Monday, September 5, 2016

The Warrior "Dreaming" S1 E12 (Addition to Season One)

First time in his whole entire life, Anthony ever talked to a female, but that wasn't the only first thing in his life. He was pretty much and Amy knew he was...and she also knew he was a virgin. With her father and sister being asleep and them being in a completely different room, it was just her and Anthony. They were in the same room but in different beds.
"Anthony," Amy called quietly, "Are you awake?"
Anthony poked his head up, "Uh yeah?"
The room was silent again and Anthony laid his pillow back down. He then closed his eyes and tried to fall his sleep but to Amy moving in her bed loudly and a lot, he was wide awake. Anthony didn't look to see what she was doing, he didn't want to see what she was doing, "I'll never get any sleep if you keep moving! I can hear that bed hitting that wall from here and it's quite loud."
Finally the noises stopped. Anthony shut his eyes again and tried to go asleep, but with Amy yelling for him, he opened up his eyes again and this time he turned around to see what she was doing. He grabbed a lit candle and looked over at her bed, seeing nothing but Amy who had her shirt off. Anthony then turned completely around and blew the candle off, his heart almost beat out of his chest from all of the suspense. For a moment he thought she didn't see him flashing the candle at her...but she did.
"Come over here," she said calmly, "I'm cold and lonely."
Anthony opened up his eyes completely wide again, his heart started to beat even more faster than before, "Say that again?"
Amy laid up, putting a shirt back on, "Don't be such a coward, come over here!"
All of his life, he never witnessed this; a woman actually wanted him to come in her bed. Anthony slowly unbuttoned his shirt after Amy demanded him too. Then he jumped out of his bed and started to walk towards her bed but once he reached the bed, he stopped as he started to hear screaming.
"I hear screaming," Anthony said quietly, looking over at the door, "Do you hear it too?"
Bam! Suddenly the door flew open and Jason ran into the room, seeing something he wished he would never see. Anthony then screamed loud and jumped back on his bed, covering his self in his sheets. Jason saw Anthony in front of Amy's bed with a shirt off and his pants unbuckled. 
"Father," Amy cried, throwing a pillow at him, "Ever heard of knocking?"
Jason ran over to Anthony's bed, forgetting completely about what was Sanchi going through, and started to scream at a scared Anthony, "Have you lost your mind? Don't ever touch my daughter ever again!"
Anthony covered his face with his hands, fearing but at the same time waited for him to beat him up, "I didn't do anything, I promise!"
Jason shook his head as he threw the sheets back on the scared little pirate, "Amy, Sanchi is having a seizure and needs your help right now!"
Amy jumped out of her bed and ran to Sanchi's room, leaving her father and Anthony alone in the same room. Jason noticed Anthony, who was under the sheets, completely shaking. Jason just shook his head and walked out of the room, shutting the door and left Anthony alone in there with little dignity. 

After a few hours passed, the whole dorms were quiet again but there were no good news. Bad news for the crew started to spread all around the markets and everywhere like a dangerous plague, revealing the crew's weakness; the captain of the crew going into a coma.
"Well," Sanchez said as Amy stepped out of the room, "How is he?"
Amy exhaled and took a seat right next to Sanchez, who was sweaty and shaking as if he was the one who had the seizure. The news were terrible and it was hard for Amy to tell Sanchez, but she knew death could of been the worse possible thing at this point, no a coma they knew nothing about. She placed her wet hands on Sanchez's broad shoulders, preparing to tell the bad news to Sanchez, "He went into a coma and that's all we know for now. Beth or I don't know how long he'll be in that coma. We don't know much about the coma besides the belief of him being in a coma."
Sanchez felt terrible, leaning back in the seat with his hands covering his face like he was trying to forget it all, praying that it was a dream but it wasn't; it was reality and he was still in it. 
"Moresco will be feeling terrible," Sanchez said, feeling nothing but fluster, "Is a chance of...him not making it?"
The status of the coma and Sanchi being in it is all unknown, except for the knowledge of him being in the coma. She didn't know how to explain any of it to Sanchez again, feeling a bit choked up discussing it.
"Sanchez," she said calmly, "I don't know hardly anything about a coma like I said before but the cause of this is probably from all the running or fight without having a single meal...for perhaps days!"
Sanchez jumped out of his seat and ran into Sanchi's room. Beth was sitting right next to Sanchi's bed, wiping a wet cloth on his forehead frequently. The man he swore to protect, the man who saved his life over and over again, one day Sanchez hoped to return the favor for a debt of a lifetime, still knowing there was a chance of Sanchi not coming out of the coma. He stared at Sanchi for a few moments, thinking of everything he owed.
"I did everything I know and could do," Beth said softly, placing the cloth in the bucket, "Now it's up to Sanchi to decide if he wants to come back...he must come out of this coma his self."
Amy listened to their conversation, standing right next to the wooden door, until Anthony came in, breathing hard and still in his pajamas.
"Y-y-your father caught me walking towards your bed with my shirt off," Anthony said nervously
Amy rolled her eyes, walking away from Sanchi's room, grabbed Anthony's shaky arm, and the two went somewhere else, keeping it all a secret but a secret for Anthony that he'd remember for as long as he lives.

