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The Warrior AE "Onto The Next" S4

After Sanchez confessed to Sanchi about Rogers and the bounty, the two both knew they'd need a plan to execute the king of Monquista. Sanchez, Sanchi, Boris, Douglass, and Courtney heads out to Monquista to work miracles and keep Guerta safe. Trying to save Sanchi from being executed by Rogers, Sanchez and the other three tries to look for him which resulted in them bumping into two familiar faces, Coda and Fin Dorsal. From that point, Courtney knew this was her chance to help out Sanchez. She quickly tried to pull a move on the two bounty hunters but it wasn't enough as Coda killed Courtney in front of Sanchez. Finally, Sanchi managed to break out of chains and he dueled King Rogers. Luckily, Sanchez came to the rescue and killed Rogers. Now, Sanchi and the rest must escape the two bounty hunters and Rogers's castle...alive!

Couple more days, Arthur thought as he checked another day off. He was excited for the upcoming ceremony to execute Bonnie in front of the citizens of Molax.
"Sir," Orgras said, "Should we feed Bonnie?"
Arthur laughed, "It'll be ye mistake if you do."
Orgras knew the consequences and ate Bonnie's food, knowing that the trouble maker haven't ate in almost three days but that's what Arthur wanted. He wanted to see Bonnie struggle and become weak.
"The works have cleared the rocks out of the area," Danny said, opening the door, "What are you building there?"
Arthur crumbled up his plans for Bonnie and handed them to Orgras. Arthur quickly got out of his chair and greeted Danny, "Splendid!"
"Yeah...well I got a question," Danny said, "What was up with all the screaming couple nights ago?"
Arthur gave Danny a strange smile as he placed his arm on Danny's shoulder. Then, him and Danny walked outside to talk. Arthur liked Danny but knew if he'd become nosy, he would have to execute him, "Why are ye keep worrying about that...boy?"
"I want to repay you guys," Danny said, "You guys know nothing anything about me and you still brought me in here and gave me a home...I want to repay you guys and if there's an issue I want to take care of it!"
"Just a scuffle," Arthur said, "They be happening all the time...don't ye worry!"
Danny nodded his head and walked away from them. Once Danny was far enough, Arthur demanded for Orgras's presence. Orgras quickly ran to Arthur, "Yes sir?"
"Check on Bonnie Anne," he said, "Also make sure Danny doesn't go into the prison."

"This was a mistake," Douglass said, "Why would you talk us into this?"
Sanchez wanted to make things right, to keep Guerta safe but it took the life of his girlfriend, Courtney and Sanchez knew that. He felt terrible and knew it was his fault for her death, "I tried to make things right!"
"Enough," Boris cried, "Let's argue once we actually make it out!"
Sanchi opened up the door and couple of guards popped out, waiting for the intruders to open up the door. Sanchi quickly sliced one of the guards and he threw two of them down the stairs. Sanchez managed to take the other one out with Rogers's weapon. Then, they ran out and ran towards the doors. Coda and Fin walked upstairs and watched them running out. Coda smiled, "Cowards!"
Sanchez turned around, looking at Coda with a huge smile. Then, he thought of Courtney and her death. Tears started to come out and he tried his best not to show it. Sanchez quickly fired all the rounds at Coda but the sharktooth ran towards the steps and he wasn't hit.
"Sanchez," Sanchi said, "We need to go!"
"We shouldn't," he said, "Fin is back with Coda and they killed Courtney!"
This was the first Sanchi heard about Courtney's death and he felt awful for Sanchez but he knew they needed to go. Sanchi grabbed Sanchez's arm and ran outside and towards the ship. Sanchez started to scream hateful things and they were directed towards Coda and Fin, "We'll find you again!"
"Brother," Fin said, "They're getting away!"
Suddenly, everything came together for Coda. He figured out that Rogers wanted them to go downstairs so he could collect the bounties his self. Coda become furious and from that point, he didn't worry about Sanchi and the rest.
"We'll find them again," Coda said, "But we need to take care of Rogers's guards!"
The two bounty hunters slowly turned around, facing the guards. Then, they ran towards the guards, executing all of the guards with laughter.
"Bounty hunters wait," Monquistan guard cried, "No!"

