Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Warrior "The Treaty" S1 E18

Meanwhile in Skull Island, where tensions are becoming high as the cold air and signs of winter begin to spread everywhere, causing crops to die and plantations to fail, food for the pirate army begin to become scarce. The citizens in the area soon become weary and begin to lose faith and hopes for the pirate army to win the war against the armadas if providing food is already becoming an issue. Mooshu, a place where the sun is always shinning and filled with endless amounts of crops, was a place the pirate army needed since the cold doesn't harm any of Mooshu's crops.
"The areas we won and took from the armadas are already in need for food," Benjen said, "We needed an agreement with Mooshu for purposes like this! Winter doesn't even come close to Mooshu."
Benjen was a young pirate, too young to even join the pirates army, but somehow with the help from Max, he was lucky enough to lie about his age to get into the army. He was like Max's little brother and meant the whole spiral to him. Every night, Max would help young Benjen train with swords, guns, and much more, eventually helping him become a valuable fighter. Luckily Benjen was taller than most, which helped a lot from the fact no other pirate, even Juhn and other warriors, would ever think he was only sixteen years old.
"The cold air is a clear sign," Spyder, a middle aged man only used for spying, said, "This will clearly be a long and deadly war if we cannot get the Mooshu treaty to Mooshu soon."
Benjen looked into Spyder's grey eyes and wide eyes, "If Derwitchi was smart, he would make another treaty fast before it's too late!"
Spyder shook his head, rubbing his long and thick white beard, "Mooshu wanted a signature from Arnley, the leader of Joraha. Arnley was really close with the rulers of Mooshu and even helped them build the great temples in Mooshu and provided crops for them, which eventually lead to their great supplies of crops. Sadly few weeks after Arnley signed the Mooshu treaty, the missing Mooshu Treaty, Arnley was stabbed twelve times in the stomach, eventually killing him. Without Arnley's approval for Mooshu to join the pirate army, the leaders of Mooshu wouldn't even supply us with single seed. A problem that Derwitchi, many warriors, and even Max knew about but yet didn't want anyone to find out because they knew it would start chaos. Chaos in wars that wasn't even caused by the enemy, but within, are the type of chaos that can easily defeat us."
Spyder's knowledge was greater than most, being around for decades Spyder has always been known as "the master of spies" and can find out anything even a light whisper in the dark night, Spyder has over hundreds of people, including young adults, spying and giving him information. Betraying or even talking bad about him will always lead to a missing body. All around the Spiral, not many ever heard of Spyder but if they did, they know how powerful he can be.
"You're telling me if people find out they're start rioting and worse?"
Spyder shook his head as he got closer to Benjen, "Words got around and lots of them already know about it. These people living all around us are more dangerous than you and I both think, they will of course riot...they will also burn buildings to the ground, stone the ones who're responsible, and if it comes down to it, they will overthrow Derwitchi and leave all of us without an army, which can lead to the armadas winning this war in just a few days. My little rats already informed me on everything I know, there will be riots, and it will be soon."
Benjen's face quickly become pale as he leaned back into his seat as if the whispers from Spyder were terrified enough to cause families just to move far away. He then begin to worry, believing Max and the rest could be killed just because of scarce of supplies. As his thoughts begin to cause his stomach to hurt and his head to spin, he looked up at Spyder, who looked calm as can be, "We need to go warn them."
Spyder shook his head, understanding how valuable he is not to Derwitchi and the rest. There was a reason why Spyder only took the news to someone like Benjen, someone who was close to someone trustworthy like Dorugh or Max. It was all part of Spyder's brilliant plan, believing that Juhn and the rest would have to believe a honest man like Benjen.
"You must go warn them," Spyder said as he noticed a few citizens walking by with rocks in their hands, "Quickly, boy!"

