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The Warrior AE "Trouble for Both Sides" S4

After visiting Monquista, the king of Monquista gives Sanchez an important decision, bring in Sanchi or Guerta will be hit. Sanchez doesn't know when to mention it to Sanchi as the two ran into Kane and Coda. Luckily they escaped. Winslow and Julia goes out to look for Matthew and managed to take him back before he gives away where Molax's new enemies been hiding. Now, the hunt for Sanchi and the rest increases as the bounties doubled and another of Arthur's men died.

After a long time in the jungles, Julia and Winslow returned back to Guerta and they were successful, too. Malik, Douglass, Boris, and Courtney greeted and opened up the gates for them.
"Glad to y'all returned," Douglass said, "But where's the prisoner?"
Winslow threw his bag in Boris's arms and handed Boris his musket, "He's dead."
Winslow tried to walk to rest but Douglass got in front of him, "Why would you kill him?"
"We had to," Julia said, dropping her bag down, "He almost gave away our location."
Douglass knew about Arthur and his place. He knew where Molax was and he was sure that Arthur knew where Guerta was. Luckily, the two places haven't had any issues for at least a year now, "Molax is friendly to might of just started something between us!"
"Maybe not," Boris said, "Guerta is pretty far from Molax and they should be smart enough to think we wouldn't travel that far to only kill one pirate."
Douglass shook his head, "You better hope!"
He turned around and walked back to his house. Douglass didn't even help close the gates, he just left them.
"I hope Sanchi and Sanchez returns soon," Courtney said, "You think they're fine?"
"It is Sanchi and Sanchez," Boris said, "They always get in trouble and usually get out of it."
Suddenly, Courtney started to worry. She wasn't use to a lover who disappears on dangerous missions. She quickly ran back to her house in tears, "You just made me worry more!"
Now, it was just Malik, Boris, Winslow, and Julia to shut the gates. Winslow and Malik managed to close their gates by their selves. Julia and Boris walked away from the gates, talking to each other about something private.
"Aye man," Malik said, "Did you see Danny out there?"
"I don't think he left on his own," Winslow said, "I think Douglass made him leave."

Meanwhile at Molax, Arthur and his men made sure Danny was away from Bonnie after he had a feeling that the two knew each other. 
"Wake up the workers," Arthur said to his men, "I want them to finish off the rocks so we can start building!"
Arthur didn't make Danny a worker. Instead, he made Danny one of his men which was a honor, Danny thought. Although, Orgras still haven't returned yet and Arthur patiently waited for any news on Sanchi and missing Matthew.
"Get up," Arthur's men, Alex said, "Ye lazy scums!"
Bonnie was first up. She gently stretch and released a huge yawn. Then, she got up and performed her new daily routine. One day, she always say to herself, her crew will come back and rescue her but for now she would have to work in fear.
"Good morning to ye," Arthur said, greeting Bonnie, "Get a pickax!"
Bonnie walked past Arthur and she didn't answered him. That was something Arthur hated the most. Arthur ran behind Bonnie and shoved her away from the tools and into the wall, "I said good morning to ye!"
"I didn't know replying was a law," Bonnie said, "But good morning to you!"
Arthur backed away from Bonnie, trying to cool his self down, "Get a pickax!" 
When Arthur turned around, Bonnie gave him a nasty look, "I will!"
Bonnie grabbed a pickax and walked outside and towards the flat land filled with rocks. She began the day with slamming a pickax into the rocks repeatedly. The same day and routine that she hated, hoping it would end soon by Sanchi or even herself.
"Not the greatest job," local worker said, "But it's a good place to stay in."
Bonnie nodded her head but completely disagreed with the comment. Good place to stay in? She was even disgusted with the comment but she remembered that most workers don't know the hateful and disgusted side of Arthur. Bonnie quickly went to another spot, avoiding the worker. She got closer to the gates as it started to open up, Arthur and a few other pirates were surrounding it. She slammed the pickax on the rock and looked towards the gates at the same time. She saw another familiar face, a face that she hates. It was Orgras.
"Those damn invaders killed Matthew in front of us," Orgras said, throwing his weapon down, "Then they ran away from us!"
Arthur slammed his fist on the walls, "They killed Matthew?"
"Shot him," Orgras said, "In front of us!"
"Most return the favor," Arthur said, "We're going to kill that Randal boy as payback!"
Suddenly, Orgras and a group of men ran towards the children home, Bonnie watched the men running into the building and she knew who they were getting.
"Your crew messed up," Arthur yelled, "They should never mess with us!"

