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The Warrior AE "Out Of Order" S5 (Special extended)

After Sanchi noticed bunch of his crew were missing, he quickly made up a plan to go out to look for them. Sanchi, Winslow, Mario and Malik went out to look for Julia, and Sanchez, Randal, and Tobias stayed back at home. Captain Avery tried his best to convince Julia and the others to stay at his village and help around but they declined, causing Avery to make Willis and Allen to act like spies and follow them. At the island, Sanchez noticed a few pirates docking at their homes. Sanchez quickly fired at them, injuring one but the injured pirate didn't release enough information. Sanchi and Winslow quickly found Julia and Nick. Sanchi started to blame Nick for everything, not trusting him and caused Nick to yell and give away their positions. Suddenly, Nick was shot with two arrows from Sythe as he approached them with Erica. Luckily, Malik, Willis, and Allen managed to save the day and attacked Sythe's crew but Sythe got away with Erica. Now back at home, Sanchez starts to worry about their secret home no longer becoming a secret as Sythe returned back to Valencia to inform Kane it's time to attack. Julia still keeps her pregnancy a secret.

After a long day, Sanchi and the rest finally returned home, where Sanchez and Tobias greeted them. After already two of their crew gone, Sanchi knew he'd have to talk to them about new plans.
"Malik," Sanchi whispered to him, "Sanchez, Julia, Winslow, Tobias, and I are going to discuss something, get Mario and Randal inside the house..talk to the kid and bond with him."
Malik laughed, "Let the grown ups discuss business while I babysit? Okay."
Sanchi smiled and patted Malik on his shoulder, "Thanks man."
Sanchi and Malik walked away from each other, but Malik quickly called for him again. Sanchi turned around to see what Malik wanted. Malik walked really close to Sanchi and placed his hand on Sanchi's shoulder, "No matter what happens, make sure this crew doesn't fall apart...ever."
Sanchi looked up at Malik, who had a big smile on his face, he quickly patted Malik on his head joyfully like a pet, "Will do."

Sanchi, Sanchez, Winslow, Julia, and Tobias walked far and deep in the woods to discuss plans and find other hiding spots on the island. Malik, Randal, and Mario went back to the small wooden house to hang out and talk.
"I'm sorry about everything," Julia said, wiping tears off, "I feel bad about everything!"
Sanchi grabbed Julia and hugged her tight, "I'm the one who feels bad.."
Julia pushed off Sanchi and stared him down. This time, she let her tears out and took all the blame for last night, "I went out there for Vadima and my selfishness caused Nick's life and Erica's life...they're gone because of me!"
Tobias heard Sanchi's and Julia's conversation, due to no one telling him who attacked them, "Was it Sythe who attacked y'all?"
Sanchez finally arrived and he heard Tobias mentioning Sythe's name. He quickly ran up from behind on Tobias and pushed him on the ground, aiming his weapon at him, "Your friend attacked them and me, explain now!"
Winslow laughed as he turned around, not wanting to be involved in this. Sanchi scooted Julia away from the two and he got between Sanchez and Tobias, "Hey, we didn't come out here to argue!"
"Stay out of this," Sanchez said, "This man worked for someone who's been harassing us and took two of our own's life!"
"I told you that I ran away from them once they started working with Kane," Tobias said, "I mean come on, he killed my girlfriend!"
Suddenly, everyone stopped arguing and all looked at Tobias, who was close to crying and was still on the ground, "He killed my girlfriend, Iris...and then he named her after his crossbow, the weapon he killed her with..."
Sanchi just stood there, not knowing what to say to make Tobias feel any better. He glanced at Sanchez, noticing he was putting his pistols up. Sanchi was waiting for Sanchez to apologize to him.
"I'm sorry to hear that," Sanchez said, "But how'd you know Sanchi's old master?"
"Because he trained me before I become a bounty hunter," Tobias said, "He told me stories about Sanchi, before he became a warrior..and-and..and once Kane gave us a mission to locate him, I remembered what my master said and I couldn't do it!"
Everyone remained quiet, still. Then, Sanchi commanded for Winslow to go back to the house and check on everyone else. Winslow shrugged his shoulders and left, walking back.

Malik walked into the house, looking at Randal who was on top of the table, playing with the sharp black object that was on the table. Mario was in the corner, sitting there and staring at the ground. Malik thought it was best to let Mario be alone, even after how he coward out on him.
"Randal," Malik said, "What's up little man!"
Randal stared at Malik, "Hi."
Malik reached for his bag, pulling out a piece of bread for Randal to eat. It was suppose to be Malik's lunch but he thought Randal needed it more.
"Hey man," Malik said, "Be careful that thing can poke someone's eye out!"

