Tuesday, September 18, 2012

AOTS's make over

Hey fellow Wizard/Pirates of the spiral! AOTS (Adventures of the Spiral) is having a make over! It'll might look brand new! I am excited for it and I hope you guys are also!

Will any pages be deleted?
Hopefully not and if I'll add the deleted pages to "More" But I doubt I'll delete any pages

How different will AOTS be?
Not that different, Just maybe a new design, New design for the pages. I trying to achieve AOTS's background be a P101/W101 background & the pages just a little picture on each page so you can know

Will AOTS keep that wonderful header picture that Blaze ShadowHorn made? 
Maybe, I would like a picture not just with my wizard but also with my pirate :), But it might be the same picture but I might just add my pirate to it. Can't forget all about Brave Blaze Silver!

Will the spiral fish be there?
Yes of course! Who can forget all about the spiral fish? They're AOTS's favorite pet!

Will it be most likely more P101 or W101? 
It be both, I'll put more P101 post soon so I can catch up on P101, But I'll still be doing both :)!

When will it start?
I might try tomorrow or friday, But when I start, I'll let you guys know :)

If you have anymore questions, Please ask, Comment on this e-mail us (Which is on contacts) Twitter, Facebook us (Blaze Dragonhorn, @BlazeDragonhorn or @Official_AOTS) 

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  1. how about i make the desgins for the site
    (i blaze fireflame)
    i just need to know what to make