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The Warrior "No Negotiations Part One" S1 E20 (6 episodes left)

Blood dripping from his nose as the fire continued to burn, flames slowly going down. Nothing was around the old man but the small light of flames and the trees that surrounded him, and of course, his thoughts that continued to bother him. He has changed over the years, from being trustworthy spy for both the armadas and the pirates, to playing an important role in Derwitchi's council, to running around with his son that he just found out about. All this time Stannis never felt like he belonged, even when he found his son and his son's crew. Memories started to go around in his head, remembering the death of his own wife, in the hands of Sanchi being born.
"I can't stop," Stannis said to his self, remembering his deal with the armadas, "I screwed's too late now!"
Suddenly, he heard laughter all around him. He jumped up and pulled out his sword ferociously, stepping closer to the fire. Then, he heard metal, such as armor, clinging.
"Stanford looks terrified!" Rooke said as he appeared out from the darkness.
Deacon and another armada, who was dressed differently from any other regular armada soldier, stepped out with them.
"No time no see," Deacon said
Stannis eye balled the unfamiliar face right next to Deacon. He couldn't see his face but he could of easily tell that he was different from any other armada. This armada had well built armor all around him with a long black cap behind him. He also had a sword Stannis never seen forged before. Deacon, who's quite wise, noticed Stannis was looking at the newest member.
"Meet our newest friend," Deacon said, "His name is Geno...a ruthless and stone cold killer. Obviously fits in well, of course. Geno will be the one who'll help Rooke and I lead a group of armada into that town...for that damn treaty!"
Suddenly Stannis finally realized what Geno had on. The newest member of the armada army wasn't just any type of armada, as Stannis feared. Geno had the same exact armada on as Stannis when he was promoted in the armada army. Instantly, Stannis felt as if he was being replaced.
Deacon smiled as he noticed the confused but nervous look on Stannis's face, "Don't worry ole Stanford, there can always be two."

It was early in the morning, second day after Sanchi rose up from his coma. Sanchi was the first one up, immediately getting out of the uncomfortable bed that wasn't even big enough for him, which was the reason why he was the first one up. Due to the squeaking noise from the floor from Sanchi stepping on it, Moresco opened up his wide and devilish eyes, quickly popping his head up.
"Master," Moresco said in a quiet tone, "Why are you awake?"
Sanchi ignored Moresco's obvious question. He was focused on something else, picking up one of his muddy boots and placing his hand inside of it, pulling out a wrinkled up paper that was wrapped up. But for Sanchi, and of course the armadas and pirates, it was more than just a piece of was the Mooshu treaty.
Moresco poked his head up once again, looking at Sanchi carefully reading the piece of paper. Sanchi's sidekick knew what it was, "The treaty master! Me sees it's in good hands!"
Sanchi just didn't understood how a piece of paper could be so powerful for either sides in the war, remembering the well loved leader of Mooshu, who signed the treaty for the pirates army, before his death. After reading the treaty a few times repeatedly, he wrapped up the treaty and placed it in his boot, before putting them on.
"Let's go get some breakfast," Sanchi said, pulling out his sword, rather earn his food then eat what Samuel has to offer.

After a few hours, Sanchi and Moresco both came out of the woods with a large buck, giving the two great confidence that was needed. The two finally reached their small dorm, where Sanchi dropped the large buck, instantly seeing something that he thought he'd regret. Few buildings away from Sanchi's small dorm was Samuel's market, and his house also. He noticed the door slowly opening up, and a covered girl walking out of it. Sanchi grinned, wondering how much Samuel paid for her...but when got closer to them, the girl's face stuck out. He noticed tears from the girl, watching her walk fast as if she didn't wanted to be seen. Sanchi then dropped his bloody sword, and under his breath, he said, "Amy..."
Sanchi then remembered the command he gave her right when he woke up from his coma, remembering that he wanted her to talk to Samuel about giving them more resources, something Sanchi started to regret. Suddenly he looked away from Amy, pushing Moresco away from the buck after catching him chewing on the animal's large and meaty leg. Sanchi then looked back up to see Amy, but she was gone.
"Oh no," Sanchi said to his self, "What have I done?"
Suddenly Sanchi heard loud footsteps behind him and heavy breathing. He quickly turned around and saw a sweaty and out of breath Sanchez, who didn't have his gun holster on him but for some odd reason he had a set of binoculars on him. Waiting for Sanchez to regain his breath, Sanchi knew whatever Sanchez had to say was important.
" gotta see this," Sanchez said, motioning Sanchi to follow him, "Hurry!"
Sanchi started to follow Sanchez, quickly looking back and shook his head as he noticed Moresco chewing on the buck's leg again.

