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The Warrior "Rest" S1 E11 (Addition to Season One)

After receiving the news from one of his spies, Kane sat at his desk, all alone and just play with one of his pen and the bottle of ink, quiet but devastated and angry about the given news. Another one of his plans, destroyed, by a crew filled with children, he thought as he continued to write harder on the sheet of paper, causing the ink to bleed on his desk.
"Sir Kane," Bishop said, opening up the door without a single knock, "A new Skyway and perhaps even more islands has been discovered early this morning!"
Kane didn't speak or even looked at Bishop. He just continued to scribble all over a sheet of paper, trying to control his anger. He felt like thousands of bullets killed all of his men and stole million pounds of gold from him, ruining Valencia for good but that wasn't the case, some dimwitted crew finding the treaty before an army with over hundred-thousands of men, who couldn't even get the location right.
"They call it Aquista," Bishop said, walking up to Kane's desk, "Oil and other beautiful gems were being mined there but I wouldn't call it a "Pirate Skyway" so I believe they wouldn't mind if the..."
Kane became irritated, getting sick of hearing Bishop telling him a bunch of stuff he didn't care about. Nothing involving them winning the war, nothing involving how they caught Sanchi's crew, and nothing on them getting the treaty back.
"Bishop, you barged in here without a single knock," Kane said, slamming his pen into the table, "And you opened up your mouth constantly when you haven't asked me if I cared or not. Have all of a sudden you lost your knowledge, which is the only thing you're well at, and perhaps even your manners?"
"I thought the news of this new world could be excited for our cost," Bishop said, "I'm sorry if I was troublesome towards you."
Kane laughed, throwing everything off his desk and even threw his chair at Bishop, "And now you're apologizing? Give meh a break! We cannot allow Mooshu join those pirates, do you understand that? And do you remember that retching crew of almost two lads and some flying demon and crane making the armadas look like a joke? Escaping from us, one time being you, and eventually snatching that treaty away from us? We even killed the warrior who had it on him and yet we didn't have the knowledge to even check him! We're losing it and it's because of a crew with their captain a farm kid from Mooshu and his little companion and musketeer friend!"
Armadas and even some of the slaves heard Kane throwing a fit, stopping everything they were doing to go toward Kane's closed door. Kane was furious about the chance of winning the war against the pirates slimmed because of a little crew. He felt like his own inner circle weakened after they lost the crew over and over again, Kane knew who'd need bigger forces to capture this crew.
"Explain," Kane said calmly, "Where is Deacon and Rooke? Are they becoming weak, too?"
Bishop shook his head, slowly looking back up at Kane, who threw his mask at a window. He stared at his pale, which was becoming red, face, seeing his scary angry look like he killed thousands of men and came back harmless, Bishop thought.
"Your former spy, not Deacon, has informed them where that wanted crew is going," Bishop said nervously.
Kane finally stopped the heavy breathing, managed to calm his self down again, "When you barged into here without a knock, you thought it was a well thought to tell me this last?"
Bishop shook his head, "It was my fault, sir Kane."
Kane turned back around, picking up his dented mask and putting it back on, looking out into the grey stormy Skyway of Valencia, "Leave my office at once and fly over to Aquista with a crew."

Arriving back to the island filled with some of the best trading markets, a familiar place for Sanchi and the rest as they stepped off the ship, couldn't be anymore satisfied to see the filthy trashy sand of the market island but soon enough Sanchi knew they would have to leave this place after their meals.
"Today is my last day here," Sanchi announced to Sanchez and Stannis, "Tomorrow I'm going to Mooshu with Moresco, with or without you all."
Stannis nodded his head, "One night, of course."
After stepping off the ship, Stannis stopped walking again, being left alone for the third time. He looked all around the area, seeing pirates stealing barrels or pirates trading with others. Every seemed normal to Stannis as the sun started to go down..but few miles away, near another docks on the island, Stannis noticed a ship that didn't blend in with the rest of the wooden pirate ships. He started to walk closer to the other docks, getting a clear and clearer view of the ship. A ship that was silver with twice as more cannons as the other ships on the docks, a ship with silver armor all over it, a ship that was only created in Valencia, an armada's ship. Stannis then stared at the armada's ship, suddenly hearing a quiet whistle right behind him, a whistle that was becoming louder and louder.
"We thought it would of been better to dock at this one," Deacon said, swinging his revolver around playfully, "Just patiently waiting for you to tell us when the time is right to, you know, attack that crew."
Stannis felt a bit betrayal towards Deacon, who disobeyed his order when he said clearly not to dock on this island, "Are you crazy? You cannot take out this crew alone!"
Suddenly Stannis heard another voice in the dark, a deeper voice from the darkness, "Stanford, who said he was alone?"
Stannis looked into the darkness, seeing a big giant armored man stepping out of the shadows, "Rooke, what are you..."
"You knew about our arrival," Deacon interrupted Stannis, "Or have you forgot already, right?"
Deacon thought the other spy, Stannis, was becoming soft towards the armadas and Kane's orders. He started to believe that the father of Sanchi was slowly being pulled into Sanchi's heart, being that it was a clear sigh. Stannis was becoming weak.
"I can handle this now," Stannis said to Deacon hatefully, "Sanchi finally trusts me and now I know where they're heading and..."
Rooke started to laugh, which caused Stannis to stop speaking.  He felt like Deacon and Rooke was taking all of this as a joke but in reality, it was just them being their hateful selves and wanting to take care of matters theirselves with  blood on their blades. Now it was just two men who were bullying Stannis, he felt.
"You're becoming soft on us," Deacon said joyfully, "Is it you caring for your son, now?"
Stannis suddenly got into Deacon's face, shoving him back, "I will not take you calling me something I'm not! I am the same Stannis and I am still with the armadas!"
Deacon shook his head, getting into Stannis's face, "You know me well enough to understand I am not the one who gets bullied like some weak being! I am Deacon and you're just some hired spy, that's it. Do your job and if you ever push me again, I'll slice your throat wide open."
Deacon then walked away from Stannis, purposely bumping into him, and got back inside of his ship. Stannis managed to remain calm but deep inside, he was furious and disrespected, taking into consideration of Deacon's hateful words towards him.
"They make songs about you," Rooke said, throwing wood into a fire, "Let's hope there won't be a song for your betrayal towards the armadas."

