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The Warrior "Awaken" S1 E16

When the shot was fired from Sanchez's pistol, birds in their nests flew out as a group and out of the tees, due to the loud shot waking it up nature and the creatures inside of it. Animals nearby left their unconsumed prey on the grounds and ran from the loud shot, stampeding past Jason and Moresco, who was both clueless at the moment. Jason pulled out his binoculars and looked around the areas, glancing tree-by-tree. He was looking for a solid clue, and he eventually found one, turning to his left side and watched Sanchez running towards them. Jason studied Sanchez's face impression, seeing the horror all over his face and the eyes were a clear giveaway of stress and exhaustion. 
"Heard a gunshot," Jason said, putting up his binoculars, "Please...please tell me it wasn't you!"
Sanchez nodded his head, being that Stannis was the only one who was on his mind which wasn't a good thing.
"Sanchi's father tied us up to the anchor," Sanchez said tiredly, "He's working with the armadas!"
Click! Their conversation suddenly ended after hearing a gun clicking, right behind them. Sanchez looked up at Jason, who was giving Sanchez a looked with his eyebrows going up, signaling for him not to do anything stupid.
"Pirates," The white and scrawny armada said, "You two have broken crimes with results of death! Murder and violating private property!"
Sanchez and Jason both turned around, as Moresco hid behind the nearby tree. They stared at the armada guard, who had a nervous look on his face, shaken aiming his musket at them. 
"This be no private property," Jason said rudely, "It's the woods, where we hunt for our meals!"
The armada, who was named Jackson, shrugged his shoulders awkwardly, "If we call it private property then it's private property!"
Jason smiled, slowly breaking down the young man, "You have no control on wildlife. No matter how big you think you and your army are."
Sanchez glanced up at the tree, watched as Moresco slowly walked on a skinny branch, a branch that was right above the young armada. Sanchez started to believe that their lives and the chance of them escaping was all up to Sanchi's companion, Moresco.
"Shut it pirate," Jackson said, walking closer to Jason with his musket raised high, "You don't know anything!"
In reality, the much older man, Jason, knew much more than the young armada. Jason then looked up and smiled as Moresco dropped from the tree. Suddenly the small little creature landed on the armada's shoulders and used his sharp and long claws as a deadly weapon, digging his claws deep in the armada's throat.
"Get the musket!" Sanchez cried
Jason ran up to the armada and grabbed the musket out of the armada's hand, as he dropped on his knees with blood spilling out of his neck. Moresco quickly jumped off the man's shoulder, letting him fall to the ground, completely soundless with no movement.
"Me saved the day," Moresco said proudly, "Now we go!"
But Sanchez stood still, staring at the armada's deceased body. He knew it would be a huge mistake killing one of Deacon's guards, mistake that's in the past that they cannot fix nor prevent. He begin to fear as Deacon would march and destroy everything on this island when they find the murdered body of his own guard.
Suddenly Jason grabbed Sanchez and placed his hand over his mouth, throwing him behind a hidden shelter. Moresco quickly crawled towards them, alarming them that it was indeed another armada roaming nearby. Sanchez shook his head, thinking of a dark and cruel plan.

The much older armada marched around the woods, where Sanchez and the rest were hiding in like a group of endangered animals. Sanchez read and heard every step of the armada, knowing how close he was to them. The three of them stayed hidden near a group of crowd trees and bushes, being one of their best and only option so far.
"Jackson," The older armada yelled as he walked by Sanchez and the rest.
After watching the older man walk by, Sanchez then pulled out his pistol and begin to rise up, not very proud for what he was thinking what he had to do. With the armada keep walking away, it was the perfect time for them to move out and capture the armada from behind.
"Sanchez," Jason whispered to him, "Are you sure about this?"
He really wasn't sure about anything anymore, "Hope so."
Sanchez, Jason, and Moresco was just a few feet away from the armada, who suddenly stopped after hearing a stick breaking. The armada then turned around, seeing a disturbed sight of three who never seen in his life. Sanchez had his weapon aimed at at the armada's head, showing no fear or regret, the armada noticed this as he dropped his weapons with his hands up. Sanchez cleared his throat and lowered his gun lower, waiting for Jason to scoop up the weapon.
"Pirates," The old armada said calmly, "Knew your type would be swarming near Skull island..."
Sanchez gave the old man, who was an armada for over ten years, an uncomfortable look as he approached him. Moresco then followed Sanchez with a bundle of rope in his hands. As Moresco continued to tie up the armada, Sanchez and Jason walked over to discuss a few things, one involving Stannis.

For Sanchez, he felt betrayed by some old man who could of "lied" about being the father of their captain, Sanchi. He also felt stupid and a great huge mistake in his life and mainly in his name, believing that the great name, Dan Sanchez, would look like a joke after hearing the story of letting in a man, with traitor all over his body, in the crew.
"I saw him with the armadas," Sanchez said seriously to Jason, "I mean it too! We told him everything about us and even had that treaty near us, a paper where important agreements are on...that can change the direction of this war!"
Jason wasn't very wise. definitely being the one who couldn't solve Sanchez's issue but he at least had common sense and knowledge on what to do to traitors, believing they should all hang. 
"He's the father of your captain, who's in a coma," Jason said, carelessly trying to calm Sanchez down, "And if he's going to turn against us; let him hang!"
He wouldn't mind seeing Stannis hang for all of his "supposed" actions, but the main problem was Sanchi seeing his own father hang. Sanchez feared that it would destroy Sanchi deep down and break up the crew. The crew where Sanchez dreamed that'll become something bigger than any crew, believing that this crew would make history.
"Maybe we should just vote on it," Sanchez said to Jason, looking back at Moresco and the armada.
"Your captain is in a coma," Jason said wisely, "If you're the quartermaster, then you must start acting like one and not let this go without punishment."
Sanchez developed a worried look on his face, "And your thoughts on the punishment?"
Jason got closer to Sanchez, placing his filthy hand on Sanchez's shoulder. Jason's idea of the punishment was quite different from Sanchez's and perhaps the rest of the crew's idea.
"For these actions he must face the punishment," Jason said importantly, "And the punishment is death!"
Sanchez nodded his head, knowing what had to be done. With their captain out, Sanchez knew it was his time to act like a quartermaster and take matters in his own hands, acting as if he was a real captain.

Another long but tedious day went by, and Anthony was still standing on the poop deck, counting every second until they were back home again. With all the hard hits he earned on his face, yet still grateful for the unpredictable death of Captain West, he was lucky that he could even count the time. Although it seemed all he was doing was counting time until they would be back on land, he was also thinking about Amy. He remembered Chun's wise words from yesterday, taking it very serious for a better relationship with someone he actually loves. But due to thinking about returning back on land and his love of his life, he couldn't hear the loud footsteps behind him. A soft little quiet voice soon brought Anthony back, being that it was Amy's voice that could bring him back to reality, he felt.

"You've been in this same exact spot for awhile," Amy said softly, tapping on Anthony's small shoulder.
Anthony turned around fast, suddenly giving Amy a warm and welcome hug. As the words from Chun begin to go threw his young mind, Anthony knew it was time to tell Amy how he truly feels. Before Amy could surprisingly say a single word, Anthony gave her a quick kiss, leaving her completely speechless.
"Maybe our time is short due to the place we're in," Anthony said to Amy, "We're involved with a crew who's wanted by many men, powerful men who once owned me! Every breath we take, every breath I take, isn't taken for granted! When the day grows tired and my eyes close, I don't even know if they'll ever open again!"
Amy's cheerful look soon turned into a confused one, "Anthony...what are you afraid of?"
Anthony then took a deep breath like he was about to enter an arena with death all over it. A deep breath like he was about to face his worst fear...a deep breath like he was about to take a risk with deadly and dreadful consequences.
"Dying a lonely man," Anthony said seriously to Amy, "Living another day without you or our crew. I need you by my side more than every...I fought, my own blood was spilled for you..I even fantasized for you and want to die without you and want to live with you! Amy...I love you."
Amy's pale cheeks soon became red as her eyes became watery. She was overwhelmed from Anthony's lovely words that she cried, falling right into his arms. She felt the same exact way as Anthony, believing both of them were perfect for each other, feeling belong and finally right.
"Where did you get all this courage from?" Amy said softly, kissing Anthony repeatedly.
Anthony looked into Amy's eyes, seeing a potential future for the two, already started to cherish every moment as if it was his last with her. He grabbed Amy by her shoulders and pushed her cheeks into his lips, not wanting to ever let go. The bravery came from the thought of losing her, the thought of them being separated, thinking their love was just as strong as a bullet or sharp objects. While everything was going down, Anthony then looked up and noticed Chun and One-Eyed Jack watching, with big smiles. Anthony couldn't help but smile back, giving a gentle nod towards Chun.

