Monday, May 2, 2016

The Warrior AE "Newest Hope" S5

Once getting captured by Sythe, Nick gave away their home to the bounty hunter. After returning back home, Sanchi and others quickly discussed plans and actions. Kane and Sythe started to attack Sanchi and the rest. Malik and Kane dueled one-on-one for a few minutes as he tried to defend Randal. Sadly, Kane had more power and slammed Malik's head into a sharp object, tip of it going through his eye and skull. Mario fled the scene, leaving Randal and Malik behind. Sanchi, Sanchez, Julia, Randal, and Tobias tried to get to the ship but they encountered Sythe and other armadas. Sanchi and Sanchez defended the other three as they made a run to the ships. Sanchez encountered Sythe alone as Sanchi laid on the ground, in pain from an arrow exploding near him. Sythe quickly escaped Sanchez, causing Sanchez and Sanchi to make a run towards their ship after seeing Kane. Luckily the survivors made it on the ship and left their home, planning to go back to Avery's town. Julia still didn't mentioned anything about her pregnancy to anyone.

Fear. Something I haven't seen in awhile but, it came back. Just looking at the body of one of my own just made me think of, "fear."
Chun, Courtney and Boris been gone for a long time now, we lost two homes in a short period of time. In just a few weeks, we lost Danny, Malik, Nick, and Erica...they're gone by the hands of the armadas...and Sythe.
I don't know what to do anymore once I saw the fear in everyone's eyes...and when some of them didn't know if Randal was dead or alive, their fear grew bigger and stronger like a ghost hunting you.
That's the way I describe fear, a ghost that was summoned by a great witch doctor. A ghost that's been following us since the beginning.
Since when I ran into a samurai and his companion, the day everything changed for me...for the good and the worse.
It's just me, the last warrior, his wife, an once-was bounty hunter, a tough guy with a big heart, and a young boy that just reminded me of love that I once had.
Not to mention, the ghost I call fear...that follows us wherever we go. Sometimes I can feel him here...sometimes I don't even think about him.
I just hope he doesn't follow us to our new home.
Captain Avery and his town, our newest hope.
Sanchez wrote, slowly closing his notebook.

Finally they arrived to Skull island, which was a familiar sight for a few of them. Sanchi docked the ship, staring at where once the Warrior's temple was.
"Wow," Sanchez said, "Everything is changed."
"There's more villages in here," Sanchi said, "Avery's place is the only one I can trust."
The crew stood there, look all around and not even paying attention to what was happening around them as two pirates were hiding behind bushes, spying on them. Winslow quickly noticed the bushes were moving and he heard whispering, he pulled out his knives.
"Over there," Winslow said, "I hear something!"
Sanchez pulled out his emptied pistols and walked towards the bushes, aiming at them. He nicely gave the two pirates warnings to get out or he'll fire into the bushes, "Don't make me count down to your deaths!"
Slowly, two pirates walked out. When they stepped out, Sanchi started to laugh, "Not these two!"
Willis and Allen dropped their weapons and put both of their hands up. Sanchez quickly turned around, giving everyone a confused look, "Who are these two?"
"Two idiots," Winslow said, "That simple."
"Hey," Willis said, "Ye not so true, me is well intelligent but me partner here is an idiot."
Allen smiled, waving at everyone, "I'm his partner."
Sanchez shook his head and walked away from the two, thinking both of those two pirates were idiots and pathetic but Julia liked them and was glad they were here, "Can you take us back to your village?"
"M'am," Allen said, "There be lots of villages here."
Willis slapped Allen in the back of the head, "She's talking about the one we're living in ye idiot!"
Allen had a confused look on his face, "Why should she choose ours? It's the weakest one on this island!"
Willis ignored what Allen said and motioned for them to follow him.
"It's a good thing we came," Sanchi said, "A really really...really good thing."