It was all sunny and beautiful, the Skyways of Mooshu, bright, colorful, and filled with nothing but joy and peace. It was a time before the pirate soldiers went into war against armadas, before where thousands die. He looked all around the land he was on, filling the soft and bright green grass, and looking at the growing crops behind him. He was in a new environment, he was in a new world.
"Sanchi," familiar voice started to call, "You're home!"
He was in Hamamistu again, seeing from far was Hanju's dojo, where Sanchi took his lessons in. The large brick buildings without a door and any windows, but passing ships could see the interior of it. With the large and tall green roof, matching the land's grass, the dojo was Sanchi's main home. After hearing his name being called out, Sanchi turned around and faced someone. A fury creature with round and large hat on his face, blocking the light. The goose-like creature walked with a little wooden cane. He was Hanju, someone who meant the whole entire Spiral to Sanchi, right in front of him. He knew all of this was just a dream, but he didn't want to leave it.
"Master Hanju," Sanchi said, running towards his master, "I'm seeing you again. Must this be a dream...then don't wake me up, please!"
Hanju smiled, looking over at his dojo, "Your training is done yet."
Sanchi, who wasn't in any pain and had no scars or bruises on him, pulled out his sword and handed it to Hanju, patiently waited for his training to resume again. He then closed his eyes as Hanju gently took the sword out of his hand, admiring all the blood stains on it.
"Red covers the blade of what keeps you safe," Hanju said wisely, "The scars were left but covered due to the blindness of not even knowing your real foes."
Sanchi thought he knew who his "real" enemies were, being the Kane and the armadas, Juhn Woun and Derwitchi's army. But for Hanju, there were a bigger enemy that blinded Sanchi and his crew, an enemy that was trusted, Hanju's wise words stuck in Sanchi's mind.
"The ones all strapped in armor and hide their selves with masks are not your enemies," Hanju said, scratching the blood off his sword.
"It's not only Kane and his army," Sanchi said, still keeping his eyes closed, "Those warriors and the pirate soldiers are my enemies!"
Hanju laughed, scratching off the last stain of blood on Sanchi's sword. The blood, where he slayed all his enemies, were off his sword to be completely forgotten. Hanju then gently placed the sword back in Sanchi's hands, helping him back on his feet with his eyes opened.
"Let the two sides fight for the armadas nor the pirates even bothered you, but you bothered them," Hanju said wisely, "Sanchi, you got yourself in this war now. Now, you're in it and must pluck out your enemies...your new enemies."
He looked down at his cleaned sword, glancing at Hanju's bloody nails, "We're surrounded by pirates, master..."
"Classified as smugglers who are up to nothing but trouble," Hanju said, "You think all pirates are criminals and untrustworthy but you're living with a group of pirates. You see, there are buccaneers, privateers, musketeers, all the classes...and then there are a mixture of swashbucklers and buccaneers, new class called a warrior."

