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The Warrior AE "One out, Trouble in" S4 (Extra long episode)

After trying to negotiate with King Rogers, Sanchez and the rest finally returned back to Guerta. Sanchi starts to have more bad visions which makes him and Sanchez fly out to Mooshu where they meet an unknown sharktooth, Coda. Citizen from Molax, Matthew, breaks out of and escapes from Guerta. Winslow and Julia quickly goes out to hunt for him. Finally when Sanchi arrived at the temple, he encounters Kane, Coda, and other armadas.

After Matthew managed to escape out of Guerta, he didn't look back, He didn't even know where he was going. He kept running, trying to avoid Guerta's citizens (Sanchi's crew). Although, without paying any attention, he slips and twisted his ankle from the fall. He didn't lay there and tried to fix it up. After he heard troggys nearby, he quickly got back up and he tried to run but with the twisted ankle, it didn't help his speed.
"We're really in trouble if that prisoner gets back to Molax," Winslow said, aiming his musket around the area, "Where could he be?"
Winslow and Julia took it slow and carefully. They made sure they didn't attract any troggys or make loud noises. After spending few hours, Winslow found a clue. Footprints, he knew it had to be Matthew's.
"He ran in mud," Julia said, "Maybe stuck nearby?"
"Could be," Winslow said, slowly moving his head around, "He's not near here."
Winslow and Julia avoided the mud, taking another way to look for him. Knowing that Julia didn't know much about the jungles on this island, Winslow took it easy for her by taking safer ways. Also, Winslow kept quiet and Julia didn't like that. She quickly decided to start a conversation with someone she hardly knew, "You think Bonnie is still alive?"
"Arthur knows that she means a lot to us," Winslow said, "I bet he's not going to kill her until he has us...or Matthew."
Julia shrugged her shoulders, "I think Douglass is keeping more secrets from us."
"I'm not surprise," Winslow said, rolling his eyes, "Can't trust him or Guerta...."
Suddenly, they heard branches being snapped. Winslow quickly stopped, signaling for Julia to lay on the ground. He pulled his weapon out and aimed it around. He kept it quiet and tried his best to get a clue on who's nearby. Matthew or troggys, Winslow knew it had to be one of them. After a few minutes on standing there, Winslow lowered his weapon.
"They're gone," Winslow said, "You can get back up."
Swoosh! An arrow quickly scrapped Winslow's cheek and launched into a tree. Troggys, Winslow knew it. He aimed his musket around, firing into the bushes. Two troggys quickly came out but they didn't run towards them, they ran away from them.
"Now I think it's clear," Winslow said, feeling his cheek.
Julia quickly got back up and noticed blood on Winslow's cheek. She quickly pulled out a cloth and wiped the blood off his cheek. She applied pressure and managed to stop the bleeding.
"We should leave this area," Julia said, "I don't think it's safe."
Quickly, Winslow and Julia quietly ran away from the arrow on the tree which marked danger.

"I think we should talk more," Kane joked, getting closer to Sanchi, "You and your crew must be talented at always!"
Kane's men knocked Sanchi on his knees. Kane stared at Sanchi but Sanchi quickly looked away. Kane pulled his sword out and gently rubbed the blade around Sanchi's neck, "I could kill you right now."
"You had too many chances," Sanchi said, looking at Kane, "You're going to mess this chance up!"
Kane started to laugh, not feeling threatened by Sanchi. Then, he signaled for his men to take Sanchez down to the ship. Coda quickly pushed Sanchez down and led the group down to the ship. Now it was just Sanchi, Kane, and two other armadas.
"I'm probably going to kill Sanchez," Kane said, "I want you to die from sadness...after I find Julia of course."
Sanchi laughed. His next plan was try to challenge Kane again, to see who's more superior. He knew Kane couldn't resist that offer, Sanchi thought, "How many times have I beat you?"
Kane laughed, hitting Sanchi in the head with his cane, "None!"
"Oh my bad," Sanchi said, "I always mistake you and Deacon!"
Kane clapped his hands, feeling impressed with Sanchi fro defeating Deacon on his own. Although, Kane was furious about the death of Deacon, knowing that it'll be more difficult to control the armadas with only one leader, "Funny thing..."
Kane knew how to make Sanchi mad. He knew he was good at making the last warrior furious. He slowly rubbed his hands together and got closer to Sanchi, getting on his knees too, "It was a shame that El Toro had to go...he was my favorite...of course he's in the top ten with a bunch of warriors!"
Suddenly, Sanchi quickly headbutted Kane's mask. Then, he grabbed his sword from Kane. He quickly spun around, taking out the two armadas in just a few seconds. Kane jumped back from him, doding Sanchi's move and he pulled his sword out.
"Impressive," Kane said, "Blame me...I was too close to you!"

Hour gone by since Winslow and Julia was almost attacked by troggys. They still kept working until Matthew was found because they knew the results if he gets back to Arthur.
"Well," Julia said, "Where's your family?"
Winslow laughed, thinking about his family, "They gave me away at age nine....haven't seen them since."
Suddenly, Julia felt connected with Winslow. She felt like he was the same like everyone else, abandoned from home, "I lost mine too."
"Sorry to hear that," Winslow said, "Did they leave you too?"
Julia took a deep breath, closing her eyes and tried her best not to cry, "They were killed by Kane...just like Sanchi's master!"
"Those armadas," Winslow said, "Heard a lot about them...not good things!"
Suddenly, their conversation paused right when Winslow raised up one hand. They heard voices and not troggys. The two quickly ran towards the voices and dropped by a bush. Julia remained calm and still as Winslow slowly raised his head to see who it was. Matthew and two other pirates, Winslow saw it all. He quickly dropped his head down, pulling out his musket.
"Orgras," Matthew said, running towards them, "Help me...please!"
Orgras turned around, pulling with weapon out. Although, when he knew it was Matthew, he lowered his weapon. First thing Orgras noticed was all the bruises on him, "Where did all them bruises come from?"
Winslow and Julia listened to their conversations. Then, Winslow thought of a plan of his own. He would have to kill Matthew and get away from the other two pirates.
"Wait," Julia whispered, "Did he say Orgras?"
Winslow slowly rose up, aiming his musket at Matthew.
"Yes," Matthew said, "There's this place, they know where we live and...."
Boom! Winslow pulled the trigger and his musket fired, shooting and killing Matthew. Then, Winslow and Julia ran from the scene and didn't look back.
"Get Arthur," Orgras cried, "Matthew is dead...Matthew is dead!"

