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The Warrior AE "Along" S5 (Long)

Julia, Erica, and Nick managed to sneak past their crew and into a ship to began their objective to get Julia to madame Vadima. While crossing a bridge to get to Vadima, the bridge began to go down, almost costing Julia's life. Erica and Nick were caught by a group of strangers while they were trying to help Julia. The two pirates who were the leaders of the small pack were Willis and Allen. Allen helped Julia get to Vadima, where she took lots of tests on Julia to find out the issue. Willis and the rest of his group took Nick and Erica into their town, meeting the leader/captain of the name, captain Avery. After all the tests, Vadima figured out why she was sick..but also found out more on Julia's issue. She was pregnant. Sanchi woke up late at night and noticed Julia wasn't there.

It was early in the morning where Sanchez and Winslow found Sanchi near their other ship, throwing supplies in it and preparing to leave. Both of the two quickly confronted Sanchi.
"Come on man," Sanchez said with a grin, "She probably went out by herself and should be back soon."
Sanchi jumped off the ship, ignored Sanchez and continued to throw supplies on the ship. As Sanchez tried to talk more to Sanchi, he began to whistle to zone Sanchez out. Winslow started to snicker at their little conflict, which made Sanchez mad.
"This isn't going to help Julia or anyone else out," Sanchez said, "Maybe you should stop acting like a child and..."
Sanchi stopped the whistling and interrupted Sanchez, "How about you just shut your mouth and go back in the house and sleep!"
Winslow laughed, "What a dream!"
"You should go back inside and get some sleep," Sanchez said, "Winslow and I can go out there to find her."
Sanchi laughed, finishing on packing up the ship, "You don't know where she's even at!"
Sanchi and Sanchez began to argue, quickly becoming a daily thing. Winslow tried to calm the two down for a certain reason but they continued to yell at each other. Sanchez quickly brought up how Sanchi's actions got people killed.
"Guys," Winslow said, pointing at Randal, "Calm down for the damn kid!"
Sanchi's angry look quickly turned into a sorry look when he looked into Randal's eyes. He was scared and Sanchi knew it. Randal stood there and fear, "Is Julia home yet?"
"Sanchez," Sanchi whispered, "Why don't you take him back and learn somethings about the kid."
Sanchez threw his hands up, "He's your kid?"
"Come on man," Winslow said, "Quit this!"
Sanchez shook his head as he let out a little laugh. Then, he walked to Randal, turning him around and the two went back to their home. Now, it was just Winslow and Sanchi there, "Do you have any clues on where Julia could go?"
"Not really," Winslow said, rubbing his beard, "But I noticed some symptoms."
Sanchi got closer to Winslow, "Like what?"
"She seems sick," Winslow said, "She didn't leave because of any of us but she probably left temporarily to retrieve medical help."
"The armadas have almost every medical crap now," Sanchi said, "There's only one doctor who can help?"
Winslow smiled as Sanchi began to put the pieces together, "Get Mario and Malik...we need to get there fast!"

Allen helped Julia back to their town, where Nick and Erica were. She slowly opened up the door inside Avery's house, finding her crew, Willis, and Avery.
"Julia," Captain Avery said, "Haven't see ye in a long time!"
"Oh sir," Allen said, "Me and you talked few hours ago!"
Willis stood up, motioning for Allen to shut up and shut the door. Allen listened and follow Willis's commands. Captain Avery quickly patted an open spot on the couch where he wanted Julia to sit. Julia quickly took a seat next to Avery, "Avery, how did you survive the extinction?"
"Derwitchi and me were close but me never knew he was a traitor," Avery said, "The armadas left me and never touched me, others thought I was dead."
Julia glanced at Erica, who wanted to leave and go back home. Julia understood Erica's request and quickly stood back up. Nick and Erica both stood up and turned where they were facing the door.
"Ye shouldn't leave now," Avery said, "Where's Sanchez and the others?"
Julia didn't reply to them. She walked towards the door and left. Willis and Allen both stood up, waiting for any of Avery's commands.
"Follow them," Avery said, taking a sip of his vodka, "Make sure they don't see ye!"

Finally, the crew got on the ship and flew temporarily from their home. First time in a long time that Sanchez wouldn't be with them on their trip, Sanchi noticed as he watched Sanchez walking outside with Randal, waving goodbye. It was Sanchi, Winslow, Malik, and Mario.
"Madame Vadima should still be on Skull Island," Winslow said, pointing at the location on his map.
Sanchi's old home, he noticed. Sanchi also knew that's where the war ended and where he was betrayed.
"It's close to us," Sanchi said, "Should be there shortly."
Winslow continued to control the ship as Malik and Mario went to nap. Sanchi stayed awake, thinking about Julia and hoping she was fine. A little tear slowly came out of Sanchi's eye. He wiped it off with his finger and looked at it for a few seconds, "We're coming for you Julia..."