Willis and Allen led Sanchi and the rest of his crew back to their village. Sanchez looked at the landscape and all the huts/houses in the village. He didn't notice any protection such as walls and the village was open to easy enemies attack.
"Well, well," Captain Avery said, "Welcome back."
Captain Avery walked out of his house, cracking the door and leaving his pistol inside the house. He walked towards the newcomers, shaking everyone's hands. Avery was excited to bring Sanchi and the rest back here and was anxious to see what they could do here to make this village stronger.
"It's good to see you captain," Sanchez said, taking his dark blue bandanna off, "It's good to see you again."
Avery walked up to Sanchez with a big smile, he placed his hooked-hand on Sanchez's shoulder, "It's good to see ye again, ye look the exact same from last time!"
"From the outside perspective," Sanchez said to his self, tying his bandanna back on his head.
Meanwhile everyone was talking with Avery, Julia walked up to Allen, "Can you take me back to Vadima?"
Allen nodded his head and the two left, without anyone knowing.
 "This place looks like it never been touched," Winslow observed, "How is strong is your people?"
Avery laughed as he patted Winslow's back, "Let's just say if ye touch they fine drinks, then they will put their weapon out and get their revenge!"
Sanchi and Sanchez looked at each other. Sanchi thought this place was fine and safe but Sanchez thought Avery was lying and this place was a lie. Tobias laughed at Avery's statement and walked away, heading to the bars.
"Why don't ye crew take a look around," Avery said to Sanchi, "While ye and I catch up on things!"
Sanchi turned around to look at his crew but there were only four standing there, "Why don't you guys look around and meet others?"
Mario and Winslow walked away but Sanchez stayed there, getting closer to Sanchi as he secretly pulled his pistol out, "Yell if you need help."
Avery overheard their conversation and walked up to Sanchez, snatching his pistol and observing it. Sanchez tried to get to Avery but Sanchi got in front of the two, calming Sanchez down.
"Ye little partner is empty," Avery said, handing the weapons back to Sanchez, "Willis can take you to our weapon shack and ye can get some ammo for ye pistols!"
Willis rolled his eyes and walked away, heading to the weapons. Sanchez placed both of his pistols in his holders and followed Willis, finally leaving Avery and Sanchi alone.

Julia and Allen finally made it to Vadima. This time, Julia knocked on the door by herself and wasn't nervous at all. Madame Vadima opened up the door and smiled at Julia, offering for her to come on in.
"Madame," Julia said, "We need to talk about this pregnancy."
Madame Vadima laughed, mixing up bunch of potions, "I thought having a baby was exciting for some."
"If a baby come in my life," Julia said, holding her tears back, "Then the baby wouldn't last long, especially if Kane finds out it was from me and Sanchi!"
Madame turned around, throwing a few bottles away and cleaning her hands, "I saw a young boy in your crew, how are you fellas raising him?"
Julia shook her head, rubbing her face as a result of stress, "He almost got killed by Kane and some bounty hunter not long ago!"
Madame Vadima quickly got to the conclusion, thinking that Julia didn't want the baby. She walked to her shelf and grabbed a yellow-purplish potion and tossed to it Julia, "Do you want to get rid of your baby?"
Julia thought about what Vadima said and her decision. She looked at the yellow-purplish potion, thinking about what the baby could become but she was also thinking how dangerous life could be for the child's life. Then, she dropped the potion and leaned on the wall, slowly falling down, "I can't...I can't just end an innocent young life!"
"Then that's your decision," Vadima said, "Keep the child."
Suddenly, someone started to knock on Vadima's door. Madame walked to the door and opened it, revealing Allen and a young boy.
"Some kid wants to talk to his mommy," Allen said, "And I'm taking a wild guess that this is her boy because I never seen..."
Madame quickly interrupted Allen, shutting him up, "Okay okay okay, thank you Allen."
Randal walked into Madame's training room, staring and look at all the potions. Madame Vadima smiled as she watched the boy and Julia hugging each other.