Winslow took the long way back to the house, going all around the island. He passed the docks in the back, noticing no ships were in there. He continued to walk until he could see the other docks, noticing something odd. Winslow quickly ran towards a tree, noticing an arrow in the tree. Then, he noticed...armadas! He saw dozens of armadas stepping off the ship. Also, he noticed Kane and Sythe walking off their ship. Winslow quickly ran behind a tree, hiding behind it, "Oh no!"
"This is where Nick told us where his crew were hiding," Sythe said, "They should be here!"
Kane noticed a small wooden house, "You took the rest of the armadas and search everything, I'll go check out that small house."
Winslow heard them talking. He quickly became nervous but he wasn't afraid, he was up to fighting back. He slowly got up and quietly ran back to Sanchi and the rest.

"This bread is delicious," Randal said, taking a huge chunk out of it, "Thank you!"
Malik smiled, playfully messing up Randal's hair. Malik quickly glanced to the corner of his eye, noticing Mario was getting up after he was sitting in the same spot for a long time. Malik stayed next to Randal as he called Mario's name, "Hey man, are you okay?"
"I'll be fine," Mario said, "I'm just not use to last night."
"Everything will be fine just don't be afraid," Malik said, "If something like that happens again, Can I trust you?"
Mario looked at Malik and nodded his head, which made Malik feel a little safer. Then, Malik looked back at Randal, noticing the big smile on the kid's face. Suddenly, Malik noticed the smile changed as the door fell the ground. It was Kane, swinging his cane around while whistling, bring fear to everyone in the room.
"Randal," Malik cried, "Go now!"
Kane quickly pulled his pistol out, aiming at Randal but Malik ran up to the armada leader and slapped his weapon out of his hand, tackling him into the wall. Kane quickly headbutted Malik and kicked him off. Then, Malik pulled his knife out and swung at Kane but missed as Kane knocked the knife out of his hand. The two continued to go at it as Randal hid in the closet.
"Y'all just don't give up," Malik said, "Do ya?"
Kane quickly caught Malik off-guard and punched him in his nose repeatedly, pushing him into the table. His head were just a few inches away from the sharp object that was stuck into the table. Kane started to look around the area, trying to find his weapon but he couldn't as Malik jumped up and kicked Kane into the wall again. Malik ran up to Kane and tried to punch him again but he grabbed Malik's fist and pushed him back into the table. Malik slowly got up, staring at the sharp object, trying to pull it out but it was stuck. Then, Kane grabbed Malik's head and tried to push his head into the tip of the sharp object.
"Mario," Malik said, "Help!"
Mario stood there in fear, dropping his weapon. Then, he ran out of the house out of fear and left Malik in trouble.
"We're coming for you all," Kane said, "We will get the rest!"
Suddenly, Malik's eye was just a few inches from the tip of the sharp object, using all his might to make sure Kane didn't slam his head into the tip of the object. Meanwhile, Kane continued to use some of his strength, trying to slam Malik's head into the sharp object. Although, Malik noticed Kane's pistol was close to him. He started to reach for the pistol as his eye got closer to the object. Malik knew Kane's weapon was the only way he could escape. Suddenly, he managed to get one finger on his pistol, slowly sliding it towards him. Malik quickly smiled as the slide the gun closer. Suddenly, Kane let out a like-victory roar, "Just die!"
Bam! Kane used all of his strength to slam Malik's head into the object. Malik's eye went through the tip of the sharp object and through his skull, killing him. Out of breath, Kane threw Malik's head off the table.
"Sir," Sythe said, "Did you find the boy and the other pirate?"
Kane shook his head, wiping the blood of his mask, "Find Winslow and the rest...I got Sanchi!"