Derwitchi held an unexpected but also private meeting that he described as important and needed. He invited Juhn since he's the leader of the warriors, but most importantly, he made contact with Sanchi, who has the treaty. Dorugh and Max also attended the meeting since they were with Juhn and also Derwitchi believed they can track them down. Also those three and a few other senators that were close with Derwitchi, knew about their recent issue with food becoming more and more scarce. It's been a topic that made Derwitchi and his senate nervous and well aware for the last few days.
"Arnley is dead," Derwitchi annouced, starting the meeting out with terrible news, "He was the main reason why the leaders of Mooshu wanted to join us. Now with Arnley's death and his signature in the hands of a bunch of scavengers, our hopes of Mooshu joining us has dramatically declined!"
Suddenly the senators begin to freak out, all four of the senators started to panic and tried to talk over each other.
"This cannot be true," Senator Carthy said, "How could we lose so much food when we haven't even hit the midpoint of this war?"
Juhn laughed, "Midpoint?"
Senator Carthy then gave Juhn an evil stare, "Is something funny, warrior? Last time I recalled, you had the chance to get it back but you made someone with a sword and no experience beat you!"
Tensions begin to rise higher and this time it doesn't involve any of the citizens. Juhn stood up and threw up his hands as he and Carthy begin to yell at each other, eventually leading to Dorugh and Max both trying to calm the two down, which didn't work. Derwitchi sat back down, beginning to feel hopeless and disappointed as he begin to scratch his hair nervously.
"If we cannot remain calm by our own selves, how could we even help calm down the people?" Max said to Dorugh
Suddenly, the yelling stopped. Everyone turned around, facing the doors as both of the doors opened widely. Then, Benjen ran through the doors and fell, trying his best to recover after a long and endless run. Max quickly got up, wondering if Benjen went crazy, believing he did if he was dumb enough to interrupt a private and important meeting held by Lord Derwitchi. 
"It's about your people," Benjen said to Derwitchi, "Y...y-y-you cannot leave this building, you're not safe out there!"
The room then grew quiet, beside Benjen's heavy breathing. The senators, Juhn, Max, and Dorugh all turned to Derwitchi, awaiting for his response.
"Pirate," Derwitchi said to Benjen, "Do you not know who I am? My people will never turn on me! Max, Dorugh, escort him out of here because I believe he has gone mad!"
Max felt disappointed in Benjen for his stupid actions, grabbing him by his arm and helping him up but Benjen knew this was too important to just give up. Benjen then pushed Max away and got closer to Derwitchi, "They know about the scarce of food and about Arnley's death!"
Derwitchi suddenly took it all serious as he looked up at Juhn and the rest. He then stood up with a worried look on his face, "If he knows about the issues then everyone all around know about it...we must leave I am not safe here!"
Juhn quickly stopped Derwitchi from leaving the room, "You cannot protect yourself all alone, you can't go out there!"
Derwitchi knew he didn't need all of his guards, he believed he was safe just with the protection from Juhn and the three others. Meanwhile, Juhn felt like he and three about pirates could protect him and four other senators against hungry mobs but for some odd reason Derwitchi had to get back to his office.
"Max, Dorugh, and Ben," Juhn said, looking out of the window, "Get your rifles loaded and your swords in reach."

The whole island of citizens verse a warrior, commander, and two other pirates with little of experience, who has to protect their leader and a few other senators. The numbers and support were not in their odds, most of them thought, but Juhn and the other protectors knew they couldn't just be a bunch of sitting ducks. They knew they have to get Derwitchi and the other senators to a more protected area, filled with Derwitchi's guards.
"There could be at least two guards outside of the doors," Juhn said, bringing out his sword.
Loaded, prepared, and eager filled up the room, Dorugh and Max both opened up the doors, being the first two to run out with their eyes wider than most and guns aimed high with their swords in reach. Dorugh then motioned Benjen and the rest that it's clear.. for now. As Juhn led the rest out, Max went out further to only find two of Derwitchi's guards dead. Both of the guards laid there, blood dripping from their chest and their weapons still in their holsters. Max examined the wounds a bit closer and noticed it wasn't a gun or sword wound...but a wound from a metal rake.
"Farmers," Max said, stepping away from the two guards, "It has already sta..."
Suddenly three farmers ran out with their blood-dripping rakes raised him, running towards Max. He then aimed his rifle at one of the farmers and fired. The smoke from his rifle blinded him for a few seconds, unable to see if he hit one. Once the smoke cleared, there were three farmers still, who quickly ambushed Max.
"Look out!"
Benjen then fired his pistol, hitting one of the farmers who was closest to Max directly in the head, impressing Derwitchi and the other senators. Then Dorugh pulled out his sword as he shot another farmer down, pushing Max out of the way. Dorugh then swung the sword at the last farmer, not even thinking that the farmer was once friends with Dorugh, he only thought of the old farmer as an enemy and traitor. Dorugh then missed the farmer as he dodged his head and slammed the long and sturdy rake into Dorugh's arm, bringing all the attention towards him as he let out a painful cry. Max then ran towards Dorugh, firing and hitting the farmer in the chest, which eventually killed him.
"It's okay," Dorugh said, staring at his completely bloody hand from just touching his wound, "Let's just get them to safety!"
Max looked at the three stripes of blood on Dorugh's arm, noticing how much critical blood he was losing. The cuts were long, wide, and deep, and Max knew they had to stop for a few to stop the bleeding but Dorugh wanted to keep moving and wait later to stop the bleeding.
"If we don't stop the bleeding now then you won't make it far," Benjen pointed out as he ripped both of his slaves off to wrap around Dorugh's arm.
Meanwhile with Benjen and Max helped with Dorugh's wounds, Juhn walked over to the deceased farmers. All three faces looked familiar, he thought as he got closer to the body. Juhn then nod his head, he was disgusted with their actions on betraying their own sides because of a scarce of food...but Juhn was also disgusted with his self for the way he handled them. He then closed the eyes of one of the farmers he killed.
"I can't believe they tried to kill us," Juhn said, wiping the blood off of his hand, "We need to keep moving before more come."

