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The Warrior "Pirate In Blue" SEASON ONE (Extra-extended and reedited)

In the Spiral, where there's a blood-dripping war between two opposite sides fighting and trying to conquer every land they can get on, going against a side where they're trying to protect their conquered land...and the Spiral. With traitor spies all around, betraying their sworn alliances for a profit from their enemies, creatures, who's thirsty for blood, and bounty hunters and pirates causing trouble for their treasure or even for the fun of it, this pirate's spiral isn't anything involving safe. With the side who's trying to conquer everything, there's evil, call the Armadas. Some armadas are just a bunch of clockworks being control by the most evil in the spiral and was pretty much created for the start of war. No no not Malistaire or Zarathax! This isn't anything like the Wizard's world, it's the pirate's world. The leader of these armadas goes by Kane and the armada's inner circle. Although Kane isn't the only evil one, Deacon is Kane's apprentice and the Skymaster for the Armada army. The armada army not only has their leaders, but generals such as an over 6 foot armada Rooke, whose the general/head of the forces of the army. Bishop is the smartest one in the circle, making him one of the soldier designer. Finally Phule is like Kane's jester. Now to the long conquers, The pirate army, being led by a a man named Derwitchi. The pirate army constructed some of the best and strong bases, towers, building, etc, throughout the whole Spiral, and continued to make sure the Spiral wasn't in the hands of evil. Now it wasn't just the Derwitchi and his created pirate army. The Warriors were an alliances plead to the Pirate army, with strong and intelligent Buccaneers and Swashbucklers combined, they continued to fight against the armadas. With the armada army growing even more and creating more alliances with other places, who would try and stop these bad boys? How bout a pirate by the name Dan Sanchez, a musketeer and his sidekicks, Wing Chun (Crane companion), Bonnie Anne (Fox companion) and Shiruku Neko. These three would never expect they could save the spiral from the armadas and actually become a somebody, until they were rescued by an unique fighter, a swashbuckler Buccaneer mixed named Sanchi, who has the skills of being more than just a Warrior, and his companion Moresco De Valvida. Kane or even any armada would ever have the thought of these individuals being an issue for the armada army, not even the pirate army and the Warrior's council.
The General and in charge of the Armada army, Rooke!
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Kane's apprentice. Spy master of the Armadas, Deacon!

The well known leader of the whole entire Armada army, Kane!

It all started like this;

