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The Warrior "Taste of Blood" S1 E14

On the large island of Skull Island, where piracy was at its finest, growing bigger and bigger each day goes by ever since war was declared against the armadas. Even with lots of pirates joining Derwitchi's army, in Skull Island the army continued to struggle dramatically, one reason being Sanchi Sameria. 
"Juhn Woun was defeated," Max said, pulling out a crumbled map, "And we were defeated by some man and now he has the treaty!"
Max then pointed at a certain location on his crumbled map, revealing a small little island that wasn't really far from Skull Island, called Flotsam Island. Hearing the name of this island stressed Dorugh out even more, remembering past battles on Flotsam and how difficult the island's citizens were. If it was even Dorugh's choice, he would definitely decline ever even hearing the island's name.
"I rather cut my fingers off rather than even looking at that hideous island filled with citizens who are known as backstabbers," Dorugh said strictly, wrapping Max's map up.
"We can't forget about that crew," Max said, walking in front of Dorugh, "Flotsam is where most of the criminals or gamblers are and.."
"If that crew is near that area then Fin probably already attacked their ship and left nothing but their bones on that ship," Dorugh said, moving Max out of his way.
Max just didn't want to give up, trying his best and what he knows to locate Sanchi's crew. Meanwhile Dorugh was too busy dealing with problems all the way from Acquista after finding out about the armadas trying to take the new Skyway from them, trying to come up with battle plans tiredly against the armadas.
"That crew is not my concern right now," Dorugh said tiredly, "With Acquista rising up with values on its land, the armadas are trying to steal all that right from us and I am quite sure that Acquista is right in the middle of a soon to be war between us and Kane."
"What does Juhn have to say about that?" Max said disrespectfully, "Does he even know? C'mon commander I understand about the stress involving Acquista but I think you should at least send out a crew to find Sanchi and his crew!"
Dorugh really didn't about how value Sanchi's crew was but Max did. Max knew they had the treaty for Mooshu, a Skyway where they desperately need for the vicious war but the treaty didn't concern Dorugh one bit.
"Watch your mouth," Dorugh said, pointing his finger closer to his face, "I am your commander and when we're on a ship, I am the captain. I do not take any disrespect and I actually believe that this conversation is over."
Dorugh turned around and continued to walk away from Max but that wasn't it for the pirate as he ran back in front of Dorugh, this time stopping him completely like it was an emergency.
"They have the skills that this pirate army really needs but that's not it," Max said carefully, "Have this treaty not concern ya? We need resources if we're going to continue this bloody war that isn't going to end anytime soon. We need crops and Mooshu is our best option right now because our soil isn't helping at all and soon we'll be fighting with a rumbling stomach. That bloody crew has that treaty that we need for foods and perhaps another ally to join us. We need to find them because even Kane is looking for that treaty!"
The treaty was almost a call for help, knowing how valuable Mooshu could be in the war. At that point Dorugh, who was a bit unsentimental, realized Max knew what he was talking about. The old man placed the palm of his head on his bald head and tried to think of something to do that couldn't cost them anymore lives, if Max was 100% sure.
"You sure about this crew?" Dorugh said calmly
"Of course," Max said powerfully, "One of their own crewmate were hanging from a building with nothing besides a death pit under him and even Derwitchi was astounded when we all watched a ship sail past us with that same exact pirate on the ship! With all my life I believe that they still and will have that treaty and no matter what no one will stop them...except us!"
Lots was on Dorugh's mind, things that was life-threatening. but yet realized they could not let Sanchi and his crew get away from them.
"Because of you, we will not give up on them," Dorugh said, patting Max's chest, "Let word spread about the crew and the treaty, I must go and talk to Juhn."