"It was the poor," Benjen said, looking at the small fallen houses and mini tents that some called home.
They decided to take a different path where Derwitchi and the other senators could not be seen. Unfortunately, they had to go into the area where most of the homeless pirates lived...where the riots and mobs were planned. Derwitchi and the other senators didn't feel safe, looking at the disgusted and destroyed buildings, where most of the poor pirates lived. Children with no clothes on stared as they went by, giving them all death stares as if they were the ones who caused them to become poor.
"We're suppose to be leading them," Benjen whispered to Max, "But they think we started this...they're blaming us for making them poor, they blamed us or probably think of us when they are force to skip a meal or two because they don't have any."
Max shook his head shamelessly, avoiding eye contact with the homeless children and their parents, "Perhaps they're envious...or maybe are still waiting for our own council to do something to...to feed them."
Dorugh looked up and stared at the starving families. Bones, complete bones with skin, Dorugh thought as he stopped in front of a little girl who carelessly ran in front of him. Eventually the rest of them stopped after noticing Dorugh stopped in front of the girl. Slowly getting down on his knees, Dorugh admired her dark black eyes. Dorugh was completely blinded, not knowing that he was setting his comrades and the senate up.
Max and Benjen volunteered to be the lookouts, feeling as if they were being watched..and in a spot where the traitors would want them at. With Dorugh and the rest being blinded, Max and Benjen noticed citizens running into abandoned buildings, running up the stairs and hiding on the roofs.
"We're being watched," Max said, placing his sweaty hand on his holster, "We need to leave!"
Max and Benjen both turned around, watch Dorugh as he handed the little girl tiny plum. The little girl then shook her head and placed the plum back in Dorugh's hands. With a confused look on his face, Dorugh finally felt butterflies in his stomach.
Suddenly they heard roars of citizens all around them. Max and Benjen both turned back around, pulling out their pistols and aiming it at the top of buildings. Juhn quickly pulled out his sword and jumped in front of the senators. Dorugh quickly grabbed the little girl and held her tightly.
"Little girl," Dorugh yelled nervously, "What have you..."
A middle aged skinny man ran out in the wide open, throwing a long wooden spear that was sharper than any of the weapons they had. The spear blew past Max, scrapping the tip of his ears and directly hitting senator West in the chest. They then heard West scream of painful agony then dropping to the ground. Max jumped back up on his feet and fired his musket, killing the murderous traitor with one shot to the chest.
"These are our people," Juhn cried as he pulled out his sword to protect Derwitchi and the rest, "Don't harm any of them!"
Dorugh looked up with a confused look on his face, suddenly distracting him from the little girl. After noticing Dorugh looking away from her, she then clinched her hard leftover teeth in Dorugh's forearm, causing him to cry painfully as he released the little girl. Even with his own people shooting and trying to kill their leaders, Dorugh was still focused on the little girl.
"Don't let the girl get away!"
Taking out another citizen, Benjen heard Dorugh's cries and noticed the little girl running towards an old tavern. Benjen, who was foolish and young, dropped his musket and pulled out his sword, running towards the old and beat down tavern the little girl ran in.

After the door shut in the tavern, the only source of light vanished. Benjen stopped in front of fallen tables, the undesirable smell of deceased bodies and other humans feces made his stomach turn. Benjen felt like the little girl thought of them all as monsters, understanding why she vanished from Dorugh's arm and ran into a disgusted tavern like this.
"I won't hurt you," Benjen said, walking towards the disgusting smell, "We're not the enemies...we're not the monsters you think we are."
Benjen then stopped, hoping to hear the little girl's soft response but the only thing he could hear was the creaking floors. Each step got louder and louder, Benjen noticed as he stood still. He knew the little girl didn't have anything that could harm him on her, resulting in the young man putting up his sword.
"I am unarmed," Benjen said to what he thought was the little girl, "You're safe in here."
Finally the creaks from the old wooden floor stopped. Benjen grinned, knowing that the little girl was just a few feet away from him, right behind him. He slowly turned around, knowing that the little girl was right behind him, a little girl that was afraid of him...and also unarmed, Benjen thought. Suddenly Benjen heard a sword being removed from a holster...and then he heard a deep voiced man yell,
"Die ye traitor!" 
It was no little girl behind as he would hope for. Instead it was a tall middle aged man with blood all over his face. Blood all over his thin beard and all over his mouth like he ate the innocent little girl. It was a  complete nightmare, Benjen thought as he watched the homeless man tackle him to the ground. Completely surprised and unarmed, Benjen took the first three punches to the face. Knowing the fourth one would be coming, Benjen quickly moved his head away from the punch, causing the homeless man to punch the wooden floor. The young fighter then headbutted the homeless man off of him, quickly throwing him into a table.
"You killed the innocent little girl," Benjen said worriedly, "You sick bastard!"
Benjen then tackled the man into a table, punching him in the face a few times before the old man kicked Benjen off of him. He then stood there, staring at the stranger as he picked up his bloody sword. The blood of an innocent little girl, Benjen thought. The blood of the sword blinded Benjen from what was in front of him; an armed and dangerous man. The homeless pirate than ran at Benjen, with his bloody sword high and his scream loud, few seconds away from killing Benjen. Benjen thought this was it for him as he closed his eyes, waiting for the exact moment for the pirate to kill him but it never happened. Suddenly over all of the screaming, he heard an arrow being released out of a cross bow. Then the screaming stopped and he heard the metal sword drop to the ground, eventually following the traitor's body too. Benjen slowly opened up his eyes, seeing the fallen body of the homeless pirate, and also seeing Spyder as he reloaded his crossbow.
"Some little girl told me about some young and handsome man getting his butt kicked by a skinny and harmless poor citizen," Spyder said, "I really couldn't tell which was which at first."
Benjen dropped to his knees, thanking Spyder dozen of times gratefully for saving his life, "This treaty...I never seen so many of our own people trying to kill their leader."
Spyder shook his head understandably and helped Benjen back up, "They're scared civilians, they know without food they can't win this war and the thoughts of losing this important bloody war can lead to betrayal from fear."
Spyder then interrupted the young soldier, "Juhn and the rest probably need your help. You must go."
"You can't stay here...you're in a dangerous part of the area. You're also part of the council too which means you probably mean a lot to those blood-sucking traitors!"
Spyder shrugged his shoulders, his impressive wisdom or bravery never seem to surprise Benjen, "Where will you go?"
"Out of Skull Island for a little," Spyder said with a little scent of mystery, "I must see an old friend."

