that Matthew is dead and Arthur starts to fear the attacker's next move. Sanchez created a good plan for king Rogers after he explained the problem to Sanchi. His plan would have Boris fly Sanchez, Sanchi, and someone with no bounty aka Courtney and Douglass. Then, they would have kill Rogers and quickly leave Monquista. And for Arthur, they would have to sneak into Molax and get Bonnie out of there. Late at night, Arthur made his decision to kill Bonnie and Randal in a few days as a ceremony of victory. Now, Bonnie and her crew doesn't have much time to spare with Rogers and Arthur.

No time is left, he thought. Two enemies and more came...then more and more, Sanchi thought. With the bounties, more enemies would come their way, Sanchi knew about the bounties. Before leaving and heading to Monquista, Sanchi patiently waited on the ship, leaving Sanchez to explain his plan to Courtney, Douglass, and Boris. All Sanchi was thinking of about the bad results if their plan doesn't go right.
"Sanchez explained the issue," Julia said, opening up the door "Please tell this is the last time you're leaving Guerta."
Hearing Julia's voice snapped him back into reality. He slowly rose up, facing Julia and staring in her eyes. Sanchi noticed the scared look on her face.
"I can't make any promises until we get Bonnie back home," Sanchi said, giving Julia a tight hug.
"Just come home safe," Julia said, "I'm worrying more about Courtney...she's not use to any of this and who knows what she might accidentally do."
Sanchi nodded his head and gave Julia a farewell kiss, "I'll make sure Winslow and Malik keep this place running."
Julia giggled, "Now you're worrying me."
She gave Sanchi another kiss before she left. Then few minutes later, Sanchez got on the ship with Courtney, Douglass, and Boris. Sanchi quickly noticed the worry looks on Douglass and Courtney's faces.
"Boris," Sanchez said, "Get us out of here."
"Will do," Boris said, "To Monquista!"

The time is up, Rogers thought as he patiently waited for two bounty hunters to show up. Eventually, two sharktooth bounty hunters met with King Rogers. It was Coda and Fin Dorsal.
"At last," King Rogers said, "I've been waiting for you two to arrive!"
King Rogers didn't hire two bounty hunters for Sanchi's crew. He hired them to hunt down a pirate who scammed Rogers. Although, Rogers planned an attack on Guerta without informing the two bounty hunters.
"Be happy we showed up here," Coda said, "I have to return back to Kane soon!"
"Relax brother," Fin said, "I want some bounties!"
Near the docks, Rogers noticed a familiar ship landing in his docks. Sanchez, Rogers knew who it was as he stepped off the ship. Rogers quickly called for three Monquistans guards.
"How bout you two go downstairs in my castle," King Rogers said, "There's drinks that you guys are welcome to drink."
Coda and Fin laughed and ran inside of Rogers's castle. Then, Rogers and couple of his guards walked towards Sanchez's ship.

"Sanchez," Douglass said, "I see a monkey with a crown and robe walking towards us with guards!"
Sanchez paused Boris from getting off the ship, advising him to stay on but Boris didn't listen. Before Rogers came close to them, Sanchez went over the plan again. Douglass and Courtney grabbed Sanchi by his arms and Sanchez led them towards Rogers.
"I made my decision," Sanchez said, "I want Guerta to stay running."
King Rogers stopped, staring at Courtney, Douglass, and Boris like he was studying them. Then, he shrugged his shoulders, "Wasn't smart bringing Boris...he has a bounty on him too."
"You asked for me," Sanchi said, "You have me."
Kings shook his head, staring at Douglass and Courtney, "Who are these two?"
"Don't worry about it," Courtney said, "We have no interest in you or have any bounties on us."
King Rogers smiled, surprised with Courtney's words. Then, he turned around, pointing at his castle and he walked back. Sanchez and the rest followed behind.
"Sanchez," Courtney whispered, "I'm afraid."
Sanchez wrapped his arm around Courtney's shoulder to comfort him. Meanwhile, Rogers whispered to one of his guards to be aware five pirates entering the castle.
"When he takes me down to his dungeon," Sanchi said to Sanchez, "Only you need to go down to get me out...make sure you execute!"
Finally, they entered the castle. Everyone was surprise about the building, examining the royalty and items around his castle. Then, Rogers whistled for his guards to come down. Everyone knew it was time for Rogers to get Sanchi.
"You made a good choice," Rogers said, "You four can leave now."
Two of Rogers's guards escorted Sanchi downstairs to the dungeon. Then, group of guards took Sanchez and the rest outside and back to their ship. Sanchez would know he would have to change up his plans a bit.