While Randal was playing in the sand, Sanchez watched him and it made him think of Courtney even more. Sanchez started to tear up, he wiped them off fast so Randal wouldn't see his weak side.
"You don't have to always act like everything is okay," Randal said, "I know everything isn't always fine."
"Everything will be fine kid," Sanchez said, "Just keep playing, everyone will be home soon."
Randal shook his head, digging his hands deep in the sand. Then, Randal stood up and stayed there in front of Sanchez. Sanchez quickly wiped away his tears and looked at Randal.
"You still miss my mom," Randal said, "Don't you?"
Sanchez looked away from Randal as he started to tear up even more. He placed both of his hands over his eyes. Randal quickly got closer to him, "I didn't cry as much as you when she died."
Suddenly, Sanchez stopped and slowly looked up at Randal, "You didn't?"
"Pretty much," Randal said, "I made myself stronger once my father died, I prepared myself for another funeral...except it was all in my head."
"Oh," Sanchez said, "I'm sorry?"
Sanchez never knew this about Randal, finally regretting on not getting to know him. He always thought Randal was just a sad and lonely little boy but that was never the case. Sanchez finally understood that he was more than that. Finally, Sanchez's tears were gone and he quickly looked at Randal with a huge smile.
"Your friend who died not so long ago," Randal said, "That's a funeral I head in my head...I know that his isn't going to be the last one."
Sanchez stared at Randal, trying to get what he was just saying, "What?"
Suddenly, Sanchez started to hear talking nearby. He quickly jumped up, pulling his pistol out. Sanchez motioned for Randal to lay down and hide. Then, Sanchez quietly walked towards the noises.
"I don't see any ships here," Stranger said, "You sure they here?"
Sanchez poked his head up, noticing the two strangers with their pistols out. There were a small ship at their docks, near them. Sanchez knew these pirates were looking for them. Sanchez quickly jumped over a fallen tree and fired at the two pirates.
"Woah," Pirate yelled, "We're being attacked!"
Boom! Sanchez fired at the two pirates, who were trying to run back to there ship. Only one of them made it to the ship as Sanchez fired and hit one of them in his side. The injured pirate began to scream as the ship flew away, leaving him behind. Sanchez quickly ran towards the fallen pirate, aiming his pistol at his face, "Trying to find me?"
The pirate didn't answer Sanchez. Instead, he started to laugh at him. Randal was behind Sanchez, watching him.
"Tell me something or I'll kill you," Sanchez said, loading his weapon.
The pirate laughed, "You won't do..."
Boom! Sanchez pulled the trigger, ending the pirate's life and his sentence. Suddenly, Sanchez heard Randal's voice behind him, "Nice shot!"
Sanchez turned around fast, furious at himself for killing someone in front of the young boy. Although, he was even more furious that Randal didn't listen to him.
"Sanchez," Tobias yelled, running out of the house, "What in the world happened?"

Finally, Winslow docked their ship, which made Sanchi more anxious to find his love. Sanchi was first off the ship, followed by Winslow, Malik, and Mario.
"Well," Mario said, "What's the plan?"
"You two are staying and guarding this ship," Sanchi said, pointing at Malik and Mario, "Winslow and I are going to find the rest."
Mario and Malik walked back inside of the ship. Winslow and Sanchi walked away from the ship, trying to look for the rest of their crew. As the continued to walk, Sanchi looked back as he noticed another ship flying by their ship and on the island.
"Need to find her fast," Sanchi said, "Before anything else goes bad."
"Them," Winslow said, "We're also looking for Erica and Nick."
Suddenly, they started to hear yelling and arguing. Sanchi recognized their voice and got excited. Winslow advised Sanchi to not go out and make sure there were no enemies around but Sanchi didn't listen. Sanchez started to run towards the yelling, where he found Julia and Nick.