Staring at West's body as he gasped for his last breath of fresh air, before Juhn took him out of his misery, Dorugh couldn't think of blaming anyone else beside his self. He felt like a complete fool who costed West's innocent life, he thought as he closed West's bright blue eyes. Benjen returned back, noticing all of them surrounding West, which was a clear indicator about his bewilderment death.
"We have to get moving," Senator Carthy said, "Before anymore of us die!"
Juhn agreed with Carthy, which was unlikely, "We must get back to safety before more hear about the missing treaty...and of course more snowfall."
Dorugh felt ashamed, finally standing back on his feet, "We lost an important senator because of me...I killed so many of our own citizens...familiar faces...familiar dead faces."
"It's been a long day for all of us," Max said, gently patting Dorugh on his broad shoulder, "But we need to get the rest of the senate to safety."
Finally they resumed their path back to safety, where Derwitchi's guards and lots of other guards waited patiently for him. Juhn led the group, with Dorugh, Max, and Benjen surrounding Derwitchi, Carthy, and Senator Alkz. This time, they went towards certain territory more protective and safer, which took longer but they felt it was worth it.

Max and Benjen ran east of them, towards a group of buildings that consisted of two broken down homes, a small fruit market, and dozen of barrels filled with  beer all around the area. Juhn and Dorugh took cover to protect Derwitchi and the other senators while Max and Benjen went into unwanted territory, where anyone could hide and attack recklessly.
"I see no one so far," Benjen said worriedly, "Which could be a bad thing."
Max was upset with Benjen's actions, something that he kept quiet from the young pirate. He couldn't believe Benjen was foolish enough to change a harmless little girl while others were trying to kill them, including important people like the senators and Derwitchi. 
"This area is cleared," Benjen said, walking out of the old fruit market, "Scavengers roamed around here probably hours ago and stole the remaining fruits." 
Max ignored Benjen again, walking towards one of the abandoned houses and with a vigorous force, kicked down the door. Without letting Benjen know, Max walked inside the house. The house only had a kitchen and a room, Max checked the kitchen first. Nothing was in the broken down kitchen, so food or anything was left behind, beside a countless bottles of poison. Max then walked towards a broken bottle of poison, placing his dirty pointer finger in it and smelt it. With just a little sniff, Max knew what kind of poison it was; Geryum poison, a quick and painless poison that was used for many uses. One of the reasons, which Max was familiar with, a reason to drink this dangerous poison with a strong scent was for suicide. Max then looked up towards the half-cracked door, which led to the bedroom. Max gripped his gun with a strong grip and slowly walked into the room. Suddenly Max fell out of the room after smelling a horrible and unforgettable smell. Another smell Max was familiar with, a smell that he already smelled. The room was filled with the horrible scent of death. Max walked back into the room, the smell still bothered him, and went towards the bed. In the corner of the room that was next to the bed, laid two deceased bodies. Two dead bodies with no stab or bullet wounds, two bodies that Max identified as a starving mother and daughter. The sight of the two bodies disturbed Max, turning around quickly and released a loud sign of disturb, which Benjen heard.
"Bodies," Benjen said, standing at the door, "I can smell it from here."
Max shook his head with a mournful look on his face, "Starving mother and little daughter, they drank a bottle of poison and..." 
He couldn't continue any longer. The thought of an innocent mother and daughter starving because of the island and army he's fighting for couldn't save them, the thought with a strong image that wouldn't leave his mind for a long time. For an odd reason, Max felt responsible for their death as he kicked the wall repeatedly. 
"War," Max said angrily, "It kills millions, most are innocent people, it separates families that use to be happy together, it breaks people."
"War is just a three lettered word," Benjen said, "But for such a small word, it means so much and causes so much devastation. War changes you...it changes who you really are."
"You don't truly understand it," Max said 
Before Benjen could say anything else, Max walked out of the room, purposely bumping Benjen. He was still angry at Benjen and couldn't talking to him during this dark moment. Benjen looked out of the window and watched as Max head back to Dorugh and the rest, knowing there was something up with him. He then turned back around and looked at the two deceased bodies; the innocent daughter being held in the mother's arms, moments before their deaths. Bugs all over their bodies with their hair falling out, Benjen knew the two of them been dead for a while but yet it bothered him that no one even noticed.
"We will change this," Benjen said to the bodies as if they were still alive.
Benjen then walked out of the room, shutting the door and carved into the door. The young soldier didn't want anyone else to see what he saw, an image of war and the sour effects it has. Benjen then walked out of the abandoned house that owned by a happy mother and daughter, leaving a message on the door, "Dead family. Don't enter."

