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The Warrior AE "The Crew as a Crew" S4

Sanchi, Sanchez, Malik, Boris, and Winslow starts their plan to rescue Bonnie and Randal out of Arthur's men. After receiving Randal, Sanchi knew he'd have to make a choice to keep him out of danger which means he'll have to stay at Molax or risk it and bring him home. Sanchi quickly decided to risk it and Randal went with them. Sanchi and the rest quickly found someone else in Molax when Danny aimed at them. Luckily, they convinced him and he came back. Bonnie and Arthur got into a fight, causing Arthur to stab Bonnie in the stomach, eventually leading to her death. Finally, Sanchi gets into a duel with Orgras, giving him a huge cut in his leg. Everyone managed to escape with only Bonnie dead. Meanwhile after the attack was done, Arthur took matters in his own hands and plans to look around the island. First place Arthur will look for Sanchi and the rest is Guerta.

We almost did it, Sanchez thought on the way to Guerta. Another crew member gone because he wasn't fast enough for the rescue. Two loved ones, Sanchez thought, remembering Courtney as he looked at Randal. Sanchez looked around, staring at his crew. No smiles were on their faces even after they survived. None, Sanchez noticed. Then, he looked at young boy, Randal. Poor body lost his mother and father, Sanchez knew it'd be tough for the kid.
"Danny," Sanchi said, "Let them know we're back."
Sanchi's tone made everyone feel more depress. Sanchi was depressed due to his failed mission, another day, another body...Sanchi remembered those words.
"Sanchi and us are back," Danny said, banging on the gates, "Open up!"
The gate quickly opened it up, revealing a mad Julia and normal Douglass. Danny was first to enter, passing Douglass without looking at him. Then, Malik yawned and went into the house, he was followed by Winslow. Although, Winslow gave Randal a tight hug before he went to sleep.
"I have lots of questions going through my head," Douglass said, "But first I want you guys to know that I'm happy you all survived your trip!"
"We got Randal and Danny back," Sanchi said, keeping his head down, "Sadly Bonnie didn't make it."
Julia looked at Sanchi, noticing his head down. Then, she looked at Boris and Sanchez. Boris was close to Sanchez, trying to cheer him up but Sanchez just had an upset look with dried up tears.
"I should be mad at not telling me where you went," Julia said, "But you made it back alive!"
"Wish I never did," Sanchi said, "We failed!"
Douglass stopped Sanchi and placed his hand on Randal's head, "You guys found Randal, that's fantastic!"
Sanchi shook his head, biting his lip and he managed to hold his anger in, "But Bonnie is dead!"
"We went and risked to get her out," Boris said, "We failed and almost died!"
Julia walked up to Sanchi, giving him a kiss and hugging him tight. She slowly whispered into his ear, "People come and guys are still alive."
Suddenly, Randal's squeaky voice broke the silence, "Thank you for bringing me back home."
Douglass looked up at the rest, giving him a sad look. He quickly turned Randal around and the two walked into Guerta. Everyone heard Douglass talking to Randal, "We need to talk about something."
"You know what," Sanchez said, "I'm going to stay outside of the walls and chill...alone."
Julia tried to talk to Sanchez but Sanchi stopped her, "He needs alone time," Sanchi said.

Next morning, Arthur quickly started to write the letter for Guerta. Also, he woke up Orgras and the rest to watch him write it. Everyone around Arthur knew he was upset, noticing how hard he was writing with the pen, making holes in the sheet.
"You're going to run out of ink writing that hard," Orgras said, "Want me to write it?"
Arthur stopped and slowly turned around, giving Orgras a death-like stare. Orgras turned around, avoiding eye contact with him.
"Me will offer ye coins, supplies, and ships," Arthur continued to write, "And ye lives...if I don't get them and me know they're there...Molax will be in war with Guerta!"
He was done, everyone around him noticed when he threw the pen on the ground and knocked over the glass bottle filled with ink. Arthur walked up to Orgras, slamming the paper on his chest, "I want Douglass to read it and no one else!"
"But sir," Orgras said, "I can still hardly walk and they know what my face looks like!"
Arthur still continued to walk away, "Bring others with ye!"