"He's evil," Sanchez said, playing with a handful of rocks while watching their new prisoner, "Stannis...It makes sense now!"
Jason rolled his eyes as he begin to focus on what to do with the armada sitting right in front of him, all tied up to a tree, looking a bit helpless. Moresco was high up into the tree, using his bloody and long claws to climb up just to keep a lookout.
"Armadas...they're everywhere," Jason said, rubbing his chin for answers, "We can't even fire a shot without them finding us...if they haven't already found the dead one!"
After long and long time of thinking of a plan, the silent finally broke as the prisoner begin to speak. His goal was to make the pirates fear and fear but when he started to speak, Jason could easily hear the fear in his tone.
"You're all doomed," Jackson said, looking up into the trees, "There's dozens of us, going against three of you!"
Sanchez laughed at the joke he thought the trapped armada was saying, while Jason and Moresco begin to fret over Jackson's words. But the armada wasn't done trying to make them over exaggerate the situation.
"Find ya daughters, sons, wives," Jackson said, scolding at Jason, "Because today's will be your last day!"
It was Jackson's plan to weaken Jason a little, watching as Jason's angry face soon became a terrified one. Jason soon begin to worry about his two daughters, a nightmare he would never want to encounter. Sanchez looked over at Jason and he even noticed the father becoming weak from a hateful man's words, also seeing the evil smile on Jackson's face. To make everything worse, Jackson continued.
"You must be a father," Jackson said directly to Jason.
He shook his head as he turned around to avoid eye contact with Jackson, also trying to hide his tears. He wanted to get back home to see his daughters and assure their safety. A man he never met in his life already begin to weaken him and he realized it, trying to hide his tears and his soft side from Sanchez and Jackson. Then to make things worse, the words came out of Jackson's words made his own life in jeopardy as if his own goal was to be killed by Jason.
"If I get out of this...I'm gonna kill your daughters or sons," Jackson said calmly
Jason then turned around, giving Jackson an angry look as he brought his sword out. Jason had to kill them, it was the only way out to escape his fear and the thoughts of losing his daughters. Without any thinking, he walked towards Jackson, who was helpless. Sanchez got in front of Jason to stop him but he couldn't, soon getting thrown on the ground.
"Get away!"
Sanchez was facing the ground when Jackson begin to scream horribly, soon hearing the knife going into Jackson's chest, ending his scream of terror and the living armada. That was it. The life of the man, that they hardly knew anything about, was over from strike from an anger father, being over protected over his daughters. He could of had a family, Jason thought as he tried to pull the pinned knife out. Unable to, he threw the body into the tree, quickly turning around to try and forget all about what he did...but it wouldn't escape Jason's mind just like that. He killed a man, who could of had two daughters just like him, just like that.

"You didn't have to!" Sanchez said, pushing Jason lightly, trying to get him to snap back to reality, "You hear me?!"
Jason looked up at Sanchez, noticing the fearless anger on his face but that wasn't the thing that Jason noticed. Jason leaned over Sanchez's short shoulders, eyes becoming wide from be bewildered, seeing what was behind Sanchez. Sanchez then turned around too, noticing a young man, in his mid 20s with armor that grabbed their attentions, it was another armada. The armada pulled out his sword as he begin to panic, while Jason and Sanchez stood there in front of the man, completely surprised and speechless. They knew this could all end badly if the Deacon and the armadas would hear shots being fired or hearing one of his men yelling for his line, causing a nightmare for Jason and his two daughters. 
"Now calm down and we can settle this," Sanchez said calmly, slowly tiptoeing towards the armada
The armada stood there, shaking continuously as the fear grew bigger and bigger. As Sanchez approached him and out of the weakness of fear, he punched Sanchez in his face and pushed him down, soon beginning to run. Jason then picked up Sanchez's pistol and aimed it, finger begin to pull down on the trigger...until Sanchez jumped in front of Jason's sight.
"Don't!" Sanchez cried, "They'll hear our guns and will come right for us!"
Jason glanced at the armada, who was getting farther and father away from them. He then threw down Sanchez's pistol and threw the back off his back, preparing for a daring but also dangerous run. Jason then started to chase the prey, leaving Sanchez and Moresco behind. It was the thought of anyone putting his two girls in danger that made him into a fearless man, something Sanchez haven't seen before.
"Enemy is running!" Moresco cried out
Sanchez then got up, taking a few deep breaths and turned towards Moresco before running off, "Moresco, stay here and keep an eye on our stuff!"

The armada took an open path, with no trees or anything in his way. It was also an easy way for the armadas to see one of their own running panicky, and Jason knew this. He didn't take the path as he dove out of the path, still right behind the running armada. Running into thorns and dodging countless fallen trees, Jason remained indestructible, getting closer and closer to the target.
"Jason!" Sanchez yelled, seeing Jason nor the armada around him, "It's not worth it!"
But Jason couldn't hear Sanchez, making his words useless. Sanchez then stopped and looked around the trees in the jungle, looking for a clue on their whereabouts. Then, he noticed a direct clue on their location as he noticed birds flying out of trees near him, from Jason and the armada. Sanchez then grinned like he claimed victory before even seeing it, taking a short cut in the jungles.

The armada was near their campsite, where Deacon and Rooke was located. Jason also knew this too, seeing and hearing armadas nearby. He was close to the runner but his stamina was weak, due to his age, and he started to become tired and grew slower. It seemed impossible for him to reach the armada as the young soldier was getting further and further away from Jason but a string of luck and skills came into use for Sanchez as he dove out like a starving animal hunting his prey, and eventually tackling the armada to the ground. Sanchez then pulled his pistol out and pointed it at the armada's head, "Say a word and I'll pull the trigger and end you!"
The armada remained silent as Jason finally caught up to them, breathing heavily as if he ran for days and days. Jason then fell to the ground to relax, until Sanchez caused him to get up, believing that right now isn't the right time to rest, due to their situation.
"They're going to come in the jungle or the woods, whatever it is, to look for this man and the other two," Sanchez said painfully
The two begin to think as they arrived back to Moresco and their belongings, completely hopeless without a plan. Luckily they knew it would be stupid to drag three bodies in the small town.
"We need to do something," Jason said obviously, "This isn't..."
Suddenly Sanchez raised his hand, immediately causing Jason to be quiet. It was almost like a light bulb became brighter above Sanchez's head, releasing out a chuckle with a determined grin. He knew the perfect plan, all from Moresco.
"I got something," Sanchez said, pointing ahead, where Moresco was at, "It's perfect!"
Jason smiled, soon vanishing as he realized how dark and sick the plan was. Jason looked away from the scene, the scene where Moresco was making one of the deceased armada looking like a suicidal scene.
"We're making it look like they did it to themselves," Sanchez said, "Get the other body, I'll take care of this one."
It was a vile plan, Sanchez thought as he grabbed one of the armada's deceased body, also bringing the rope from his bag. Also, it was a plan that Sanchez, Jason, and Moresco wanted to forget to as if it never happened. It was the only plan as of now.

Few hours later after noticing three of Deacon's men were still missing, Deacon decided to put matters in his own hands. He had a wild feeling that his men were killed by Stannis's son and his crew, looking over and giving him an evil stare.
"If all this was from your son and his crew, I'll make sure Kane handles you," Deacon said to Stannis, purposely bumping into his right shoulder.
Stannis nodded fearfully at Deacon. Soon his normal and unfazed face became a worried and fearful one.

Deacon, Rooke, and several armadas marched into the woods, weapons all out and ready for any danger. They marched quietly, with their ears and eyes wide open to inspect anything coming towards them. Rooke, who had a rough smile on his face as he became thirsty for blood, approached Deacon from behind to talk to him.
"I hope it's the crew with the treaty," Rooke whispered to Deacon, "Imagine our army with a powerful ally like Mooshu."
Deacon nodded his head, liking the idea of finding the treaty and finding the crew that Kane described as "worthy."
"Could be a great thing...or even a terrible thing," Deacon said, leading the group of five armadas
Suddenly they could hear movement, soon stopping instantly with their weapons out and ready. Deacon scanned the area to look for the enemy nearby, but it wasn't in front or behind him. It was above him.
"Above!" An armada cried
Woosh! Suddenly an armada body fell out of a tree from above, but never landed on any of the armadas...or the ground. The rope around the armada's neck stopped the man from hitting the ground. Deacon and the rest then ran towards the body, gracing at the scene as they described as a "coward way out" but that wasn't the only scene they noticed. A couple of feet ahead, as one of the armadas approached with a lantern, was an armada with his throat slit. Deacon then angrily approached the only deceased armada, noticing a knife in the armada's hand. At this moment, Deacon was furious and also wretched, feeling like two of his own men weren't train properly and resulted in two suicides. 
"Two of my own men that I chose to come with me," Deacon said, turning away from the bodies, "Took the cowardly way out!"
"Not just two," Rooke said, who mystery disappeared few minutes ago, "Jackson stabbed his self right in the chest."
Deacon couldn't believe what he saw or was hearing, soon having a theory that all of this was staged, "This had of been someone's work!"
"We have no proof," Rooke said sadly, "Best bet is to bury the bodies and not discuss this with Kane or anyone else."

None of them could risk the rumor of three armadas committing suicide get around, thinking it would make their army look weak. It was a bold move for them to cover up, even though it was something far from a suicide.
"Keep this as a secret," Deacon annouced to the armadas around, "Or you'll be hanging."

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The Warrior "Up Ahead" S1 E15

Sanchez and Moresco ran back to Samuel's market, where they past several sellers who looked at them like they would a criminal, soon letting it be known about their presences. They finally made it to the market, seeing in front of Sanchi's dorm was two bodies and Jason, who was sitting in front of them as a nervous wreck.
"I've only been gone for a few hours," Sanchez said, running to Jason, "And three people are already dead?"
Jason threw his bloody hands up. He looked like he saw a ghost or even witnessed his family being murdered, face crunched up in his shaky hands and started to avoid eye contact with Sanchez or Moresco.
"They tried to kill Sanchi," Jason said nervously, "I-I-I killed one of them...I killed a human being! I guess it came from all the anger that was built up in my body....but-but I should of never killed him after I unarmed him. I'm a murderer in the eye of God!"
Sanchez then left Jason there to panic like a little girl, running into Sanchi's dorm to check on someone who was more important than Jason.

