Monday, May 16, 2016

The Warrior AE "Scared" S4

With Sanchi finding Molax and losing Bonnie, he decides to get an alliance with wealthy pirates/leaders around the spiral. Due to the huge bounty on Sanchi, Sanchez decided to go out to Monquista with Boris and Malik. Sanchez wants to get help from the new king of Monquista and the queen. Sanchi must stay back and keep an eye on Guerta but he wants to make sure there's no attacks. Danny decides to talk to Douglass for the first time since Mary's death.

Next morning, Sanchez, Boris, and Malik were packed and ready to head out to Monquista. They packed food, ammo, and a few weapons. Just in case they meet bounty hunters, Sanchez thought. Sanchi, Julia, Winslow, Danny, and Courtney were all surrounding them. They started to give their goodbyes and good lucks but Sanchez knew they didn't need any goodbyes.
"Be safe," Courtney said, giving Sanchez a big hug, "Better return tonight."
Sanchez smiled as he squeeze Courtney tight, "Make sure of it."
Boris and Malik carried all the bags and threw them on the ship, leaving Sanchez alone with everyone. After Sanchez was done with Courtney, Sanchi quickly yelled for Sanchez.
"Sad to hear about Mary," Sanchi whispered, "Is Douglass better?"
"I don't know," Sanchez said, "But...make sure Danny and Douglass stay away from each other."
Sanchi smiled, patting Sanchez on his back, "Only job for me today."

Finally, Sanchez went on the ship and the ship flew away. Their new important mission started, Sanchez thought. Malik decided the fly the ship, leaving Boris and Sanchez to discuss their plan.
"Monquista is heavily guarded," Boris said, "Ever since the armadas became bigger!"
Sanchez took the map out of Boris's hand and looked at it, studying the area of Monquista. He placed his pointer finger on a huge house. Sanchez knew the king lived in there.
"No way the guards will let three unknown pirates into the house of the royal king and queen," Boris said, leaning back in stress.
Suddenly, Malik broke into their conversation, "We could do what we're best at!"
Sanchez folded up the map and gave Malik a confuse look, "Best at what?"
Malik and Boris looked at each other with big smiles. Then, they both said with laughter, "Causing trouble and sneaking our way in."
Sanchez smiled as he placed his fingers on the chin, "Do we have a blue print of the royal house?"
Boris quickly got up and tossed his bag in front of Sanchez. He carefully opened up the bag and carelessly dumped all the folders and snacks out of it. Luckily, Sanchez found the blue print, "How did you get this?"
Boris gave Sanchez a cheerfully smile, "Always loved studying house designs...mainly from a powerful monkey!"
"Woah," Malik said, "Are we scared?"
"No," Sanchez said, "Just can't take another risk."
Boris quickly took the blue print away from Sanchez. Then, he pointed below the royal house, "There's probably an air vent on the side of his house...big one...we can climb in there until we're on the top floor."
Malik laughed, "Then what?"
"Boris is right," Sanchez said, "Once we get to talk to the king...we beg him for help."
"Wait," Boris said, "Beg?"
"We just can't break in with weapons," Sanchez said, "We'll be wiped out!"
"It's settle," Boris said, "We'll get in by the air vents and talk to the king or queen."

With most of Sanchi's crew gone, Sanchi decided to walk around Guerta. He wanted to make sure everyone was doing fine, mainly Douglass. Although Sanchi wasn't alone, Julia quickly ran next to Sanchi. He slowly placed his arm around Julia and held her tight as the two walked.
"Sanchi," Julia said, "Everyone is afraid."
Sanchi kissed Julia's head a few times, "Everything will be fine."
He knew everything wasn't fine. He just didn't want Julia or anyone else know. He doesn't know how to rescue Bonnie if the alliance doesn't go as plan. Also, Sanchi knew Guerta was making everyone weak. Sanchi was scared, too.
"I think we need to get rid of Douglass," Julia said, "He's not strong enough to control Guerta."
"We're not going to get rid of him or leave," Sanchi said, "We made a promise!"
Suddenly, Julia removed herself out of Sanchi's arms, "A promise to a deceased body!"
"It's still Chun," Sanchi said, "I know you and Sanchez miss him!"
Julia started to tear up as she dropped to the ground. Sanchi quickly went to comfort her. For a few moments, the two didn't talk. They just rocked each other and held tight.
"Juhn, Emmanuel, Anthony," Julia said, crying as she released each name.
Sanchi didn't want to remember them. He closed his eyes and tried to think of something else but he still kept hearing Julia's words, "Chun, Dez!"
"Please stop," Sanchi said, keeping his eyes closed.
"Mary, Gus, Dorugh," Julia said, "Moresco, El Toro!"
Suddenly, Sanchi pushed Julia away. He quickly got on his feet and slowly backed away, "We were just a pathetic pawn in Derwitchi's sick game!"
Quickly, Sanchi started to think about Arthur. He quickly ran away from Julia and towards the gates. He opened up the gates slightly so he could get his self through. Then, he stopped and looked around, trying to find any threats nearby. Although, he heard a voice from behind. It wasn't Julia. As he started to sweat from stress, he started to hallucinate. In front of him was one of his old companion, Moresco, "Master!"