Dorugh walked to the little hospital far from all the shops and buildings in Skull Island, where he tried to look for Juhn Woun. It was hard for him as his age begin to catch up to him, walking up lots of stairs just to get to a little room with Juhn, who was resting in an uncomfortable bed that had holes and holes with ripped sheets. Dorugh reached the peeling door, placing his hand on the rusted knob and turned it, letting out a loud squeaking noise that alarmed everyone nearby.
"Didn't realize I told the nurse for any visits," Juhn said, feeling a bit diffident
Dorugh walked into the little room, noticing the candles' wax dripping on the stained wooden floor. Noticing the mess from the wax, opening up the curtains but as the curtains opened, the sun didn't shine its light in here. Dorugh then looked out of the window, seeing nothing but another patient's room.
"For someone like you," Dorugh said, closing the blinds, "I would think you would get something...cleaner and better than this."
The room didn't matter to Juhn, it was the fact that he was beaten and fell to the ground unconscious by a little hit. He felt embarrassed, weak, and completely useless as if he was an old falling down a short little step. From a guy who was once nothing more than three-fifths of a person and soon becoming more valuable than a whole pirate crew, he felt like he dropped back in his old category.
"You know I use to have nothing," Juhn said, staring at the burning candle, "Nothing more than just my hands and the ripped clothes I had worn for months. I was owned by someone else and was force to work without a single pay and gentlemen or farmers thought of me as an animal that was nothing. Soon I became more than that and I earned my freedom when I came here and trained...and trained...and trained until I was better than the ones who owned me and...the ones who disrespected me! Being someone in my position is a great owner and difficult to get you."
Dorugh nodded his head, "I do not own a single slave."
"Of course you don't," Juhn said politely yet still a bit disturbed by the thought, "Why are you here?"
Before Dorugh could explain his reason, he walked over to the door and closed it, making sure no one was in sight to hear him, "With Acquista and this potential war with the armadas, we need to start putting everything we got on Acquista..."
Juhn quickly interrupted Dorugh, "And the treaty that Sanchi is carrying. Do we have that yet?"
Dorugh stared at Juhn with a bit of muddle, "Of...course we need it but right now we do not have the treaty or the signatures from Monquista to agree on the terms of a treaty with Mooshu so maybe we could contact them and invite the Monquistan's king over and..."
"You came into this room during my rough hour," Juhn said calmly, "And tried to inform me on a piece of land with just oil and other resources?"
Dorugh was speechless as Juhn rose out of his bed, slamming his fist on the stool next to the bed, "Oil will not help us win a war! Mooshu, who has crops that can feed thousands, can help us win...and if that crew still has that treaty on them then I command to send out crews and crews to find them and do not stop until they're found!"
"Of course," Dorugh said, facing the door, "I'll send out crews to find them. A reward with pouches will be for the ones who found this crew."