                                           "Hey, Sanchez, Sanchez!"
"Wake up kid," Wing Chun said, rubbing some flower petals all over Sanchez.
It was early when Chun, Sanchez's companion, started rubbing petals all in Sanchez's face, causing him to finally wake up. Sanchez moaned and groaned, advising his companions to let him sleep for a few more hours because he stayed up all night in the Skull Island jungles, studying the troggys and their tribes. He watched for the lizard-like creatures with just little clothing covering their crouch areas with a sharp stick or spear, looking for their moral enemies, pirates.
"I always warn him about staying up late," Bonnie Anne said, cutting some vegetables up, "Never listens!"
Wing Chun walked over to their hut's entrance and took off the ceiling, causing the brightest go into Sanchez's eyes. Finally Shiruku entered the tent after setting up a fire with a boiling pot on top of it, both her and Bonnie were preparing breakfast.
"Don't worry pirates," Sanchez said in his dreams, "I, Sanchez of Skull Island will save you all!"
"Oh geez he's dreaming again," Bonnie said as he threw all the chopped up vegetables in the pot.
Sanchez had a simple dream in life; becoming more than just a poor pirate who lives in a small wooden hut and struggles just to get food and supplies. He was tired of all of it, every morning he wakes up just to fill up buckets with filthy water so they wouldn't get dehydrated. Fighting off troggys or skeleton pirates just so him and his companions could actually eat and they wouldn't even eat a lot.
"Maybe we should go get a bucket of some lake water," Wing Chun said with a playful smile on his face.
Finally Sanchez opened his eyes up and jumped off the hard cold ground, cracking his back and fingers. Sleeping on plain dirt, courtesy of being poor with nothing else beside a little pot, couple of huts, and companions.
"Took you a while to wake up," Shiruku said, playing with her two knives, "Is this going to be a new routine kind of thing?"
A ninja cat companion, Shiruku was from Mooshu, born and raised in tough strong villages. Her skills consisted off knowing how to fight and deal with her two small sharp knives. One time a bunch of greedy pirates broke into Sanchez's stuff to steal what little they had. Luckily Shiruku heard Sanchez's screaming and she rolled into action, slicing all three of the pirates just all by herself. Shiruku could of actually been useful in the pirate army but sadly her owners sold her to a wealthy pirate. Somehow she ran away from the man and rounded up with Sanchez, a poor with hardly anything pirate. Fox companion, Bonnie Anne was born deep in the jungles of Skull Island with her father and her use-to-be owner. Since they were really poor and only had a few weapons and food, most of the days Bonnie Anne just practiced shooting and hunted with her father, which made her a sharpshooter companion. Once the armadas took over some parts of the jungles, Deacon killed her owner and her father while Bonnie escaped. Last of all there was a crane companion from a not-so-rough and kinda weak village in Mooshu, Wing Chun. Chun was never handy with weapons but he still carries a little musket around. Balancing, focusing, and being mostly a coward was most of Chun's training because his village was peace who really didn't use any weapons and instead they just meditate on one leg, which he does a lot. Due to the lack of weapons and stills, Chun's village was attacked by the armadas for another base and Mooshu. All three of these companions were all owned by a musketeer, Dan Sanchez, who found them when they needed help. No one calls him Dan because they thought his Dan didn't suit him but for some odd reason, they thought Sanchez suited him well.
"Just had a brilliant dream that was better than this right now," Sanchez said, grabbing his hat, "All four was us met some pirate from Mooshu and..."
Wing Chun laughed as he rudely interrupted Sanchez, "Oh you said a pirate from Mooshu who says ye and arrrr?!"
"Well actually he was more than just a pirate...perhaps a swashbuckler and buccaneer mixed," Sanchez continued, "He helped us out and then we repaid our debts with him...saving the spiral and we all got paid with thousand of treasure!"
Shiruku laughed, never ever going to believe that'll happen to them due to their luck, "Why don't ya lay ya head back down and dream it again?"
Sanchez, young teenage pirate shook his head with a sad look on his face, "I know we don't have much but memories and stories like about we cherish them?"
Bonnie walked back inside of the hut, dropping a bucket filled with water so everyone else can clean up before breakfast. Chun and Shiruku dropped next to the bucket and washed their face while Sanchez skipped cleaning up and just walked outside of their hut.
"Oh hey Sanchez," Bonnie said, walking in front of him, "You still look dirty?"
Bonnie Anne always treated Sanchez like a little kid and today was just another example. She quickly licked her furry finger and pressed it against Sanchez's cheeks, rubbing her spit all over his face as he tried to clean him up but Sanchez pushed her hand away. Bonnie stared at Sanchez with a serious look, "Did Chun and Shiruku say mean things to you?"
Boom! Suddenly a gun shot was fired in the jungles and started to echo throughout the jungles. Bonnie stood there surprised to hear something other than troggys squealing or pirates screaming. This time she didn't fire her weapons, this time it wasn't Sanchez or Chun. It was different this time and strange too because it was none of the three.
"What in the all Skyways and Pirate's realm and even the Wizard's realm," Wing Chun said, running out of the hut out of fear, "The whole spiral, all the pirate's ships..j-j-just what the everything was that!"
Wing Chun was afraid to hear another gun shot, causing him to scream like a little lad and crawl behind Shiruku and Bonnie, staying there until everything was sunny and friendly.
"That was a gunshot," Sanchez said, feeling a bit of bravery inside of him, "We're the only ones nearby with those kind of weapons?"
Bonnie laughed with a little grin on her face, "Sanchez please don't tell me you're going to go check it out?"
Sanchez stood there, few steps away from his companions. He just stood there, staring deep into the jungles with thoughts of who fired their weapons-armadas? Sharktooths? Troggys who finally got the hang of using muskets? Sanchez knew the only way of figuring this out was to check it out his self. Suddenly Sanchez unlatched his holster and brought out his two pistols. Both Bonnie and Shiruku looked each other like both of them knew what he was going to do.
"Well Bonnie," Sanchez said, running towards the gunshots, "Guess somebody has to!"
Chun poked his head out, watching Sanchez being a fool and running straight into danger, "What is he doing?"
Shiruku pulled both of her knives out and shrugged her shoulders, "Guess we gotta follow and find out."

