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The Warrior AE "Calling for Mooshu" S4

With all the troubles Danny caused, Douglass decided to kick him out of Guerta without letting any of Sanchi's crew knowing. Eventually, Danny runs into Orgras and was unaware who they were. Danny quickly became a citizen in Molax after meeting Arthur. Sanchez, Malik, and Boris returns home after a failed talking King Rogers for help but leads Sanchez with a tough decision. Sanchi starts to have visions on some of his deceased crew.

Sanchi tried to escape them. He tried to ignore his old crew but it didn't help. He just kept hearing Dez, Dorugh, Moresco, Chun, and El Toro. Suddenly, he gave up and fell to the ground, exhausted.
"You're already exhausted," Chun said, "That's not our leader...nope!"
"Come on master," Moresco said, "You're changing, yep yep!"
Sanchi kept his eyes shut. He didn't want to look at them anymore. Every time he looked at one of them, he'd feel guilty, "I changed for the better!"
Suddenly, Sanchi heard El Toro's laugh, "For the better?"
"Yes," Sanchi cried, "For the better!"
"What a joke," Dorugh laughed, "How are you handling Arthur or Kane?"
Sanchi pulled his self up. He laid his head on a tree and punched the tree, "I took out Deacon myself!"
Dorugh laughed, "Oh so you never had a crew?"
"I did," Sanchi said, "I love my crew!"
Suddenly, all the voices were gone. Sanchi slowly turned around and he noticed he was no longer in the jungles near Guerta. He was in another environment. He was in his old home. He was in Mooshu. Sanchi quickly dropped to the ground and kept his eyes shut. Then, he kept repeating the same thing over and over, "Just in my mind...not my mind!"
Suddenly, he heard a low voice like a whisper. He slowly got back up and tried to listen to the familiar voice. He knew who it sounded like but he knew it was a long time ago. It was his old master.
"Come back to Mooshu," His master said, "Come back to my old temple...."
Suddenly, his vision changed again. Now, he was in Valencia. Sanchi quickly pulled out his sword, having a sense that Kane was nearby. Then, lightning struck in front of him, revealing Kane and group of armadas. Sanchi slowly backed away from the armadas.
"Your master needs you," Kane said, "Your crew needs you!"
Lightning struck between Sanchi and Kane. Then when it was gone, Kane was holding a head. It was Deacon's head with his mask on, "Escape your mind!"
Boom! Last lightning struck between Sanchi and the armadas. Then, the armadas were gone as Sanchi heard Julia's voice echoing. Suddenly, the environment changed back to the jungles with Julia.
"Sanchi," Julia said, "What is wrong with you?"
Sanchi didn't answer. He briefly looked around. Then, he walked back to Guerta without Julia. On the way back, he let out a few words, "Need to get to Mooshu."

After a hard working trip, Sanchez and the others finally made it back to Guerta. Courtney, Douglass, Sanchi, Julia, and Winslow all surrounded the opened gates for Sanchez and the rest.
"You're alive," Courtney yelled, hugging Sanchez, "Don't ever leave again!"
Sanchez smiled and held Courtney tight. The two stayed hugging for a few minutes until Sanchi called for him. Sanchez gave Courtney a big kiss before walking towards Sanchi.
"We meet King Rogers," Boris said, "But he couldn't help us.."
Sanchez noticed Malik and Boris talking to Sanchi and Douglass. He quickly ran towards them, stopping Boris from saying anything about Monquista's trip.
"I talked to the prisoner," Winslow whispered to Sanchi before walking away.
Now, it was just Sanchi, Sanchez, and Douglass. That's what Sanchez wanted, "King Rogers declined the offer but I think Marley bone won't."
"We're not out until I return back," Sanchi said, not looking at any of them
"But you're back," Douglass said, "Where are you going now?"
"I had couple of visions...I hope they were visions," Sanchi said, "I'm going to Mooshu...I feel like I'm not done there."

Sanchi walked away from the two, heading towards the ships. Although, he heard voices from behind and they were growing louder. It was Sanchez, "You can't go alone!"
Sanchi laughed, "Why not?"
"You have an expensive bounty set by Kane," Sanchez said, "He set them after you killed Deacon!"
Sanchi shrugged his shoulder and continued to walk towards the ships, "Why are you telling me this?"
"You need me to come too," Sanchez said, throwing his bag down, "I have supplies and I have my weapons."
Sanchi shook his head and turned around, walking towards the ship again. Sanchez quickly followed behind, running in front of Sanchi, "I'm need me!"
Sanchi thought about the last time his crew went to Mooshu. The memories, the reason why he became a warrior, "It wouldn't be right!"
"You need me to come," Sanchez said, "I'm not allowing you to fly through different skyways alone!"
"I will be fine," Sanchi said, "Isn't Courtney alone without you?"
Sanchez stopped which made Sanchi stopped. Sanchez shrugged his shoulders and finally spilled it out, "Her and Julia wanted me to come with you."
Sanchi rubbed his head and stared at Sanchez for a few seconds. Sanchez was looking at Sanchi with an excited face expression. Then, Sanchi pointed at the ship, "Let's go."
Sanchez clapped his hands and ran towards the ship, "Guess I'll fly!"
Sanchi stayed back fro a few seconds, he looked up in the sky, remembering his previous crew mates, "I'm sorry...I won't make the same mistakes again!"

