Monday, September 24, 2012

Time to party!!!

Pirate101 is throwing a game-wide ship party THIS wednesday (9/26) for Pirate BETA players! Its going to be huge and for sure fun :), So Bring your best ship and prepare to recreate your own version of Flotsam with all the other players of Pirate101. After a few cool screenshots of our groups, P101 encouraging the entire fleet of players to destroy Cutthroat and Waponi ships in a giant mass as we all slowly sail our way to Jonah Town!

Where will it be?  Avery Server (In as many areas as we can accommodate) between the Blood Shoals and Skull Island proper in the Skull Island Skyway (you know . . . it's that big safe area between the windlanes just outside of Skull Island from the Skull Island Docks! Just look for the mass of ships hanging out!) 

Invited: Everyone in the Beta!

Who is hosting? I think One eyed Jack (Idk) 

Get ready to pary you lucky BETA pirates!

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