Monday, May 16, 2016

The Warrior AE "Drinking" season four premiere

After the death of Kent, Sanchi and the rest of Guerta began the rebuilding process. Although, it stopped to due Al and the filthy pirates attacking Guerta. Sanchi sent out few of his crew to go out and start a war between the filthy pirates and the armadas. Luckily, the plan worked and it resulted in Kane executing Al. Sanchi and Deacon duels at the sight and Sanchi goes victorious, taking Deacon out. Sanchez finally gets out of his coma and the rebuilding process continued. Sanchi sent out groups. One group was responsible for finding Randal, the other group had to find Danny, and the last group had to see if there were another village near Guerta. During the objective, Sanchez found out that Douglass is taking troggys and storing them into his shed. Danny didn't like that and thought Douglass was dangerous. So, Danny tries to kill Douglass which resulted in troggys getting out of the shed and killing Mary. Finally, Sanchi, Winslow, and Bonnie finds out there is another village which is bigger and stronger than Guerta. Arthur was the leader and he also met Bonnie Anne before. Sanchi pulls a move, taking out few of his men and they escape Arthur's camp. Although, they were unaware that they captured Bonnie. Winslow comes up with a plan to create alliances to help bring down Arthur and his men. Now with the death of Mary, Douglass takes a ship and fly away. Luckily, Sanchez knew where he was going.

Rest of the night and the next few days, Guerta was silent. No one ran outside to play or even talk to each other. They only went outside to get food. With the body, Danny and Malik was back at it, burying another body. Danny hated doing this job, "Mary is gone...Sanchi and Bonnie haven't returned yet..."
"I know it looks bad," Malik said, gently placing Mary's body in the hole, "But everything will be better, soon."
Danny laughed as he threw his shovel down, "How soon?"
The job wasn't done and Malik knew that. Instead of completing the job, he just dropped to the ground. He was thinking just like Sanchi and everyone else, Guerta is getting weak...Malik finally understood that as he looked in the grave. Suddenly, Boris walked in and grabbed Malik's attention, "Danny left?"
Malik threw his hands up and laid on the ground, "Pretty much!"
Boris shrugged his shoulders and grabbed a shovel and started to put dirt on the body. Malik got back up and reached for his shovel but Boris stopped him. Boris felt like he needed to work instead of designing, he knew this was something to do.
"Sanchez wanted me to go on a mission," Boris said, "You go with him instead."
Malik laughed, "Why me?"
Boris didn't answer, focusing on digging Mary's deceased body. Although, he gave Malik a smile that made him go with Sanchez, he thought.

It took Malik a few minutes to find Sanchez. Luckily, Julia gave him directions to find him. He was outside of Guerta, near the docks in front. Malik grabbed his weapon and ran out of Guerta. Soon enough, Malik made it to Sanchez but he expected Boris. Although, he didn't ask questions. Both of them got on the ship.
"Well," Sanchez said, steering the ship, "I betcha Douglass is taking shots of some yum yums."
Malik smiled, "Same bar?"
Sanchez turned his head around, looking at Malik. He released a smile saying, "Same bar."
With hardly any time wasted, Sanchez docked the ship and the two walked into the bar filled with memories. There were only two in the bar. One was Douglass and the other one was the bartender. Then, he walked towards Douglass and watched him placed down his glass, placing it next to his other four empty drinks.
"Someone is having it rough," Malik said, ordering a drink.
Douglass gently looked at Malik, "Aren't you too young?"
Malik laughed, "Age doesn't mean anything if you're paying them good!"
Sanchez sat next to Douglass, in front of the bartender. He didn't talk so much as he watched Douglass drink more. He knew what Douglass was going through, same thing he and everyone else went through, Sanchez imagined, "I'm sorry about Mary."
Douglass shook his head, "She died because of my stupidity."
"You're going to have to live with that," Sanchez said, "Just don't let it eat you up."
Douglass didn't respond to Sanchez or even looked at him, "Need two more drinks, please!"
The bartender slid two shot glasses in front of Douglass, "This is going to cost ye a fortune!"
"Why not," Douglass said, throwing his hands up, "Nothing else to do!"
Douglass reached for his drink but Sanchez grabbed them before he could. Sanchez handed the glass to Malik. He didn't want to see another negative side of Douglass. Instead, he wanted to see him happy and go back to his old self, "Does Mary want this?"
Douglass banged his fist on the bar's table, "She's dead anyway!"
"Because you got scared," Sanchez yelled, "Simple as that!"
Suddenly, the doors opened up. Although, Douglass and Sanchez didn't noticed as they continued to yell at each other. There were two pirates that were cleaned, fit, and good at bargaining. They also had pistols in their gun holders. Luckily, the bartender ended their argument as he started to yell at the two pirates, "No weapons in me bar!"
One of the pirates pulled his pistol out, firing a shot into the bartender's chest. Before Sanchez or Malik could pull their weapon out, they aimed at them, advising them to hold still. Then, the other one stepped up with a surprise smile on his face, "I don't believe it!"

