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The Warrior "The Coma" S1 E19

Beautiful skies that were pinker than anything throughout the Spiral. Crops, grass, and trees looking healthier than anything in the whole entire Spiral with the weather warmer than most well-built homes. Most places have weather with healthy and beautiful surroundings once in every year. Although for places like Mooshu, the weather and the green trees and plants were normal for the farmers and others with a unique fighting skills, like Sanchi and his master.
"I need to wake up," Sanchi said worriedly, "My friends probably think I am dead. I must be buried deep underground, slowly losing my breath...maybe that's why I can't wake up, I'm probably already dead!"
Master Hanju laughed, "This is a dream, young Sanchi. A very unique dream with more meaning than you'll ever know."
"I must know more about my father," Sanchi said nervously, "Why is that I haven't seen him for my whole life and then randomly he finds me when the armadas and the pirates want me for what I found?"
A question Hanju would never thought he would hear in a long time, longer than this. The old man slowly got up and grabbed his cane, walking towards his crops. Meanwhile Sanchi waited for Hanju's response, too eager to wait any longer as if he was seconds away from death.
"I need to know," Sanchi said, walking right next to him, "Do you hear me?"
Hanju took a deep breath and turned towards Sanchi, placing his wrinkled hand on Sanchi's shoulder, "He's your real father and that's all I can tell you. I have trained you for years and years, showing more progress than anyone I have trained before. I thought of you as my own son and it's true you're not mine."
"No disrespect but you're telling me stuff I already know," Sanchi said eagerly
"Your training is close to being completed," Master Hanju said, "All of these problems you're going through, from the bounties to the treaty, you must overcome them yourself. Stannis is your father and you must deal with him. The last name Sameria isn't common but the blood is."
Master Hanju then walked away from Sanchi, making his way towards his temple, that was filled with light brighter than the sun itself. Light so bright that Sanchi had to look away before it blinded him, but Hanju continued to walk towards the light, and it didn't harm him one bit.
"I can't do this," Sanchi said as he dropped onto his knees, "Don't leave please! I need to know more!"
Hanju then stopped and smiled, "You can do it, you'll soon become the chosen one. You'll be the one who will defeat the armadas."
Sanchi's master than turned back around and walked into the light. Sanchi then got back up and ran towards the light, with his hand in front of his face to block the light. He called for Hanju's name countless times before tripping his self and falling over. Sanchi closed his eyes, starting to hear loud voices all around him.
"Open your eyes," the voices said,
Sanchi stood up and slowly opened up his eyes, causing the light to become darker and darker. He finally opened up his eyes completely wide, seeing no more lights or dark...or Mooshu. Sanchi slowly rose up out of the bed and looked around the dark and cold room. From that moment Sanchi realized he was alive and awake. Outside of the room he heard Anthony's conversation with Amy, talking about the whereabouts on Sanchez and Stannis, which made him get out of his bed instantly.

"He's your friend," Amy said as he slapped Anthony on the back of his filthy head, "You should know where he's at!"
Anthony threw up his hands innocently, "Sorry I can't remember everything like you!"

"It's not just that," Amy said with a sense of humor, "Last night you literally called me Adeline! You slept with me a few times and you still can't remember my name?"
Anthony then gave Amy a little smirk with a chuckle, "Oh sorry I am not a genius like you! It was very late that night and I wanted to go to bed but of course I couldn't because you was..."
Amy quickly stopped Anthony from finishing his sentence, "Do not finish that sentence! Someone could be around and hear the stupid nonsense that's coming out of your mouth!"
"Aye I forgot all about an unconscious man in the other room," Anthony said sarcastically, "Oh Sanchi is probably listening to our conversation right now."
Anthony then walked towards the door to open it. Amy meanwhile rolled her eyes and for a quick moment had thoughts of attacking him with her knifes, but forgot how sometimes she loves him. Anthony grabbed the knob firmly and turned it, opening the door wide open and shouted; "Hey Sanchi, guess what me and Amy did? We made..."
Suddenly Anthony stopped with his mouth wide open and his face redder than any other berries he seen before. From that moment Anthony felt like a complete idiot in not just in front of Amy, but in front of Sanchi...who stood right in front of him, conscious and standing.
"Anthony," Sanchi said calmly, "I hope I forgot about this...soon."
The young lad stood there with the same surprised and embarrassed look on his face, "You're...awake...that's good."
"I should go," Amy said awkwardly, "I should go and try to let Samuel give us some more food to feed you."
Sanchi stopped Amy. He remembered his dreams well and felt like they were real with an important message. Sanchi believed he needs to leave this island fast and return back to Mooshu, but there was a problem with that. None of them owned a ship or had enough for one.
"I don't need food," Sanchi said  as he got closer to Amy, "I need you to convince Samuel to give us a ship...and maybe a little bit of supplies for the long trip."
Sanchi then walked away from Amy and headed towards the markets, in hopes to find Sanchez and his father. Amy and Anthony assisted for Sanchi to go back in bed to rest but Sanchi, with his eager self, denied the offers as he demanded to find those two before night.