The guards quickly threw Sanchi downstairs and he rolled into the dungeon. Then, Sanchi quickly got up, looking around the scary looking and cold area. Chains, cells, torturing tools, skeletons, and wooden barrels filled with steaming water. Suddenly, Sanchi heard echoing and he knew it was Rogers walking downstairs. He heard his laughter.
"Now," Rogers said, walking downstairs, "What did you do to make Kane furious to place a fortune on your head?"
"Same thing to what I'm going to to you," Sanchi said, "I'll be leaving here soon!"
King Rogers started to laugh, a five foot monkey was laughing at Sanchi's words. Although, with guards everywhere Sanchi thought he seemed more powerful. Rogers pulled Sanchi's sword out, admiring it. Then, he called for his guards.
"Guards," Rogers said, "Lock him on the walls not the cell!"
Group of Monquistan guards threw Sanchi into the wall and wrapped chains around his arms. Then, he demanded for the guards to leave him alone. The guards quickly ran back upstairs.
"I don't think you'll be leaving," King Rogers said, laughing, "I'll make sure I get my bounty!"

"They kicked us out," Boris cried, "How are we going to rescue Sanchi?"
Sanchez didn't answer Boris. Instead, he gave Boris a funny look, "You're really going to ask me that?"
Sanchez quickly ran back to the castle, running next to the door. Then, he pulled his bag off his back and opened it up. He handed Douglass and Courtney a weapon. Now, Boris knew what Sanchez was thinking.
"Oh no," Boris said, "You're crazy!"
Boom! Sanchez quickly kicked down the door. Couple of guards were on stairs and aimed at them but Sanchez didn't just put his hands up. He quickly fired at the guards, killing all six of them on the stairs.
"Baby," Courtney cried, "This is too dangerous!"
Courtney didn't run with them, she just stood there. She was scared and Sanchez couldn't blame her but he couldn't leave you there. He quickly ran back for her, holding her hands and gave her a serious look.
"I promise on everything," Sanchez said, looking in her eyes, "I will make sure no one will hurt you!"
Courtney trusted Sanchez. Then, the two ran with their hands together.
"Boris," Sanchez said, "Do you have any distractions?"
Suddenly, Monquistadors started to run downstairs. Luckily, they only had a metal ax but Sanchez still knew they were threats as he fired at them.
"Wait," Boris said, "Isn't this the door to the dungeon?"
Sanchez opened up the door and they ran downstairs but it wasn't the dungeon. It was Rogers's mini bar...where the two sharktooth bounty hunters were in. Suddenly, the two bounty hunters turned around and their eyes quickly opened up.
"Fin," Sanchez said, "I thought he was dead!"
Fin and Coda rose up, bring their miniature knives out. Sanchez quickly aimed his gun at Fin and pulled the trigger. Nothing came out, Sanchez's pistols were out and so was Douglass and Boris.
"I don't believe it," Fin said, "Another family reunion?"
Douglass nudged his elbow in Sanchez's arm, "What are we going to do?"
Sanchez dropped his weapon and placed his hands up, "We're out of ammo!"

"I hear gunshots," Rogers said, "Are your friends trying to save you?"
Sanchi shook his head then looked away from Rogers, "I warned you!"

"Guess this'll be an easy job," Coda said, walking towards them, "Hand over your weapons!"
Everyone threw their weapons at Coda, except for Courtney. Sanchez quickly noticed the gun in her shaky hands.
"Courtney," Douglass whispered, "It's over."
She still had her weapon in her hand. Also, she was staring at the two bounty hunters. She felt brave and remembered everything Sanchez and his crew did to protect Guerta. She remembered all the pain she had with Kent. Suddenly, she had a flashback of her pulling the trigger on Kent.
"Thought you and your crew were smarter than this," Coda said, "Why would you ever attack Rogers?"
"Because I haven't seen you in a couple of days and I haven't seen Fin since he had troggys on top of him," Sanchez said with a huge smile.
Fin threw his drinking glass into the wall, taking his anger out, "I'll get the last laugh!"
Coda counted the weapons and knew something wasn't right. He had only three weapons from the four pirates in front of him. Then, he looked at Courtney and noticed the weapon in her hands.
"Come down to me and hand over the weapon," Coda said, "Or those three will die!"
Sanchez snatched the weapon away from Courtney, he wanted to give Coda the weapon but she quickly grabbed it back. Then, she loaded the weapon without the bounty hunters noticing and she walked towards them. Sanchez started to fear as Courtney was officially in front of Coda.
"Give me your weapon," Coda said, "Now!"
She didn't. She quickly raised the pistol up and fired at Coda. Both of the bounty hunters moved out the way, causing Courtney to miss all her shots. Then, Coda pulled his knives back out and injected one of them in Courtney's stomach. Sanchez's eyes became wide with tears, Boris turned around, and Douglass looked away as Courtney slowly turned around, showing the knife in her stomach. She looked at Sanchi and she whispered, ""
Then, she died as she fell back to the ground. Sanchez slowly backed up, staring at Courtney's body, "You killed her!"
Fin pulled out his weapon and fired at Sanchez. Sanchez, Boris, and Douglass quickly ran back upstairs, escaping the bounty hunters. Douglass swung open the door and he ran towards another door as the enemies started to fire again. This time, it was the dungeon.