Few hours went by since Sanchi's crew returned and Sanchez were still outside, staying there. Tears all over his face he knew this was the perfect time. After thinking about Courtney for a long time, he started to hear voices. He slowly opened his eyes and saw the love of his life in front of him. She was in a gorgeous white and blue dress. Sanchez slowly got up, taking his hat off, "'re alive!"
She didn't talk. Instead, she winked at Sanchez and turned around, walking away from him. Sanchez started to follow Courtney but was unaware it was just his imagination.
"I'm sorry for everything," Sanchez said, "I'm just glad you're back, baby!"
Courtney didn't talk or turn around to look at him. She ran and Sanchez followed, playfully, "Wait up!"
Meanwhile, Malik and Danny watched Sanchez running around laughing and talk to his self. Danny didn't believe him at first until Malik handed him binoculars. Sanchez running playfully and talking to his self, Danny witnessed it and lowered the binoculars. Danny looked at Malik with a confused look. Malik just shrugged his shoulders, "He's losing it."
Quickly, Danny called for Sanchi when he noticed him and Julia walking by. Sanchi and Julia quickly climbed up and Danny handed him his old binoculars.
"Sanchez is acting weird and yelling stuff out," Danny said, "I think it's because of Bonnie."
Sanchi handed Danny the binoculars, "Can't's because of Courtney."
Sanchi, Julia, Danny, and Malik ran outside of Guerta and followed Sanchez, trying to hear what he was saying to his self.
"Baby," Sanchez yelled, "Slow down!"
Suddenly, Courtney stopped which made Sanchez stopped. Courtney slowly turned around, smiling at Sanchez. Slowly, he walked to Courtney and started to kiss her.
"Oh man," Malik said, "Is he kissing the air?"
"I don't know," Sanchi said, getting up and running towards him.
Sanchez kept hugging Courtney, thinking she was alive. Then, he heard more voices. He looked around but when he looked back for Courtney, she was gone. All he saw was Sanchi running towards them. Then, Malik, Danny, and Julia.
"Sanchez," Julia said, "Are you okay!"
Sanchez moved his head around, trying to find Courtney and she was gone. Then, he dropped on his knees with tears coming out. She's gone, Sanchez thought. Sanchi ran towards him, grabbing his shoulders.
"Get off me," Sanchez said, pushing Sanchi away, "I need to be alone!"
Sanchez got up, wiping his tears away. Meanwhile, Sanchi knew he'd have to calm him down, himself.

"The gates are open," Citizens around Guerta shouted, "Where's the ones in the guard towers?"
Quickly, citizens of Guerta surrounded around the gate, asking questions to their selves. Eventually, Boris and Winslow ran towards them. Douglass came behind them.
"You two," Douglass said, "Where's your crew?"
Boris poked his head out, trying to look for his crew. Luckily, he noticed Malik's head. Ginormous head, Boris would like to describe. Then, he tapped on Winslow's shoulder and signaled him to stay close.
"I can see one of them," Boris said, "You all stay in here...nighttime is close and last thing we need is people getting lost!"
Boris and Winslow managed to get through the crowd and outside, running towards his crew.
"We can never have a normal day," Winslow cried, "What's going on this time?"

