Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wizard101 new phoenix hoard

Phoenix Hoard

Game Card Pack

New hoard in Wizard101! It is called the Phoenix hoard, Cost 399 crowns and is located in the crown shop, Comes with awesome items such as the new 2-person mount the fierce 2-person phoenix mount! But..Thats not it there plenty more! Like the Gargoyle pet, Dragon lance, Dragon pike, and dragon spear, Chivalric gear, NEW PET SNACKS (Boil peanut, Melting cheese tree, Clock flower & snow apples) Check out the pictures below for some items that may be in the pack!

Wonderful 2-Person phoenix mount!

Gargoyle pet

Staff, Dragon lance 

New armor, Chivalric armor (Dragon Lance staff in hand)

The sleepy phoenix!
Kelsey FireHeart's mount!
One of the armor comes with this awesome spell! Ice Dragon  (Robe) 
The robe (Ice Dragon)
Robe (Storm Dragon)
Gargoyle pet! 
Gargoyle stats at baby 

 Check out the hoard in the crowns shop for 399 crowns! good luck and have fun with the pack!

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