"This treaty is worth hundreds," Chun said, reading the Mooshu's treaty again, "Maybe thousands...or millions!"
Jason laughed, biting his fingernails, "Samuel will demand that treaty or there'll be no meals."

It was a tough decision for Sanchi, deciding between one full meal or thousands with the worth of the treaty. Yet, Sanchi knew this piece of paper put their live's in danger, even more danger than before which made Sanchi and the rest even more terrified.
"I can't give this treaty back to Derwitchi," Sanchi said, thinking about his master's safety, "I can't let Mooshu be apart of this war."
Sanchi still managed to remain calm after all of the realization of them becoming in even more danger than before. Meanwhile Sanchez and Anthony were terrified for knowing how value of them being dead would be.
"Those armadas and now the pirates are thirsty for our blood," Sanchez said nervously, "Aye, this can't be!"
"Forget about Mooshu or the treasure," Jason said, slamming his knife into the wooden floor, "A deal is a deal and Samuel is awaiting for that treaty."
Sanchi knew how big of an idiot he would be if he just gave away a paper that was worth thousands, just for a piece of bread and a cup of water. He knew that he could make him and his crew rich just by the treaty but at the same time, the treaty could make them a bigger target. Yet he was still confused on what to do, looking all around the little dorm to wait for someone's opinion. He even looked down at Moresco, who doesn't have a clue on values or gold.
"Master," Moresco said, feeling a bit healthier, "Samuel fed me well and if we don't give him want he wants, we pretty much threw him under a ship, yep yep!"
"And if we do give it to him we'll be in the same situation," Anthony added
Amy and Beth were quiet, knowing that their opinions wouldn't mean a single thing since they were never apart of the crew. but still, Sanchi looked over at them and asked; "Amy, Beth, anything to say? Perhaps an idea?"
Neither of them didn't know about anything involving what's good or not for the crew, still confuse about how a piece of paper is worth thousands of gold but Amy still had somewhat a good idea.
"Keep the paper and trade it in for a better and bigger price," Amy said, "It's one against all of us, Samuel is just a merchant and he's not handy with weapons. He thought you all were fools so he tried to convince starving wolves to give him what he wanted. It's a game and Samuel is playing it with you all."
Sanchi was impressed, shaking his head repeatedly with a big smile, "She's right. Samuel doesn't deserve that treaty and he definitely doesn't have the men to contain us from taking it."

Jason couldn't believe his own daughter betraying Samuel, who provided them with a home at one point and loads of food. Samuel who saved them from starvation and much worse and having one of his daughters betraying him just made Jason irritated. As everyone begin to exit the little dorm to get some rest, Jason walked behind Amy and pulled her away from them. With a strong and tight grip on her arm, she knew that his father was angry as she pulled away from him.
"Please tell me you aren't thinking what you said minutes ago," Jason said, giving Amy a hateful stare, "Tell me!"
Amy looked at her father, seeing a different side of him, a side she didn't like, "Father, have you lost your mind? This is a sign for a better life that we and Sanchi are trying to find! We're finally apart of something big with these guys!"
Jason completely disagreed with Amy, "We're better off pissing on Kane and thinking we aren't gonna get a bullet from him then going with them for a better life! C'mon, I know you be better than this!"
"Aye," she said, "Maybe you're better off with just yourself and that thing you want to use on Kane."
With a bunch of time thinking, he realized that Sanchi and his crew were dangerous and being with him also put Jason and his daughters in more danger, he thought.
"Listen to me, please," Jason said calmly, "They're being hunted by the armadas and the pirate army. Great war fighters who're excellent with killing and the other side with trained, once smugglers, and strong pirates looking for them! Come to your senses!"
She thought more of Sanchi's crew, the better and more exciting life were with him and she wanted to join them but that wasn't the real reason. Anthony, she was in love with the not-so-smart, weak and scared pirate named Anthony. She felt like the sun was rising whenever she saw Anthony, she felt no danger but happiness with him. She thought of him more than just some poor and pathetic weak little pirate, she thought of him as a charming pirate who aren't like the filthy criminal ones.
"Maybe it's a sign for us," Amy said calmly, wiping the tears away, "Maybe when those five jumped on our ship, it was a sign of a new and exciting journey for us. We can be more than what we're labeled now. Maybe it's destiny when Anthony and the others fell on our ship. Maybe we're suppose to be apart of them for something that's coming, bigger than anything we could even imagine."
Jason was speechless. He didn't know what Amy meant or what could be better for them right now but for some odd reason Amy believed that Sanchi and his crew landing on their ship was a sign of something, something that Jason would need to understand. He always believed his daughters were strong and old enough to make their own decisions so he knew this was their chance.
"I hope you're right," Jason said, opening up the door to leave, "We're risking almost we got, including Samuel's foods, just for this crew."
She knew what she was risking would be the right choice. She had hope in Anthony and the crew like destiny threw their crew on their ship for a certain reason, reason being that they could help them with something bigger. It was the right time for her father to trust her, putting everything she got in a bunch of pirates she met two days ago.

