Thursday, September 20, 2012

Introducing Digby the LONELY WIZARD!!! Series

Hey guys, Might of heard of the "Lonely wizard" on AOTS with pictures and funny, But something better will happen! The wizard Digby has enter Wizard101! And his adventures in Wizard city will be memorial & super funny! :)
                                                                                        Series picture.
                                                                                      Can ya dig it?

What will it be like? Pretty cool! I share some scripts with my friends and they was laughing pretty bad! Pretty much a funny adventure that you'll truly love!

When will it be? I am hoping I can get the script and everything done by the end of September, Hopefully in the EARLY October or in the late September. I'll let you guys know :)

Will Digby be in Pirate101? Maybe, Really hope so, Maybe he can be a SwashBuckler? That'll be cool and might be season 3 when its name change The lonely Pirate :) 

How many seasons will there be? Maybe I don't know, Maybe 10 or even 7, Hoping when it ends its last episode will be HUGE

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