Monday, May 16, 2016

The Warrior AE "All hail King Rogers" (Extra long) S4

Arthur gets the news from Orgras that Matthew is dead and Arthur starts to fear the attacker's next move. Sanchez created a good plan for king Rogers after he explained the problem to Sanchi. His plan would have Boris fly Sanchez, Sanchi, and someone with no bounty aka Courtney and Douglass. Then, they would have kill Rogers and quickly leave Monquista. And for Arthur, they would have to sneak into Molax and get Bonnie out of there. Late at night, Arthur made his decision to kill Bonnie and Randal in a few days as a ceremony of victory. Now, Bonnie and her crew doesn't have much time to spare with Rogers and Arthur.

No time is left, he thought. Two enemies and more came...then more and more, Sanchi thought. With the bounties, more enemies would come their way, Sanchi knew about the bounties. Before leaving and heading to Monquista, Sanchi patiently waited on the ship, leaving Sanchez to explain his plan to Courtney, Douglass, and Boris. All Sanchi was thinking of about the bad results if their plan doesn't go right.
"Sanchez explained the issue," Julia said, opening up the door "Please tell this is the last time you're leaving Guerta."
Hearing Julia's voice snapped him back into reality. He slowly rose up, facing Julia and staring in her eyes. Sanchi noticed the scared look on her face.
"I can't make any promises until we get Bonnie back home," Sanchi said, giving Julia a tight hug.
"Just come home safe," Julia said, "I'm worrying more about Courtney...she's not use to any of this and who knows what she might accidentally do."
Sanchi nodded his head and gave Julia a farewell kiss, "I'll make sure Winslow and Malik keep this place running."
Julia giggled, "Now you're worrying me."
She gave Sanchi another kiss before she left. Then few minutes later, Sanchez got on the ship with Courtney, Douglass, and Boris. Sanchi quickly noticed the worry looks on Douglass and Courtney's faces.
"Boris," Sanchez said, "Get us out of here."
"Will do," Boris said, "To Monquista!"

The time is up, Rogers thought as he patiently waited for two bounty hunters to show up. Eventually, two sharktooth bounty hunters met with King Rogers. It was Coda and Fin Dorsal.
"At last," King Rogers said, "I've been waiting for you two to arrive!"
King Rogers didn't hire two bounty hunters for Sanchi's crew. He hired them to hunt down a pirate who scammed Rogers. Although, Rogers planned an attack on Guerta without informing the two bounty hunters.
"Be happy we showed up here," Coda said, "I have to return back to Kane soon!"
"Relax brother," Fin said, "I want some bounties!"
Near the docks, Rogers noticed a familiar ship landing in his docks. Sanchez, Rogers knew who it was as he stepped off the ship. Rogers quickly called for three Monquistans guards.
"How bout you two go downstairs in my castle," King Rogers said, "There's drinks that you guys are welcome to drink."
Coda and Fin laughed and ran inside of Rogers's castle. Then, Rogers and couple of his guards walked towards Sanchez's ship.

"Sanchez," Douglass said, "I see a monkey with a crown and robe walking towards us with guards!"
Sanchez paused Boris from getting off the ship, advising him to stay on but Boris didn't listen. Before Rogers came close to them, Sanchez went over the plan again. Douglass and Courtney grabbed Sanchi by his arms and Sanchez led them towards Rogers.
"I made my decision," Sanchez said, "I want Guerta to stay running."
King Rogers stopped, staring at Courtney, Douglass, and Boris like he was studying them. Then, he shrugged his shoulders, "Wasn't smart bringing Boris...he has a bounty on him too."
"You asked for me," Sanchi said, "You have me."
Kings shook his head, staring at Douglass and Courtney, "Who are these two?"
"Don't worry about it," Courtney said, "We have no interest in you or have any bounties on us."
King Rogers smiled, surprised with Courtney's words. Then, he turned around, pointing at his castle and he walked back. Sanchez and the rest followed behind.
"Sanchez," Courtney whispered, "I'm afraid."
Sanchez wrapped his arm around Courtney's shoulder to comfort him. Meanwhile, Rogers whispered to one of his guards to be aware five pirates entering the castle.
"When he takes me down to his dungeon," Sanchi said to Sanchez, "Only you need to go down to get me out...make sure you execute!"
Finally, they entered the castle. Everyone was surprise about the building, examining the royalty and items around his castle. Then, Rogers whistled for his guards to come down. Everyone knew it was time for Rogers to get Sanchi.
"You made a good choice," Rogers said, "You four can leave now."
Two of Rogers's guards escorted Sanchi downstairs to the dungeon. Then, group of guards took Sanchez and the rest outside and back to their ship. Sanchez would know he would have to change up his plans a bit.