"Never thought a piece of paper would cost thousands of lives, including West," Dorugh said as he watched Max and Benjen return back.
"They're back," Juhn said calmly as he placed his bloodless sword back in his holster, "We need stop thinking about the treaty and start thinking of ways to getting them somewhere safer than this!"
Exhausted Derwitchi stood up pointing up towards the tallest building throughout Skull island, building where Derwitchi's most trusted guards would be. Up there Derwitchi believed he and the other senators could come up with a plan for his people until the Mooshu treaty could be retrieved again.
"We're not far," Derwitchi said in an exhausting tone, "My guards are probably waiting at the doors for me!"
"Aye," Dorugh said as he begin to walk towards the tall castle, "Let's get moving then."
"Agreed," Carthy cried, "Before this monstrous civilians kill anymore of us!"
Juhn suddenly released a soft laugh, "They haven't always been monsters. The ones who're leading this monsters turned them into this. They're starving and desperate...and when you're desperate, you do stupid things to survive."
"Watch your tongue, Warrior!" Senator Carthy said, "It's a damn shame you aren't smart enough to understand what we go through. It's not only creating and passing laws, it's more than that! Something a man who's not even part of the pirate army but supporting us with other fighters called "warriors" wouldn't ever understand!"
Juhn could of argued more with Carthy, explaining him that the Warriors are more than just fighters but peace makers, protectors, and more...but he knew senators like him were too stubborn. 
"Let's forget Mr. Carthy that they don't want my head on a spike or my body hanged," Juhn said calmly with a huge grin on his face.

As they begin walking, Benjen stopped for a quick moment to talk to Max. The young lad knew something was up with him, after realizing he didn't speak for a long time, which Benjen thought was unusual for Max.
"You look mad," Benjen whispered to Max as he got closer, "Is everything alright?"
Max took a deep breath and glanced over at Benjen, "You could of got yourself or others killed!"
Suddenly Benjen stopped walking, which eventually stopped Max too, "Excuse me?"
Soon the rest noticed Max and Benjen stopped, which caused them to stop too. Juhn and Dorugh both knew that it wasn't smart to stop in the middle of a populated street, when safety was just a few blocks away. Windows from houses started to open, causing the freezing air and snow to flow into their houses. Doors all around started to open up slightly as if citizens in Skull island were first to find the prizes. Juhn started to realize that they were being watched again. Meanwhile Benjen and Max continued to argue, obviously picking the wrong time to argue.
"You ran to chase a little girl while people were attacking us," Max said angrily, "Have you lost your mind or even thought about it?"
Juhn felt like they were in the wild, with their thick and dark blood dripping from deep cuts, and surrounded by blood thirsty beasts that heard every single drop of blood that hit the hard ground. Juhn quickly signaled for Dorugh to control his two men as he pulled out his sword, slowly glancing over each buildings. Derwitchi and the other two senators watched as houses begin to light up with torches, more and more doors slowly opening up.
"Someone need to control those two," Derwitchi said nervously, referring to Max and Benjen.
Dorugh quickly broke up their argument, helping them snap back into reality, where danger was everywhere, "Torches are being lit in houses, what do you think is going on?"
Riots, Max and Benjen both knew what was going down as they pulled out their weapons. Dorugh ran back to the senate to protect them, Max and Benjen eventually followed.
"We need to go now," Senator Carthy cried 
Suddenly four pirates ran out of their houses with a torch in one hand and a blazing hot sword in the other. Max and Benjen both quickly jumped in front of the four pirates, waving their swords ferociously and bravely, but not scaring the pirates away.
"Go," Max said calmly, "We can handle them!"
Juhn shook his head and signaled for Dorugh to follow him, which was tough for him to leave two of his closest friends alone in the streets against blood thirsty pirates. Yet for some odd reason Dorugh knew they could handle this and followed Juhn and the rest back to safety, where Derwitchi's dozen of guards waited for his arrival.