On an island that wasn't so far from Flotsam, where the crew patiently waited for Sanchi to wake up, with the possibility of him not waking up. With Anthony, Chun, and Amy on a trip to retrieve some treasure for Samuel, and Sanchez went to gather firewood with Moresco, it was only Jason and Stannis who was in charge to keep an eye on Sanchi. Stannis, who was quiet and feeling a little eerie for some reason, remained at Sanchi's bed. Jason was outside of the small dorm, forcibly cleaning their buckets and at the same time cleaning his weapons."A man who has daughters," Jason begin to speak to his self, "And yet he's the one who's cleaning filth out of a bucket!"
First Jason dumped all the waste out and begin to scrub the rest out, looking away from the bucket with a not to tasteful look on his face. From a far distant, Jason noticed two pirates, with their face and body being covered, walking over towards Samuel's market, which was unusual. Jason then threw the buckets in a bush and wiped his hands, grabbing the grip of his sword.
"Welcome to Samuel's market," Jason yelled, "Hate to say it but we are out of mostly everything."
But the two pirates walked past Samuel's market, walking towards Jason. 
"There's nothing in here lads," Jason said, trying to block the doorway
The two pirates still didn't stop, grabbing Jason and throwing him out of their way. As strangers walked into the room, Stannis slowly got out of his seat, pulling out his sword as a little warning but also a threat. The two pirates suddenly stopped, revealing their faces. Soon Stannis had a confused look, never seeing these two pirates ever in his life, which meant something bad.
"You two are in the wrong place," Stannis said politely, "Who sent ya?"
One of the pirates pulled his sword out, looking at his reflection, smiling at his own weapon as it had a face itself, "We were hired by a merchant."
Stannis then walked away from Sanchi's bed, getting in front of the pirates, "So is this an assassination?" 
Both of the two pirates weren't afraid of Stannis, one of them getting in his face. He then smiled at Stannis, revealing his yellow and few teeth. They thought he was a joke and Stannis was a clown for them.
"Step aside old man," The pirate said, "Let us do our duty."
Stannis snickered, also wasn't afraid of two pirates, "And if I don't? Will I or even you two must be forced to spill blood?"
"Ye ain't gonna spill any blood," The other pirate said, "So like he be saying before, step aside old man!"
Stannis had a clear idea on who sent them but right now it didn't worry him as he took a few steps back. He then started to whistle a little song like he was waiting for one of them to attack him with his sharp weapon, soon circling around the little dorm room.
"Quit the stinking singing," The pirate said, raising his sword up as he walked towards Stannis.

Jason quickly jumped out of the bush after cleaning all the filth off his body, nearly throwing up at the sight. Poking his head up, he witnessed two pirates with their swords out, confronting Sanchi's father. With widened eyes, he threw the bucket off his foot and grabbed his sword, a sword with human waste on it.

Cling! Suddenly Stannis stopped his little tune as one of the pirates attacked, swinging the pirate's sword away from his stomach, where the pirate aimed. Stannis then walked towards him, not fearing a single thing, and kicked him to the ground. Then the shorter and heavier pirate ran into the duel, pushing Stannis away from his partner, saving his life.
"Two against one old man," Stannis said calmly, "Little scoundrels!"
The skinnier pirate jumped up, after he was tired of being insulted by an elder man, letting out a loud roar as he swung his sword over and over. Stannis then ducked his head, sword blowing past the top of his head. He ducked again, moving his chest and head back as he felt the daring wind from the enemy's sword. Stannis then smiled at the pirate after his back-to-back hits, slowly approaching him. Stupidly wasn't afraid of him, he ran towards Stannis again, aiming for his stomach. Stannis read the move, and jumped sideways and felt the sword's wind going past him. Finally, he grabbed the arm of the skinny pirate and snapped it, quickly finishing him off by placing his sword deep into his chest, changing his sword from shiny silver to dull red.
"Your friend had it coming," Stannis said, kicking the skinny pirate over, "Just drop your sword and..."
The shorter and heavier pirate begin to release out an angry roar as he attacked Stannis, punching him in the face, and then pushing him over Sanchi's bed. With Stannis on the ground after a hard hit, this was the pirate's chance to earn his pay for killing Sanchi, approaching the unconscious man. He then raised his sword high above Sanchi's body, knowing just one easy swing would end Sanchi's life but make his life rich. Finally he slammed the sword down, aiming for Sanchi's chest.
Cling! Instead of hitting Sanchi and killing him, he hit the mid part of Stannis's sword, saving his son's life. Stannis then jumped over the bed after pushing the pirate's sword away, punching the pirate in his face and even headbutting him. Soon it looked like Stannis would end the victory as he approached the pirate, but this stranger wasn't giving up quite yet. After Stannis's miss, the pirate took a huge bit of Stannis's hand like it was a juicy irrestiable steak, causing him to drop his sword. With a great deal of pain, Stannis managed to throw the heavy set pirate off of him, rubbing his injured and bloody hand. With the pirate focusing on his busted nose, Stannis then ran towards him and tackled him on the ground, throwing his sword right out of his hand. Stannis didn't resist anymore as he slammed his fist in the pirate's eye and another one but this daring pirate grabbed Stannis's hand, twisting it back and throwing him off.
"Giv...give up old man," The pirate said crawling towards the sword, "Ye have lost!"
The pirate crawled, kicking Stannis away from him, and grabbed his sword. A sign of defeat towards Stannis, looking up at him with his glaring sword. He thought it was over with Stannis's weapon far from sight, knowing he was weaponless and hopeless. Although it was the pirate, who paid no attention at the entrance of the door, who was hopeless. Suddenly Jason grabbed his shoulders and threw him outside. The heavy set pirate then tried to reach for his sword, falling out of his hand, but Jason picked it up his self.
"Things just got real," Jason said, placing the blade of his sword gently on the pirate's throat.
From his anger towards Amy going against his orders and going on the ship and the fact that someone tried to kill one of his own friend, but him falling in a bush filled with human waste, it thrived him into a new person no one seen yet.
"Dad!" Beth cried, walking out of Samuel's shop, "What are you doing?"
Jason, who was smelling like waste and with the waste all over him, he stared at his daughter with a terrible look on his face. He then looked down at the hopeless pirate, anger rushing in his blood with little bitterness, he then sliced the pirate's throat.
"Oh god," Stannis said, walking out of the dorm, "They almost killed Sanchi!"
Jason nodded his head, wiping the blood off his sword, "Who paid these two to do so?"
Stannis had a good clue on who as he remembered the day where he witnessed Sanchi pushing over a companion seller over a bunch of enslaved creatures. From glancing back in the dorm, staring at all the blood and the body, Stannis snickered, "I know and I'm going to talk to this fool!"
Stannis put his sword up and started to walk away from the bloody scene, thinking of nothing but revenge and more blood to be spilled as he knew it was time for more to pay. Although it was still clear in his mind, giving away his son and his crew away to the armadas for a good profit. He knew it had to be done but he had to wait for Sanchi to be awake, already regretting it like a mistake that he'd be regretting for a long time.