Blood all over the wooden floor and on the walls like someone was painting this horrified sight red, Sanchez thought as he managed to calm his self from throwing up. He looked over at Sanchi's bed, where Stannis was sitting in a chair, blood and bruises all over his face, and just stared at the bloody wall.
"You made a mistake," Sanchez said calmly, "Everyone all around know who it was and they know where that man lives!"
Stannis didn't speak, still staring at the bloody wall like the ruined wall had answers for the man. Meanwhile Sanchez just laughed and placed both ofhis hands on the back of his head, becoming very stressed and worried even more. He tried to calm his self but with the thoughts of others coming in here again and tried to assassinate one of his crewmates, he just couldn't help but explode. Sanchez grabbed a chair and threw it into the bloody wall, where Stannis was staring at.
"Wake up old man it ain't nap time!" Sanchez cried as he taunted Stannis, "Your own son was almost killed and now with you killing that merchant...his name and of course our names are top on the list!"
Stannis looked up at Sanchez, giving him a disgusted stare, "Maybe you should start doing something about it rather than sitting around and let the madness continue!"
Sanchez snickered sarcastically, "I have been working and I listen to my crew and last time I remembered, you weren't apart of this crew and also...I was voted as the quartermaster!"
Stannis laughed, jumping out of his chair, "You've been voted by three other crewmates and I'm quite sure two of them thinks quartermaster mostly involves money! Fool, they'll only obey Sanchi's orders, aka the captain, not you!"
Sanchez took a few steps towards Stannis, staring him directly in the eye valiantly. Both of the two then placed their hands on their weapons, moments away from spilling even more blood, all in front of Sanchi.
"Remove your hand from your weapon," Stannis said in an angry tone, "I know you do not wish to spill more blood in here."
Sanchez shook his head with an angry-like grin, "Aye, will you be the one who'll spill more blood in here? Next to your unconscious son? Kill your captain's quartermaster, right? You probably don't care to have someone else's blood on your hands...I know you're fond of it!"
A rep that Stannis use to enjoy, being the one that was feared by many but he soon started to regret the reputation as being a "traitor and murderer" ever since he met his son. Although Stannis did all the betrayal and killing, but it was really the money and the strive for his pay that made him do the things he deeply, and now, regretted. Stannis thought about his reputation after Sanchez figured it out, becoming speechless. With nothing else to say, Stannis just walked out of the room.
"Is me master awake?" Moresco said, standing at the opened door with a begging and teary look
Sanchez shook his head with lots of things on his mind, as if he was having the feeling that everything begin to fall on his shoulders, "No, Moresco."

Land, the piece of land where they've been hiding in for a week now, the sight of it just a few miles from them. Anthony could see the island being hidden by the puffy clouds, he just smiled, revealed a missing front tooth, from the thought of returning back to his crew. Staring into the thick clouds, he begin to fantasized like he had nothing better to do.
"Almost home," Chun said, snapping Anthony back into reality, "That's what Jack been telling everyone."
Anthony nodded his head, turning around to Chun, revealing his swollen eye and purple bruises all over his face.
"Jack also told everyone that you're a hero," Chun said kindly
Anthony laughed as if what Chun said was just a lame joke, "Sure."
Chun shrugged his shoulders, shortly approaching Anthony closer, "I still think you and I are cowards...nothing more but at the same time, we saved everyone from getting into a head-on ship battle, which could of been bad."
Anthony nodded his head again, "I just got lucky from Jack's little present."
Chun smiled, shaking Anthony playfully, "Lucky or not, I think your name is stitched onto Amy's heart!"
He looked up to Chun, wondering if he was being serious. Chun nodded his head with a smile without Anthony even saying a single word, knowing what was going on in young pirate's mind.
"I'd do anything for her," Anthony said softly, "I had no courage or even a hit in me against West, but when she kissed me, I felt invincible as if she filled my empty scared body with courage! Tell me Chun, is this a significant sign of love?"
Chun nodded his head, patting the one who was developing into a young man after his first act of piracy.
"Talk to her," Chun said, "When we reach home, tell her what you told me and if you do, she'll love you even more!"
Antony became anxious and exciting to return back, turning around just to stare at their home, going into the clouds.

The debt wasn't over, not until Samuel receive his treasure and become pleased, which meant more work for Sanchi's crew. After a long day for Sanchez, he was sent out to gather rare green berries for beer or even tea but he wasn't alone as Moresco and Jason both received the news that they'd have to go with him.
"He's gonna be sending us on the stupidest tasks until Amy comes back with what he wants," Jason said angrily
"Aye," Sanchez said, looking up into two very tall trees, glancing at a group of berries all the way on the top, "Did Samuel inform us that the berries were every...high up?"
Jason pulled out his old and rusty binoculars, shaking his head with a loud sign, "Rare type of berries and most of the time the rare ones are in the most difficult spots."
Sanchez threw his hands up as if he was surrendering. He and Jason both knew they were too heavy to make their way up by climbing on the branches. But then Sanchez looked down at Sanchi's little comrade, who had wings on his back and laid less than sixty pounds, knowing Moresco would be the perfect one for this mission. At that point, Sanchez had hope to gather to berries after pointing at Moresco.
"You and me can't climb up there," Sanchez said to Jason, "But our little buddy can definitely can!"
Jason looked down at Moresco, then looking up at Sanchez and gave him an impressed look, "Right!"
"Master's partner," Moresco said, pulling on Sanchez's shirt, "Must Moresco be the one for this job?"
Sanchez bent over and picked up Moresco, throwing him a couple of feet in the air, eventually landing on a branch on the tree. Moresco then stood up carefully and looked all the way up, seeing the long but yet ruthless climb for him...but with his determination and passion to please people, he stuck his sharp claws into the tree and begin to climb up. Staring from the bottom as they watched the little creature climb up, Sanchez somewhat felt like everything was coming right back to him and soon enough, they'd be out of this place and off to Mooshu.
"This little Monquistador," Jason said calmly, "Can he do it?"
"Let's hope so," Sanchez said, "Can't have two in a coma."

Moresco was close to his goal, seeing the berries as he climbed closer and closer to it. Luckily he didn't even look down to see how high he was. Getting closer once again, Moresco climbed the final branch all the way on top of the tree, feeling like the companion who's on top of the whole entire Spiral.
"Me on top!" Moresco's voice begin to echo all around the woods, "In good reach of berries!"
As a matter of time their luck was bound to run out. When Moresco turned his little bodies to grab the berries and from a good distance, he saw an old man with a bald head talking to a group of armadas. One of the armadas were tall and ginormous, looking like a big giant from far ahead, and he glanced over at the other armada with a large and tall hat on his head, seeing the gold trim around it. It was a disturbing sight for him as he begin to breath heavier and more nervous, causing him to lose his balance on the tree.
"Bad men," Moresco begin to repeat over and over again to his self, "Bad men!"

Leaves falling from the tree and landing next to their feet, Sanchez couldn't get a clear view of Moresco but could see the top branch shaking repeatedly. Once again he started to worry again, trying to look for Jason's binoculars.
"Binoculars," Sanchez said suddenly as he started to walk away from him
Jason developed a confused look, trying to see what was happening on top of the tree, "What?"
Sanchez turned around and reached into Jason's pocket, pulling out the binoculars. He then tried to get a clear view on what was going on, seeing Moresco standing shaken on a branch as if he saw his future's death right in front of him, Sanchez thought as he pulled out his pistol and started to yell; "Moresco!"
Moresco's voice then begin to echo and Sanchez heard it, hearing words he wished he never heard. His fear grew larger as he heard what Moresco was yelling, running towards where Moresco was staring at.
"Get Moresco out of the tree," Sanchez yelled to Jason, "I think the armadas found us!"
Sanchez was terrified and endangered with the thoughts of them being captures grew scarier and scarier as Sanchez continued to run towards where Moresco was staring at. 
"We've been sitting here for days now!"
Sanchez stopped and dropped to the ground, hearing Deacon's voice. He remained there, silent as if someone stitched his mouth, lying on the ground nervously and continued to hear their conversation. He recognized Deacon's voice and even Rooke's voice while he was on the ground eavesdropping.
"We are royal people, not that pathetic scumbags you've been hiding with," Deacon said to someone, "As piracy grows, we just keep climbing down and eventually decline! You understand now, old man?"
Sanchez scooted up even more, crawling towards the bush to see who they were talking to. As he got closer and closer, he felt his heart beat even faster with the rest of his body shaking even more. Finally making his way to the bush, he slowly look through the bush's thin leaves. Suddenly he felt disgusted and furious, after looking at who was on the other side of the bush. Sanchez felt like he was in a dream, realizing him and his whole crew was betrayed by the old man that was named, Stannis.
"You all should leave," Stannis said, glancing towards a bush that was shaking, "And...."
"We've been here for days now," Rooke shouted, slamming his axe down, "Please tell me you aren't falling in love with your traitor of a son!"
"I never said that!" Stannis said, feeling offended, "They just aren't worth it without that treaty!"
Rooke might of been the dumbest one there but Deacon wasn't, and he knew that his son and his crew still has the treaty.
"We were right," Deacon said calmly, bringing everyone's attention towards him, "Stannis...your own child changed you!"
Stannis was getting mad but yet he knew they were right, "Without me...without me Kane would of never spotted this crew! I will not be criticized by Kane's sidekick and an underpaid monster!"
Sanchez continued to listen, staring directly at Stannis with one of his fists crunched up. 
"No need for a fit Stanford," Deacon said, getting closer to Stannis, "We're all doing our jobs and are working constantly to find these pirates. Remember our job? Your son is nothing close to a pirate but yet we don't know much about his crew. I know what you have to do and the reasons why; piracy, we need to vanish piracy and with Sanchi and his crew causing'll be quite difficult."
Suddenly the bush behind them started to move again, causing the armadas to focus on the plant. Deacon then snapped his fingers, eventually two guards ran towards Deacon. After seeing nothing behind the bush, Deacon suddenly heard a gunshot from close by, alarming everyone nearby.
"Maybe it's your son who listened to us," Deacon said, pulling out his pistol, "Guess it's time to check..."
Stannis jumped in front of Deacon, stopping him from moving anymore. Stannis thought it was just a hunger looking for some food, thinking it was one of Deacon's men but Deacon didn't believe him. He started to be fed up with pirates and Sanchi's crew.
"Jackson and Davis," Deacon called up two of his rangers, "Find whoever is in these woods and bring them to me!"
The two rangers ran deep into the woods. Deacon then begin to walk back to his ship to rest in, being followed by Stannis, who was trying to convince Deacon that it was nothing in the woods, gambling with his own life.
"There's no law saying others cannot hunt for their own food," Stannis said, thinking he was defending Sanchi., "Perhaps it was one of your men!"
"If it was a pirate then I want him here and dead," Stannis said, walking on his ship, "I must rest now."