"Winslow," Malik said, waking up, "I keep thinking about Danny and I'm starting to wonder!"
Winslow rolled his eyes as he rolled off his bed which took him awhile to get back up. Although, his noises caused Julia to wake up, too.
"I don't know wanna know why you two are already up," Julia said, "It's not even morning!"
"Danny isn't back yet," Malik said, "He been gone for a couple of days now."
"Maybe he's just roaming around trying to get some food," Winslow said, "I can tell Guerta is close to running out."
"You guys should worry," Malik said, "He's part of us...I mean come on!"
Julia quickly got out of her bed, trying to calm Malik down and stop him from doing anything stupid, "Maybe Arthur has him?"
"That's not making me better," Malik said, "We need to take care of Arthur!"
"We are," Winslow said, "Once Sanchi and the rest returns back."
Suddenly, they started to hear doors opening and citizens of Guerta running towards the gates, opening it up. Julia, Winslow, and Malik quickly ran outside and they knew who finally made it back. Once the gate was completely opened, Julia smiled and ran to Sanchi, hugging him tight, "You're alive!"
Winslow grabbed Boris and shook him around, "Good to see you!"
Sanchi and his crew surrounded each other, greeting and hugging them but Sanchez kept his head down and walked past everyone and back towards his bedroom.
"Man," Malik said, "Is Sanchez alright?"
Sanchi's smile quickly vanished and he knew he'd have to explain to everyone about Courtney's death. He hoped Douglass could tell everyone but when Sanchi turned around, Douglass was back inside of his house.
"Courtney didn't make it," Sanchi said, avoiding eye contact with everyone around, "She was killed by a bounty hunter..."
Tears started to come out of Julia's eyes. Sanchi just grabbed her and held her tight, knowing how close she was with Courtney. Also, Sanchi knew they couldn't escape a bad day with losing someone. He knew it was impossible and would have to get use to it.

Sanchez was all alone in the house, laying on his bed and thinking about Courtney's death. He thought about how close they became and how she saved his life from her own husband.
"Sanchez," Douglass said, "I am sorry about your lost and I understand that you're seeking revenge."
Sanchez laughed, rising up, "Those two bounty hunters are gone by now..."
Douglass nodded his next and sat next to Sanchez, "What's the next plan?"
"Arthur," Sanchez said, "We're going to get Bonnie back...if she's alive."
"I don't want a war with Molax," Douglass said, "Make sure you get your friend back safe and without them knowing where you guys came from."
Sanchez understood the consequences and what could happen if they screw up but he also knew that the rescue mission would be easier than Monquista's plan.
"Just me, Sanchi, Boris, Malik, and Winslow," Sanchez said, "Make sure Julia doesn't come or maybe keep it a secret until we return."
Douglass nodded his head and patted Sanchez on his back, "Bring back Bonnie."

Nighttime arrived and Sanchi's crew were already near the walls of Molax, patiently waiting for their chance to break in. Meanwhile, Arthur counted the days until Bonnie's death and he was excited for tomorrow's ceremony.
"Arthur," Danny said, "What's this ceremony I'm hearing about?"
Arthur had a feeling that Danny were close to Bonnie or Randal so he knew he had to lie about it and keep him away from the ceremony tomorrow, "Don't ye worry...just celebrating an annual thing!"
Danny understood and bought Arthur's lie. Then, Danny walked away and left Arthur alone so he could think. Although, he couldn't think due to an issue. Arthur noticed one of his group wasn't in the guard tower. Arthur stood there, looking at the lonely tower with no one in it. Finally, Arthur walked away, calling for Orgras.
"Say one word and you'll be dead," Sanchi whispered to one of Arthur's men, "We can do all this without anyone even dying."
Winslow and Malik grabbed Arthur's guard and tied him up to a tree. They made sure they tied up his mouth, too.
"This is our chance," Boris said, handing Sanchi binoculars, "We need to make a move before they get another guard or notice one missing!"
Sanchi nodded his head then he looked at Sanchez, noticing the ready-look he had on his face. Sanchi quickly placed his arm on Sanchez's shoulder, "We need to do this...right."
"Trust me," Sanchez said, "I'm ready!"
Sanchi climbed up to Molax's guard tower and made sure no one was around. Then, Sanchez and the rest climbed up. Sanchi knew it was official...they have reached the inside of Molax and their objective begun.

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