Sanchi became frustrated as he watched Arthur's group walking around, trying to look for them. Luckily, Sanchi and Winslow was hiding on top of a tree. Eventually, Arthur gave up and they returned back to their camp. Sanchi was first to jump down and followed by Winslow.
"Should of killed them," Sanchi said, "I had him!"
Winslow laughed, "We're you said before!"
Sanchi ignored Winslow's statement. Instead, he kept on walking back to Guerta. Both of the two it would be a long walk back. Although, Sanchi stopped as he heard talking. Instead of running from it, Sanchi ran towards it as he pulled his sword out. Winslow tried to stop him, "Hold on!"
Sanchi kept running until he heard the voices clear and he did. Two pirates scoping around the area. Sanchi knew they were from Arthur. Suddenly, Sanchi ran at them. He quickly pushed one down, removing his weapon. The other one pulled his pistol out but Winslow tackled him.
"Hmmm," Sanchi said, "Guess we could exchange them?"
Suddenly the younger one laughed, "Ye think Arthur care about us?"
Sanchi shrugged his shoulder with a smile. Then, the young pirate introduced his self, "I'm Matthew...this older one is Chuck."
Chuck rolled his eyes, "We can easily kill this two!"
"Quiet," Matthew whispered into his ear, "Do you want to die?"
Winslow laughed, remembering what Sanchi said not so long ago, "We don't kill...just innocent pirates!"
"If that's true," Chuck said, "Let us go."
Sanchi laughed, "That's not going to happen."
Suddenly, Chuck jumped up, pushing Winslow out of his way. Then, he made a run for it. Winslow got back up but Sanchi wanted to chase him down. Sanchi quickly followed the pirate for a few minutes. He passed troggys, dead pirates (Arthur's men), and lots of fallen trees. Suddenly, Chuck hit a dead end as a group of troggys ran in front of him. Both Chuck and Sanchi stopped. Sanchi had his sword out, "Come with me or run that way and the troggys will destroy you!"
Chuck wiped the sweat off his head and laughed at Sanchi. Then, he ran towards the troggys. He pushed a few of them to the ground as he tried his best to get through them but it didn't work well. One of the troggys threw his sharpen stick in Chuck's leg, causing him to fall. Sanchi understood his decision and ran back to Winslow, hearing scream of terror from Chuck.
"Chuck went the wrong way," Sanchi laughed, "Troggys got him."

Sanchez had his hands up, following Douglass and Malik. They remained still as the two pirates laughed at them, holding up a sheet, "Yep, that's one of'em!"
The other pirate poked his finger at the sheet, looking at Malik, "The dark skinned one, he's on here!"
Sanchez slowly took a deep breath, ending the two pirate's devious conversation, "Let's settle something out?"
Suddenly, the two pirates broke into laughter and dropped the sheet. Sanchez glanced at the sheet, revealing the bounties on Sanchi, Malik, Boris, Julia, Emmanuel, Chun, and his self. Sanchez noticed that Sanchi had the most on him. Sanchez knew who had enough to place all the bounties...Kane, he remembered that name.
"I'm Gilbert and this dummy is Tobo," Gilbert said, "We are bounty hunter...part of a large group aka me family!"
"That's not us," Malik said, "We're a lot better looking than that!"
"He has jokes," Tobo said, "I like him!"
Gilbert laughed and walked towards them with his gun pointing at Sanchez. Gilbert stared at Sanchez for a few seconds and started to laugh even more. Then, Gilbert turned back around and Sanchez knew this was his chance. He pulled one of his pistol out and wrapped his arm around Gilbert's neck, aiming at Tobo. Gilbert's partner fired at Sanchez but he just shot Gilbert's body. Sanchez threw Gilbert off him and shot Tobo in his head. Douglass ran towards the two bodies, "You didn't have to do that!"
Malik ran towards the windows, looking out of them. Meanwhile, Douglass and Sanchez started to argue. Malik quickly locked the door and yelled for their attention, "They heard those shots!"
Douglass ran behind the bar's table, Malik and Sanchez ran towards the door, trying to hear the other pirates. Suddenly, they heard, "We heard gunshots...was it you Gilbert?"
Sanchez nervously replied, "They tried to kill us and we took them out!"
They heard more voices like they were having a conversation. A conversation about killing Sanchez and the rest, Sanchez heard. He slowly got back up and walked toward the backdoor. Then, the strangers fired inside the bar. Malik laid on the ground, arms around his head and Sanchez dropped to the ground, firing back, "They fired first!"

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