Mario started to run away from the house, not even glancing back. He didn't care about Malik. He didn't care about Randal. He only cared about his self and getting himself out of here. As he continued to run, he looked back for a few seconds. Suddenly, Winslow grabbed Mario by his arm and pulled him behind a tree.
"Mario," Winslow whispered, "We have an issue here!"
Mario nodded his head, hoping Winslow would take him to the ship so both of the two could leave and stay alive but that wasn't what Winslow was thinking.
"We need to get out of here," Mario said, "Where's the ship? Take me to the ship!"
Winslow gave Mario a weird look, starting to put all the pieces together. Winslow noticed he was out of breath and he was far from the house, thinking he ran away from everyone else, "Mario, where's Malik and Randal?"
"That one armada who attacked Guerta killed them," Mario said, "Killed both of them!"
Suddenly Winslow dropped on his knees, depressed about Malik and Randal. He quickly developed a sad look, like he lost a family member...two, "And you left them there?"
"I had to," Mario said, trying to grab Winslow's weapon, "Come on they're gone!"
Sanchez quickly approached the two, hearing their conversation. Sanchez quickly thought Mario killed Malik and Randal, something he thought Mario would do. He quickly aimed his pistol as the back of Mario's head, "Where's my boy?"
Mario put both of his hands up as he slowly turned around but Sanchez kicked him on the ground before he looked at him. Sanchez asked the same question but with a louder voice, "Where's Randal!"
Winslow noticed Sanchez calling Randal his "boy," thinking those two had a bonding moment back here.
"Put the gun down," Sanchi said, "Let's not go through this again!"
Sanchi, Tobias, and Julia quickly got in front of the two. Sanchi slapped the gun out of Sanchez's hand and pushed him away from Mario, "We're being attacked and we should try to design a plan...not fight!"
Sanchez jumped back up, picking up his weapon and putting it in his holder. He stared at Sanchi for a few seconds, giving him an angry look.
"Winslow," Sanchi said calmly, "Take Mario back to the ship and wait for us to come!"
Winslow nodded his head, grabbing Mario by his arm and the two quickly left. Once the two was gone, Sanchez started to cause more drama, stopping Sanchi and getting in his face, "Do you even care about Randal?"
"Stop this," Sanchi said, trying to walk away from him, "You know that answer!"
Sanchez laughed, throwing his hands up, "You can't just change into a peaceful pirate after what you've done in your past...you just can't!"
Sanchi ignored Sanchez and ran back to the house, hoping to find Randal and Malik there...alive.

Finally, they managed to get to the house after sneaking past bunch of armadas. Sanchi wanted to go inside the house first, making sure everything was okay for everyone else to see but Sanchez walked in before him.
"What the," Sanchez said in shock, "Is that Malik?"
The scene was horrifying for everyone's eyes. There were blood everywhere, especially near the table. Then, Sanchez noticed Malik's deceased body, laying under the table with a missing eye. Sanchi quickly flipped his body on his stomach, not wanting everyone else to see his face.
"This is awful," Tobias said, stating the obvious, "He defended your boy...your boy is still alive and still on this island!"
Suddenly, they heard squeaking noises from movement and the closest knocks. Sanchez pulled out both of his pistols, Tobias pulled out his stick, and Sanchi pulled out his sword. Julia stayed back, already upset. They slowly approached the closet door, hearing the movement inside of it. Then, Sanchez opened the door fast and aimed at the suspect in the closet. The suspect covered his eyes with both hands out of fear...it was Randal.
"Randal," Sanchi said, "Come here buddy!"
Sanchi picked up Randal and held him tight. Julia quickly ran towards the two and hugged them, hugging each other tight. Sanchez walked behind them and patted Randal on his back. Tobias stayed near Malik's body, observing the scene, "What happened here?"
"A scary man came in here," Randal said, "He aimed his gun at me but Malik ran...ran at him and fought him, Malik told me to hide and...Mario just ran when Malik needed his help..."
Mario? Sanchi thought, glancing at Malik's deceased body. Then, he looked up and noticed Sanchez was staring at him, giving him a told-you-so look.
"We need to get out of here," Julia said, "Before we lose anyone else!"

