Sadly in the Spiral, people will try to steal you identity! Or even steal others to claim accounts. I ONLY have one Facebook/Twitter/Facebook Page/ and blog! Do NOT believe anyone on the sites. I, Blaze will NEVER ask for your Account information and Kingsisle will never ask for your Wizard101 or Pirate101 information (Why would they anyway?) They already got it. Here is a list of my Facebook, Twitter ETC and Wizard101 REAL PAGES/SITES!

My Facebook Page

My Twitter Page

My Youtube

My Yahoo

Wizard101's Pages

Wizard101's Twitter

J Todd Coleman's Page

Diary of a Wizard's page

Diary of a Wizard's Twitter

Diary of a Wizard's Website

Wizard101's Youtube

J Todd Coleman's Twitter

Wizard101 US

Wizard101 UK

Wizard101 China

Wizard101 Taiwan

Wizard101 France

Wizard101 Germany

Wizard101 Italy

Wizard101 Poland

Wizard101 Spain

Wizard101 Turkey

Pirate101 official site

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