With anger and loads of hatred, Sanchez ran from the armadas and back to Jason, suddenly bumping into an armada. Without asking any questions or hearing his words, Sanchez just knocked down the armada and fired a shot into him. A shot that notified Deacon and the rest.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Warrior "Taste of Blood" S1 E14

On the large island of Skull Island, where piracy was at its finest, growing bigger and bigger each day goes by ever since war was declared against the armadas. Even with lots of pirates joining Derwitchi's army, in Skull Island the army continued to struggle dramatically, one reason being Sanchi Sameria. 
"Juhn Woun was defeated," Max said, pulling out a crumbled map, "And we were defeated by some man and now he has the treaty!"
Max then pointed at a certain location on his crumbled map, revealing a small little island that wasn't really far from Skull Island, called Flotsam Island. Hearing the name of this island stressed Dorugh out even more, remembering past battles on Flotsam and how difficult the island's citizens were. If it was even Dorugh's choice, he would definitely decline ever even hearing the island's name.
"I rather cut my fingers off rather than even looking at that hideous island filled with citizens who are known as backstabbers," Dorugh said strictly, wrapping Max's map up.
"We can't forget about that crew," Max said, walking in front of Dorugh, "Flotsam is where most of the criminals or gamblers are and.."
"If that crew is near that area then Fin probably already attacked their ship and left nothing but their bones on that ship," Dorugh said, moving Max out of his way.
Max just didn't want to give up, trying his best and what he knows to locate Sanchi's crew. Meanwhile Dorugh was too busy dealing with problems all the way from Acquista after finding out about the armadas trying to take the new Skyway from them, trying to come up with battle plans tiredly against the armadas.
"That crew is not my concern right now," Dorugh said tiredly, "With Acquista rising up with values on its land, the armadas are trying to steal all that right from us and I am quite sure that Acquista is right in the middle of a soon to be war between us and Kane."
"What does Juhn have to say about that?" Max said disrespectfully, "Does he even know? C'mon commander I understand about the stress involving Acquista but I think you should at least send out a crew to find Sanchi and his crew!"
Dorugh really didn't about how value Sanchi's crew was but Max did. Max knew they had the treaty for Mooshu, a Skyway where they desperately need for the vicious war but the treaty didn't concern Dorugh one bit.
"Watch your mouth," Dorugh said, pointing his finger closer to his face, "I am your commander and when we're on a ship, I am the captain. I do not take any disrespect and I actually believe that this conversation is over."
Dorugh turned around and continued to walk away from Max but that wasn't it for the pirate as he ran back in front of Dorugh, this time stopping him completely like it was an emergency.
"They have the skills that this pirate army really needs but that's not it," Max said carefully, "Have this treaty not concern ya? We need resources if we're going to continue this bloody war that isn't going to end anytime soon. We need crops and Mooshu is our best option right now because our soil isn't helping at all and soon we'll be fighting with a rumbling stomach. That bloody crew has that treaty that we need for foods and perhaps another ally to join us. We need to find them because even Kane is looking for that treaty!"
The treaty was almost a call for help, knowing how valuable Mooshu could be in the war. At that point Dorugh, who was a bit unsentimental, realized Max knew what he was talking about. The old man placed the palm of his head on his bald head and tried to think of something to do that couldn't cost them anymore lives, if Max was 100% sure.
"You sure about this crew?" Dorugh said calmly
"Of course," Max said powerfully, "One of their own crewmate were hanging from a building with nothing besides a death pit under him and even Derwitchi was astounded when we all watched a ship sail past us with that same exact pirate on the ship! With all my life I believe that they still and will have that treaty and no matter what no one will stop them...except us!"
Lots was on Dorugh's mind, things that was life-threatening. but yet realized they could not let Sanchi and his crew get away from them.
"Because of you, we will not give up on them," Dorugh said, patting Max's chest, "Let word spread about the crew and the treaty, I must go and talk to Juhn."

Dorugh walked to the little hospital far from all the shops and buildings in Skull Island, where he tried to look for Juhn Woun. It was hard for him as his age begin to catch up to him, walking up lots of stairs just to get to a little room with Juhn, who was resting in an uncomfortable bed that had holes and holes with ripped sheets. Dorugh reached the peeling door, placing his hand on the rusted knob and turned it, letting out a loud squeaking noise that alarmed everyone nearby.
"Didn't realize I told the nurse for any visits," Juhn said, feeling a bit diffident
Dorugh walked into the little room, noticing the candles' wax dripping on the stained wooden floor. Noticing the mess from the wax, opening up the curtains but as the curtains opened, the sun didn't shine its light in here. Dorugh then looked out of the window, seeing nothing but another patient's room.
"For someone like you," Dorugh said, closing the blinds, "I would think you would get something...cleaner and better than this."
The room didn't matter to Juhn, it was the fact that he was beaten and fell to the ground unconscious by a little hit. He felt embarrassed, weak, and completely useless as if he was an old falling down a short little step. From a guy who was once nothing more than three-fifths of a person and soon becoming more valuable than a whole pirate crew, he felt like he dropped back in his old category.
"You know I use to have nothing," Juhn said, staring at the burning candle, "Nothing more than just my hands and the ripped clothes I had worn for months. I was owned by someone else and was force to work without a single pay and gentlemen or farmers thought of me as an animal that was nothing. Soon I became more than that and I earned my freedom when I came here and trained...and trained...and trained until I was better than the ones who owned me and...the ones who disrespected me! Being someone in my position is a great owner and difficult to get you."
Dorugh nodded his head, "I do not own a single slave."
"Of course you don't," Juhn said politely yet still a bit disturbed by the thought, "Why are you here?"
Before Dorugh could explain his reason, he walked over to the door and closed it, making sure no one was in sight to hear him, "With Acquista and this potential war with the armadas, we need to start putting everything we got on Acquista..."
Juhn quickly interrupted Dorugh, "And the treaty that Sanchi is carrying. Do we have that yet?"
Dorugh stared at Juhn with a bit of muddle, "Of...course we need it but right now we do not have the treaty or the signatures from Monquista to agree on the terms of a treaty with Mooshu so maybe we could contact them and invite the Monquistan's king over and..."
"You came into this room during my rough hour," Juhn said calmly, "And tried to inform me on a piece of land with just oil and other resources?"
Dorugh was speechless as Juhn rose out of his bed, slamming his fist on the stool next to the bed, "Oil will not help us win a war! Mooshu, who has crops that can feed thousands, can help us win...and if that crew still has that treaty on them then I command to send out crews and crews to find them and do not stop until they're found!"
"Of course," Dorugh said, facing the door, "I'll send out crews to find them. A reward with pouches will be for the ones who found this crew."

On an island that wasn't so far from Flotsam, where the crew patiently waited for Sanchi to wake up, with the possibility of him not waking up. With Anthony, Chun, and Amy on a trip to retrieve some treasure for Samuel, and Sanchez went to gather firewood with Moresco, it was only Jason and Stannis who was in charge to keep an eye on Sanchi. Stannis, who was quiet and feeling a little eerie for some reason, remained at Sanchi's bed. Jason was outside of the small dorm, forcibly cleaning their buckets and at the same time cleaning his weapons."A man who has daughters," Jason begin to speak to his self, "And yet he's the one who's cleaning filth out of a bucket!"
First Jason dumped all the waste out and begin to scrub the rest out, looking away from the bucket with a not to tasteful look on his face. From a far distant, Jason noticed two pirates, with their face and body being covered, walking over towards Samuel's market, which was unusual. Jason then threw the buckets in a bush and wiped his hands, grabbing the grip of his sword.
"Welcome to Samuel's market," Jason yelled, "Hate to say it but we are out of mostly everything."
But the two pirates walked past Samuel's market, walking towards Jason. 
"There's nothing in here lads," Jason said, trying to block the doorway
The two pirates still didn't stop, grabbing Jason and throwing him out of their way. As strangers walked into the room, Stannis slowly got out of his seat, pulling out his sword as a little warning but also a threat. The two pirates suddenly stopped, revealing their faces. Soon Stannis had a confused look, never seeing these two pirates ever in his life, which meant something bad.
"You two are in the wrong place," Stannis said politely, "Who sent ya?"
One of the pirates pulled his sword out, looking at his reflection, smiling at his own weapon as it had a face itself, "We were hired by a merchant."
Stannis then walked away from Sanchi's bed, getting in front of the pirates, "So is this an assassination?" 
Both of the two pirates weren't afraid of Stannis, one of them getting in his face. He then smiled at Stannis, revealing his yellow and few teeth. They thought he was a joke and Stannis was a clown for them.
"Step aside old man," The pirate said, "Let us do our duty."
Stannis snickered, also wasn't afraid of two pirates, "And if I don't? Will I or even you two must be forced to spill blood?"
"Ye ain't gonna spill any blood," The other pirate said, "So like he be saying before, step aside old man!"
Stannis had a clear idea on who sent them but right now it didn't worry him as he took a few steps back. He then started to whistle a little song like he was waiting for one of them to attack him with his sharp weapon, soon circling around the little dorm room.
"Quit the stinking singing," The pirate said, raising his sword up as he walked towards Stannis.

Jason quickly jumped out of the bush after cleaning all the filth off his body, nearly throwing up at the sight. Poking his head up, he witnessed two pirates with their swords out, confronting Sanchi's father. With widened eyes, he threw the bucket off his foot and grabbed his sword, a sword with human waste on it.