Sanchez managed to get his self and Sanchi back to Guerta. Sanchi was excited to see Julia again and Sanchez couldn't wait to see Courtney but Sanchez knew he'd need to talk to Sanchi about Rogers...alone.
"Stay on the ship," Sanchez said, "We need to talk."
Sanchi knew that was never good, the tone of Sanchez's voice. Sanchi took a seat, patiently waited for Sanchez to talk to him.
"I managed to talk to the king of Monquista," Sanchez said, "But it didn't go as plan..."
Sanchi got up and got closer to Sanchez, "Keep going?"
"I told him our location and our problem...I mentioned your name," Sanchez said, "He...he told me to bring you to him or he's going to attack Guerta."
Attack Guerta? Sanchi heard those words clearly. He slowly rose up, without saying a single word. He started to walk around with his head down. Then, Sanchez quickly got up, trying to explain more to Sanchi but he started to yell at him.
"They know where we live," Sanchi cried, "The royal Rogers want me dead and my bounty!"
"I'm sorry," Sanchez said, backing away from Sanchi, "I was unaware about the bounty and he told me about them after I mentioned us!"
Sanchi started to kick stuff around in the ship and he screamed, another problem, "What are we going to do?"
Sanchi quickly interrupted Sanchez, "Arthur has Bonnie, Danny ran away, and now the king of Monquista wants me for my bounty!"
"Listen," Sanchez said, "I have a plan!"
Sanchi calmed his self down, wanting to hear Sanchez's plan and hoping it would make things better. Sanchez slowly explained his plan. Boris would fly Sanchez, Sanchi, and someone with no bounty aka Courtney and Douglass. Then, Sanchez knew the only way out of this mess and it was to kill Rogers and quickly leave Monquista. And for Arthur, Sanchez explained, they would have to sneak into Molax and get Bonnie out of there.
"Maybe that'll work," Sanchi said, "Maybe!"
"It should," Sanchez said, "We been through tougher things!"
Sanchi smiled and patted Sanchez's back. Then, the two got off the ship and ran back to Guerta where Julia and Courtney was waiting for them. Sanchez knew he would have to explain the plan later on.

Trouble rose up in Molax as Orgras and others brought out Randal in front of Bonnie. Suddenly, everyone stopped what they were doing when Arthur asked for their attentions. Bonnie stopped what she was doing, becoming nervous.
 "Few weeks ago...we were attacked and we didn't do a single thing to the attackers," Arthur said, "And now yesterday the attackers killed another men of ours...Matthew!"
Bonnie slowly looked around and noticed all the hate and fear on the citizens' faces and Arthur wasn't even done talking.
"We captured one of them," Arthur said, looking at Bonnie, "And we have another one...this young boy!"
Suddenly, the silence stopped and all Bonnie heard was boos and hateful things. Arthur smiled and clapped his hands. Then, he pointed at Bonnie, "She killed some of our men too!"
Bonnie started to hear more hateful chants but this time all of them were towards her. Arthur laughed and clapped his hands harder, "What should we do to them?"
The chants called, "Kill them, kill them, kill them!"
Arthur shook his head and got below, closer to Randal. Then, he pulled his knife out and placed the blade on the boy's neck. Bonnie quickly jumped out, trying to reach Arthur, "He didn't do anything can't do this!"
"Don't worry," Arthur said, "We are going to kill you first!"
Two of Arthur's men walked towards Bonnie with their swords. One of them swung but Bonnie dodged it and ran towards a rock, grabbing a pickax. She quickly swung the pickax and the tool went into one of Arthur's men. Bonnie pulled the pickax out of the head and nailed the other one in his chest, killing both of them.
"Arthur," Danny said, "What's going on?"
Two of Arthur's men grabbed Danny and forced him to go back inside. Then, three of Arthur's men ran towards Bonnie. One of them were Orgras and he had his gun out but before he fired, Arthur yelled for their attention. Everyone around Molax became quiet and still.
"Please help," Randal whispered to Bonnie, "Why are they doing this?"
Arthur pushed Randal into Orgras's arms, demanding Orgras to take him back into the children home. Now, all the attention was on Bonnie.
"We will have a ceremony on you," Arthur said, pointing at Bonnie, "In a few days...we will kill you, Randal and maybe someone in your crew!"
Once Arthur finished, everyone started to cheer and started chants again. Bonnie didn't know what to do as she dropped the pickax. She dropped to her knees and looked at her hands, all the blood on her hands. She knew it was time and she just wanted to leave Molax...either death or escape, she just wanted to leave this nightmare.

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