King Rogers started to ask Sanchi more questions as the gunfire grew louder and louder. Then, he picked up a hard wooden stick and slammed the stick into Sanchi's knees, causing great pain, "Do you think your crew will rescue you?"
Bam! Rogers swung the stick into Sanchi's stomach, causing pain. Rogers wanted more answers as the gunshots grew even louder, "What is your crew doing!"
Sanchi started to feel great pain as the torturing began, "I don't know!"
Suddenly, Rogers stopped which was unusual. He quickly looked away from Sanchi and ran towards the stairwell. Now Sanchi knew this was his chance. He started to jerk the chains around, trying his best to remove the chains. Then, he started to pull them hard. Cracks were appearing on the walls and in a few seconds, the chains were ripped off the walls.
"Guards," Rogers said, noticing one of his guards falling down the stairs, "What is going on?"
Sanchi knew this was his chance. He quickly ran towards the table filled with torturing tools and grabbed a chain. Then, he ran towards Rogers and wrapped the chain around his neck, starting to pull. Quickly, Rogers knew he didn't have much time, he quickly picked up Sanchi's sword and stabbed Sanchi in his knee, causing him to drop back.
"Pathetic," King Rogers said, "You are really trying to execute me?"
Rogers started to swing Sanchi's sword around like he was a pro at sword dueling. Meanwhile, Sanchi didn't have a weapon. He quickly ran back to the table, picking up two metal pipes.
"Me and you," Sanchi said, "Just me and you!"
Sanchi started it off, he ran towards Rogers and swung the two pipes at the king. Rogers swung the sword, hitting the pipes and their duel began. Over and over, Sanchi had the advantage with his knowledge and two hard weapons but he still couldn't take Rogers out. Then, Sanchi swung at Rogers again and Rogers swung his sword, knocking one of the pipes out of Sanchi's hand. Sanchi quickly slammed the pipe into Rogers's knee but Rogers swung the sword and knocked the other pipe out of his hand, causing Sanchi to have no weapons.
"Too easy," Rogers said, smiling.
Sanchi quickly dodged Rogers's hit and ran towards the steaming water barrels. He picked up the crate and ran towards Rogers but his plan failed. Rogers sliced open the barrel and caused all the hot water to fall on Sanchi, causing great pain. Sanchi dropped to the ground, screaming and covering his face. Rogers started to laugh and walked towards Sanchi, excited to execute him.
"Mr.Warrior," Rogers said, "I am collecting your bounty!"
Bam! Suddenly, a barrel nailed Rogers in his face, causing him to drop his sword.
"Get up Sanchi," Sanchez cried, throwing another barrel at Rogers.
After noticing Rogers's pistol on a shelf, Sanchez ran and grabbed Rogers's weapon and aimed it at the king. When Rogers got up, he noticed Sanchez with his weapon and he smiled, "You wouldn't dare to kill one of the best kings throughout the whole spiral!"
Sanchez was already furious due to Courtney's death, he knew he had nothing to lose. He pulled the trigger, firing two shots in Roger's chest. The second bullet slowly ended the king's life. Then, Sanchez dropped the weapon, "I beg for differ!"
"Guys," Boris cried from upstairs, "We need to leave quick!"
"We'll be fine," Sanchez said, wiping his tears away, "We took out all the guards with guns..."
Quickly, Sanchez helped Sanchi up and they ran upstairs, meeting Douglass and Boris. Then, they opened up the door, hearing screaming from the guards.