Max and Benjen stood in front of four angry pirates with blood all over their face, slowly dripped on their torn and filthy clothes. Luckily Max nor Benjen was afraid of them, as they stood tall with their swords high up.
"You guys don't have to do this," Max said calmly to the familiar pirates, "We'll overcome all of this, I swear on that!"
One of them laughed, "Thousands of crops will die with the cold. Mooshu was our last chance and ye all lost it!"
Benjen, filled with nothing but eager and confidence, stepped in front of Max with his sword high, "We have a few months left till winter will arrive...we just need a few weeks to get the treaty back!"
The stranger chuckled, revealing nothing but one golden tooth in his dry mouth, "This Island will ready lost ye all trust!"
He then swung his sword at Benjen, completely missing him with his strike. Benjen grinned and ran towards the traitor, swinging at his head but missed all his chances. Max quickly joined in just as soon as the other three traitors joined in, easily stabbing one of them in the stomach and out of the back.
"We can still survive," Max said, jumping back as he dodged one of their swings, "All of us! We can easily get by this!"
But the remaining thee pirates were too stubborn to listen as they continued to attack Benjen and Max.
The golden tooth pirate was knocked to the ground by Benjen but not killed with the help from another traitor pirate. Benjen quickly dropped his head and felt the sword from the other pirate cut single pieces of hair off his head. Before the young lad could make his move, the golden tooth pirate kicked Benjen in the back of his leg, causing him to fall to the ground. Meanwhile, Max watched as Benjen was having trouble but was unable to do anything due to fighting the other pirate. Max endlessly dodged every swing by the pirate but yet couldn't even get his sword close to the enemy.
"Ye fool," The golden tooth pirate said as he grabbed Benjen and pulled him to the ground.
He then pulled out a rope and without a single thought, began to choke Benjen mercifully. The other pirate watched Benjen potentially take his last breath. Gasping for air, Benjen managed to get out words towards Max, "h-h-help!"
The cry from Benjen suddenly distracted Max, causing him to turn around to watch as the pirates slowly kill his somewhat child. Max then bit his lips out of anger, giving the pirates a murderous look as he walks towards them but soon he would be no help as the third pirate knocked Max on the ground.
"Well," One of the pirates said, "Look who we have now!"
Hearing Benjen gasping for what could be his last breath of air felt like a spear to the heart for Max, as he stood there hopeless and harmless. He begin to beg to for Benjen's life but the other two pirates begin to laugh, starting to repeatedly kicking Max with their hard and bloody boots.

Suddenly one of the pirates stopped kicking Max and fell to the ground, following a loud shot. Then the other pirate stopped and pulled out his sword, aiming at a bald-headed and old pirate, Dorugh. Wiping the blood from his mouth, Max quickly jumped and attacked the distracted pirate, easily slicing his throat and throwing him to the ground.
"Release the boy," Dorugh said, aiming at the golden tooth pirate who still had Benjen in his arm.
Finally he stopped choking Benjen and placed a sharp bladed knife at his throat and started to threaten Dorugh and Max. Luckily the threats weren't good enough and Max, who still had the murderous look on his face, ran towards the golden tooth pirate and tackled him to the ground. The pirate then begged for mercy but Max ignored it and started to choke him until his face turned dark as the night and his gasp for air end. Max then ripped the golden tooth out of the pirate's mouth and placed it in his pocket, leaving the cold body there on the street for others to see.
"You came back," Benjen said, still managing to breath, "Where's Lord Derwitchi and the rest?"
Dorugh turned around and pointed at the large castle, "They're in good hands now but we need to get there fast. Ser Spyrder of the council informed us hundreds of more will march down here. We all need to get back to safety fast and think of something!"
"Of course," Benjen said, picking up his sword, "Need to go quick!"
Max, who was silent for a while, walked up to Dorugh and placed his cold and bloody hand on his shoulder, "You came back for us, even after I almost got all of us killed."
"You always been stubborn," Dorugh said, "Let's just get back before your stubbornness gets me killed."

Dorugh, Max, and Benjen ran towards the door of Derwitchi's castle, pounding repeatedly on the doors. Citizens with flaming torches begin to fill everywhere in front of Derwitchi's castles. Benjen and Max both pulled out their swords, with Dorugh still banging on the hard doors.
"Quit banging on your king's door you pathetic fool!" One of Derwitchi's most reliable and strongest guard said
Suddenly Dorugh heard screaming from behind and turned around. Max struck one of the citizens across the chest and kicked him off the stairs and into the crowds. Others soon started to climb up the long stairs, until Max and Benjen took them out with their swords.
"Walmund open these gates," Dorugh yelled, "It's me, Dorugh, I have returned with Max and Ben!"
Rocks suddenly flew past Dorugh's head and nailed the doors. Dorugh, who was already furious, turned around and pulled out his pistol and fired into the crowd, instantly killing the one who threw the rocks. Then more rocks started to get thrown, nearly hitting Max.
"This is madness," Max cried, taking out any pirate
Finally the doors opened up and a tall greasy haired man with armor all over his body pulled out his sword and instantly attacked the crowd. Walmund, who had a deep scar across his face from and into his left eye, where his eye patch laid. One of the strongest but also grumpiest guard for Derwitchi, he was one of his most reliable guard with tales, good and bad, throughout Skull island. Walmund swung his wide and large sword at one of the victims, instantly chopping his whole body in two. He continued to slay down Derwitchi's own citizens until Dorugh grabbed him and turned him towards the entrance
"Show respect for your king you worthless cowards," Walmund cried as he took out another person who ran towards him.
Finally the gate shut and left hundreds of angry pirates outside, filled with hatred and determination to take down their own king. Soon the area was filled with only furious and bloody thirsty citizens, with violent chants; "Make our king bleed with his traitor blood!"