"We lost so many," Sanchi said, "It's something we have to deal with!"
Boris and Winslow finally arrived, coming behind Malik and Danny.
"You don't get it," Sanchez said, "She was my love!"
Sanchi shrugged his shoulders at Sanchez. Then, he turned around and noticed his whole crew was here. Sanchi nodded his head and was happy everyone came when they knew something wasn't right. This was his perfect example.
"Look around," Sanchi said, "Everyone who's here came outside of Guerta just to make sure you were okay!"
Sanchez shook his head, covering his eyes with tears, "Don't look at me!"
Sanchi got closer to Sanchez, placing his hand on Sanchez's shoulder, "Everyone around here loves you!"
"Sanchi is right," Julia said, "We're all family!"
Julia walked up and hugged Sanchi. Then, Boris walked up and hugged Sanchi and Julia. Eventually, Malik and Danny came and became part of the hug. Winslow smiled and clapped his hands, hugging Danny and Malik. Now, everyone was hugging, showing love and support towards Sanchez.
"We're all family," Julia said, "Who been through a lot!"
"I don't know about Malik," Boris said, "Have you seen that ginormous head?"
The crew started to break out laughing, except for Malik but he was smiling and tried to think of a joke, "Here comes them head jokes!"
Sanchez wiped his tears away and wrapped his arms around Sanchi. He knew he lost his love and would have to deal with it but Sanchez knew she was watching him and wanted him to do good and be good. Sanchez looked up at the sky and smiled, "I love you."
"This is kinda weird," Winslow said, "But if family do it then I don't care!"
Most of the citizens at Guerta watched the crew and their hugging moment. Douglass and Randal was in front of the crowd, watching the crew hugging, which made Douglass smile.
"Randal," Douglass said, "Go join them!"
Randal quickly ran towards Sanchi and the rest. The young boy grabbed onto Winslow and hugged him.

Douglass walked away from the gates and back to his house. Although on his way there, he noticed something weird. He walked towards the walls and noticed planks in the walls like someone used them to climb into Guerta. Douglass quickly ran inside of his house and towards his office, trying to find a weapon. He slung his drawer wide open and noticed his weapon was gone but there was a letter inside the drawer. He slowly picked it up, looked around, and opened it.
"It's Molax," Douglass started to read the paper, "We know ye have Sanchi and his crew."
Douglass continued to read the letter which made he become more worried. Then, he made it to the last few sentences. Douglass wiped the sweat off his forehead and slowly read the words out loud.
"If we do not get them," Douglass stopped for a few seconds and quickly continued, "We'll attack Guerta."
But the letter wasn't done. Arthur quickly wrote the location where he wanted to receive Sanchi's crew at. After finally reading it all, Douglass crumbled up the sheet and threw it back in his drawer, slamming it shut.
"Oh no," Douglass said to his self, "This isn't good!"
Douglass sat there and started to think of a way but he knew he couldn't risk Guerta anymore. Douglass decided to give away Sanchi and the rest. Once Sanchi and the rest came back inside Guerta, Douglass gave them a fake objective.
"I want you all to go to his location...I'll give you the map soon," Douglass said, "There's supplies that we desperately need and enough for you all to carry."
"Anything for you," Sanchi said, "We'll go now."
Sanchi shook Douglass's hand but Douglass wasn't looking at Sanchi. Then, the whole crew left and went towards the location. Eventually, Randal ran inside Douglass's office.
Randal asked, "Where did Winslow and the rest went?"
Douglass rubbed his face and knew he'd have to lie to the young boy, "They went out to get supplies."
"Well," Randal said, "Are they coming back?"
Douglass nodded his head, "They should be."

Finally, Sanchi and the rest made to their desired location. Sanchi lowered the map and noticed there were no supplies. From that point, he knew something wasn't right.
"I don't see anything," Sanchez said, "Is that location accurate?"
"Douglass probably got the location confused," Boris said, "He is pretty old."
Suddenly, pirates rose out of the bushes and jumped out of trees. They quickly surrounded Sanchi's crew. One of them quickly threw Malik into the crowd. Sanchi and Sanchez slowly lowered the weapons. Danny, Julia, and Winslow followed their steps and dropped their weapons.
"Ye guys are back," Arthur said, coming out with Orgras, "Could to see ye again!"
"I don't think he got confused," Sanchi said, "I think he set us up."
Orgras quickly snatched all the weapons, throwing them in a bag, "Got all the weapons."
Arthur walked towards Sanchi, looking at him in his eyes. Arthur had an evil and happy look on his face like he won a war. As he got closer, Sanchi pushed Julia away from him.
"Last time I saw ye," Arthur said, "I had a knife in me."
"Boss," Orgras said, pushing Danny towards him, "We have the traitor!"
Arthur quickly slapped Danny and pushed him into Sanchi. Arthur demanded to return back to Molax and his men packed up.
"I got the warrior, the traitor, the wife of a warrior, his partner, and his whole crew," Arthur said, "My luck must be out of this spiral!"

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