Cling! Suddenly Stannis stopped his little tune as one of the pirates attacked, swinging the pirate's sword away from his stomach, where the pirate aimed. Stannis then walked towards him, not fearing a single thing, and kicked him to the ground. Then the shorter and heavier pirate ran into the duel, pushing Stannis away from his partner, saving his life.
"Two against one old man," Stannis said calmly, "Little scoundrels!"
The skinnier pirate jumped up, after he was tired of being insulted by an elder man, letting out a loud roar as he swung his sword over and over. Stannis then ducked his head, sword blowing past the top of his head. He ducked again, moving his chest and head back as he felt the daring wind from the enemy's sword. Stannis then smiled at the pirate after his back-to-back hits, slowly approaching him. Stupidly wasn't afraid of him, he ran towards Stannis again, aiming for his stomach. Stannis read the move, and jumped sideways and felt the sword's wind going past him. Finally, he grabbed the arm of the skinny pirate and snapped it, quickly finishing him off by placing his sword deep into his chest, changing his sword from shiny silver to dull red.
"Your friend had it coming," Stannis said, kicking the skinny pirate over, "Just drop your sword and..."
The shorter and heavier pirate begin to release out an angry roar as he attacked Stannis, punching him in the face, and then pushing him over Sanchi's bed. With Stannis on the ground after a hard hit, this was the pirate's chance to earn his pay for killing Sanchi, approaching the unconscious man. He then raised his sword high above Sanchi's body, knowing just one easy swing would end Sanchi's life but make his life rich. Finally he slammed the sword down, aiming for Sanchi's chest.
Cling! Instead of hitting Sanchi and killing him, he hit the mid part of Stannis's sword, saving his son's life. Stannis then jumped over the bed after pushing the pirate's sword away, punching the pirate in his face and even headbutting him. Soon it looked like Stannis would end the victory as he approached the pirate, but this stranger wasn't giving up quite yet. After Stannis's miss, the pirate took a huge bit of Stannis's hand like it was a juicy irrestiable steak, causing him to drop his sword. With a great deal of pain, Stannis managed to throw the heavy set pirate off of him, rubbing his injured and bloody hand. With the pirate focusing on his busted nose, Stannis then ran towards him and tackled him on the ground, throwing his sword right out of his hand. Stannis didn't resist anymore as he slammed his fist in the pirate's eye and another one but this daring pirate grabbed Stannis's hand, twisting it back and throwing him off.
"Giv...give up old man," The pirate said crawling towards the sword, "Ye have lost!"
The pirate crawled, kicking Stannis away from him, and grabbed his sword. A sign of defeat towards Stannis, looking up at him with his glaring sword. He thought it was over with Stannis's weapon far from sight, knowing he was weaponless and hopeless. Although it was the pirate, who paid no attention at the entrance of the door, who was hopeless. Suddenly Jason grabbed his shoulders and threw him outside. The heavy set pirate then tried to reach for his sword, falling out of his hand, but Jason picked it up his self.
"Things just got real," Jason said, placing the blade of his sword gently on the pirate's throat.
From his anger towards Amy going against his orders and going on the ship and the fact that someone tried to kill one of his own friend, but him falling in a bush filled with human waste, it thrived him into a new person no one seen yet.
"Dad!" Beth cried, walking out of Samuel's shop, "What are you doing?"
Jason, who was smelling like waste and with the waste all over him, he stared at his daughter with a terrible look on his face. He then looked down at the hopeless pirate, anger rushing in his blood with little bitterness, he then sliced the pirate's throat.
"Oh god," Stannis said, walking out of the dorm, "They almost killed Sanchi!"
Jason nodded his head, wiping the blood off his sword, "Who paid these two to do so?"
Stannis had a good clue on who as he remembered the day where he witnessed Sanchi pushing over a companion seller over a bunch of enslaved creatures. From glancing back in the dorm, staring at all the blood and the body, Stannis snickered, "I know and I'm going to talk to this fool!"
Stannis put his sword up and started to walk away from the bloody scene, thinking of nothing but revenge and more blood to be spilled as he knew it was time for more to pay. Although it was still clear in his mind, giving away his son and his crew away to the armadas for a good profit. He knew it had to be done but he had to wait for Sanchi to be awake, already regretting it like a mistake that he'd be regretting for a long time.

"Can't believe we're be forced to father firewood," Sanchez said hatefully, "And not being fed until Anthony returns with treasure!"
"Yes," Moresco said, only holding twigs and sticks that weighed about three pounds
Moresco paid no attention to Sanchez while he continued to fulminate.
"I say we should just take care of Samuel and take the treasure for ourselves," Sanchez said, placing his finger in his pocket to pull out the treaty, "And sell this stupid treaty to someone who'd pay us a good profit."
Selling the treaty would be extremely difficult, knowing how bad the pirates and the armadas need it for this bloody war but he didn't care what they wanted..he cared what he and his crew needed. With the armadas and Juhn Woun searching day and night for the treaty, it seemed a big deal but Sanchez just thought of the treaty as a paper that can be easily ripped. 
"Just need to get out of here," Sanchez said to pretty much his self, "Get out of here with our whole crew."
"Me wish Sanchi was awake," Moresco said, dropping a few sticks.
Sanchez agreed with Moresco, "Yeah, let's just hope everything is okay while we're gone."
Suddenly Moresco stopped with a scared look on his face like he seen a ghost, dropping all the needed sticks in his arms. Sanchez then softly placed the wood down and went to check on Moresco. The little companion then pointed straight ahead in the middle of the markets. With questions and concerns quickly filling in his head, Sanchez walked towards the sight that was worth see. 
"These cowards threatened Stanford," Sanchez said, reading the bloody sign.
 Sanchez then looked up at the long stick with a head above it, blood dripping all over the signs. Two of the heads were unfamiliar to him, but the one head was familiar to Sanchez like he witnessed this merchant few seconds ago. Sanchez remembered the merchant seller from long ago, and his encounter with Sanchi. Staring at a dark and also frightening scene, Sanchez quickly left the wood back and ran back to his crew as the wind begin to blow the bloody signs off.

The Warrior "The Terrible Captain" S1 E13

   The dirt and rocky trails around the markets begin to fill up with group of pirates walking towards the end of it, leading to Samuel's market, where must of the flies were. Market where royal and other traders forbidden to even glance at, hearing stories from others about how unpleasant and filthy his place was even though it was in front of several dorm rooms.
   The little rusted bell started to ring repeatedly as the group of pirates all entered Samuel's place, where he greeted the crew. All eleven of the pirates were in debt from Samuel and all waited for the day where Samuel would finally call them up for acts of piracy, today being the day where all the eleven distinct and habitual pirates would finally be debt free from Samuel.
"Stinking Samuel," The leader of the pack said surprisingly, "I was damned sure to see ye face again!"
He nodded his head with a little grin on his face, thinking only about the treasure, "One-Eyed Jack, ye actually showed up!"
One Eyed-Jack, one of the most feared and criminal pirates throughout the whole entire Spiral. The one who slashed and killed his own girlfriend for a chest of rubies, suddenly becoming wanted by many. He stood taller than most and muscular than plenty, being in his mid 20's, with a bald head and a long scar that cut through his left eye and all the way to the back of his head. He was known for his long goatee that was dyed red, for the look that resemblance blood. He smiled at Samuel, revealing a few of his shiny golden teeth, that was ripped out by some of his deceased enemies. He placed his hands, fingers with golden rings on, on his revolver on his right side, and terrifying sword stood harmless inside of his holster.
"Ye want meh to open up anyone's body for ye?" One-Eyed Jack said, looking down at his sword
Samuel could smell the unpleasant whisky stench, mixed with a little bit of sour milk, on Jack and in his breath, indicating that that was truly drunk. 
"It be the morning and a drop still haven't touched me tongue," Samuel said seriously, "Meanwhile ye is probably already drunk if not soon."
Jack smiled, "Not quite, Sammy boy!"
"C'mon John," Samuel said softly, "Don't screw this up for ye new captain and a few of his friends."
Jack bold smile soon became a confused one as if Samuel's letter wasn't clear enough, "Someone needs to start teaching ye how to read. There be a group in those dorms who're now in my debt, one be giving the orders and of course honor of being the captain...of an act of piracy."
One-eyed Jack smile again, playfully blowing Samuel a little kiss as he went over and picked up a bottle of whiskey.
"Might as well start the drinking now," Jack said, raising the bottle up, "It may be a long day."
Samuel walked over to his table filled with bottles of whiskey, snatching one of his bottles out of Jack's hand, slamming it back on the table. One-Eyed Jack then smiled at Samuel again, trying to get the whiskey back.
"Ye be handing me a crew who never ever performed an act or piracy," Jack said, pointing his finger directly in Samuel's face.
"Aye," Samuel said, picking up the whiskey in an attempt to relieve the stress, "Gold and the debts are on the line and ye know the consequences if ye return empty handed!"
Jack rolled his eyes, "I get it; ye will turn us in for all the crimes we committed even though we know about the debt suddenly..vanishing..if ye be gone, but ye be one of me lads that I quite enjoy."

Samuel changed the subject as the old one became a bit dark, "You should head over there, ye captain be waiting for ye!"
Jack innocently shrugged his shoulders, licking his lips, "And who will show me the captain?"

"We should be out of here," Anthony said, staring at Sanchi's unconscious body, "When will he wake up?"
Sanchez nodded his head, standing right by Sanchi's side for the last few days, hoping and praying for him to wake up again. He thought if Sanchi dies, his adventurous dreams would go with him. He believed there was no better leader in the whole entire universe that could lead better than Sanchi, remembered all the dangerous situations they got into and managed to get out of, treating all those times special.
"If he wakes up," Sanchez said hopelessly
Everyone, except for Samuel and Jason, were in the small little dorm, crowding around Sanchi. Even Amy and Beth, who Anthony awkwardly managed to avoid eye contact with them. None of them knew what will happen as they stood in the dorm that was filled with nothing but silence and tears, mostly from Sanchez and Moresco. Every minute that slowly went by was a moment where their hope grew shorter and their waiting would grow longer, feeling like decades since Sanchi was last awake.
"Anthony," Jason yelled from behind the closed door, "We need to!"
After Anthony was too nervous to answer or even move, Jason just opened up the door wide, revealing a group of pirates right behind him.  Tall ones, short ones, terrifying ones stood right behind Jason. As Anthony's fear also grew larger, he took a few steps back when the pirates all cramped up in the same room.