"She was just here," Julia said, "How did you lose her?"
"Erica told me she needed to go to the bathroom and how come you don't trust me," Nick said, "None of trusts me!"
Sanchi quickly jumped out of nowhere, pushing Nick away from Julia. He quickly pulled his sword out and pointed it at Nick, "Get away from her!"
Winslow came out and aimed his pistol at Nick, walking next to Sanchi and Julia. Nick slowly put both of his hands up since Sanchi and Winslow were in front of him, aiming at him.
"Put your weapons down he never harmed me," Julia said, "He actually helped me!"
"He's dangerous Julia," Winslow said, aiming his weapon at Nick.
Julia started to defend Nick, trying to get Sanchi and Winslow to put up their weapons but they didn't listen. Then, Nick became furious and spoke out, "You two are awful individuals!"
Sanchi and Winslow looked away from Julia and stared at Nick. He started to yell at the two and started to say hateful things, "I helped you and Sanchez out on that ship and I saved your wife!"
"Nick," Sanchi said calmly, "You need to calm down before you attract.."
"I understood what I did to get everyone on that ship but I manned up," Nick said, "I helped you get off that ship and I helped Julia!"
Sanchi and Winslow looked at each other, lowering the gun. Although, Nick continued to yell at them.
"This crew is hateful and only care about certain ones," Nick said, "How would you feel if I get killed, I bet you two wouldn't...."
Woosh! Suddenly, Nick stopped and stood there. He dropped everything in his hands and he began to stutter, "D-d-did"
Nick slowly turned around, revealing he was hit by an arrow in his back. Sanchi quickly got in front of Julia, looking around as Winslow began to aim his weapon around. Then, Nick dropped on his knees as another arrow hit him. He slowly fell to the ground, dead.
"Oh man," Winslow pointing at a a familiar face, "Not him!"
Suddenly a bunch of bounty hunters and a few pirates came out of their hideout, aiming their weapons at the three. Then Sythe came out, holding his crossbow in his left hand and Erica in his other hand.
"Wow," Sythe said, "Remember me?"

"We need to get out of here," Willis cried, "Those bounty hunter just kidnapped that lady!"
Willis and Allen started to run from the scene, not knowing where they were going. They were scared and didn't know what to do to help, so they just ran. Suddenly, Malik jumped out behind a tree and clothe-lined Willis, knocking him straight on the ground.
"Don't move," Malik said, aiming his weapon at Allen, "Why were you two running?"
Malik looked at Willis but the unknown pirate looked away from Malik. Then, Malik glanced over at Allen, who was staring at the ground. Malik laughed, "Really?"
"These two are pathetic," Mario said with laughter, "Just flat out pathetic!"
"Okay look," Willis said, "Me and my friend were spying on these three pirates and this crane-looking fella just kidnapped one of them!"
Mario looked at Willis with a confused look, "Who?"
"Uh I don't know her name," Willis said, "But it wasn't that one gal that's named Julie or that guy?"
"Erica," Malik said, "Oh man, Sythe have Erica?"
"Not only her," Allen said, "That bird also have some samurai and his partner!"
Malik looked at Mario, both of the two knew who the other two was...Sanchi and Winslow. Then, Malik helped Willis back up, "Do you two have any weapons?"
"Ya," Willis said, "Both of us have a wooden revolver, why ye ask?"
Malik took Willis's weapon and looked at it, checking the ammo situation for both of them. Luckily, they had plenty of ammo to take out the enemies.
"Come on," Malik said, "You are going to help us save them."
Willis and Allen began to move towards the enemies. Malik stopped, noticing that Mario were just standing there, "Are you coming?"
"I can't," Mario said, "I'm not ready for this!"
Malik shook his head at Mario's complaints. Then, he snatched Mario's weapon and went to help his crew.

Sythe looked different since the last time they met, Sanchi noticed an eye patch on his right eye and bunch of scars on his face. Sythe noticed Sanchi looking at them, "Got something to say about my face?"
Sanchi looked away, not answering. Sythe quickly kicked Erica to the ground and started to explain his situation to Sanchi and the rest, "Kane was upset that I crashed his favorite ship so he took it out on my face, something I didn't deserved!"
"I didn't mean to take out the one who helped me more than Kane did," Sythe said, pointing at Nick's body, "I'm not good at aiming Iris long range."
Sythe started to explain why he chose not to use his explosive arrows on them, stating how close they were that one explosive arrow would take them all out. Sanchi quickly interrupted, "What do you want?"
Sythe quickly slapped Sanchi across his face, and kicked him on his back. He quickly glanced at Julia and noticed the fear in her eyes, "Is this your wife?"
"Yes," Sanchi said calmly as he got back on his knees.
Sythe looked at Winslow, then he looked at Erica, "Is this your wife?"
Winslow shook his head.
"Oh well I guess this young lady doesn't have a purpose for any of you," Sythe said, aiming Iris at Erica's head, "Say your..."
Sanchi quickly interrupted again, "Just stop all this!"
Sythe laughed, "When I went somewhere that I'd hate to tell you, your friend killed one of my own..had to leave him behind, which I really hated, but I didn't see Tobias...why?"
Sanchi started to grind his teeth out of anger towards Sythe. He noticed the anger from Sanchi and he started to laugh, "I can count, I have four of you and two of them aren't where's the other three?"
Erica looked around and noticed Malik's face, hiding on a hill behind bushes. Malik placed his finger on his lips, motioned for Erica to keep it quiet. Then from her left, she noticed Willis and his friend, hiding too.
"Don't try to lie to me," Sythe said, "Where's Tobias, Nick's buddy, and the one who did lots of damage on Kane's ship...the one who actually stole my favorite ship?"
"Dead," Erica said, "Troggys got them."
Sythe started to laugh, knowing Erica was lying. Then, she slapped her and kicked her to the ground, "Lies!"