The Warrior AE "Trouble for Both Sides" S4

After visiting Monquista, the king of Monquista gives Sanchez an important decision, bring in Sanchi or Guerta will be hit. Sanchez doesn't know when to mention it to Sanchi as the two ran into Kane and Coda. Luckily they escaped. Winslow and Julia goes out to look for Matthew and managed to take him back before he gives away where Molax's new enemies been hiding. Now, the hunt for Sanchi and the rest increases as the bounties doubled and another of Arthur's men died.

After a long time in the jungles, Julia and Winslow returned back to Guerta and they were successful, too. Malik, Douglass, Boris, and Courtney greeted and opened up the gates for them.
"Glad to y'all returned," Douglass said, "But where's the prisoner?"
Winslow threw his bag in Boris's arms and handed Boris his musket, "He's dead."
Winslow tried to walk to rest but Douglass got in front of him, "Why would you kill him?"
"We had to," Julia said, dropping her bag down, "He almost gave away our location."
Douglass knew about Arthur and his place. He knew where Molax was and he was sure that Arthur knew where Guerta was. Luckily, the two places haven't had any issues for at least a year now, "Molax is friendly to might of just started something between us!"
"Maybe not," Boris said, "Guerta is pretty far from Molax and they should be smart enough to think we wouldn't travel that far to only kill one pirate."
Douglass shook his head, "You better hope!"
He turned around and walked back to his house. Douglass didn't even help close the gates, he just left them.
"I hope Sanchi and Sanchez returns soon," Courtney said, "You think they're fine?"
"It is Sanchi and Sanchez," Boris said, "They always get in trouble and usually get out of it."
Suddenly, Courtney started to worry. She wasn't use to a lover who disappears on dangerous missions. She quickly ran back to her house in tears, "You just made me worry more!"
Now, it was just Malik, Boris, Winslow, and Julia to shut the gates. Winslow and Malik managed to close their gates by their selves. Julia and Boris walked away from the gates, talking to each other about something private.
"Aye man," Malik said, "Did you see Danny out there?"
"I don't think he left on his own," Winslow said, "I think Douglass made him leave."

Meanwhile at Molax, Arthur and his men made sure Danny was away from Bonnie after he had a feeling that the two knew each other. 
"Wake up the workers," Arthur said to his men, "I want them to finish off the rocks so we can start building!"
Arthur didn't make Danny a worker. Instead, he made Danny one of his men which was a honor, Danny thought. Although, Orgras still haven't returned yet and Arthur patiently waited for any news on Sanchi and missing Matthew.
"Get up," Arthur's men, Alex said, "Ye lazy scums!"
Bonnie was first up. She gently stretch and released a huge yawn. Then, she got up and performed her new daily routine. One day, she always say to herself, her crew will come back and rescue her but for now she would have to work in fear.
"Good morning to ye," Arthur said, greeting Bonnie, "Get a pickax!"
Bonnie walked past Arthur and she didn't answered him. That was something Arthur hated the most. Arthur ran behind Bonnie and shoved her away from the tools and into the wall, "I said good morning to ye!"
"I didn't know replying was a law," Bonnie said, "But good morning to you!"
Arthur backed away from Bonnie, trying to cool his self down, "Get a pickax!" 
When Arthur turned around, Bonnie gave him a nasty look, "I will!"
Bonnie grabbed a pickax and walked outside and towards the flat land filled with rocks. She began the day with slamming a pickax into the rocks repeatedly. The same day and routine that she hated, hoping it would end soon by Sanchi or even herself.
"Not the greatest job," local worker said, "But it's a good place to stay in."
Bonnie nodded her head but completely disagreed with the comment. Good place to stay in? She was even disgusted with the comment but she remembered that most workers don't know the hateful and disgusted side of Arthur. Bonnie quickly went to another spot, avoiding the worker. She got closer to the gates as it started to open up, Arthur and a few other pirates were surrounding it. She slammed the pickax on the rock and looked towards the gates at the same time. She saw another familiar face, a face that she hates. It was Orgras.
"Those damn invaders killed Matthew in front of us," Orgras said, throwing his weapon down, "Then they ran away from us!"
Arthur slammed his fist on the walls, "They killed Matthew?"
"Shot him," Orgras said, "In front of us!"
"Most return the favor," Arthur said, "We're going to kill that Randal boy as payback!"
Suddenly, Orgras and a group of men ran towards the children home, Bonnie watched the men running into the building and she knew who they were getting.
"Your crew messed up," Arthur yelled, "They should never mess with us!"