Only poor fools with nothing else better to do will go into the dangerous jungles of Skull Island, filled with troggy tribes and other creatures who're lurking for pirate blood. This time these two never planned on going into Skull Island but due to losing a large piece in their ship, it was time for them to stop. Suddenly a flying Captain Sorcerer with red demon eyes and a red body with bat wings darker than dark itself stepped off the ship. This creature was unique to any other companion, his looks deceives any companions that he would be dangerous with his long claws and demon-like look. He had a metal chest plate from a pirate solider that pretty much fit all on his body. He also had a metal helmet on with two holes in it, for his mean looking horns. His name was Moresco De Valvida and his looks was far different than his attitude and skills.
"Master," Moresco said, "Me is confused and don't know why me and you is here?"
Moresco's master was different than him. Some say he's more than just a pirate who regularly gets drunk or just gets into fights with others over dumb things. The man who walked off the ship had a light blue that resembles the Skyway's skies, shinobi shozoku robe on with a light blue ninja mask on that went over his mouth and hair. He had a long sharp sword on his back with blood on it from his past enemies. Trained moves and swings due to his master's training. He wasn't just a buccaneer...he was more than that. He was a buccaneer and swashbuckler. His name was Sanchi Sameria.
"Yes Moresco," Sanchi said, looking at this dump of a jungle, "Explain our issue?"
"Me was steering the ship while you was on the poop deck, doing me don't know, and me saw a cool looking ship and...kinda," Moresco said, avoiding eye contact with Sanchi, "Me stopped paying attention and accidentally scrapped by an island going by...which took a chunk out of our ship, master!"
"Master Hanju is going to be furious," Sanchi said, "And let's not forget Doju and his anger issues!"
"Me know," Moresco said, feeling a bit guilty, "You should of been the one steering the ship!"
Sanchi quickly turned around on Moresco with a sarcastic-like tone, "Maybe next time I will since you can't simply pay attention and simply get us back to we're in some junk in Skull island!"
Boom! Suddenly a gunshot was fired and then another one, grabbing both of their attention. Sanchi quickly pulled his sword out while Moresco got behind him, not knowing what was in those jungles. They just stood there, staring at the tall green trees which would take them into somewhere they never been into. Then they started to hear screaming which made Sanchi think about going in there.
"Moresco," Sanchi said, "Is there any armada's ships around here?"
"Yes master," Moresco said, putting up two fingers.
Sanchi stared into the jungles again as he thought about what to do. He hated the armadas with all his might and would do anything to destroy them all, which gave him the strength to run into the jungles.
"Whoa," Moresco said, "Master wait!"

Sanchez continued to run into the jungles even after his companions yelled and told him to stop. Sanchez didn't hear of what they want him to do, he wanted to find out what was going on and possibly save the endanger ones but soon he may find out that he and his companions may be the endangered ones.
Meanwhile Sanchi and Moresco ran into the jungle and towards the gunshots, hoping it would be just a few easy armada guards so he could get the pleasure to take them out. Sanchi was determined and excited to fight them.
Sanchez was curious to know who fired a gun and determined to stop the man with his bravery and hopes to it'd be a powerful pirate who can grant Sanchez's dream of being rich and a somebody.

"W-w-we got-got him," An armada guard said, throwing a bloody pirate in front of their leader.
The armada's leader name was Kane, who stood in front of the bloody man. The stranger started to shake as Kane approached him and started to beg for his life to be spared.
"Well Kane," Deacon said, pointing a gun to the man's head, "Shall I get the honor and shut this warrior up?"
Kane raised his hand up, motioning for Deacon to shut his mouth. Kane knew how to run things with the armadas due to his experience of being their leader for a long, long, long time because of his wisdom, leadership skills, and his thirst for blood of his enemies.
"Warrior," Kane said, "Why are you in the jungles of Skull Island?"
Warriors and pirates in general were Kane's natural enemies and a potential threat to the armada army. The pirates and armadas always been since many wars. Lots of blood shed, pirates dying and armadas becoming destroyed for many many years just so these two different sides could continue to fight each other. Years later a well known sword fighter developed Warriors and begin giving lessons to pirates who had nothing, training them to be both a swashbuckler and buccaneer. Now the Warriors advanced with their own council and a huge part in the pirate army and pirate's success.
"Because I-I-I-I-I..."
Due to the Warrior's annoying stuttering, Kane fired his pistol straight into the Skyway just to shut him up. Kane really didn't have the patience to even look at the Warrior, slowly urging to aim the pistol at his head and shut him up for good.
"I don't see Lord Derwitchi around," Kane said, "Well I don't even see anyone with you around...why are you in here alone?"
The Warrior didn't look at Kane, he just stared at the ground as he shrugged his shoulders. Kane shook his head with no respect towards the Warrior, ordering for Deacon to finally kill him.
Boom! Another gunshot was fired and this time it was from Deacon, finally killing the Warrior.
"About time," Deacon said, "He was getting on my nerves!"