After being away for Guerta from a long time, Malik was excited to see the citizens around Guerta. He greeted one of them every time they passed by until he reached his house where he was hoping Danny was.
"I'm back," Malik said, opening up the door, "Anyone in here?"
Suddenly, he heard someone speaking to him. Sadly it wasn't Danny, Malik thought. It was Winslow, getting off the bed right when Malik opened up the door.
"Just me in here," Winslow said, "Haven't seen Danny for a couple of days now."
Malik quickly became confused, "He left again?"
Winslow snickered and shrugged his shoulders, "Douglass may of took care of him...those two hated each other."
Malik shook his head, opening up the door. Winslow wanted to make sure Douglass didn't let go of the prisoner so he followed behind.
"This old man must of lost his mind," Malik said, opening up his door.
Malik didn't knock, he just opened it up wide but Douglass didn't rush downstairs or anywhere. Malik and Winslow quickly ran upstairs but Douglass wasn't up there. Winslow had a clue where he was but when Malik turned around, Winslow was already downstair and was about to be outside.
"I swear if he released Matthew," Winslow said, running towards the shed.
Winslow opened up the shed and it was completely empty. He ran towards the chair, picking up one of the pieces. The chair was broken and two are missing, Winslow brought some of the pieces together.
"Hey," Julia said, opening up the doors, "What are you guys doing in here?"
Winslow didn't reply to Julia's question, instead he ran out of the shed and made his way towards the gates. Malik and Julia quickly followed behind. When they reached the gates, they saw Douglass walking back inside with a bruise on his forehead. Furious Winslow quickly got in his face, "Have you lost your mind!"
Douglass placed his hands up, trying to explain the situation but Winslow kept yelling, "You just released a prisoner who knows this location!"
Winslow started to push Douglass. Again, Douglass tried to explain but Winslow kept yelling hateful things at him. Suddenly, Julia quickly kicked Winslow in the back of his leg and he fell on his knees. She ran between the two.
"Douglass," Julia said calmly, "What in the world happened?"
Douglass felt bad, he felt like he caused more problems for Guerta. He quickly looked away from Julia and banged his head on the gates, "He got out!"
"He was completely tied up," Malik said, "How in the world did he get out?"
"I don't know," Douglass said, "I went in there to give him good...the chair was smashed and he tackled me, banging my forehead on the wall...I tried to run after him but I became exhausted and I feel like...I have a concussion!"
Without anymore questions, Julia opened up the gates, "Me and Winslow will go out...Malik, take Douglass to the Doctor Ron!"

After a long time. Flying from skyways to skyways, Sanchi felt excited to enter the Mooshu skyway. Sanchez quickly docked his sheet on the giant turtle island and Sanchi ran off the ship. When he got off, he closed his eyes and smelled the air, feeling good with the peace Mooshu brings.
"Welcome," sharktooth said to the two, "Going to the great temple?"
Sanchi was unfamiliar with the sharktooth like he didn't belong here. He had armor all over him with two gun holders on his sides. He had a huge scar going in his right eye like he was in multiple fights.
"Uh," Sanchez said, "What's your name?"
The sharktooth smiled, revealing most of his giant teeth, "My name is Coda."
The two just ignored the stranger, walking by him. Then, Sanchez turned around to make sure he wasn't following them but he wasn't. Coda wasn't behind them or in front of him. He was no where in sight, he was gone.
"Well," Sanchez said, "What's the plan?"
"My master's temple is gone," Sanchi said, "The temple here was another plan my master and I use to go."
The stairs to the temple was extremely long but the two were up to it and got to it. It took awhile but they managed to get to the top, admiring the ginormous temple.
"Beautiful," Sanchi said, "This is just beautiful!"
The great temple was on the top of the mountain where the sun was shining. The temple had peaceful purple-like colors all around it with water fountain surrounding it, making it more relax. Although before Sanchi stepped in the temple, his feelings changed like something wasn't right but he ignored his feelings and opened up the door. Sanchi placed his hand on the bright purple door's handles, "Whatever happened to that sharktooth?"
Sanchi opened up the door and couldn't believe he was in the temple, Kane. Sanchi quickly pulled his sword out as Sanchez shot at the armadas, missing every shot. Armadas quickly ran behind them, grabbing Sanchez's guns but not Sanchi's sword. Sanchi slowly put it back in his holder.
"I told you they were here," Coda said, pulling out his two pistols, "I want my reward!"
Kane stared at Sanchi for a few moments. Then, he turned around and looked at Coda, "You will get your reward for two bounties, bounty hunter!"
From this moment, Sanchi knew he couldn't focus in peace in the temple. He knew he'd have to fight to survive another day and to see Julia again. Just by looking at Kane, the bounty hunter, and the armada swordsman, Sanchi knew this one would be tough.
"Haven't seen you in a long time," Kane said, "Let's have a talk!"

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