"They want your head," Senator Carthy cried, "What should we do?"
Lord Derwitchi, Senator Carthy, Juhn, Dorugh, Max, Benjen, Spyder, and other senators remained in the main hall until they could come up with a plan. Walmund remained at the doors with four other guards, hearing the hateful words from the people outside of the building.
"We're missing someone from this council," Senator Sud pointed out
Spyders approached the missing council chair, "Sir Stannis went out on his own to look for that treaty. Hopefully he'll return back safely!"
Derwitchi or anyone else on the council wasn't worried about where Stannis went. Although others like Benjen, Dorugh, and Juhn questioned his absence and his position in the council.
"They're animals out there," One of the guards whispered to Walmund
Walmund looked down at the tiny guard, who had long blonde hair. He snickered and turned back around, quickly trying to avoid even looking at the guard, "Do not talk to me you little girl."
Derwitchi walked over towards the round table, where only senators and other important members would be seated at. Dorugh walked over towards the table with Juhn, but was pushed away since he was not a member on the council.
"Our army surrounded the mobs and are trying everything to calm them down," Juhn said to Lord Derwitchi
Derwitchi, who didn't seem as stressed as the rest, shrugged his shoulders carelessly and demanded for a cup of wine. Walmund angrilily walked over and poured wine in his cup and walked back to the doors, murmuring hateful words under his breath that was directed towards the senate.
"My lord," Spyder said calmly, "Do you even have a plan to calm down your people?"
Benjen looked over after hearing Spyder's soft voice, with a questionable look on his face. He tried to walk towards him after remembering what he said back in the old tavern, but was quickly stopped by two of Derwitchi's guards. 
"Council members only," The guard said
After countless and countless plans from Juhn and the rest of the senate, Lord Derwitchi still haven't said a single word or even mention a good plan to calm down his own people.
"Perhaps we fill their anger up with fear," Spyder said, staring down Derwitchi, "Fear is the biggest enemy of them all; easily defeating anger and much more."
Lord Derwitchi shook his head but still remained calm as if his own people outside of his own building weren't trying to cut off his head. The rest of the senate and even his guards were more terrified for their own lives than Derwitchi feared for his.
"My lord this is no disrespect but are you not scared for your own life?" Spyder said, "These people want your head on a spike!"
Derwitchi slammed his fist hard on the table and jumped out of his chair, "They are my people! Just like you all and our armies, they're suppose to serve me and obey whatever I say or do! For God sake, we own one of the largest army throughout the spiral with the Warriors right next to our side. Those animals out there tried to kill all of us and you want me to come up with a plan to calm them down and join back as if they never tried to kill any of us. What about Senator West's life?"
The whole room remained silent, with the loud and hateful chants outside of the building being the only thing anyone could hear. They soon realized that Lord Derwitchi was scared for his life but really...Derwitchi felt just like the way he did when he woke up, relax and calm.
"We need to go out there soon," Juhn Woun said calmly, "You need to give them a speech and if they try to attack, Dorugh or I will command our armies to calm down the citizens. The day is getting darker but more importantly the day will get colder."
"You must show no fear no matter what," Spyder said to Derwitchi as he walked towards the doors, "If they can sense your fear, they will take advantage of it."
Derwitchi stood at the doors, with the guards waiting for his approval to open up the doors. The senate started to give him advice constantly, which was difficult for him to understand since they were all trying to talk over each other. Finally Derwitchi raised his hand calmly, to signal for everyone to be quiet. The room soon became quiet, and Derwitchi looked over at Walmund for him to open up the doors.
The doors slowly opened up, and the loud and violent cries from the people grew louder and louder until Derwitchi and the rest of the senate was seen, which made the yelling even more louder and violent. Max looked over at Dorugh, who took a deep breath and tried his best to stop his shaking.
"This is dangerous," he said to Dorugh, "Are you ready for this?"
Dorugh looked over at Max and tried his best to not look terrified, "I'm not but I know I have to be. None of us can show fear."