Malik docked the ship behind Monquista. He made sure no guards noticed and luckily no one around Monquista noticed. Then, the three slowly jumped off the ship. Instead of going into the vent on the side, it was a better idea to go into a vent behind the house, Boris thought.
"Oh man," Malik whispered as he pointed ahead, "Of course there's two guards near the vent."
"Not an issue," Boris said, picking up a rock, "I'm smarter than a group of monkeys."
Boris threw a few rocks to distract the two guards but they didn't budge. Luckily, Boris came up with another plan. He brought out one of Sanchez's pistol and called for Malik. Then, he hit Malik's nose with the gun few times. Suddenly, Malik started to scream, "My nose!"
Boris quickly kicked Malik to the ground. Then, he grabbed Sanchez's arm and they hid behind bushes. Suddenly, the two guards ran towards Malik with a bad bloody nose, "I was attacked!"
One of the guards looked at the other one, "Should we call for more to look around?"
Malik quickly jumped up with his hands up, "You two can do it yourself!"
One of the guards bent over to observe Malik's bloody nose, "Give us a description on who did this!"
"Uh," Malik said, "A young pirate who's not good with plans!"
The guards gave Malik a strange look, "What?"
Suddenly, Boris and Sanchez came out of the bushes. They tackled the two guards. Then, Boris grabbed Sanchez's gun again which made Malik back up more. Boris slammed the pistol on the back of the guard's head, knocking them out. Sanchez followed Boris's step and knocked the other one out.
"That's some good acting," Boris said, helping Malik up.
"Wasn't acting," Malik, "But guess I learned it from pain!"
Sanchez poked his head out, looking at the king's house, "No guards around."
Sanchez, Boris, and Malik slowly and quietly ran towards the vents. Boris laid his bag on the ground and pulled out tools. Then, he slowly opened up the vent. The three quickly went into the huge vent. Sanchez was the last one to go in, wanted to make sure to close the vent.
"If we need another plan," Malik said, "Use Sanchez...not me!"
"Who knows," Sanchez said, "I like your acting."

Sanchi started to feel sick and hallucinate even more. Suddenly, he imagined Moresco in front of him. Sanchi dropped to the ground in relief and shock at the same time, "Moresco?"
Moresco started to fly around Sanchi, "Master, master, master!"
Sanchi slowly got back up. He started to feel guilt as he remembered what happened to Moresco, "I'm sorry for everything!"
Suddenly, Sanchi heard laughter. He slowly turned his head. His eyes widen as he knew who it was. The name went through Sanchi's mind, "Dorugh?"
"The same leader," Dorugh said, "Going the same way I did...guess this was the right way."
"The perfect way," Moresco said, flying around.
Sanchi slowly walked towards Dorugh. He started to sweat more and felt more guilt. He didn't want it this way. He couldn't handle seeing his old crew, "You got bit by a troggy...I didn't!"
Suddenly, Sanchi heard another different but familiar voice. He turned around and noticed a dark skinned pirate, "I got bit too!"
Sanchi quickly fell to the ground, tripping on a branch. He slowly lifted his head up, looking at Emmanuel right in front of his face. Sanchi noticed blood dripping from his upper body. Emmanuel noticed what Sanchi was looking at. Emmanuel quickly lifted up his shirt, revealing the bite from a troggy. Sanchi turned and looked at Dorugh with a bite too and a hole on his head. Sanchi remembered what had to be done.
"Guess you forgot what happened to us," Emmanuel said, "We all died for you."
Sanchi quickly got back up and backed away from his deceased crew, "It wasn't my fault!"
Dorugh started to laugh, "You couldn't protect Dez?"
Suddenly, Sanchi noticed another familiar face as he walked next to Dourgh. It was Dez with a blood dripping from his chest, "I was innocent!"
Sanchi quickly looked away from his old crew. He kept as his eyes closed, leaning his head on a tree. He heard more different voices appearing. He heard Shiruku, Juhn, Jarvis and...Derwitchi.
"Please," Sanchi said, "Go away!"

Nighttime was close, Danny noticed as he exited out of his house. After all the issues with Douglass, Danny thought it would be a perfect time to talk to him.
"Be nice," Danny said to his self, "Be calm."
Danny slowly approached Douglass's front door. He lifted his fist up and slowly knocked on the door. He nervously waited for Douglass to come to the door but he never did, "Douglass?"
Suddenly, Danny became worried and knocked louder on the door. With no Douglass opening up the door, he nervously knocked on it again and again and again. Then, he slowly opened up the door his self.
"Danny," Douglass said, closing the door, "What do you want?"
Danny thought that Douglass felt nervous so he slowly placed his weapon on the table and walked towards Douglass with his hands up, "Just wanna talk."
The old man nodded his head and pulled out a chair, "I was about to go out to talk to you myself."
Danny laughed as he became uncomfortable, "What's the problem?"
Douglass didn't answer his question instead, he got out of the chair and threw a bag in front of Danny. Danny gave Douglass a questionable look as he picked the heavy bag up. He slowly opened up his bag and noticed all of his stuff was packed, "Douglass?"
Douglass took a deep breath and pointed at the door, "Don't come back to Guerta."
Suddenly, Danny started to freak out as he slammed his bag on the ground. As he tried to reach for his weapon, Douglass pulled his small rusty pistol out and aimed it at Danny.
"I want you to leave," Douglass said, "We already have another dangerous individual here...we don't need you too!"
Danny's eyes quickly widen, giving Douglass a surprise expression, "I was part of the crew who helped Guerta!"
"Once you're gone I'll tell Sanchi," Douglass said, "He should understand my actions!"
"You can't do this," Danny said, "Sanchi and the rest won't like this!"
"They're gonna have to deal with it," Douglass said, "I have to do this!"
Danny tried his best to reason with Douglass but it was no use. Danny picked up his bag, looking at Douglass with an ugly look. Then, he kicked down the door and walked towards the gates. As he tried to open up the gate, Julia called for him.
"Danny," Julia said, "Have you seen Sanchi?"
Danny didn't answer Julia's question. He slowly opened up the gate and left Guerta. He left his questions unanswered. He left his crew wondering. He left his crew when they needed his help. He didn't even look back.

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