"Sanchez," Bonnie said, getting exhausted, "Just stop and explain this!"
Finally Sanchez stopped running and his companions finally caught up to him. Due to making her run for a long time, Shiruku ran up to Sanchez and slapped him in the back of the head.
"No more gunshots," Sanchez said, catching his breath, "I don't hear anything?"
Suddenly they started to hear footsteps and metal clanking on other metal. Sanchez quickly pulled out his pistols while Shiruku and Bonnie pulled out their weapons, Chun got behind them due to being afraid. They aimed around the area, advising the unknown threats to come out. The threats finally walked out and it was something Sanchez wouldn't ever thought he would see...Kane, Deacon, and a few armada troops walked out and circled Sanchez and his companions.
"Pirates with self-esteems greater than the Volcano on Waponi Wu," Kane said, "Great self-esteems sometimes get you killed by others who's strengths are greater than great self esteems held by this pirate and his three girly companions!"
Armadas all around had their swords and staffs pointed at Sanchez and his companions. Bonnie and Shiruku tried to talk and confront Kane but Sanchez got in front of them, with his bravery he wanted to do all the talking.
"We heard gunshots," Sanchez said, pointing at behind them, "Thought it was some drunk pirates?"
"You know," Deacon said, "At Waponi Wu, we met Chumba Wumba and two piss-poor pirates named uh..Danny and the other...Malik? Well Anyway, they reminded us of you and your companions!"
Sanchez smiled doing something that takes full bravery and a bit of stupidity, aiming his pistol at the great Kane. Armadas around them all had their focus on the man who had his weapon aimed at their leader, a crime armadas thought that'd get anyone killed.
"Weapon down pirate," Deacon said, "We don't want to waste our ammo on pirates like..."ye" all!"
"Listen to them Sanchez," Wing Chun said nervously, "Don't get us killed!"
Sanchez didn't listen, still having his pistol aimed at Kane. Meanwhile Bonnie looked behind her crew and aimed her large musket at the armadas with a big smile she whispered to them, "I'd take a few steps back!"
Kane stood there, scrolling and playing with his small cane. He was waiting for one of the companions to make a dumb move that'd get their crew killed..or a pirate to make a dumb mistake.
"You know something," Sanchez said with a bulge smile, "It's kinda ironic how your name is Kane're playing with a cane?"
Suddenly someone..or something fell out of a tree. The man who was wearing light blue fell in front of Sanchez and pulled his sword out, running towards Kane and Deacon. Then a little demon with wings started to fire his weapons at armadas from the tree, taking a few out. Sanchez stood there as Shiruku and Bonnie begin firing and dueling with the armadas, watching as Sanchi was taking on Kane and Deacon.