Sanchez stared at Sanchi's unconscious body, waiting and waiting for him to wake up. Besides the squeaking noises from the old wooden chair in the corner, from Moresco's rocking it constantly, the room was filled with nothing.
"Me master will wake up and we'll finally go back home," Moresco said quietly, constantly rocking the old chair.
Sanchez laughed, believing that it'd take a longer...much longer time for them to arrive back to Mooshu. He started to believe that Skull Island was their new home, being that they were being in Skull Island for weeks now, not comparing to Sanchez living in Skull Island's Skyways for his whole life.
"This is your new home," Sanchez said, feeling the rough scars on Sanchi's face, "Get use to this place, my little comrade."
Suddenly the door opened up again, this time it was someone different entering the room. Someone that Sanchez would thought have entered the room before anyone else before. It was Stannis, walking normally into the room, already hearing the news of Sanchi's coma.
"Stannis," Sanchez said, pointing at him, "Out of everyone, including Samuel, I thought you would be the one who checked on his own son first, not the last one."
"Just received the news," Stannis said, looking over his son, "Did he give the treaty to Samuel?"
Sanchez shook his head, "No and he's not going to get it. Jason already talked to him and managed to get a few lies in it, too."
Stannis snickered, "It's what pirates are best at; lying!"
Sanchez wasn't offended, believing most smugglers were pirates, but yet he felt Stannis shouldn't have been the one stating what pirates were good at, "You're a father who gave up his own son. No one knows a thing about you beside you're the father of Sanchi...and that's it. I'm a pirate but not the one you have in your head. I'm a pirate where I strive for adventure and care for my crew."
Sanchez then got out of his chair and walked out of the room, couldn't bare to be in the same room as Stannis.

"I need to know more on what you're talking about," Sanchi said to his master, "Who're my real enemies?"
Sanchi was clueless on what Hanju was trying to teach him but his master thought it was clear enough.
"You have new responsibilities now," Hanju said, changing the subject, "New titles!"
Again Sanchi wasn't understanding Hanju at all, shifting his skinny eyes brows up and down with the same look on his face that he had since he went into the coma. From the countless unknowable lessons, Sanchi started to believe none of this was real.
"Titles?" Sanchi said, sitting down next to a group of ingrown crops
Hanju nodded his head with a smile, playing with his cane, "Some may call you a farm boy or a ninja but right now, I hear captain."
He felt offended. His own master calling him something he despised and all the piracy actions, never even had a thought that anyone would ever call him "captain".
"And a crew who supports you gratefully," Master Hanju said, rubbing his thick and long grey beard
"Well," Sanchi said, stepping up to his master, "What's the plan? Why am I here?"
Hanju smiled, raising his thick and grey white eyebrows up, glancing over at the dojo, "Perhaps there's another lesson to be taught."

After throwing countless logs in a fire for Samuel, who just gave Jason a hateful look with his mouth locked up, grinding hard on his teeth, he watched Jason throw the logs into the fire. He was furious and felt denounced, thinking that Sanchi's crew may have the treaty for their own use and get a bigger profit out of it. As Jason placed down the last set of wood, Samuel slammed his foot down and stood up, bringing out nothing but silence in the room.
"I made a deal," Samuel said angrily, "A deal where I receive the treaty if I feed that crew!"
Jason threw the firewood down dramatically, "You thought they were children who has no clue on values on anything! You can't just let them give you a piece of paper, that they can use for more than just food, and for a few meals!"
Samuel flicked Jason off with a furious look on his face, "Aye, me did but I just can't let ye all eat all me food! There'll be no more meals until I get what I want!"
He turned around, rubbing his greasy hair and picking at his little yellow tooth.
"I guess there'll be another mission you're going to send them on," Jason said, taking a seat.
Samuel nodded his head, "Aye."
"This is just...sad," Jason said, rubbing his hands over his face, "What's next for them? Are you going to let them stay here with meals until their captain is back on his feet?"
Samuel thought about what he wanted and knew the cost of it as he slowly turned back, facing Jason with his eye brows slowly arching. Jason read the face expression and rolled his eyes.
"Send someone and I'll give him or her a crew," Samuel said, staring into the blazing pit, "For a weeks stay I want me a chest filled with gold."
Jason couldn't comprehend what Samuel was saying. He was an unintelligent man who had no clue on any values and risks, Samuel just never cared about others, remembering all the major things he did for little profit but this time his plan just didn't add up.
"Samuel," Jason said with a worried look, "Please tell me you aren't thinking of attacking a ship and risking someone's life just for a wooden chest with jewels in it? Have you ever thought about other possibilities such as sending a crew just to attack a ship and maybe not returning?"
Samuel shrugged his shoulders, "I don't know much about this crew so ye will pick the right one to lead this given crew."
His mind was made up, walking out of the room and left Jason in there with loads of worried questions. As Samuel slammed the door shut, he started to think of who to lead the given crew, still not even knowing the crew, to lead them and be a captain. Jason then leaned back into the wooden chair as the flames slowly went out.

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