Hours straight, Sanchez ranted all about Stannis, after witnessing him with the devilish armadas. Luckily Beth was with him for the last few hours to calm his self down. After countless hours of Sanchez just ranting and doing nothing about it, he finally decided to go out and find Stannis his self.
"I have to do something," Sanchez said, placing his two pistols in his holster.
"The night is upon us," Beth said, "Stannis isn't the worst enemy right now, these dangerous woods could kill us."
Sanchez chuckled, "Silly girl, trees can't move nor kill us."
"I have heard stories before about trees falling and killing others," Beth said as Sanchez opened up the door to head out, "You shouldn't be heading out alone, it's dangerous."
Sanchez smiled as he turned around, giving Beth a grateful look, staring directly into her beautiful eyes, hoping she would come with him to keep him company,"I would ask you to come but I've noticed about your fear of trees. They might kill ya!"
Beth smiled, deciding to go with Sanchez for a "fun walk," she described it. She then walked past him, purposely bumping into him, "I'll lead us to scary Stannis."

After days of being out due to his coma, Sanchi sees the market area again for the first time in a long time. He walked past others with his hand on the grip of his sword, causing others who walked past him to give him strange looks. Sanchi had a nervous look on his face as if these citizens and market owners were going to turn on him, remembering the important hints master Hanju gave him.
"Master Hanju," Sanchi whispered to his self, "I must know who'll turn on me."
Sanchi then noticed a unique kind of ship, built by the pirate army, landing on the docks. Sanchi then stopped and slowly hid behind a wooden barrel. He slowly poked his head up and watch only one person stepping off of the ship. The old man had a long and grey beard, watched as he mysteriously stuck his hands in his robe, like a usual unic. 
"Lord Spyder," Another unic said, "I never received the news that you were coming?"
Spyder smiled as he patted the young man on his shoulder, "Relax boy, I am not here for you. I am here to visit someone else."
The young man then walked away and Spyder proceeded to go talk to a certain someone. Sanchi nervously poked his head back up, noticing Spyder walked towards him. Sanchi quickly ducked his head before Spyder even saw him. He heard his footsteps grow louder and Sanchi quietly pulled his sword out. With his heard beating rapidly and with his sweat falling off the side of his head, Sanchi quickly jumped out and place the sharp blade of his sword right in front of Spyder's throat. Spyder suddenly stopped and calmly placed his hands up, staring right into Sanchi's eyes with a little grin on his face.
"Nice ship you have," Sanchi said quietly, "Right from Lord Derwitchi and his army."
"Indeed it is," Spyder said as he still remained calm, "I am one who enjoys traveling all around the Spiral."
Even though Sanchi had the sword right on Spyder's throat, one strike away from instantly killing the armless man, he was more nervous than Spyder, who didn't even break a single sweat.
"You're from them," Sanchi said, referring to Derwitchi and his army, "You're here for us! I know Juhn or someone else sent you to see if we were here! That's why I can't have you will never get me, my crew, or the treaty!"
Spyder laughed, "Hundreds of people spy for me, all over the Spiral, but...for some odd reason none of them never got the pleasure to meet or even see you or you crew."
"You'll never see any of them again," Sanchi said nervously, "You bastards can't have us...not even the treaty!"
"Young man," Spyder said, "I can feel the sharp and cold blade of your sword on my throat but for some reason you're more scared than I am. Luckily I am not here for you...I am here to visit someone who's just like you!"
Sanchi then became confused as he looked at his own reflection on his sword, slowly moving the sword away from Spyder's throat. Then the voice of One-Eyed Jack quickly brought Sanchi back into reality.
"He's awake," Jack said, suddenly noticing Sanchi's sword was out, "And furious!"
Sanchi then turned around to see who was behind him, never seeing One-Eyed Jack before, "w-w-who are you?"
"A friend," Jack shouted, "One who's close to your friends!"
Sanchi turned back around to make sure Spyder was still there, but he wasn't. He was gone without making a single sound or alarming anyone else. Out of astonishment, he dropped his sword and glanced all around the area to find Spyder...but he was gone. Sanchi then turned back to Jack, "Where's Sanchez, Moresco...where are they?!"
Jack smiled, revealing his golden tooth, "Well well well, I love a good ole' reunion! Follow me and I'll take ye to ya creature of a pet!"