Sanchez led Sanchi towards the docks, that was filled with ships everywhere for early deliveries. dodging each pirate as he continued to follow Sanchez, feeling like he made a mistake for following him. Finally Sanchez stopped, using his binoculars to view an island that was a few miles away from them. Sanchi watched as Sanchez awkwardly mumbled words to his self, before giving the binoculars to Sanchi.
"Sanchi," Sanchez said calmly to him before he used the binoculars, "You might not be ready for what you're about to see."
Sanchi calmly placed the binoculars in front of his eyes, looking around at the far island, seeing lots of drunk pirates falling around everywhere, being completely confused. Until he looked towards the island's docks, watching as a group of soldiers walking off of a ship. Then, the next person that stepped off the ship grabbed Sanchi's attention, nearly causing him to drop the binoculars. It wasn't just any wasn't just anyone that was looking for Sanchi and his crew. It was Juhn Woun, stepping off of the ship with his group of soldiers. Sanchi then looked over at Sanchez, hoping he would have any sort of plan.
"What to do want to do, Sanchez?"
Sanchez eagerly smiled as he rubbed his hand, preparing his self on what he thought was one of his best proposed plan ever.
"We go out there with a few of us," Sanchez said eagerly, "With the amount of pirates there, Juhn would be foolish to even place his hand on his sword out there. Now I don't want to go there to start trouble...but we need to know more about this treaty and we just can't keep waiting and waiting and hope the answers would find us. We need to do this now."
Sanchi nodded his head, agreeing with Sanchez, "Let's go tell everyone else."

Sanchi gathered most of everyone around, outside of the dorms. It was still early in the morning, and most of them weren't very pleased that they were woken up. Sanchi noticed their exhausted and grumpy face expressions, realizing this wasn't the perfect time, glancing over at Sanchez.
"This better be good," Chun said tiredly, rubbing both of his heavy eyes.
"Don't even know why you're here," Sanchez said under his breath to Wing Chun, "You'll be quite useless in it anyway."
Finally Amy and Anthony arrived, being the last two arriving. Sanchi nodded his head at Amy, knowing that something bad had happened to her. She still had that uncomfortable look on her face, but Sanchi knew this wouldn't be the right time to talk about it. He believed going after Juhn and his troops was really important and the perfect and only time they could go after them.
"I need a few of you," Sanchi said, glancing over at Amy, "We have...Sanchez and I... found Juhn Woun and only a few of troops nearby on another island not far from here. We believe, Sanchez and I, that now is the perfect time to go over there and..."
Sanchi paused for a moment, trying to think of a better way to tell them how going out into the open and talk to a group of pirates, that wants them dead, about a piece of paper that they want to kill them for was a perfect and safe idea.
"And do what?" Jason said, crossing both of his arms, "You want us to attack them and you think it's good because they're close by?"
Anthony nodded his head, agreeing with Jason, "He's right. I don't understand the purpose of this?"
Sanchez jumped in front of Sanchi, "This might sound stupid and you might think this is a death trap too...we need to go to Juhn Woun, Sanchi or I, about the treaty. We need to do this because this isn't just a piece of paper, it's more than's the reason why we're not safe right now."
Sanchez looked over at Stannis as he finished, emphasizing them not being safe, blaming Stannis for all of their trouble. He was still holding that grudge.
"Who do you want to go with you two?" Chun said, believing this plan was still stupid.
"Amy and Beth needs to stay back and stay safe with Chun and Moresco," Sanchi said, "Stannis will also stay back."