Sanchi and Kane stood there for a few minutes, staring at each other and waited to see who would make the first move. Luckily, Sanchi did. He ran towards Kane, swinging his sword around but Kane quickly fought back. Both of their swords collided into each other and stayed there, Kane and Sanchi stared at each other again until Sanchi pulled away.
"You must of trained hard," Kane said, "I can tell!"
Kane ran towards Sanchi, spinning around and swinging his sword at Sanchi at the same time but the swords kept hitting each other. None of the two came close to slicing the body. Again, Sanchi pulled away from Kane.
"Even if you do kill me," Sanchi said, "You won't find Julia, Boris, or anyone else!"
Kane laughed, "You wouldn't believe all the eyes I have!"
Cling, cling! Kane and Sanchi both ran at each other and started to swing their swords. As they continued to duel, Kane started to laugh at Sanchi. Then, Sanchi started to swing harder on Kane. He tried to aim for Kane's leg but Kane kept blocking his moves. He knew these armada was special at dueling. Sanchi slowly took a few steps away from Kane, breathing really hard.
"You can't give up," Kane said, spinning his sword around.
Sanchi knew a worthy move. He ran towards Kane and tried to slice his head off. Again, both of the swords collided onto each other and remained there. All of this was part of Sanchi's plan. He quickly kicked Kane's stomach repeatedly which made him bounce back a little. Then, he went for Kane's arm. Although, Kane saw Sanchi's move coming. Kane quickly grabbed his metal cane and slammed it on Sanchi's head, causing him to fall back.
"Come on," Kane taunted, "I know this isn't all you got!"
Sanchi jumped up and ran back at Kane. The armada tried to hit Sanchi again with his Kane but this time, it was a fail. Sanchi saw the move coming and he dropped to the ground. Then, he sliced Kane's arm off, causing him to drop the cane.
"Help," Kane cried, "Guards!"
Suddenly, two guards came out, swinging their swords at Sanchi. He quickly backed right into the doors, being trapped by two of Kane's men. Sanchi was ready to end these two armadas until Kane spoke.
"You're running out of time," Kane said, "That bounty hunter and my other armadas are about to kill Sanchez!"
Sanchi feared again. He had an important choice to make and he picked to save Sanchez. Right when one of the armadas swung, Sanchi dodged its move and pushed it into the other armada. Then, Sanchi busted the door open and ran out of the temple.

"Lay him down in front of my ship," Coda said, "We'll kill him there!"
The three armada guards laid Sanchi down on his knees. Then, one of the armadas pulled out a small weapon and aimed it at Sanchez's head. Although, he didn't kill him yet...without Coda's commands. The bounty hunter wanted to talk to Sanchez. The sharktooth bounty hunter got close to Sanchez, licking his tongue around his ginormous teeth, Sanchez quickly looked away, "I need that bounty on your head!"
Sanchez shook his head, "How did you even know we were coming here?"
"Followed you," Coda said, "When you entered the Mooshu skyway...I mean come kind of pirate ship in Mooshu?"
Sanchez smiled, "Good observations."
Suddenly, Coda heard screaming nearby and in a few seconds, he saw another threat. It was Sanchi or the best head bounty, Coda liked to describe him that way, "I got him myself!"
Sanchi was close to Coda but the bounty hunter quickly pulled out his two pistols. Although, he didn't do it fast. Sanchi came by and sliced both of Coda's gun. Then, Sanchi jumped up and kicked Coda in his face, knocking him out.
"A...a...warrior," One of the guards said, "End him!"
Finally, Sanchi jumped between the executor and Sanchez. Sanchi grabbed one of the armadas and threw him into the two other armadas. Sanchi quickly picked up an armada's weapon and took out the three armadas.
"Woah," Sanchez said, "Did you take out Kane...too?"
"Almost," Sanchi said, "But we need to!"
Sanchi and Sanchez quickly stole an armada's ship (Not Kane's). Sanchi quickly ran towards the cannon below the deck and aimed at the temple. Then, he fired two cannons into the temple. Although, Kane was already out but he still fired the cannons. Quickly, they flew away from Mooshu and headed back home.

After all the destruction, citizens around the island hid inside their houses.
"They got away," Coda said, "I thought you could handle that warrior!"
Kane didn't look at Coda. Instead, he walked towards the docks, noticing his ship and Coda's ship was destroyed. Kane shook his head and laughed.
"Sanchi is becoming powerful...some way," Kane said, "I can't believe it!"
"This is going to hurt you more than me," Coda said, "But I'm still earning those two bounties because I tracked them and got you here!"
"I am raising the prices," Kane said, "I'm going to double them!"
Coda was shocked about doubling the bounties that he couldn't resist looking for them again. Although, his ship was destroyed and he didn't have a way to look for them.
"Go steal a ship from one of the citizens," Kane said, "I need to announce the doubling on my bounty!"

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