Sanchez and Beth walked into the deep and dark woods, with only Sanchez's two pistols, a small knife for Beth, and two lanterns for the two. Confident Sanchez led the two while a spine-chilling Beth stayed close to him. Both of the two were unaware on what they would come across in the dark woods.
"I can't see anything," Beth said nervously, "There could be something evil in these dark woods...and we wouldn't know it!"
Sanchez turned around, the bright light in the lantern revealing a terrified Beth, who was constantly shaking the lantern.
"There is and it's called Stannis," Sanchez said, squinting his eyes to see past the darkness.
Suddenly their conversation stopped as Sanchez raised one of his hands up, silencing Beth up. Sanchez then unbuckled one of his holsters and pulled out his pistol.
"What do you see?" Beth said, looking all around, "Is it Stannis?"
Beth couldn't see what Sanchez saw, but she heard voices close by. The both then heard a familiar voice; they heard Stannis's voice clearly. Before Beth could say a single word to Sanchez, he dropped the lantern in her arms and started to walk quietly towards the voices, this time with both of his pistols out. Beth tried to follow him but due to the darkness and the light of the two lanterns dying out, she got lost.

Deep in the dark woods, Stannis was, all alone with him and a small fire pit that he recently started. He sat near the fire to get warm, thinking deeply about his son, Sanchi. He was surrounded by darkness, thinking of ways to retrieve the Mooshu treaty without harming his own son or his crew. He knows how valuable the treaty was for both the armadas and the pirates, understanding that the treaty could change the war, mostly for the armadas.
"Lord Stannis," Stannis suddenly heard a voice in the darkness.
He was still sitting down in the same spot, close to the fire, with a calm and steady mind and posture. He easily recognized the voice. 
"Spyder," Stannis said, "You've found me."
Spyder then appeared in front of Stannis, stepping closer to the fire, "One of my sewer rats went on a trip and quickly returned to Skull island, informing me on the whereabouts about you. I instantly got on my ship and sailed down here, with urgent and important news for you."
Stannis nodded his head, impressed with one of his closest ally, "Is it about my son? The treaty? My betrayal?"
"Fortunately, your son is doing well. Unfortunately I am still unaware about the whereabouts of the treaty," Spyder said as he walked around the fire.
Stannis started to worry, finally realizing why he was here," did they find out about my betrayal?"
"It was quite obvious," Spyder said in his usual calm tone, "You've been gone for awhile, even during Skull island's toughest times. Derwitchi knows you're with the armadas. Soon he will know about Sanchi being your son and if I were you, I would never sail near there or any territory on Derwitchi's side ever again."
Stannis snickered, "Smart old man. I'm guessing he announced it to all of the citizens."
Spyder nodded his head, "His own citizens were starving, and they started to kill each other, and even attacked the senate and killed one. As it gets colder, the need for the Mooshu treaty is becoming more important than ever."
Stannis rubbed his head, grabbing his gray hair and pulling it back. He then stood up and started to pace his self back-and-forth, becoming completely stressed. He started to worry that Sanchi will hear about his betrayal towards the pirate army.
"Thank you," Stannis said to Spyder, "You must go now before someone see you, and you'll be punished and possibly be hanged." 
"I shall," Spyder said, "We'll meet again soon my friend."
Stannis was all alone again with his thoughts as Spyder disappeared into the darkness. He sat down again, this time being further away from the fire. He started to think about what could happen to him and anyone who was involved with him, including Spyder and Sanchi. Suddenly he fell back into reality, hearing another voice right behind him, after feeling the warm tip of a gun right in the back of his head.