Sanchez then dismissed the meeting, and everyone begin to walk away. Stannis was trying to talk to his own son, but was quickly pushed away as Sanchi had something else to do. Sanchi couldn't wait any longer and had to talk to Amy, quickly grabbing her arm, revealing a few bruises on the arm.
"Amy," Sanchi whispered to her, "I told you to talk to Samuel last night and I saw you leaving his place this morning. You need to tell me what he did to you because there are bruises on your arm and I know...I know he touched you!"
Amy couldn't even make eye contact with Sanchi, trying her best to hold back her tears. Sanchi then got closer to her, trying to comfort her and show her a bit of support.
"I need you to tell me, your father, or Anthony," Sanchi said to her, "Or we can't do anything about it."
Amy looked up at Sanchi, tears falling from her red cheeks, "He....he did nothing to me, and I did what you told me to do."
Sanchi knew she was lying. Sanchi thought Amy was one of the toughest and baddest woman he has ever met in his entire life. He knew it'd take a lot to make a woman like Amy cry and become weak inside. He knew that she was scared that if Jason or Anthony found out, they would make things worse and cause everyone else to lose everything that they have right now.
"I will not tell Jason or Anthony, even though they should know but I understand your fear about telling them," Sanchi said to Amy, "You can't lie to me I have seen man attack woman like you, tougher than most, and the way it changed was depressing and something that I cannot forget. This will stay between you and me, but if he does it again....I want you to kill him."
What Sanchi said to Amy made her feel a little bit better. She thanked him quietly and walked away, still keeping her head down.

Sanchez, Jason, Anthony, One-Eyed Jack and a few of his crew mates, helped packed up the ship and prepared their short little journey that they believed would only take a day to complete. Jason walked on the main deck of the ship and helped with Anthony to set up the sails. One-eyed Jack and his crew were still in the bar, after packing up the ship, and had a few drinks before they left. Sanchez was on outside of the ship, saying his short goodbyes to Beth. Meanwhile, Sanchi was making his way towards the ship, when he was stopped by his own father.
"Would you like to talk about it?" Stannis said, referring to the cold night when he was attacked by Sanchez.
Sanchi slowly turned around, "Of course not. You're my father who turned on his own son just a few times...which is why I can't risk having you on that island where we confront your old friends. It's going to take a lot for me just to trust you again."
Stannis felt like a terrible father, something that Sanchi would easily agree on, and he was simply trying to gain his own son's trust back...even though his guilt would continue to drown his thoughts and his regrets.
"I am your father, we're blood...I need you to trust me again, isn't that how a crew works...son?"
Sanchi instantly stopped him, being disgusted that he had the nerve calling him son, "You're not part of this crew, you're just my father! That's something I cannot fix. I want you to stay back and if you would like to help at all...keep an eye on Samuel and make sure he doesn't come close to Amy."
Sanchi then turned back around and walked away from his father, not feeling guilty at all for what he said. Meanwhile for Stannis, he turned back around and looked into the deep woods, and started to walk in that direction, where he knew was a new camp site that he was familiar with...armada's camp site.

They finally arrived to the island, docking the ship behind all of the other ships which helped them stay hidden from the rest of the ships. Sanchi slowly stepped off of the ship, searching all around the area filled with pirates.
"Anthony," Sanchi said as he stepped off the ship, "Stay with the ship."
Sanchez, Jason, One-Eyed Jack, and his crew finally stepped off of the ship, fixing and preparing their weapons for anything. Finally, Sanchi began to tell everyone what to do.
"Jack and his crew will go in the bar and wait for Juhn and his men. There shouldn't be more than three. Jason will be located in the back alleys, pretty much behind the outdoor bar, to make sure if he has any other man...they won't arrive from an unexpected area. Sanchez will be above all of us, keeping an eye out but also taking care of whoever Juhn sends up there. Finally I will be down there in the bar, surrounded by others, talking to Juhn."
Sanchi then looked over at the area, filled with drunken fools and of course Juhn Woun. He was quite nervous, wasn't use to going in the field of danger all alone, referring to all of the drunken fools and Juhn, who he thought was more dangerous then all of the pirates in that area combined. Luckily, Sanchi was ready for this exact moment, eager to finally talk to Juhn Woun again.
"I'm ready," Sanchi said to Sanchez, "Let's get this over with."
Sanchi then placed his hand on his holster and started to walk down, while the rest of them got into their positions. Sanchi knew that Juhn and his men weren't ready for this.