Sanchez managed to get his self and Sanchi back to Guerta. Sanchi was excited to see Julia again and Sanchez couldn't wait to see Courtney but Sanchez knew he'd need to talk to Sanchi about Rogers...alone.
"Stay on the ship," Sanchez said, "We need to talk."
Sanchi knew that was never good, the tone of Sanchez's voice. Sanchi took a seat, patiently waited for Sanchez to talk to him.
"I managed to talk to the king of Monquista," Sanchez said, "But it didn't go as plan..."
Sanchi got up and got closer to Sanchez, "Keep going?"
"I told him our location and our problem...I mentioned your name," Sanchez said, "He...he told me to bring you to him or he's going to attack Guerta."
Attack Guerta? Sanchi heard those words clearly. He slowly rose up, without saying a single word. He started to walk around with his head down. Then, Sanchez quickly got up, trying to explain more to Sanchi but he started to yell at him.
"They know where we live," Sanchi cried, "The royal Rogers want me dead and my bounty!"
"I'm sorry," Sanchez said, backing away from Sanchi, "I was unaware about the bounty and he told me about them after I mentioned us!"
Sanchi started to kick stuff around in the ship and he screamed, another problem, "What are we going to do?"
Sanchi quickly interrupted Sanchez, "Arthur has Bonnie, Danny ran away, and now the king of Monquista wants me for my bounty!"
"Listen," Sanchez said, "I have a plan!"
Sanchi calmed his self down, wanting to hear Sanchez's plan and hoping it would make things better. Sanchez slowly explained his plan. Boris would fly Sanchez, Sanchi, and someone with no bounty aka Courtney and Douglass. Then, Sanchez knew the only way out of this mess and it was to kill Rogers and quickly leave Monquista. And for Arthur, Sanchez explained, they would have to sneak into Molax and get Bonnie out of there.
"Maybe that'll work," Sanchi said, "Maybe!"
"It should," Sanchez said, "We been through tougher things!"
Sanchi smiled and patted Sanchez's back. Then, the two got off the ship and ran back to Guerta where Julia and Courtney was waiting for them. Sanchez knew he would have to explain the plan later on.

Trouble rose up in Molax as Orgras and others brought out Randal in front of Bonnie. Suddenly, everyone stopped what they were doing when Arthur asked for their attentions. Bonnie stopped what she was doing, becoming nervous.
 "Few weeks ago...we were attacked and we didn't do a single thing to the attackers," Arthur said, "And now yesterday the attackers killed another men of ours...Matthew!"
Bonnie slowly looked around and noticed all the hate and fear on the citizens' faces and Arthur wasn't even done talking.
"We captured one of them," Arthur said, looking at Bonnie, "And we have another one...this young boy!"
Suddenly, the silence stopped and all Bonnie heard was boos and hateful things. Arthur smiled and clapped his hands. Then, he pointed at Bonnie, "She killed some of our men too!"
Bonnie started to hear more hateful chants but this time all of them were towards her. Arthur laughed and clapped his hands harder, "What should we do to them?"
The chants called, "Kill them, kill them, kill them!"
Arthur shook his head and got below, closer to Randal. Then, he pulled his knife out and placed the blade on the boy's neck. Bonnie quickly jumped out, trying to reach Arthur, "He didn't do anything can't do this!"
"Don't worry," Arthur said, "We are going to kill you first!"
Two of Arthur's men walked towards Bonnie with their swords. One of them swung but Bonnie dodged it and ran towards a rock, grabbing a pickax. She quickly swung the pickax and the tool went into one of Arthur's men. Bonnie pulled the pickax out of the head and nailed the other one in his chest, killing both of them.
"Arthur," Danny said, "What's going on?"
Two of Arthur's men grabbed Danny and forced him to go back inside. Then, three of Arthur's men ran towards Bonnie. One of them were Orgras and he had his gun out but before he fired, Arthur yelled for their attention. Everyone around Molax became quiet and still.
"Please help," Randal whispered to Bonnie, "Why are they doing this?"
Arthur pushed Randal into Orgras's arms, demanding Orgras to take him back into the children home. Now, all the attention was on Bonnie.
"We will have a ceremony on you," Arthur said, pointing at Bonnie, "In a few days...we will kill you, Randal and maybe someone in your crew!"
Once Arthur finished, everyone started to cheer and started chants again. Bonnie didn't know what to do as she dropped the pickax. She dropped to her knees and looked at her hands, all the blood on her hands. She knew it was time and she just wanted to leave Molax...either death or escape, she just wanted to leave this nightmare.