"You were with them," Sanchez said angrily as he threw Stannis to the ground, "I saw you with the armadas!"
Stannis took a deep breath and tried to remain calm but feeling the tip of Sanchez's pistol makes it worse. He knew Sanchez's anger and what he was capable of, worrying that he could also tell Sanchi once he wakes up.
"You don't understand," Stannis said, feeling his face burn as Sanchez pulled him closer to the fire pit, "You don't understand why I was there!"
Sanchez then kicked Stannis in his gut, instantly shutting him up, "Do not say another word!"
Wolves all around started to howl louder and louder, but none of them were as loud as Sanchez. Hatred was flowing in his blood the second he saw Stannis, as Sanchez described as a traitor and a coward. Meanwhile Stannis tried to calm the young musketeer down but it made it worse on him.
"I knew it all along. When I saw you on the same ship as Willis, I knew you were with them all along. You should of never came should of stayed hidden like the coward you are!" Sanchez said as he grabbed Stannis by his shirt, throwing him into a tree.
Stannis tried to pull out his knife but Sanchez punched him in his face and threw him back onto the ground. Stannis could taste his own blood as Sanchez punched him in the face again. The old man tried to get up again but Sanchez kicked him in his gut, and tossed him closer to the fire. 
"You kill me," Stannis said, wiping the blood off of his face, "Sanchi will never forgive you! You do not understand my value towards all of..."
Sanchez then kicked him in his face, grabbing him by the collar of his shirt and aiming his pistol right on the center of his head. Sanchez didn't care about Stannis at all, he only wanted to find out the truth on why he was seen with Rooke and Deacon.
"You abandoned your own son," Sanchez said angrily, "Then you came back...and you made everything else worse!"
Sanchez tried to punch Stannis again, but it quickly backfired when Stannis grabbed his fist and twisted his arm, causing Sanchez to fall to the ground. Stannis then got up and kicked Sanchez in his face. Trying to do it again, Sanchez grabbed hit foot and pulled him back to the ground. The two continued to fight on the ground, punching each other constantly until Sanchez managed to crawl away, picking up one of his pistol and aiming it at Stannis. He looked up at Sanchez, falling on his knees, feeling completely defeated. 
"You'll regret this," Stannis said as blood dripped on the dead grass, "You don't understand what you saw...I have a reason on why I was..."
Sanchez interrupted, getting closer to Stannis with his gun still aimed at his head, "You have no excuse on why you were there!'re a traitor and nothing else!"
Stannis started to shake his head as he slowly got back up as he confidence started to grow again, "You had that damn thing aimed at me the whole time...from the beginning!
He then started to walk towards Sanchez, causing him to back away. With the wind starting to blow even harder, the flames of the fire started to die out.
"You keep moving...if you keep moving I will kill you!" Sanchez said as he continued to back away.
Stannis started to laugh as their only light started to get darker...and darker, "You're not going to shoot. You're not going to kill me kid!"
Finally the fire died out. Howling from the hungry wolves came to an end. The wind finally stopped. The dark woods finally became silent, until one single gunshot created more howling from the wolves, causing birds to become even louder as they flew out of the trees. The one single bullet alerted Sanchi, Jason, Beth, Moresco, and Chun.