"Guys," Jason said calmly after noticing everyone's confused looks on their face, "There's a new mission...or order."
Sanchez jumped out of his chair, demanding to be right next to Sanchi until he opens his eyes again, "I already almost got killed from the last one so..."
Jason snapped his fingers and rudely interrupted Sanchez, "You aren't going to be on this one so keep quiet!"
After Sanchez took a seat, his eyes soon turned towards Anthony. Right when he started to explain to Anthony, Jack pushed Jason to the back, walking up to his new captain for the order. As One-Eyed Jack begin to approach their new captain, Anthony started to back up until he hit the wall. Jack then got into Anthony's face, giving him a scary but yet playfully look.
"A boy who's holding his parts between his legs," One-Eyed Jack said, "Ye be no captain for meh!"
Jason quickly pushed the other pirates out of his way and started to explain what was going on, "After not giving him a treaty, Samuel is demanding gold and jewels from you all. Since he knows you all are too poor to even feed your crew mates, he decided it'll be an act of piracy to get what he wants, something I am well assure you know...piracy!"
The pirates all surrounded Anthony while Jason continued to explain more, examining their captain while at the same time listening to the objective, "Since Sanchez, Stannis, and Sanchi's companion must be by his side...AND since some of you I care about and haven't made me mad yet, I made sure Anthony would be the one who'd be leading these eleven pirates, who I know are familiar with piracy, to a chest filled with gold and more than that."
Jason then looked over at Amy, who was giving him a hateful look, frowning at her own father. She knew why he would stupidly let some cowardly pirate, who hasn't done any piracy yet, lead a crew filled with pirates who would kill each other for a single gold coin. She was disgusted at Jason at this point and suddenly decided to go with Anthony. Amy then walked out of the room after he couldn't bare watching the eleven pirates all harassing and messing with their captain.
"This is important because if this isn't done," Jason said boldly, "Samuel will instantly throw everyone under...and the armadas will be knocking on our doors."
Sanchi's crew all looked up at Anthony, who was trying to get the strange pirates off of him.
"You can't be serious," Sanchez said, "He hasn't even put a toe on his ship and he's already terrified!" 
Jason didn't want to hear anymore as he turned towards the exit, "You all leave in a few minutes!"

While Anthony's newest crew mates was stacking supplies on the ship, the captain sat lonely on the docks, with a little hope and dignity but mostly fear. He watched ships go by, seeing from far other ships attacking each other than even further ships being completely destroyed. He wasn't ready and was terrified to even see a glimpse of blood or even a flaming ship but at the same time this was his chance to prove he was a pirate and worthy in being in Sanchi's crew.
"Wind is looking just right," Jack's voice begin to echo, "We be ready!"
Anthony took a deep breath and got up, heading straight to the ship and prepared his self for a new adventure. It was something risky he thought, realizing he would be with a crew of pirates he never met before...but he wasn't alone as Amy and Wing Chun approached Anthony from behind.
"You can't go alone," Amy said as she stood next to Anthony
Anthony smiled but at the same time was confused, "What about your father's..."
"If my father going to make someone like you go with a bunch of strangers then I might as well go against his orders and come with you," Amy said, "Plus we should be together."
"Indeed," Wing Chun said, "If anything doesn't go as well with those animals, I can manage to calm them down."
After a long discussion, the three of them all hoped on the ship and set sail to retrieve some treasure. Piracy, something Anthony and Chun was about to finally be apart of.

A skull with a blue bandanna wrapped around its head with its sword inside of the mouth. While they set sails, Anthony was staring at their flag that was set high above the ship. Anthony wasn't use to seeing a flag owned under his name, having a crew and even wearing a captain-like hat on his head was new to him. Yet he still didn't know what to do with any of it. He didn't know what their flag meant, scratching his head as he was trying to figure the tricky flag out like it was a hard puzzle with billions of pieces.
"That flag is what defines me, ye, and all of me brothers," One-Eyed Jack said to Anthony, "It means we're strong buccaneers that aren't afraid of sharp little needles."
Anthony nodded his head, "And what happens if the captain is nothing like his flag?"
Jack shrugged his shoulders, scratching his bald head, "Let's hope the other captain we're going to attack don't find out."
Anthony shook his head as he became even more nervous but when he looked up at the quarterdeck, he saw Amy and Chun watching him, he felt a little bit better. Jack then turned him back around and started to walk around the ship with him, going the opposite way where Amy was standing at.
"We got the cannons ready for anyone that want to have our stuff," One-Eyed Jack said, "Since ye know nothin', I gave your crewmates their jobs and titles, putting me as the boatswain."
Anthony nodded his head as the two continued to walk. While walking by past others, Anthony watched as a few pirates took cannons downstairs with bag filled with ammunition.  Every pirate that he walked by, he studied his body and the details on it, staring at every vein, tattoo, clothing, but the scars left on the pirate's body is what stuck out the most for Anthony. Scars left from swords, bullet wounds, or just fists, Anthony thought that every scar has its own story.
"These eleven pirates are loyal and do what it takes to get this pissed poor job finished," Jack said, studying a passing ship.
Anthony followed Jack's eyes and turned around, staring at a ship that was equal in size but more valuable. Jack stepped closer and studied the ship, seeing the golden armor and the dozen cannons from another Skyway, Jack read the ship like a book.
"Shiver me timbers," Jack said so surprisingly, "This ship isn't from here!"
The magnificent ship with gold all around with, something that all the pirates on the ship noticed. The ship itself even looked like a chest of jewels, so Jack knew this was the right ship to get treasure and more than what Samuel asked for.
"That ship isn't from here," Amy said from behind, "It's more valuable than any ship that was made in Skull Island."
One-Eyed Jack pulled out his spyglass and glanced towards the ship, noticing the fine fabric the crew were wearing. Fabric that cost over hundreds of dollars and worth as much, Jack knew this was the perfect one to attack.
"Drop the anchor," Jack said, putting up his spyglass, "Drop it and get to ye stations!"
Pirates all around the ship started to run around, going downstairs to the cannons or going up to the sails. Anthony watched as Amy and Chun walked to a safer position while Jack was trying to snap Anthony back into it.
"Listen ye fool," One-Eyed Jack said, shaking Anthony, "Ye be the captain, right? Ye gon have to act as one or ye'll get us all hanged or worse!"
The royal navy ship dropped the anchor near Anthony's ship, dropping a little wooden bridge to get on his ship. Anthony slowly took one his pistols out, one he never used, and walked over towards where the other ship's captain would be. Pressure was on Anthony's back as he began to walk over, breathing hard and dripped sweat.

The captain in front of Anthony, named captain West, stood taller than Anthony. He had white and curly hair that reached to his shoulders with eyes bluer than the sky. He wasn't dirty, he wasn't muddled with his clean navy blue vest on.
"This must be a mistake," Captain West said, looking at his fingernails, "Why must be a group of smugglers make my ship stop when we're heading to King Derwitchi for trade reasons?"
Anthony stood there as West's crew all got on his ship, aiming their long muskets at Anthony's crew, who was also aiming their weapons at West crew. Both sides were waiting for their signal to fire at their enemies, with Anthony between both of them.
"Captain," Anthony said nervously, "I am Anthony De Sharp and..."
Suddenly Anthony stopped as he heard a burst of laughter from captain West, showing a great big of disrespect towards Anthony, "I apologize for my manners but you're no captain and I think all of this is a joke. May myself and my friends be excused now?"
Anthony looked around the ship as he grew quiet, looking over at Jack, who was shaking his head.
"Perhaps you all have some gold or other supplies that we could have," Captain West said nicely, "For bothering us and making us extremely late."
"I can't let you all do that," Anthony said, gripping his pistol
He couldn't let down his crew again and come back empty handed, knowing Sanchi's life could be at risk. Anthony slowly took a few steps towards West and looked him straight into his eyes, not looking away nor looking weak.
"Boy," West said quietly to Anthony, "Don't be stupid. I can single combat you and end you or my crew can end you and your crew. Either ways I'd hate to go that far. I shall let you go over and talk to your crew, discuss and tell them a offer I want; every supplies on this ship for their lives."
Anthony nodded his head and walked over towards his crewmates, going in a room to discuss a few things.

"They take everything and we get nothing but another day to live," Anthony said, "The deal he made to me."
Jack laughed, slamming his fist on the table, "There are other options but we cannot give away anything."
"He's right," Chun said, pointing at the window, "It may be suicidal going against them all but there's something else we could do."
Jack shook his head, surprise this is the only option they have left. Eleven against twenty well-trained pirates were stupid to go against and they all realized that, thinking their only option was left but Amy didn't think so. She knew how weak Anthony was and no way he could even swing it directly at him.
"Anthony cannot fight that man," Amy said, "We could negotiate something else but..."
"I'll do it," Anthony said, interrupting Amy, "I will duel this captain West fellow."
He was risking it all and he knew it, but yet it was the only thing he had left to do. It was a way to keep the rest alive and it was a way to keep Amy alive. Now it was a duel between the two captains and Anthony knew it was either him or West that would die, no one else.
"You don't know have to this," Amy said softly, running towards Anthony.
She placed both of her hands on Anthony's cheeks, forcing him to look at her. He stared into her dark beautiful eyes, seeing a bit of fear in her eyes. Both of the two were scared and she knew there was a chance those two would never see each other again. Amy then pulled Anthony in her lips, giving him his first kiss ever, which motivated him.
"I will come back to you," Anthony said bravely, "I promise!"
While Jack watched the two kissed, he suddenly thought of something smarter. with a big smile that grew from cheek to cheek, Jack quickly opened up a closet and brought out a small little crate. He released an evil-like laughter as he opened up the crate and brought out a small bomb, not much bigger than Anthony's hand.
"Before this foolish duel," Jack said, handing the bomb to Anthony, "Give this to him as a gift and let it blow up in his lap."
Anthony quickly threw the bomb back in Jack's arms, "Let it blow in his lap? Are you crazy? Right when I tell him my decision he's going to pull out his sword and attack me!"
Jack shrugged his shoulder as he lit the bomb, placing it back in the crate and giving it to Anthony, "Place it under the table and hope for the best."
Anthony decided to take the crate and walked out, strongly remembering Amy's kiss that kept him going.