The guards quickly threw Sanchi downstairs and he rolled into the dungeon. Then, Sanchi quickly got up, looking around the scary looking and cold area. Chains, cells, torturing tools, skeletons, and wooden barrels filled with steaming water. Suddenly, Sanchi heard echoing and he knew it was Rogers walking downstairs. He heard his laughter.
"Now," Rogers said, walking downstairs, "What did you do to make Kane furious to place a fortune on your head?"
"Same thing to what I'm going to to you," Sanchi said, "I'll be leaving here soon!"
King Rogers started to laugh, a five foot monkey was laughing at Sanchi's words. Although, with guards everywhere Sanchi thought he seemed more powerful. Rogers pulled Sanchi's sword out, admiring it. Then, he called for his guards.
"Guards," Rogers said, "Lock him on the walls not the cell!"
Group of Monquistan guards threw Sanchi into the wall and wrapped chains around his arms. Then, he demanded for the guards to leave him alone. The guards quickly ran back upstairs.
"I don't think you'll be leaving," King Rogers said, laughing, "I'll make sure I get my bounty!"

"They kicked us out," Boris cried, "How are we going to rescue Sanchi?"
Sanchez didn't answer Boris. Instead, he gave Boris a funny look, "You're really going to ask me that?"
Sanchez quickly ran back to the castle, running next to the door. Then, he pulled his bag off his back and opened it up. He handed Douglass and Courtney a weapon. Now, Boris knew what Sanchez was thinking.
"Oh no," Boris said, "You're crazy!"
Boom! Sanchez quickly kicked down the door. Couple of guards were on stairs and aimed at them but Sanchez didn't just put his hands up. He quickly fired at the guards, killing all six of them on the stairs.
"Baby," Courtney cried, "This is too dangerous!"
Courtney didn't run with them, she just stood there. She was scared and Sanchez couldn't blame her but he couldn't leave you there. He quickly ran back for her, holding her hands and gave her a serious look.
"I promise on everything," Sanchez said, looking in her eyes, "I will make sure no one will hurt you!"
Courtney trusted Sanchez. Then, the two ran with their hands together.
"Boris," Sanchez said, "Do you have any distractions?"
Suddenly, Monquistadors started to run downstairs. Luckily, they only had a metal ax but Sanchez still knew they were threats as he fired at them.
"Wait," Boris said, "Isn't this the door to the dungeon?"
Sanchez opened up the door and they ran downstairs but it wasn't the dungeon. It was Rogers's mini bar...where the two sharktooth bounty hunters were in. Suddenly, the two bounty hunters turned around and their eyes quickly opened up.
"Fin," Sanchez said, "I thought he was dead!"
Fin and Coda rose up, bring their miniature knives out. Sanchez quickly aimed his gun at Fin and pulled the trigger. Nothing came out, Sanchez's pistols were out and so was Douglass and Boris.
"I don't believe it," Fin said, "Another family reunion?"
Douglass nudged his elbow in Sanchez's arm, "What are we going to do?"
Sanchez dropped his weapon and placed his hands up, "We're out of ammo!"

"I hear gunshots," Rogers said, "Are your friends trying to save you?"
Sanchi shook his head then looked away from Rogers, "I warned you!"

"Guess this'll be an easy job," Coda said, walking towards them, "Hand over your weapons!"
Everyone threw their weapons at Coda, except for Courtney. Sanchez quickly noticed the gun in her shaky hands.
"Courtney," Douglass whispered, "It's over."
She still had her weapon in her hand. Also, she was staring at the two bounty hunters. She felt brave and remembered everything Sanchez and his crew did to protect Guerta. She remembered all the pain she had with Kent. Suddenly, she had a flashback of her pulling the trigger on Kent.
"Thought you and your crew were smarter than this," Coda said, "Why would you ever attack Rogers?"
"Because I haven't seen you in a couple of days and I haven't seen Fin since he had troggys on top of him," Sanchez said with a huge smile.
Fin threw his drinking glass into the wall, taking his anger out, "I'll get the last laugh!"
Coda counted the weapons and knew something wasn't right. He had only three weapons from the four pirates in front of him. Then, he looked at Courtney and noticed the weapon in her hands.
"Come down to me and hand over the weapon," Coda said, "Or those three will die!"
Sanchez snatched the weapon away from Courtney, he wanted to give Coda the weapon but she quickly grabbed it back. Then, she loaded the weapon without the bounty hunters noticing and she walked towards them. Sanchez started to fear as Courtney was officially in front of Coda.
"Give me your weapon," Coda said, "Now!"
She didn't. She quickly raised the pistol up and fired at Coda. Both of the bounty hunters moved out the way, causing Courtney to miss all her shots. Then, Coda pulled his knives back out and injected one of them in Courtney's stomach. Sanchez's eyes became wide with tears, Boris turned around, and Douglass looked away as Courtney slowly turned around, showing the knife in her stomach. She looked at Sanchi and she whispered, ""
Then, she died as she fell back to the ground. Sanchez slowly backed up, staring at Courtney's body, "You killed her!"
Fin pulled out his weapon and fired at Sanchez. Sanchez, Boris, and Douglass quickly ran back upstairs, escaping the bounty hunters. Douglass swung open the door and he ran towards another door as the enemies started to fire again. This time, it was the dungeon.