Sanchi, Sanchez, Julia, Randal, and Tobias ran out of the house, heading towards their ship...which was pretty far from them. They noticed armadas were everywhere and swarming the area.
"There-there...they-they-are," Armada shouted, aiming at them.
Suddenly, the armadas started to fire at them. Sanchi and the rest quickly hid behind a giant fallen tree, trying to think of a plan to get Randal and Julia to the ship.
"We're stuck here," Julia said, "What are we going to do?"
Tobias quickly popped his head out, trying to get a good view on who was firing at them. He counted seven armadas and a familiar friend, Sythe. Tobias quickly thought of a plan, "I'll take Julia and the boy to the ship while you two defend us, sounds good?"
Sanchi shook his head, grabbing one of Sanchez's pistols, "Go fast!"
Thunk! Suddenly, an arrow was shot and hit a tree next to them. Then the arrow blew up, causing Sanchi and Sanchez to hit the ground. Sythe quickly released another one, hitting the fallen tree in front of them.
Boom! The arrow blew up, causing Sanchi to go flying a few feet with Sanchez. The two slowly got up as another arrow was shot, hitting the ground behind them.
"Dang," Sythe said with laughter, "I just can't aim!"
Boom! The arrow in front of them blew up, caused them go bounce back a little. This time, it affected their hearing just a little. Sanchez quickly got up and started to fire at them. Meanwhile, Sanchi stayed on the ground, placing his hands over his ears as he started to hearing a buzzing noise. He looked up at Sanchez, who was took out three armadas. Sanchez quickly dodged one of Sythe's arrows and fell next to Sanchi. He started to yell for Sanchi's attention, "We can't stop now!"
Sanchi still stayed there, clinching his arrows and closing his eyes out of pain. Sanchez quickly left them there, going towards the enemies. Sanchez ran from tree-to-tree, dodging the armada's shots. He quickly got behind armadas and took one out, grabbing Sythe's attention. Sythe quickly aimed Iris at Sanchi and fired but instead of hitting Sanchez...he accidentally hit one of the armadas, causing the armada to blow up and destroying the other two. Now it was just Sanchez and Sythe, who were having a stared down with both of their weapons aimed at each other.
"Nick gave you all up," Sythe said, "Think it would happen again?"
Sythe quickly fired Iris at Sanchez. The arrow hit Sanchez in his shoulder, knocking him on the ground. Knowing time wasn't on his side, Sanchez quickly removed the arrow off him and threw it near Sythe, blowing up and hiding each other. Suddenly once all the dust and smoke was gone, Sythe was gone.
"Sanchez," Sanchi said, pointing ahead, "Look!"
Sanchi pointed at Kane, who was watching the two from on top of a hill. Out of hatred and anger, Sanchez aimed his pistol at Kane and pulled the trigger.
Click, click! His gun was empty. Sanchez threw his pistol down and grabbed the other one, only to hear the same noise was the other one. Kane still stood there, his cape were blowing in the wind.
"Come at us," Sanchez said, "Are you afraid?"
"Your crew is out of order," Kane said, "I have a feeling that your end will be soon, Sanchez."
Sanchez smiled at Kane and tried to talk back but Sanchi stopped him, explaining that they have to leave while the armadas are far from them. Sanchez and Sanchi quickly ran towards their ship.

As Tobias escorted Randal and Julia to the ship, they quickly encountered three armadas with their axes and swords. Tobias slowly pushed Randal and Julia away from him, pulling his Kali stick out. Then, Tobias ran at the armadas. Cling, cling! The armadas swung their swords at Tobias as they pushed him in the middle. Although the armadas had more and the advantage, Tobias had brains and technique.
"Julia," Randal said, "We need to help him!"
One of the armadas quickly swung at Tobias, he quickly dropped to the ground and dodged the armada's hit. Then, he swung his stick at the armada's leg and caused the armada to drop to the ground. Another armada ran at Tobias as he tried to take out the armada on the ground, scrapping Tobias's back. Tobias turned around fast, dodged the armada's slow hits. Tobias swung his sword at the armada, hitting the chest plate and knocked the clockwork on the ground. Quickly, he picked up one of the armada's sword and took both of the fallen ones out.
"Tobias," Randal cried, "Behind you!"
Tobias turned around, seeing the last armada swinging at him and knocking him on the ground. The armada jumped on top of Tobias, raising its sword up to strike him.
"We can't be afraid no more," Randal said to Julia, taking her pistol.
Boom! Boom! Boom! Randal continued to fire shots into the clockwork, causing it to drop its weapon. Although he fired lots of shots into the clockwork, it did little damage due to its armor. Luckily, Sanchi came behind them and threw the clockwork off Tobias. Sanchez followed up by taking the clockwork out by ripping the armor off and disabling it.
"Sanchi," Julia said, running towards him, "Did you take care of that bounty hunter? Did he have Erica?"
Sanchi didn't answer Julia because he was too ashamed to. He quickly changed the subject, "We need to go, now."
Sanchez laughed, "To where?"
Sanchi remembered where they were last, at Avery's little town. He knew the town wasn't so protected and he didn't know the citizens there, but he hoped it would be similar to Guerta, "Captain Avery is still alive and he's in a little village at Skull island."

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