He walked out of the captain's cabin, seeing West sitting at the table on the lower main decks, sipping a cup of tea like nothing was going on. He was completely calm and also satisfied with these events. When Anthony made his way to the table, he looked around the upper part, where West's crew stood and his own crew stood, including Amy.
"You're back," West said, placing his tea down, "And you got me a present?"
Anthony slid the crate under the table and took a seat in front of West. He tried to calm his self down but not even Amy's kiss could stop him from shaking as he continued to shake like he was a ringing alarm clock, shaking over and over again. 
"I know you're peeing your pants," Captain West said, "So what's the decision?"
Anthony took a deep breath, slowly pulled his sword out. He waited for a few minutes but the bomb didn't do anything. From that point Anthony knew the bomb was useless and he was on his own again. Once West was distracted, sipping on his tea, Anthony quickly got down to business.
"Can you please decide..."
Suddenly Anthony jumped up and swung his sword, missing West completely. Captain West meanwhile flipped backwards and landed on his feet, quickly pulling his sword out. The two stood there, with nothing but a table blocking them. After waiting for a while for Anthony to make the first move, West quickly decided to make it, jumping over the table and kicking Anthony right in the face, causing his sword to fall under the table and next to the crate.
"Come on kid," Jack said when his captain fell to the ground with no sword in his hand.
Anthony remained on the floor. He was facing the wooden floor, noticing the sunlight in front of him suddenly disappeared as a shadow grew bigger. Anthony then turned around, trying to pull out a pistol but West pushed his gun out of his hand and picked him up by his shirt collar, raising him up like he was a child.
"You could of went back harmless but broke," West said angrily, "Now your crew's going to watch you die!"
West punched Anthony in his nose and slammed him on the ground, giving him varieties of bruises to remember. As Anthony tried to crawl away, West grabbed him by his leg and threw him across the table and eventually landing hard on the ground.
"Get up child," West yelled, "Show your crew and put up a fight at least!"
Screams and cries became louder as Anthony hit the ground again, slowly losing a bit of consciousness. He slowly but struggled to pull his self up, looking over at Amy, who had a terrified look on her face. Tasting his own blood with pain all over his body, Anthony nodded his head at Amy and turned back around, where West punched him across the face and pushed him near the end of the ship. Anthony then tried to fight back but West pushed him again, hitting the edge of the ship again, where there was nothing but the pit of the dangerous Skyways.
"You should of just got out of here when you had the chance," West said, kneeing Anthony's private area, "Coward!"
Anthony looked at West, staring him right in his eyes, seeing nothing but his own bloody reflection, " coward!"
Suddenly the crate started to shake with a loud sizzle. 
"You let your crew down," West said, punching Anthony in his stomach, "You let your own girl down!"
The crate stopped, no or shaking or sizzling but the bomb was far from being finished. Finally the crate blew up next to Anthony's sword.
Boom! Pirates all around dropped to the ground as they heard the loud pop, not one of them seeing what happened on the main deck. Suddenly the blade of Anthony's sword launched with the bomb, sending it in the back of West's skull and coming out of his eye, blooding splattering all over Anthony's face. His eyes widened, pushing West's body on the ground and finishing him off, firing the last shot to end the combat.

"Someone had a bomb," Chun said to Amy, "Was it Anthony's?"
Chun slowly poked his head up. His worried look suddenly changed into a giant smile, quickly pulling Amy up to see it. Jack then ran to the main dock and helped Anthony up, who lost his balance and fell a few times. The combat was over with, giving Anthony his first act of piracy and his first victory on the same day but the rest of West's men didn't think so.
All of West's men aimed their muskets at Anthony and his crew, causing Anthony's crew to aim at West's men. One shot away from starting a bloody battle on the ship, something Chun didn't want. He remembered why he decided to come along with them, making his self to get up and run between both sides.
"This was a fair duel and your captain called it," Chun said, raising his hands up at West's men, "This was between both of our captains for the gold!"
"West was our captain!" One of his men yelled
"He fought bravely but was unsuccessful," Chun said to his men, "Now it's over...all of it and you all can go back home, alive and free! We are just pirates that was challenged by your captain and even put all of your lives in risk! Now think, would a good captain ever do that to his beloved crewmates?"
Chun didn't know much about piracy, crews, or even being in a battle with another ship but he knew how to convince and negotiate with them, even though he was the complete opposite of West's men.
"Now let's all calm down," Wing Chun said with a playful smile, "Perhaps if you all don't want to leave empty handed we could negotiate something else, right?"
Above West's men, Chun stood there with no weapon in his hand, which was a strong sign for the rest of West's men. 
"I guess you all are too scared," Wing Chun said, "How bout someone tell me what's on that ship to give me an idea?"
A little tan boy stepped up, "Six crates filled with nothing but gold and a few jewels."
"Give us two chest filled with gold and jewels," Chun said, "You can keep the rest and elect a better leader. All go back on your ship completely unharmed with four chest of treasure, all for yourself. Fair?"
The ship sounded like crickets. As for Chun, we nervously waited for an agreement, but none of West's men spoke up, causing Chun to think of something that was stupid but was the only option left. Chun then took a few steps up, established a calm and suitable face before speaking.
"Without the vest that bleeds red and of course the armor that would protect you from a shot," Chun said calmly, "Under all of that is just skin...just like us."
One-Eyed Jack shook his head, "He's going to get us..."
Suddenly Anthony jumped back up, nearly falling back down. He knew where Chun was going at and wanted to help, hoping that they would listen to the one who took out their captain.
"Pirates!" Anthony shouted, throwing down West's knife, "You all are trying to stop what we're becoming! Pirates...your captain just did an act of piracy just by stopping his ship next to ours...he told me he was willing to get his men to take us down and take our stuff! Pirates! You naked men!"
Anthony then walked closer to West's crew, who was standing there completely bewildered but willing to hear more, since a profit was involved.
"When you return home...they'll call you pirates and execute you," Anthony continued, "Hand us what my bird friend offered...and you all keep the rest and we will never meet again!"
Anthony stood there in front of West's crew, eventually losing his balance from the tough hits from West and fell to the ground.
"Be smart," Chun said, walking past Anthony like he was never there, "We're offering a good offer and a better life for all of you!"
The place became quiet again as the suspense for Chun grew larger but then the first of West's crew dropped his sword, landing right next to Anthony. Then another sword fell next to Anthony and another one like a chain reaction as all of West's men dropped their swords to the captain who killed their captain, thinking it was Anthony who placed the sharp reckoning in the back of West's head.
"We got more than we were suppose to," Amy said with a confused look, "Why'd you ask for two?"
Chun smiled, patting Jack's back, "Maybe I should get a little pouch and the rest for the eleven of them."
Anthony then slowly rose back up, face completely bruised and bloody, with his speech messed up, "We...we...won!"
"Because of you," Amy said, giving Anthony a big and tight hug, "You finally one of us!"
Anthony grinned with his swollen eyes closed, hugging Amy tighter. Finally he felt like he was apart of the crew and...apart of a new relationship for him.
"Let the sails and get the anchor up," One-Eyed Jack said to the others, "We're going back now!"

Monday, September 5, 2016

The Warrior "Dreaming" S1 E12 (Addition to Season One)

First time in his whole entire life, Anthony ever talked to a female, but that wasn't the only first thing in his life. He was pretty much and Amy knew he was...and she also knew he was a virgin. With her father and sister being asleep and them being in a completely different room, it was just her and Anthony. They were in the same room but in different beds.
"Anthony," Amy called quietly, "Are you awake?"
Anthony poked his head up, "Uh yeah?"
The room was silent again and Anthony laid his pillow back down. He then closed his eyes and tried to fall his sleep but to Amy moving in her bed loudly and a lot, he was wide awake. Anthony didn't look to see what she was doing, he didn't want to see what she was doing, "I'll never get any sleep if you keep moving! I can hear that bed hitting that wall from here and it's quite loud."
Finally the noises stopped. Anthony shut his eyes again and tried to go asleep, but with Amy yelling for him, he opened up his eyes again and this time he turned around to see what she was doing. He grabbed a lit candle and looked over at her bed, seeing nothing but Amy who had her shirt off. Anthony then turned completely around and blew the candle off, his heart almost beat out of his chest from all of the suspense. For a moment he thought she didn't see him flashing the candle at her...but she did.
"Come over here," she said calmly, "I'm cold and lonely."
Anthony opened up his eyes completely wide again, his heart started to beat even more faster than before, "Say that again?"
Amy laid up, putting a shirt back on, "Don't be such a coward, come over here!"
All of his life, he never witnessed this; a woman actually wanted him to come in her bed. Anthony slowly unbuttoned his shirt after Amy demanded him too. Then he jumped out of his bed and started to walk towards her bed but once he reached the bed, he stopped as he started to hear screaming.
"I hear screaming," Anthony said quietly, looking over at the door, "Do you hear it too?"
Bam! Suddenly the door flew open and Jason ran into the room, seeing something he wished he would never see. Anthony then screamed loud and jumped back on his bed, covering his self in his sheets. Jason saw Anthony in front of Amy's bed with a shirt off and his pants unbuckled. 
"Father," Amy cried, throwing a pillow at him, "Ever heard of knocking?"
Jason ran over to Anthony's bed, forgetting completely about what was Sanchi going through, and started to scream at a scared Anthony, "Have you lost your mind? Don't ever touch my daughter ever again!"
Anthony covered his face with his hands, fearing but at the same time waited for him to beat him up, "I didn't do anything, I promise!"
Jason shook his head as he threw the sheets back on the scared little pirate, "Amy, Sanchi is having a seizure and needs your help right now!"
Amy jumped out of her bed and ran to Sanchi's room, leaving her father and Anthony alone in the same room. Jason noticed Anthony, who was under the sheets, completely shaking. Jason just shook his head and walked out of the room, shutting the door and left Anthony alone in there with little dignity. 