"I cannot smell any fresh air," Benjen complained to Juhn, "I just smell drunken idiots!"
Juhn carelessly rolled his eyes as he took a sip of his rum, "Why don't you go and get yourself a drink?"
Out of everyone in the bar, Benjen was definitely the one who stood out the most. He was the only way in the whole entire area that didn't smell like rum, his holster that was holding two revolvers stuck out too, and of course his age. He was a toddler compared to all of the middle-aged pirates, Benjen obviously thought.
"I'm just going to go and find something to drink age appropriate," Benjen said as he walked off, walking towards where Jack and his crew was.

Benjen was rudely getting bumped by several pirates, but he was too scare to say anything to them. Finally the young lad managed to get freed from the crowd, accidentally bumping into one of One-Eyed Jack men.
"Ahoy lad!" One-Eyed Jack said, placing his cup of rum down, "Ain't ye a little too young to be here?"
Jack was surrounded by his crew, who were all too busy getting drunk. Jack was also surrounded by young and beautiful women, something Benjen quickly spotted out.
"Is there really an age on unreliable drinking?" Benjen said, walking towards One-eyed Jack and the women.
Jack stood out of his seat, motioning for some of his woman to walk over towards him. Jack them smiled and placed his black-stained hand on Benjen's clean shoulders. Suddenly, Benjen had a bad feeling on where this was going.
"Look," Benjen said nicely, removing Jack's hand off of his shoulder, "I came in this exact area to look for a pitcher of water. I'm not..."
The three girls placed their clean hands all over Benjen, trying to seduce the young lad. Benjen then started to stutter his words as the girls surrounded Benjen, making him sit down on a chair. He desperately tried to get the girls to get away from him but they ignored him.
"Listen little lad," One-Eyed Jack said as he began to sip back on his rum, "Life is too short to live the way ye do! Enjoy it...and don't worry about tipping'em girls!"

Juhn still sat in the same spot, waiting for Benjen to return back. The old warrior was out of rum, he noticed as he knocked the cup off of the table out of frustration. Juhn tried to stand up, but the rum instantly got the best of him.
"Everyone all around this bar," Juhn heard someone say, "Drinks all on me! All of it...enjoy all of your selves on me!"
Suddenly the bar grew with loud cheering and a storm of claps, with pirates raising the empty cups up high. Juhn then turned towards the crowd and started to clap too...until he watched as Sanchi walked out. Instantly Juhn jumped out of his seat and despite being drunk, he managed to pull out his sword but the wise man knew it wasn't smart attacking anyone in the bar.
"Juhn," Sanchi said, walking in front of him, "I smell a strong scent of rum on in your breath. Why don't you get yourself another cup, on everyone else."
After a few seconds of scolding at Sanchi angrily, unable to speak due to his anger, Juhn Woun sat back down. Juhn was wise enough to know fighting Sanchi, who is buying every drunken fool their drink, would instigate a bar fight that would results in lots of death, including his self. Sanchi then followed and sat down on the opposite side, staring at him with a grin on his face.
"You cold bastard," Juhn said angrily, "You and your stupid crew is causing civilian war in Skull island! Because of you, innocent civilians are being attacked by other civilians because of the fear of losing all of their resources. Winter is coming and you know every crop around us will start dying! How do you feel that every civilian that is killed will be because of you and your stubbornness!"
Sanchi knew Juhn was angry that one easy swing with his sword could kill the man he was trying to find for weeks, and ending his search for once and for all.
"It's bizarre how a piece of paper is causing you all all of this trouble," Sanchi said calmly, "Is it really hard to propose another one?"
"You don't understand the leader who signed dead," Juhn Woun said, still in an anger tone, "The man, Cliff Roshgun wasn't just the leader of Mooshu...he was more, a religious symbol and much more for all of Mooshu! Whatever he agreed upon, all of Mooshu agreed too!"
Sanchi then slammed his fist on the wooden table, which grabbed others' attention around them. He looked at the confused looks all around him, before lowering down to Juhn and whispered, "Must be quite valuable if the armadas want it. Your own army and the armadas are fighting for a piece of paper that I can easily tear up!"
Juhn then looked all around the area, trying to look around for his men. Sanchi chuckled, placing his dirty hand on his shoulder, and slowly nodded his head, "You're wondering about your's okay, they're safe."

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