After firing his gun, Sanchez dropped his weapon on the ground and walked towards Stannis's body. He then slowly turned Stannis's body over. Stannis was still breathing, but Sanchez couldn't see any bloody bullet hole anywhere...until he looked down at his leg, where blood was all over his leg.
"You're alive," Sanchez said quietly, "The dark saved you from that one shot."
Sanchez then pulled out his other pistol and aimed it at Stannis's head. Meanwhile, Stannis remained calm, staring at the gun with an angry smirk on his face, believing that this could be Sanchez's biggest mistake. Sanchez slowly started to squeeze the trigger until he heard Beth's voice from behind. 
"Don't do this," Beth said, holding up the lantern, "This is not're not like this!"
Sanchez lowered his gun and turned around to see the terrified look on Beth's face, "I have to kill him. To not only protect myself....but to protect you! This man is a traitor, he probably told the armadas where we were! I already lost Shiruku....I cannot risk losing you!"
Beth slowly approached Sanchez, placing her cold hand on his shoulder. She then kissed him, "Sanchez...I love you."
Sanchez stared into Beth's eyes with a big smile, before he pushed her away and turned back around to take care of Stannis.
"I cannot risk losing anyone else," Sanchez said, aiming his pistol at Stannis again, "I'll make sure this will end..."
Sanchez stopped once again after hearing a familiar voice, one voice that he easily recognized more than anyone else. He didn't turn around because he couldn't believe the voice he heard. He couldn't believe who was behind him, trying to drown the thoughts of...Sanchi being directly behind him. He thought that he was hallucinating Sanchi's voice, until he heard it again.
"It's me," Sanchi said, slowly approaching Sanchez, "I'm alive and here to...make sure you don't make this mistake."
Sanchez looked behind him, seeing Sanchi, Beth, Jason, Moresco, and Chun right behind him. He then looked down at his bloody hand, he also looked down at Stannis. He couldn't believe what he has done; attacking someone because he felt like he and his crew was in danger.
"Sanchi," Sanchez said calmly as tears from his eyes started to fall, "He was with our enemies...the ones who tried to kill us....and if I don't...if I don't kill him, he could kill all of us."
Sanchi took the gun from Sanchez, approaching Stannis with a concern but a worried look on his face, "Father, is this true? Were you with...the armadas?"
Stannis took a deep breath and struggled to get back up, but he managed to. He placed his bloody and cold hand on Sanchi's shoulder, "I saved all of you. I-I-I told them that none of you were here. I made sure they didn't come here looking for you all. I made sure that you all remained safe while here!"
Sanchez suddenly turned around with an angry look, looking directly at Sanchez, who felt completely guilty. Sanchi was angry and also disappointed at Sanchez for his actions, but he didn't say a single word to Sanchez, which was odd.
"I need to rest," Sanchi said in a low tone, "Take Stannis back to the town and make sure someone takes a look at his wounded leg."
Chun and Jason helped Stannis walk while Sanchez walked away into the darkness. Sanchi just watched without saying a single word to Sanchez as he just walked away.
"Where are you going?" Beth said, "You need to go make sure he's okay."
Sanchi, who wasn't going to bother Sanchez, shook his head and faced the opposite way Sanchez went, "I need to go talk to Amy."

Amy nervously waited for Samuel, standing right next to his stone fire place, trying her best to calm herself down but also to warm herself. She knew this crooked drunk since she was a little girl, remembering all of the old memories when her family had nothing, Samuel took them in. She also remembered the little amount of food he gave them, never forgetting the times where her own father starved just to feed her and Beth.
"Never get near him alone," Amy remembered what Jason always told her and Beth, "Never talk or be with him ever, unless I am there!"
Suddenly she heard the door opening, and instantly smelled a scent of rum as Samuel walked into his own home, noticing Amy sitting right next to his fireplace. She took a deep breath and nervously stood up, smiling at Samuel.
"It's late darling," Samuel said, stumbling past Amy, "Not many girls come around here this late at night."
Amy walked closer to Samuel, helping him get to his bed, something that she'll deeply regret as Samuel tried to pull Amy down on the bed with him. Luckily she removed his arm off around her neck, causing Samuel to fall down on his old bed.
"I need to talk you about something," Amy said as she nervously took a few steps back from Samuel's bed, "It's about you lending...."
Samuel then started to laugh and immediately interrupted Amy, "Dear...dear...Amy! I have watch ye grow for years...under...under my own damn roof!"
Amy then replaced her confused look with a fake smile, "And I appreciate you so much for it. Without you, my family and I could be dead. I owe you so much!"
"Exactly," Samuel said as he rose up a little, giving Amy a creepy look, "Ye such beautiful girl, miss Amy. And of course ye do owe me...Amy."
Samuel managed to get back off of his bed and got in front of Amy, placing his filthy and cold hands on the side of Amy's face. Tears started to come her shaky face, dropping onto Samuel's hands. 
"Tonight be the night...tonight is the night where ye become a woman!" Samuel said, rubbing Amy's soft face as he unbuttoned her shirt.
Amy then pushed his hands away from her, "I-I-I don't want to do this!"
But Samuel didn't listen. He then grabbed Amy and gently placed her on his bed, before taking off his shirt. Meanwhile Amy let it happen, believing she couldn't do anything to stop a drunk Samuel.
"You want gold? You want anymore food?" Samuel said, placing his finger on Amy's lip.
Amy then stopped, and closed her eyes as Samuel got onto the bed with her. Samuel then started to undress her, and Amy remained still, with tears flowing from her eyes. She didn't do it for herself, she did it for her father...and her crew. 
"Did ye ever listen to ye daddy?" Samuel whispered into Amy's ears, "Should of never came here alone!"

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