"Can't believe we're be forced to father firewood," Sanchez said hatefully, "And not being fed until Anthony returns with treasure!"
"Yes," Moresco said, only holding twigs and sticks that weighed about three pounds
Moresco paid no attention to Sanchez while he continued to fulminate.
"I say we should just take care of Samuel and take the treasure for ourselves," Sanchez said, placing his finger in his pocket to pull out the treaty, "And sell this stupid treaty to someone who'd pay us a good profit."
Selling the treaty would be extremely difficult, knowing how bad the pirates and the armadas need it for this bloody war but he didn't care what they wanted..he cared what he and his crew needed. With the armadas and Juhn Woun searching day and night for the treaty, it seemed a big deal but Sanchez just thought of the treaty as a paper that can be easily ripped. 
"Just need to get out of here," Sanchez said to pretty much his self, "Get out of here with our whole crew."
"Me wish Sanchi was awake," Moresco said, dropping a few sticks.
Sanchez agreed with Moresco, "Yeah, let's just hope everything is okay while we're gone."
Suddenly Moresco stopped with a scared look on his face like he seen a ghost, dropping all the needed sticks in his arms. Sanchez then softly placed the wood down and went to check on Moresco. The little companion then pointed straight ahead in the middle of the markets. With questions and concerns quickly filling in his head, Sanchez walked towards the sight that was worth see. 
"These cowards threatened Stanford," Sanchez said, reading the bloody sign.
 Sanchez then looked up at the long stick with a head above it, blood dripping all over the signs. Two of the heads were unfamiliar to him, but the one head was familiar to Sanchez like he witnessed this merchant few seconds ago. Sanchez remembered the merchant seller from long ago, and his encounter with Sanchi. Staring at a dark and also frightening scene, Sanchez quickly left the wood back and ran back to his crew as the wind begin to blow the bloody signs off.

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