Walmund and a dozen of other guards were first to walk out, with their swords out and their armor on tight. The citizens started to throw hard rocks at them, with the rocks bouncing off their armor.
"Give us Derwitchi's head," One of the people shouted, "Before he kills this island with all of us!"
Citizens mercilessly grabbed one of Derwitchi's guards and pulled him into the crowd of hungry and blood thirsty animals known as the desperate citizens of Skull island. The cry from the guard soon vanished just like he did as he was pulled completely into the crowd, never to be seen again.
"Calm yourself!" Walmund said as he struck someone and kicked his body back into the crowd.
Derwitchi was surrounded by his guards, completely protected from anything his own people had. Although soon, he demanded for the guards to let him by so he can talk to his own people. Juhn and the other senators thought Derwitchi lost it since he kept demanding for Walmund to get out of his way.
"This is insane," Max said, looking at the endless crowds of people, "There's like thousands of them just here!"
Dorugh noticed another person climb up and running towards of the senators. He pulled out his pistol and fired, easily nailing the citizen in the back of the head. Three more climbed up and ran towards Benjen. He looked into their eyes and saw nothing but hate and danger, quickly jumping in front of Senator Carthy and striking one of them clean across the face. Dorugh and Max ran over towards the scene and easily taking out of the other two from behind.
"This was a bad idea," Benjen shouted, "There's way too many!"
The ruthless citizens climbed up from the left side, where Max and Dorugh was suppose to guard but were too busy taking out enemies from the right side. They grabbed one of the senators and threw him into the crowd, where he instantly met his death.
"We need to get Derwitchi back inside," Walmund commanded as he sliced a hungry slave in two, "These people lost their damn minds!"
Juhn agreed with Walmund, "I agree!"
But Lord Derwitchi disagreed as he manage to get past his guards and stood in front of thousands of lives who wanted him dead. The yelling and cries from others stopped as they all looked at Derwitchi, who stood there calmly. Standing there, Derwitchi had no idea if he would walk to his bed at the end of the day dead or alive. He ignored all of the violent screams as he looked over at the spikes that stood tall, with West and other senator's heads there, but he still showed no fear. 
Dorugh ran next to Derwitchi, "I can command our army for them to take them out if needed!"
Derwitchi only said one word, his only word he said ever since he walked out towards his potential death. He nodded his head and calmly said a simple word but yet was filled with questions, "Don't."
From that moment he looked into the eyes of thousands of innocent lives that were suffering from fear and hunger, and he finally understood who to blame. Lord Derwitchi realized who was responsible for all of their lives and at fault for them. He took a few steps closer to the crowd and potentially closer to death. Juhn sent the rest of the senate inside for safety, and then he walked next to Derwitchi. Dorugh, Max, and Benjen walked next to Derwitchi and aimed at the crowd. Eventually the crowd started to calm down, anxious and curious on what their king had to say.
Derwitchi looked all around the crowds, seeing nothing but disgusted, angry, and worried citizens. Finally he knew how to control them all and also how to unite them all together, "For months and perhaps years we all lived on this wonderful island with protection from our armies of people who were just known as pirates. Know we have one of the largest armies with strong men who's willing to die for all of us! Now you all must of forgot who kept you all safe for his long. The Mooshu treaty is perhaps and still is one of our most important written agreements. One of our most trusted Warrior was suppose to deliver this before the cold air arrives but was killed by who knows. Luckily we all who took this treaty and left all of us killing each other and giving up. This crew who's been causing trouble for weeks and has the treaty in their arms will be found and punished for their actions! Sanchi Sameria and the rest of his disgusted friends will be punished for what they have done to us!"
Suddenly the crowds dropped their weapons and torches and started to cheer for Lord Derwitchi, even though he wasn't done with his speech. Finally the amazed crowd became quiet again. Lord Derwitchi who had a mysterious smile on his face, walked closer to the people.
"Not only we will punish Sanchi and his crew," Derwitchi said as the crowds resumed being loud, "Not only we will get that treaty back, get thousands and maybe millions of crops delivered here...but we will also capture a formal council member."
The crowd quickly became confused as Derwitchi paused for a moment. Spyder walked closer to Derwitchi with a confused but also worried look on his face.
"We will find Stannis, who's been missing during tough times like this," Derwitchi said as he slowly raised his hand up in the air, "We will find this traitor who has been seen with this traitor crew, and we...will..hang..Stannis for all of his actions!"
The crowds of people begin to cheer even louder than before with positive chants towards Derwitchi and the army. The excitement couldn't be contained as the citizens of Skull island released all of it with hopes and desired for catching the traitors and most importantly, getting the treaty to Mooshu. Juhn and the rest stood there, completely amazed on how Derwitchi changed a deadly crowd, that wanted him dead, into a crowd that completely supported him. Meanwhile as the crowd chant happily, Spyder stood there with a worried look on his face. He knew he would have to leave Skull Island as soon as can be. He knew he would have to warn the only person he serves beside Derwitchi. He knew he would have to go out and warn Stannis about the new bounty on his head.
"This is amazing," Spyder said to Benjen, "How power can easily control the brains of thousands with hopes on finding a group of pirates that haven't been seen in days."
Benjen looked up at Spyder and noticed the worried look on his face. He was the only worried one all around him. Benjen looked at one of the most secretive person throughout the whole Spiral and asked him quietly; "What do you know that others don't?"
"A lot," Spyder said worriedly, "A lot that you don't want to know."

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