Tuesday, September 18, 2012

AOTS glitchy

Hey, Fellow wizards/pirates of the spiral! Aots is a little glitchy, I don't know why, When you click on a page it might say "Sorry the page you clicked on doesn't exist" (Manly happens on Pirate101 & More) There is a page its just a bit glitchy, I just don't want you guys to think anything wrong, When I saw this glitch I was angry thought I deleted my Pirate101 page by accident & it doesn't just occur on Pirate101 page it pops up on "More" and sometimes "Wizard101" I don't know why it occurs on my favorite hard work blogs, Lol

The glitch

What happen if I might want to see stuff on the blog? 
Just contact me on Twitter (@BlazeDragonHornor or @Official_AOTS) or Facebook (Fb page) (Blaze DragonHorn, Adventures of the spiral) or just e-mail me (Bdragonhorn@yahoo.com) I advise you to send me a tweet on Twitter or a message on Facebook xD.

How will contacting you help us?
If you need info about Pirate101 or Wizard101 or want to see comics, Book, Etc etc I can tell you or send you pictures, If you would like.

Will it effect our computers?
I had an issue with that and the answer is no, It'll not effect your computer, But it might effect mine, But thats a 99% that'll happen.

Will we still be able to enter contests?
Yes, There was no complaints about the glitch being on the contest page, I hopefully soon can get this glitch out, But no worries no glitches on the event page, Just manly the P101, W101 and more pages.

If you have any questions or concerns, Please contact, or just comment

Cya in the spiral!  

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