After a few hours passed, the whole dorms were quiet again but there were no good news. Bad news for the crew started to spread all around the markets and everywhere like a dangerous plague, revealing the crew's weakness; the captain of the crew going into a coma.
"Well," Sanchez said as Amy stepped out of the room, "How is he?"
Amy exhaled and took a seat right next to Sanchez, who was sweaty and shaking as if he was the one who had the seizure. The news were terrible and it was hard for Amy to tell Sanchez, but she knew death could of been the worse possible thing at this point, no a coma they knew nothing about. She placed her wet hands on Sanchez's broad shoulders, preparing to tell the bad news to Sanchez, "He went into a coma and that's all we know for now. Beth or I don't know how long he'll be in that coma. We don't know much about the coma besides the belief of him being in a coma."
Sanchez felt terrible, leaning back in the seat with his hands covering his face like he was trying to forget it all, praying that it was a dream but it wasn't; it was reality and he was still in it. 
"Moresco will be feeling terrible," Sanchez said, feeling nothing but fluster, "Is a chance of...him not making it?"
The status of the coma and Sanchi being in it is all unknown, except for the knowledge of him being in the coma. She didn't know how to explain any of it to Sanchez again, feeling a bit choked up discussing it.
"Sanchez," she said calmly, "I don't know hardly anything about a coma like I said before but the cause of this is probably from all the running or fight without having a single meal...for perhaps days!"
Sanchez jumped out of his seat and ran into Sanchi's room. Beth was sitting right next to Sanchi's bed, wiping a wet cloth on his forehead frequently. The man he swore to protect, the man who saved his life over and over again, one day Sanchez hoped to return the favor for a debt of a lifetime, still knowing there was a chance of Sanchi not coming out of the coma. He stared at Sanchi for a few moments, thinking of everything he owed.
"I did everything I know and could do," Beth said softly, placing the cloth in the bucket, "Now it's up to Sanchi to decide if he wants to come back...he must come out of this coma his self."
Amy listened to their conversation, standing right next to the wooden door, until Anthony came in, breathing hard and still in his pajamas.
"Y-y-your father caught me walking towards your bed with my shirt off," Anthony said nervously
Amy rolled her eyes, walking away from Sanchi's room, grabbed Anthony's shaky arm, and the two went somewhere else, keeping it all a secret but a secret for Anthony that he'd remember for as long as he lives.

It was all sunny and beautiful, the Skyways of Mooshu, bright, colorful, and filled with nothing but joy and peace. It was a time before the pirate soldiers went into war against armadas, before where thousands die. He looked all around the land he was on, filling the soft and bright green grass, and looking at the growing crops behind him. He was in a new environment, he was in a new world.
"Sanchi," familiar voice started to call, "You're home!"
He was in Hamamistu again, seeing from far was Hanju's dojo, where Sanchi took his lessons in. The large brick buildings without a door and any windows, but passing ships could see the interior of it. With the large and tall green roof, matching the land's grass, the dojo was Sanchi's main home. After hearing his name being called out, Sanchi turned around and faced someone. A fury creature with round and large hat on his face, blocking the light. The goose-like creature walked with a little wooden cane. He was Hanju, someone who meant the whole entire Spiral to Sanchi, right in front of him. He knew all of this was just a dream, but he didn't want to leave it.
"Master Hanju," Sanchi said, running towards his master, "I'm seeing you again. Must this be a dream...then don't wake me up, please!"
Hanju smiled, looking over at his dojo, "Your training is done yet."
Sanchi, who wasn't in any pain and had no scars or bruises on him, pulled out his sword and handed it to Hanju, patiently waited for his training to resume again. He then closed his eyes as Hanju gently took the sword out of his hand, admiring all the blood stains on it.
"Red covers the blade of what keeps you safe," Hanju said wisely, "The scars were left but covered due to the blindness of not even knowing your real foes."
Sanchi thought he knew who his "real" enemies were, being the Kane and the armadas, Juhn Woun and Derwitchi's army. But for Hanju, there were a bigger enemy that blinded Sanchi and his crew, an enemy that was trusted, Hanju's wise words stuck in Sanchi's mind.
"The ones all strapped in armor and hide their selves with masks are not your enemies," Hanju said, scratching the blood off his sword.
"It's not only Kane and his army," Sanchi said, still keeping his eyes closed, "Those warriors and the pirate soldiers are my enemies!"
Hanju laughed, scratching off the last stain of blood on Sanchi's sword. The blood, where he slayed all his enemies, were off his sword to be completely forgotten. Hanju then gently placed the sword back in Sanchi's hands, helping him back on his feet with his eyes opened.
"Let the two sides fight for the armadas nor the pirates even bothered you, but you bothered them," Hanju said wisely, "Sanchi, you got yourself in this war now. Now, you're in it and must pluck out your enemies...your new enemies."
He looked down at his cleaned sword, glancing at Hanju's bloody nails, "We're surrounded by pirates, master..."
"Classified as smugglers who are up to nothing but trouble," Hanju said, "You think all pirates are criminals and untrustworthy but you're living with a group of pirates. You see, there are buccaneers, privateers, musketeers, all the classes...and then there are a mixture of swashbucklers and buccaneers, new class called a warrior."

Sanchez stared at Sanchi's unconscious body, waiting and waiting for him to wake up. Besides the squeaking noises from the old wooden chair in the corner, from Moresco's rocking it constantly, the room was filled with nothing.
"Me master will wake up and we'll finally go back home," Moresco said quietly, constantly rocking the old chair.
Sanchez laughed, believing that it'd take a longer...much longer time for them to arrive back to Mooshu. He started to believe that Skull Island was their new home, being that they were being in Skull Island for weeks now, not comparing to Sanchez living in Skull Island's Skyways for his whole life.
"This is your new home," Sanchez said, feeling the rough scars on Sanchi's face, "Get use to this place, my little comrade."
Suddenly the door opened up again, this time it was someone different entering the room. Someone that Sanchez would thought have entered the room before anyone else before. It was Stannis, walking normally into the room, already hearing the news of Sanchi's coma.
"Stannis," Sanchez said, pointing at him, "Out of everyone, including Samuel, I thought you would be the one who checked on his own son first, not the last one."
"Just received the news," Stannis said, looking over his son, "Did he give the treaty to Samuel?"
Sanchez shook his head, "No and he's not going to get it. Jason already talked to him and managed to get a few lies in it, too."
Stannis snickered, "It's what pirates are best at; lying!"
Sanchez wasn't offended, believing most smugglers were pirates, but yet he felt Stannis shouldn't have been the one stating what pirates were good at, "You're a father who gave up his own son. No one knows a thing about you beside you're the father of Sanchi...and that's it. I'm a pirate but not the one you have in your head. I'm a pirate where I strive for adventure and care for my crew."
Sanchez then got out of his chair and walked out of the room, couldn't bare to be in the same room as Stannis.

"I need to know more on what you're talking about," Sanchi said to his master, "Who're my real enemies?"
Sanchi was clueless on what Hanju was trying to teach him but his master thought it was clear enough.
"You have new responsibilities now," Hanju said, changing the subject, "New titles!"
Again Sanchi wasn't understanding Hanju at all, shifting his skinny eyes brows up and down with the same look on his face that he had since he went into the coma. From the countless unknowable lessons, Sanchi started to believe none of this was real.
"Titles?" Sanchi said, sitting down next to a group of ingrown crops
Hanju nodded his head with a smile, playing with his cane, "Some may call you a farm boy or a ninja but right now, I hear captain."
He felt offended. His own master calling him something he despised and all the piracy actions, never even had a thought that anyone would ever call him "captain".
"And a crew who supports you gratefully," Master Hanju said, rubbing his thick and long grey beard
"Well," Sanchi said, stepping up to his master, "What's the plan? Why am I here?"
Hanju smiled, raising his thick and grey white eyebrows up, glancing over at the dojo, "Perhaps there's another lesson to be taught."

After throwing countless logs in a fire for Samuel, who just gave Jason a hateful look with his mouth locked up, grinding hard on his teeth, he watched Jason throw the logs into the fire. He was furious and felt denounced, thinking that Sanchi's crew may have the treaty for their own use and get a bigger profit out of it. As Jason placed down the last set of wood, Samuel slammed his foot down and stood up, bringing out nothing but silence in the room.
"I made a deal," Samuel said angrily, "A deal where I receive the treaty if I feed that crew!"
Jason threw the firewood down dramatically, "You thought they were children who has no clue on values on anything! You can't just let them give you a piece of paper, that they can use for more than just food, and for a few meals!"
Samuel flicked Jason off with a furious look on his face, "Aye, me did but I just can't let ye all eat all me food! There'll be no more meals until I get what I want!"
He turned around, rubbing his greasy hair and picking at his little yellow tooth.
"I guess there'll be another mission you're going to send them on," Jason said, taking a seat.
Samuel nodded his head, "Aye."
"This is just...sad," Jason said, rubbing his hands over his face, "What's next for them? Are you going to let them stay here with meals until their captain is back on his feet?"
Samuel thought about what he wanted and knew the cost of it as he slowly turned back, facing Jason with his eye brows slowly arching. Jason read the face expression and rolled his eyes.
"Send someone and I'll give him or her a crew," Samuel said, staring into the blazing pit, "For a weeks stay I want me a chest filled with gold."
Jason couldn't comprehend what Samuel was saying. He was an unintelligent man who had no clue on any values and risks, Samuel just never cared about others, remembering all the major things he did for little profit but this time his plan just didn't add up.
"Samuel," Jason said with a worried look, "Please tell me you aren't thinking of attacking a ship and risking someone's life just for a wooden chest with jewels in it? Have you ever thought about other possibilities such as sending a crew just to attack a ship and maybe not returning?"
Samuel shrugged his shoulders, "I don't know much about this crew so ye will pick the right one to lead this given crew."
His mind was made up, walking out of the room and left Jason in there with loads of worried questions. As Samuel slammed the door shut, he started to think of who to lead the given crew, still not even knowing the crew, to lead them and be a captain. Jason then leaned back into the wooden chair as the flames slowly went out.