Ching, woo-ching, cling! Kane quickly swung his cane at Sanchi but completely missed as Sanchi ducked his head down, dodging both Deacon's and Kane's hits. Then Sanchi jumped back up, slicing Deacon's chest just a little and caused Kane's sidekick to hit the ground hard. Now it was just Sanchi and something he hated the most; armadas!
"Looks like we've got another warrior," Kane said, trying to strike Sanchi, "Did Juhn sent you?"
Kane spun around Sanchi and got behind him, trying to strike him from behind but Sanchi dropped on his belly and dodged Kane's move. Then Sanchi switched on his back and fought Kane on the ground, fighting Kane's sword with his own sword. Sanchi was the first to even put up a fight against both Kane and Deacon, already taking Deacon out. Kane was surprise with Sanchi's performance and even mistake him for Juhn Woun...but he wasn't no Juhn Woun, he was Sanchi Sameria.
"Come on Warrior," Kane said, kicking Sanchi in his face, "Who trained ya?"
Kane aimed for Sanchi's chest, an easy target to take out fast. It was quite difficult for Sanchi to duel Kane, due to his mask and unable to see Kane's eyes. Sanchi's master always taught him to always look at your enemies eyes because eyes always looks at where they want to strike you at.
"A warrior who doesn't speak, huh?"
Swoosh, swoosh! Kane almost hit Sanchi but Sanchi's dodging moves were a bit fast for Kane. Then as Kane missed again with his sword, Sanchi headbutted Kane repeatedly and punched him in his hard chest plate. Kane easily fought back like this was a regular duel for him, although it was tougher and harder than any duel Kane encountered. Luckily Kane grabbed Sanchi's fist after a few punches, headbutting Sanchi and pushing him to the ground.
"Come on now Warrior," Kane said, "Better than that!"
Something Sanchi was known for was not talking much to his enemies and his anger issues. When someone begin talking bad to Sanchi and makes him angry, it usually makes Sanchi even faster and mightier with a sword! Sanchi's anger usually helps him get back up even when he's exhausted and took a few blows, that's how a fighter like Sanchi was born; taking nothing from anyone! Suddenly Sanchi changed into a different fighter towards Kane but for Sanchi, it was always the same. Sanchi let out a big roar and jumped up again, swinging harder and fast at Kane, dodging all of Kane's moves but at the same time Kane was dodging his moves too.
Swoosh, swoosh...swoosh! Sanchi over and over again dodged Kane's moves like he read them like a old book! Sanchi started to get closer and closer to Kane, which was something Kane would never wanted. Kane swung at Sanchi, trying to strike his chest but Sanchi turned sideways, dodging the sword and grabbing Kane's fighting hand.
"I'm not Warrior," Sanchi said as he snatched Kane's sword, "I am Sanchi from Hamamistu Village!"
He was close to ending Kane and potentially ending the Great Pirate war with the armadas but Deacon and other armadas surrounding Sanchi, not even paying any attention to the rest. Sanchi was out-numbered and he was luckily smart enough to realize it as the six armadas slowly approached him.
"Foolish man," Kane said, "You won't be no Sanchi when I throw you into a pit filled with Minotaur!"
Sanchi smiled with two swords in his hands as he bowed, "You don't know me Sir Kane, you can throw me into a pit filled with hundreds of troggys..but I'll come out leading them!"
Deacon and the armada guards ran at Sanchi, swinging their swords at the lonely fighter. Sanchi dodged the armada's moves, quickly stabbing two of the guards. As the last three ran at Sanchi, they swung and mistakenly missed the target...which made it easier for Sanchi. In front of Deacon and Kane both, Sanchi single handedly took out the three armada guards.
"Wow," Sanchez said astonishingly, "I've never ever seen anything like that!"
Sanchi turned around with a surprised look on his face, watching Sanchez staying there with a crane companion hiding behind him as a fox and ninja cat companion were taking out the armadas, thanks to Moresco taking a few out.

Suddenly as Bonnie, Shiruku, and Moresco all took out most of Kane's armadas, they started to hear more danger..tribe of troggys squealing. The squeals and screams of the troggys started to grow louder and louder..and louder.
"Dude you just took out everyone," Sanchez said, taking his filthy hat off to pay respect to Sanchi.
Sanchi thought of what Sanchez said, remembering Kane and Deacon was still alive. As Sanchi turned back around, no one was in front of him...beside a group of troggys.
"Uhhh guys," Bonnie said, aiming her weapon at troggys as they approached, "We got some trouble!"
Shiruku didn't pay any attention to Bonnie or even noticed the troggys were getting close. She was too busy focused on taking out the armadas. She dodged the last armada guard move, doing a split and quickly jumping back up, slicing from the groin and stomach up of the armada. She smiled and started to cheer, thinking that the action of the day was done...but it wasn't.
"That was awesome," Shiruku said, placing her knives back in her holster, "Did y'all see me kick those clockworks' butts?"
Moresco jumped out of the tree, running to Sanchi and crawling on his back and onto his shoulder.
"Shiruku," Bonnie said as she pointed behind her, "Ruuuun!"
Dozens of troggys jumped out of trees and ran out and towards them, throwing spears, rocks, everything they had. Luckily Bonnie moved out of the way and caused the spears to miss her, taking a couple of troggys out doing so.
"Dude you kicked some metal butt," Sanchez said, praising Sanchi, "Who are you any..."
Suddenly a troggy threw a spear, flying past Sanchez's face and nailing Shiruku in her leg. Due to the spear nearly killing Sanchez, it managed to bring him back to reality and danger. Both Sanchez and Chun ran towards Shiruku and examined Shiruku's leg, noticing that the sharp spear went through her knee and was stuck in it.
"Pick her up fast," Sanchi said, "Follow us if you want to survive!"
Sanchi and Moresco begin running towards their ship, dodging trees and rocks that were in their paths. Meanwhile Sanchez and Chun was carrying an injured Shiruku as Bonnie stayed behind everyone, shooting and taking out a few troggys that were getting close.
"Master we shouldn't take them to our ship," Moresco said, "We don't know them that well and..."
"Shut it Moresco," Sanchi said, jumping over a fallen tree, "We already wasted our time saving them from the armadas!"
Moresco was still on Sanchi's shoulder as the two continued to run towards their ship, "Are they apart of me and yours crew now?"
Sanchi laughed, "No way! We're just dropping them off somewhere, rather than here."