After few hours passed, still not a single meal yet, and everyone around were sound asleep, except for Sanchi, who was in his little dorm. He sat in front of the window, staring into the Skyways like the skies had answers for him but he was just simply thinking since it was the right time to do so. He was nervous but yet confident to see his master again, once they reach Mooshu in just a couple of days.
"No matter how many days I wait for you," voice of Hanju started to go through Sanchi's mind, "I'll always wait for you."
Thinking about all of his training from Hanju and all the lessons he taught him, Sanchi became a little teary after not seeing him for few weeks now. Memories flew around his head from the day Hanju first taught him all the day to where Sanchi said his goodbyes to Hanju after he sailed off Mooshu, to gather some more tools. Tears fell on the pane, slowly dripping onto the floor and through the cracks.
"You're still awake," Sanchez said, slowly opening up the door, "Thought you would be awake...but not looking out of the window like you were saying goodbye to someone you love?"
It was similar to that, Sanchi thought as he wiped the tears away, "What do you want?"
Sanchez slowly shut the door, walking up and taking a seat right on Sanchi's bed. Sanchez felt grateful for Sanchi and was also grateful for his life, which was almost lost by the Skyways.
"You saved me," Sanchez said quietly, "I owe you so many things, including my life. Soooo I dedicated myself and even Chun's to get you back home, Hamamistu, right?"
Sanchi nodded his head, "Might as well return the favor for everything you did for me."
Sanchez got off the bed and approached Sanchi randomly. He then dropped on one knee and bowed to Sanchi, treating Sanchi like he was some royal and powerful king of the Spiral. But for Sanchez, Sanchi was better than any king or any ruler for him, he saved his self.
"I'm no knight nor a trooper," Sanchez said to Sanchi, "I use to be only a poor smuggler but I vow to help you to get to Hamamistu. Me and my companion are yours now for a debt of our lives. I will protect you and be apart of your crew for now until I hit the grave."
This was unusual for Sanchi, being treated as a king or some role model. He didn't know what to do or say to Sanchez but he agreed to all of it. Sanchi just rose up and helped Sanchez up, patting his back and giving him a tight and warm hug.
"You don't have to do all of this but if you want to...welcome to my crew," Sanchi said, hugging Sanchez tight.
Suddenly Sanchez felt Sanchi's stomach roar loudly. He then moved away from Sanchi, who was leaning all over him. He looked at Sanchi's face, which was becoming pale and very sweaty. 
"Hey bud," Sanchez said to Sanchi, helping him get to his bed, "Are you alright?"
Sanchi then started to throw up clear vomit and fell into it. Sanchez thought he caught some illness but it wasn't, noticing that he was laying in his own vomit and started to shake all on the floor. He was having a deadly seizure, Sanchez realized it and fell on the ground, trying to hold his friend still and keep him alive.
"Help!" Sanchez started to yell, "Something is wrong with Sanchi!"
Not having anything to eat or a good meal for awhile was the main reason for this as Sanchi started to throw up even more. Suddenly the door flew wide open, Stannis and Jason both ran through it and helped put Sanchi on the bed.
"My son," Stannis cried, "What did you do to him!?"
Jason noticed the symptoms and knew what was going on with him, quickly pushing Sanchez and Stannis away from Sanchi, "He didn't do it you fool! He's having a seizure from not having a single meal for awhile!"
Stannis looked at his son, who was his shaking repeatedly and throwing up clear vomit, "Starvation isn't the only thing! Do you even know what to do?"
The little room started to fill up with screaming and panicking, being that Sanchi was moments away from death. None of them knew what to do, besides one person. Chun and Moresco both grabbed Sanchi and managed to slow down the shaking, with the help from Stannis and Sanchez.
"Get Amy," Jason cried, "She can help him out!"
With Sanchi shaking repeatedly and dangerously fast, the wrapped up treaty fell out of his pocket and landed right next to Sanchez. Sanchez then released Sanchi and picked up the treaty, placing it inside of his boot.

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