King Rogers started to ask Sanchi more questions as the gunfire grew louder and louder. Then, he picked up a hard wooden stick and slammed the stick into Sanchi's knees, causing great pain, "Do you think your crew will rescue you?"
Bam! Rogers swung the stick into Sanchi's stomach, causing pain. Rogers wanted more answers as the gunshots grew even louder, "What is your crew doing!"
Sanchi started to feel great pain as the torturing began, "I don't know!"
Suddenly, Rogers stopped which was unusual. He quickly looked away from Sanchi and ran towards the stairwell. Now Sanchi knew this was his chance. He started to jerk the chains around, trying his best to remove the chains. Then, he started to pull them hard. Cracks were appearing on the walls and in a few seconds, the chains were ripped off the walls.
"Guards," Rogers said, noticing one of his guards falling down the stairs, "What is going on?"
Sanchi knew this was his chance. He quickly ran towards the table filled with torturing tools and grabbed a chain. Then, he ran towards Rogers and wrapped the chain around his neck, starting to pull. Quickly, Rogers knew he didn't have much time, he quickly picked up Sanchi's sword and stabbed Sanchi in his knee, causing him to drop back.
"Pathetic," King Rogers said, "You are really trying to execute me?"
Rogers started to swing Sanchi's sword around like he was a pro at sword dueling. Meanwhile, Sanchi didn't have a weapon. He quickly ran back to the table, picking up two metal pipes.
"Me and you," Sanchi said, "Just me and you!"
Sanchi started it off, he ran towards Rogers and swung the two pipes at the king. Rogers swung the sword, hitting the pipes and their duel began. Over and over, Sanchi had the advantage with his knowledge and two hard weapons but he still couldn't take Rogers out. Then, Sanchi swung at Rogers again and Rogers swung his sword, knocking one of the pipes out of Sanchi's hand. Sanchi quickly slammed the pipe into Rogers's knee but Rogers swung the sword and knocked the other pipe out of his hand, causing Sanchi to have no weapons.
"Too easy," Rogers said, smiling.
Sanchi quickly dodged Rogers's hit and ran towards the steaming water barrels. He picked up the crate and ran towards Rogers but his plan failed. Rogers sliced open the barrel and caused all the hot water to fall on Sanchi, causing great pain. Sanchi dropped to the ground, screaming and covering his face. Rogers started to laugh and walked towards Sanchi, excited to execute him.
"Mr.Warrior," Rogers said, "I am collecting your bounty!"
Bam! Suddenly, a barrel nailed Rogers in his face, causing him to drop his sword.
"Get up Sanchi," Sanchez cried, throwing another barrel at Rogers.
After noticing Rogers's pistol on a shelf, Sanchez ran and grabbed Rogers's weapon and aimed it at the king. When Rogers got up, he noticed Sanchez with his weapon and he smiled, "You wouldn't dare to kill one of the best kings throughout the whole spiral!"
Sanchez was already furious due to Courtney's death, he knew he had nothing to lose. He pulled the trigger, firing two shots in Roger's chest. The second bullet slowly ended the king's life. Then, Sanchez dropped the weapon, "I beg for differ!"
"Guys," Boris cried from upstairs, "We need to leave quick!"
"We'll be fine," Sanchez said, wiping his tears away, "We took out all the guards with guns..."
Quickly, Sanchez helped Sanchi up and they ran upstairs, meeting Douglass and Boris. Then, they opened up the door, hearing screaming from the guards.

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