"Okay," Malik said to his self, "Let's save everyone again, I can do this!"
While Willis and Allen were on top of the hill, Malik jumped down and sneaked behind two of Sythe's men, quietly taking them out. Malik noticed three were nearby and he slowly walked towards them.
"I know they're here," Sythe said, "I know they're nearby!"
Malik ignored Sythe's words as he slowly approached three of Sythe's men. Malik was breathing hard and sweating nervously as he was close to Sythe's men. Then Malik tripped on a branch and fell on the ground, revealing his position. Three bounty hunters turned around, looking at Malik.
"Oh man," Malik said, jumping up and firing at them, "Fire at them!"
Suddenly Sythe noticed two others firing at his men, taking four of them out near him. Sythe quickly aimed Iris around, trying to look for the other two who had the high ground.
"That's Malik," Winslow said, "Should we be worried?"
Boom! Malik jumped behind a tree, firing and taking out three of Sythe's men. Malik ran towards them, taking their bag, noticing all the supplies in it. Malik quickly put the bag on his back and ran to save his crew.
"Come on out," Sythe said, "Before I bring out the explosive arrows!"
Erica knew she would have to do something to prevent his arrows. She quickly headbutted Sythe in his private area, causing him to drop Iris. Then, Erica got up and tackled Sythe to the ground.
"We need to help," Sanchi said, slowly picking up his sword.
Sanchi picked up his sword and jumped up, headbutting one of Sythe's men and he threw his unconscious body into another of Sythe's men, "Get Erica and the rest because we need to leave!"
One of Sythe's men quickly got up, pulling his knife out and running towards Sanchi. Julia's scream alerted Sanchi as he turned around, facing the pirate. The pirate raised his knife, few seconds from striking Sanchi but a bullet was fired, killing the pirate. Sanchi looked up and noticed a ginger-hair pirated.
"Save them," Captain Avery said, "Take out the enemies!"
Sanchi turned around, noticing Avery and his men running towards them, taking out the enemies. Avery began firing at Sythe's men, saving Willis's life.
Suddenly, Sythe's men dropped their weapons and started to run, "Retreat!"
Sythe quickly got up, picking up an unconscious Erica and running towards his ship. Sythe quickly noticed Malik running towards Sanchi. Sythe grabbed one of his men pistol and fired a shot in Malik's back, causing Malik to fall to the ground. Then, Sythe ran to his ship with Erica, flying away.
"They took Erica," Julia cried, "They took her!"
Winslow, Willis and the rest quickly ran towards Malik, who was on the ground. Winslow flipped Malik's body around to see if he was breathing, "Malik?"
Winslow waited for Malik to reply, hoping he was alive. Then, he heard his voice as he whispered, "What's up?"
Winslow smiled and hugged Malik, grateful he was here to save everyone's life. Although, Malik was grateful for the heavy bag he had, pulling out a potato with a bullet in the middle of it.

Sanchi was ready to go home, with Julia with them. Although, Nick were gone and Erica were nowhere to be found. Sanchi walked up to Willis and Allen, patting them on their shoulders, "Thank you."
"Sanchi," Captain Avery said, "Is it really ye?"
Sanchi smiled, "Indeed it is!"
Captain Avery, completely shocked, walked towards Sanchi and gave him a tight hug. Avery thought Derwitchi killed him on top of the Great Volcano, "I thought ye were dead?"
"Derwitchi changed my life," Sanchi said, "The armadas screwed up my life."
Avery thought Sanchi was a legend, for everything he done in the Warrior's council and all the dangerous missions he took with his crew. Captain Avery thought it was right to pay him back for everything he done, "You and your crew, ye can stay here with us...we have a little town with other towns nearby too!"
Sanchi looked around, looking at Avery's men talking to his crew and laughing with them. Sanchi thought it would be good to be with others...but at the same time he wouldn't risk it anymore, thinking his place was safer.
"I'm sorry," Sanchi said, "I can't."
"I understand," Avery said, "Why don't me give you some fruits on ye way back?"
Sanchi smiled, "Keep your stuff, we'll be fine."
He turned around, wrapping his arm around Julia and he started to walk back to his ship. Malik and Winslow quickly said their farewells to Willis and Allen before they went back, "Thank ye for everything!"
Captain Avery, Willis, Allen, and the rest of their men watched as the four of them walking backed to their ship, cheering and clapping for them. Avery removed his hat from his head in honor of Sanchi, "Thank ye for bringing us hope again."
"Mario," Sanchi said, "Take us back home."
Finally, Sanchi's crew took off and went back home, where Sanchez, Tobias, and Randal were waiting for them to return back.

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