Saturday, September 29, 2012

Party for Anthony & Alex

Hey guys, Anthony DeathBane & Alex StormRider Birthdays are coming! (Anthony's 3rd & Alex's 4th) and I am hosting a party to celebrate these amazing wizards!! So come join us and lets party! And they're be some fun games too! Gnome hunt and name that spell, It'll be really fun. So gather up your friends and lets celebrate Anthony & Alex's Birthday!

Hosted by: Blaze DragonHorn

Where to meet: Life tower realm Vampire.

When: Hopefully October the 6th.

Why: Anthony & Alex are amazing people and they surely deserve this.

Time: 3-6 PM (If you have a twitter & if you want you can follow Blaze DragonHorn (@BlazeDragonHorn) he'll annouce when to come)

Games: (5 games) Gnomes hunt where you have to find 10 gnomes outside and 10 gnomes inside! Also name that spell! Which is a game where I say stuff about a certain spell and you name it! And MAYBE name that wizard also :) Which is like name that spell but I tell you some facts about a wizard in the spiral and I'll give you choices (No choices on Name that spell) 4 choices and you have to pick which one it is. Also mount race where you can pick any mount to ride on to race around the Jungle house(Teleporting will get you kicked.) Last, Find that portal Which is a game where you have to find a teleporter and when you do it'll take you to the next house.

So come down to the life tower and lets celebrate Alex & Anthony birthday!!

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