Kane and Deacon managed to make it back on their ship, the only ones who did. Kane was furious and felt a bit defeated because he cowardly ran away from Sanchi...but Kane knew since he was a leader of a large army, he was more valuable and powerful than just some ninja.
"Find out what you can on that pirate in blue," Kane said, "Remember his description and everything...even those others who were with him!"
Kane threw down his cane angerily and ran towards a window, noticing a familiar ship was coming towards them. Kane grinned, his mask covering his smile with a bit of teeth showing. Soon enough, a pirate walked on Kane's ship, throwing his coat and heavy on the floor like he was inside of his own home.
"Stannis," Kane said angrily, "Haven't seen you in a long, long, long time..."
Stannis joined the armadas years ago, creating a secret alliances with them for some odd reason. Not many knew much about the man they call "Stannis," only that he keeps everything he does a secret. He was an important factor for the armadas, even though they didn't even know much about the pirate but for some odd reason, they trusted this spy-like man.
The tall pirate grinned at Kane, "I have found out that Monquista may be joining Derwitchi's army. You know what this means...right?"
Kane nodded his head as the bad news continued to pile up. Due to his mild migraine and his bad sweating from all the dealt-stress, he slowly placed both of his hands on his mask and removed it, revealing his bruised up face.
"Don't worry about Monquista," Kane said, "I have a new objective for you."
Stannis smiled at Kane like the excitement for an unknown mission made the spy excited, "And that is...?"
Kane looked over at Deacon, who was listening to their conversation. He then commanded Deacon to go downstairs and contact Valencia about what happened to them. Once his other spymaster walked down to the port of the ship, Kane got to business with Stannis...after the devious pirate demanded a profit for this.
"You know I can't do anything for free," Stannis said, shrugging his shoulders.
"Fair profit for both you and Willis," Kane said, rubbing his hands together, "A large profit, indeed!"
Deacon quickly ran under the port of their ship after Kane commanded him to contact Valencia, contacting Rooke on his hologram-device table.
"Deacon," Rooke hologram said, "Any luck on the Warrior in the jungles?"
"Don't worry about that," Deacon said as he slammed his fist on the table, "Remember the name, Sanchi Sameria!"

Finally Sanchi and the rest made it to the ship and managed to lose all the troggys, too. Sanchez and his companions finally arrived at Sanchi's ship, The "Porthole" they call it. Sanchez and Chun was amazed by it, Sanchez was more excited about the chance of being more and getting out of the Skull Island jungles. Meanwhile when Bonnie arrived, she felt worried about starting a different life..she didn't want to get on that ship.
"Moresco," Sanchi said, "Help that crane and fox get their friend on our ship!"
Moresco jumped off Sanchi's shoulder and helped Chun and Bonnie get Shiruku on the ship. After they got her on the ship, Sanchi wanted all of them off the ship so he could figure them all out due to Sanchi's curiosity.
"The crane," Sanchi said, "What's your name?"
"Uh...Wing Chun," he said nervously, "But people call me Chun...because Wing sounds weird?"
"And I am Sanchez," Sanchez rudely interrupted Sanchi, "It's a pleasure being apart of your crew!"
Sanchi looked at Moresco, hoping he would try to explain to Sanchez that they can't be apart of their crew but Moresco awkwardly got back on the ship.
"Listen Sanchez..." Sanchi said, "There's an issue with..."
"Pirate in blue," Bonnie said, "I can't go with you all...I must stay here."
Sanchez glanced over at Bonnie, feeling like his heart was sliced in two. Sanchez couldn't imagine being anywhere else without Bonnie, he just couldn't. Meanwhile for Sanchi, he felt a bit sympathy for the two and didn't want to break the news while Sanchez was sad.
"Okay than," Sanchi said, handing a pouch of coins to Bonnie, "It's enough to give you a ship and few meals."
Bonnie gave Sanchi a big hug as she took the pouch of coins, "Hopefully I'll see you all again."