Tobias walked into a bar alone, not knowing anyone in the bar as the strangers stared at Tobias as he walked towards the front of the bar, greeting the bartender.
"Welcome," the bartender said, "I'm Beano Tisk."
Tobias waved at him, ordering a few drinks. Tobias sat into a stool in front of the bartender, one of the most comfortable seat in the entire bar. All the strangers looked at him like he committed a murder, instead he sat in someone's seat. Beano laughed as he noticed Tobias was getting comfy in the village's drunk seat, "I advise ye to find another seat."
Suddenly, the drunk walked in the bar. Everyone excepted for Tobias stared at the scary pirate as he slammed the door like a grump. They watched him walks towards the front of the bar, heading towards his seat. Tobias was busy drinking to pay any attention to him but Beano tried to convince Tobias to find another seat, offering Tobias free drinks just to do a simple task and move. Tobias refused.
"Pal," Ricky, the town's drunk said, "Ye in my seat!"
Tobias laughed and slowly placed his drink down. He turned around to look at him. He was in his early twenties with muscular arms but he also had a beer gut that poked out. He had a long dragon tattoo on his left arm and a nude female on his right. He only had a few teeth like he was born in a fighting pin and he face looked like he never sleeps but instead just drinks.
"Just by looking at your appearance," Tobias said nicely, "I doubt you own this seat nor anything."
Ricky quickly got offended as he slammed Tobias's head into the table. He took a few steps back with a grin on his face, waiting for Tobias to raise his head back up...and he did. Tobias wiped the blood off his lip and got up, pulling his Kali out...which made Ricky laugh, "A stick? Really, are you going to beat me up with a..."
Bam! Tobias swung his stick and directly hit Ricky in his face, caused him to fall on a table and caused all the customer's drinks to spill all over him. The crowd stood there in shock, can't believe what Tobias have done.
"Your hits and movement will be slightly slow," Tobias said, "I'm up to this!"
Ricky jumped off the table, running towards Tobias. Ricky threw a punch, directly aiming for Tobias's face but completely missed as Tobias dodged his hit. Then, Tobias ran behind Ricky and slammed his over the bartender's table. Ricky jumped back out and tackled Tobias into the wall. Tobias headbutted Ricky and quickly pushed him away.
"Ye gon pay for this," Ricky said, breaking a bottle.
Ricky now had a sharp dangerous object, swinging his broken bottle and trying to hit Tobias. Quickly, Tobias grabbed a bottle and slammed it on top of Ricky's head.
"Woah," Captain Avery yelled, running in the bar, "Stop this now!"
Ricky got up, trying to swing at Tobias but Sanchi and Willis got in front of the two.
"Don't look like an embarrassment in front of all this people," Sanchi said to Ricky, "I won't stop."
Suddenly, Sanchez, Winslow, Mario, Julia, and Randal ran inside the bar after hearing all the noises.
"Avery," Ricky said, "Why ye defending these pathetic low lives!"
Tobias laughed, "Said the drunk!"
Ricky pushed Willis out of the way and ran at Tobias. Luckily, Sanchi came in and pushed Ricky on the ground. Sanchez ran and pulled his weapon out, aiming at Ricky.
"Beano," Avery said, "Close this bar for the day, it's about night anyway."
Beano yelled at the customers to leave or he's getting his bat, which scared them and they all left the bar. Now it was just Sanchi's crew, Avery, Willis, and Ricky.
"If ye do something like this again," Avery said to Ricky, "You'll get exiled and no other villages nearby would want a trouble-making drunk!"
Ricky shook his head and walked out, purposely bumping into Tobias. Then, Mario and Winslow walked out of the bar as they noticed it was getting dark.

Winslow and Mario planned during dark they would go out to a familiar location to search for Erica and also hoped they'd find and take care of Sythe.
"Over here," Winslow said, "This is where Erica went missing and Nick died here."
Winslow looked around the area, remembering the sad memories at this area.
"Mario," Winslow said, "I know what you did when you and Malik made contact with Kane..."
Mario's face became red and a little upset. He turned around, looking at Winslow with his head down, "I know, I know what you're going to..."
Winslow interrupted Mario, wanting to get to the conclusion, "Can I trust you now?"
It took Mario a few seconds to respond. He thought about Nick and what he did and what turned out for him. Then I thought about his self, thinking he was following Nick's footstep, "Yes...yes you can."
Winslow pulled out a small pistol for Mario's present. A present for him changing and becoming one of them. Mario took the weapon, looking at it. Then, his eyes became wide as he looked at Winslow and aimed the gun.
"Weapon down," Group of pirates said as they walked out and surrounded Mario and Winslow.
Winslow looked at Mario with a worried look. Then, he turned around and looked at all the pirates who were surrounding them. Suddenly, an arrow was released and nailed the tree right next to Mario.
"I don't believe it," Sythe said, "We got two of them, how exciting!"
Winslow and Mario looked at each other with fear, "What do you want from us?"
"Simple as taking a can of honey from a bunch of floating bees," Sythe said, "Kane gave me just a few days to capture you all and bring him back."
"Sooooo," Mario said, "You have Erica?"
Sythe laughed, "I also have you two."
The crane bounty hunter walked up to Mario, picking up Mario's new weapon and holding it. Then, he brought Iris back out. Two of Sythe's men grabbed Mario and moved him a few feet from Winslow. Sythe aimed his crossbow at Mario and aimed Mario's pistol at Winslow.
"Four out," Sythe said as he loaded both of the weapons, "Two wounds!"
Boom! Sythe pulled the trigger on both of the weapons and fired into Mario and Winslow, directly hitting them.

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