After saying their goodbyes to Bonnie, Sanchi showed Sanchez and Chun around the "Porthole," showing them all three bedrooms, poop deck, port, everything on his ship.
"Our ship is a messed up," Sanchi explained to Sanchez, "We can maybe get you three somewhere close."
Sanchez didn't want to leave Sanchi, after watching him duel with the armadas. Sanchez wanted to be with them and be a crew, become something more than just a pirate who's poor.
"Let us be in your crew please," Sanchez said, "We can help get food and all that!"
Sanchi shook his head no.
"We fried those clockworks' circuits," Sanchez said, "I'm even smart enough to know those two other armadas were Kane and Deacon...they're not clockworks and I know that because you made one of them bleed! See, I'm smart enough to tell which armadas are clockwork freaks and which ones are like us!"
"Still no," Sanchi said, grabbing the wheel of his ship, "Plus they're nothing like us!"
"We're poor, Bonnie left us, Shiruku is hurt, and Chun is a wuss," Sanchez continued to beg, "Please!"
"I'll give you some gold to get you all a ship to live in," Sanchi said, trying to focus on steering the ship.
Sanchi didn't like the idea of having three more join him and Moresco but Sanchez thought of it being a great idea. Sanchez thought that him and his crew could be a hero-like crew, saving the Skyways from all kind of threats but Sanchi didn't like it like that. While Sanchi was trying to steer the ship and make sure they get somewhere safe, Sanchez quickly got in Sanchi's way, "Come on please!"
"Sanchez," Sanchi said, trying to look over him, "You're in the way!"
But Sanchez didn't move. Instead he continued to beg Sanchi like he was a lost pup and Sanchi was the owner...he just didn't stop.
"Sanchez you're in my way," Sanchi cried, "I can't see a..."
Suddenly due to Sanchez blinding Sanchi, he collided into another pirate's ship. As they hit the other ship, everything just went black for them like someone knocked them all out cold. Now as their ship crashed into the island of Scrimshaw, Scrimshaw may be their next destination.

   New redo series of "The Warriors" Season one, Episode two coming soon!

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Goodbye from Blaze

Hello fellow Adventurous Wizards and Pirates. It's me, Blaze! Hope everyone had a fantastic summer. For sure I did, but that's not why I am blogging at the moment. Sure I wish I could but I been so busy in school and sports that I am lucky enough to even post one right now! I am retiring from AoTS and P101 & W101. I put lots and lots of hardwork in AoTS. Kept on trying and trying to become well heard, which work a little. I am glad for the progress of AoTS and the amazing games!

This community has been one of the best I ever been! So many memories I'll be keeping. Kind people. Sure there was rough times. I meet so, SO many kind, trustworthy, funny people. Of course I lost many of them who I known since 2008 when the game came out and still can't let that go. Gain new ones (Bloggers, etc) that was the best! Never love a community like this ever! So many adventure in Wizard101 and great friends and the same for Pirate101 with major help (Not the best Wizard/Pirate) of course I did so many stupid things I regret, like getting my first account mute. Turning down offers, not finishing world/projects I promise and not playing some times.'s the reason. Back in the summer I had loads of funerals I attended. Great aunt passed away, Grandfather passed away, one of my friend since Pre K passed away. Everything was just terrible and heart breaking for me and my family. Other things happen that was just terrible, that I am not getting in to (Personal reasons)
My sub ended awhile back in August 2012 for Wizard101. Still manage to get on and talk to people. On the exact date, October 11th my sub will end for Pirate101. P101 was great wish I could finish it but that'll be too complicated. Money is becoming a issue around my house. My mom working hard for her money and soon enough I'll be working.

I really love all the support from all of y'all, even the one who didn't even follow! Nothing made me happier then hearing "You have a great blog" "Aots is amazing". Just makes me smile in joy! AoTS' goal was to gain 1,000 followers, sadly we are way behind but 13k views? Amazing! I honestly love the work of the blogs and the amazing events and I met some of the best bloggers! (Edward, Autumn, Jason, Cody, Blaze ETC ETC) So many well known bloggers was actually on my friend list! All the special party events made me so excited never miss one until this year. I love W101, P101, AoTS, Bloggers and some I could call my friend.

Thank you for the ones who supported me and thank for you dealing with me :). AoTS, W101, P101 & for sure this community will be in my heart and I will truly miss it! 

Hopefully cya around and last message: Have fun adventuring in the amazing Spiral..Adventurous Wizards & Pirates :).. 


Saturday, May 4, 2013

Pirate101 Test realms

On P101 test realm Marleybone, Aquila, the Bazaar, Second Chance Chests, Transportalors, a new tutorial, and tons more! I can't wait to try Marleybone out and Aquila and see some of the fantastic items at the Bazaar! 

Powers, awesome
Adventures await ye in the highly anticipated release of Books 13 and 14 in Pirate101! With the introduction of both the war-torn skyway of Marleybone and the legendary beauty and danger found throughout Aquila, high-level pirates will now continue their rebel journey against the evil Armada! All characters who have finished the quest "The Great and Powerful Turtle" in MooShu must now visit Avery in his office to continue their adventures with the quest "That Darn Cat" (You'll know you have completed this if you own the "Enlightened One" Badge in your list of badges).

We hope you’re impressed as the amount of content being released is almost double what would normally be released in an expansion, and as such, players will now be able to level their characters from 50 to 65 (both regular and nautical level)! 

With new levels comes increased power for players: Remember to visit your trainers often, since beginning at level 52 and every 2 to 3 levels afterwards, you’ll unlock new talents or powers for your character. Speaking of power, tons of new weapons and gear await you in both worlds, and even the mini-games will return better rewards for higher level players. There’s new ship equipment waiting for you as well—TIME TO SUMMON THE KRAKEN! Worried about the cost of these new power ups? Don’t be! Your available gold cap has been increased to 200,000 gold.
New Companions abound--additional companions await your discovery, Pirates, and many of your old companions will discover new powers and tiers of promotion available to them. 

You’ll need the additional power since your journey won’t be without danger—with greater reward comes greater challenges! Prepare yourself to battle with and against a host of new faces: Kurghas, Grenadiers, Anarchists, War Golems, Vultures, Manticores, Ophidians, Eagle Centurions, Ettins, Trolls, Sirens, Minotaurs, Krakens, Crokagators, and Gorgons await you! 

The fun definitely doesn’t stop there as a lot of effort has been done to bring our players everything from new ambient creatures, NPCs performing daily activities in several towns and battle props to additional treasure chests and training tomes in hidden locations. And if that isn’t enough, Zeke is back with new exploration quests! 

Starting the quest on Test realms

                        More coming soon! 

Thursday, May 2, 2013


Hey guys it's me Blaze DragonHorn (Brave Blaze Silver) I haven't posted anything in over four months! Devastation struck in my family and I just couldn't get on my computer, but I miss blogging, tweeting etc.

I am going to try to start blogging and play 101 again and talk to you guys more often. I can't wait to start playing Pirate101 and Wizard101 and blog on my adventure through the Spiral

Soon I am going to start some contests and events (hopefully) with my pal and partner David.

Have fun Adventurous Pirates/Wizards!

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Blaze Twitter:

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Pirate101 pack- Tribal Crew pack!

From the depths of the Aztecosaur ruins come the Companions, Mounts and more from the Tribal Crew Pack! The first game card pack to hit Pirate101 is loaded with tons of goodies, and your Pirate has a chance to gain cool new items like:
  • Aztecosaur Companions
  • Mounts
  • Gear
  • Weapons
  • Pirate Treasures that can be sold at vendors for gold!
  • Housing Items
  • Pets
  • Training Tomes
  • and More!
  • If you're interest in buying the pack go here to purchase crowns!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Swashbuckler..Brave Blaze Silver....the 5th!

Recently created a new pirate named: Brave Blaze Silver (again!) that is a Swashbuckler!
Swashbucklers are quick on their's feet and adept with blades! 
Swashbucklers have great abilities. (Mostly with blades) Like attack enemies around them that the same time. Better chance for relentless and much more! 
I started Blaze's adventure couple of minutes ago! (4:29) Gained a companion at the beginning (always) Subodai is a Horse barbarian from Mooshu. Blaze's parents were killed by storm. Raised in Skull island. (Was born sneaky) colors are dark red and black.

Blaze (Left) and starting out companion Subodai (Right) 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Back on track!

We're back! Was on vacation for the week. Sorry for our abstinence and delaying posts! Some bloggers sometimes need a Vacation :P. Hoped everyone weekend was great!
News: The Warrior season one ended....But it's not over! Season two of the warrior "Desiring" will be coming on March 5, 2013! With additional shock, returns and surprises! Sneak peeks of The Warrior, "Desiring" will arrive soon!