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The Warrior "Back Home" S1 E17

Sanchez, Jason, and Moresco continued to run like they were being chased by a blood thirsty beast, frequently looking back to see if anyone was on their trail. Jumping over fallen branches, dodging huts created by othr creatures, and making sure they were invisable to Deacon and the enemies.
"We're close," Jason said tiredly, "I can see smoke, probably from Samuel cooking up something...for his self!"
Even though the two known each other for years, with countless memories of saving each other, Jason couldn't help but hate Samuel for his selfish and disgusted actions towards Sanchi and the rest. He believed that it wasn't right for Samuel to be a selfish man and make Anthony and Chun to gather gold and jewels just for a couple of days staying in his market, and of course the pleasure of Samuel not giving Sanchi up to the armadas. Although, Jason admired Anthony and Chun going out determined to search for gold to ensure their stay, believing how powerful and reliable Sanchi's crew was.
"I actually apologize for him and his selfish actions and of course dangerous missions that he calls "simple" that he's giving to your crew," Jason said to Sanchez.
Sanchez nodded his head, believing that his "crew" can actually do anything and is up for any challenges, of course coming from his own mouth. He wasn't afraid of any men who wore armor for cowardly protection, believing pirates and other scavengers were braver than any men who has to wear armor.
"Samuel is a coward," Sanchez said, scratching blood off his holster, "Cowards like him will easily betray anyone, which is also why I believe if Anthony and Chun gets anything to pay him...we don't give him any of it."
Jason never had the thought of Samuel being a coward or even betraying him. He just thought the best and the only option to keep him and his daughters safe, something he believes that Sanchez wouldn't be able to understand.
"Once Sanchi wakes up...if he wakes up, are you guys gonna leave us and head back to Mooshu?"
Sanchez looked back at Moresco, who was trailing behind them, looking completely useless but yet still had a large smile on his face. Then he looked around the area, looking at the green and healthy trees and of course the bright blue sky but yet Sanchez still didn't feel safe living in this kind of place. Something about what lurks in these deep woods and the people living around them just made Sanchez feel bothered.
"It's not up to me. I'm no captain, Sanchi is and I go wherever he goes and if he wants to go all the way to Mooshu, I'll be right there by his side." Sanchez said, thinking about the Mooshu treaty.
Jason chuckled, "Is it really about listening to your captain? I heard endless stories about member of a captain's crew betraying their captains just like that! What about these treaty for Mooshu?"
Sanchez surprisingly looked up at Jason, noticing the grin on his face, "The treaty..."
"The treaty," Jason said, giving Sanchez a smart look, "The treaty that can give Skull Island and Derwitchi's men the upper edge in this war with the help from Mooshu or make them weak if they get into Kane's hands. It's sad that a little piece of paper with writing on it can make a huge difference in this deadly war for freedom."
Sanchez didn't know what to do with the treaty, he didn't understand much about war or why thousands of men on Kane's side are dying  just to prevent freedom from anyone else. He hoped and believed at the same time that Sanchi will know what to do with the treaty.
"We need to get back," Sanchez said, "Hoping Stannis will be there so I can bust his skull wide open!"

Sanchez, Jason, and Moresco was close to their temporary home, coming up on a view that none of them could forget. The beautiful blue sky slowly changing to an orange sky, with the beautiful and thick clouds running into the distance, Sanchez noticed. Below them was the village, watched as each villager collected their belongings from outside and taking them inside, after killing their fires and of course their meals. Sanchez felt like he was a god above the village, being able to see what was happening anywhere. With a big smile, Sanchez pointed at a little house next to a disgusted market, showing Moresco where they were staying at.
"Me master live down there!" Moresco yelled, jumping in place excitedly. 
Meanwhile for Jason, he noticed a familiar ship coming towards the docks, getting the excellent view to see the short captain of the ship a mile away. After a few minutes of staring at the captain, he noticed his daughter, Amy, coming out just to stand right next to him. Jason could no longer hold his tears as his eyes became flooded, Sanchez noticed.
"She made it back," Jason said, wiping the tears away, "She made it back!"
Sanchez smiled, patting the proud father on his back, "Let's get down there to see them."

"Never been so excited to see land," One-Eyed Jack said, patting Anthony's back, "We did it kid! Now me must show ye a tavern with good drinks...and good women!"
Anthony couldn't finish his sentence as Amy got between the two, pushing the one-eyed pirate away from Anthony. Amy then gave Anthony another kiss to prove to Jack that he is taken. Jack smiled and turned back around, approaching Chun, who was next to Jack's crew to make sure they didn't remove any gold from the chests. In a distances, Anthony and Amy both heard Jack's and Chun's conversation, "For victory, me and ye gon go to a nice tavern, beautiful women that make ye feathers stand up once ye see'em!"

"You were so brave," Amy said, feeling like she was living in a fantasy with a hero named Anthony.
Anthony had a little smile on his face, somewhat being grateful they made it off the ship. Although, he really didn't feel like a hero due to the fact that he was getting his face smashed in when a little bomb, that he didn't even make, blew up and pretty much killing the captain. It also bothered him that he almost got Amy and the rest of the Jack's crew killed, if it wasn't for Chun's bribe and speech. The young lad didn't feel like a hero, but he didn't want to kill Amy's fantasy, even though if it makes him feel like a coward.
"Let's just be happy that we made it out," Anthony said, bring Amy closer, "You get to see your father and sister too...we survived another day."
When Anthony, Amy, and Chun finally made it back to then town, where they can finally the houses, Jason and Beth were waiting for them. Proud father, who could hardly stop his tears and with a big smile on his face, begin to run towards Amy. Beth eventually followed Jason, both of them grabbing Amy, and holding her tightly as if she's been gone for months. Sanchez and the rest eventually made it to the scene, admiring Anthony's bruises and scars.
"I would hate to see the other guy," Sanchez said, placing his cold hand on Anthony's bruised up shoulder.

As the reunion was filled with happiness and joy, filled with laughter and tears of joys, it would soon end after hearing a dreadful voice, a voice from a man everyone, including his once-was best friend Jason, despised. 
"Few hours late," Samuel said, who was too concerned about the gold to even check on Amy, "Where's me treasure?"
Sanchez then jumped in front of the treasure, blocking it from Samuel. Sanchez, who was much taller and in better shape, made Samuel look like a little pudgy kid. Although Samuel didn't see it like that, he believed he was the boss of them all, even Sanchi.
"You didn't do a damn thing to earn all of that treasure," Sanchez said, getting into Samuel's face, "Why should we even give you a small portion when we can take all this, get a ship, and get out of this dump?"
Samuel's face quickly turned pale but he wasn't going to back down, "Ye want to risk picking up your unconscious man?"
Sanchez remain speechless, slowly backing away from Samuel, "We had a deal and if we cannot come to an agreement, I will make sure the armadas will find ye all! I could of sold ye like slaves to them, and get so much profit I can probably own this whole entire "dump" as ye called it!"
Sanchez knew Samuel was right as he backed away from him and the treasure. Samuel then giggled as he checked the treasure, "There's only a enough gold in here to get ye a decent-shaped ship!"
Jack and his men then picked up the chest and brought it back to Samuel's market, leaving Sanchez and the rest behind, speechless and also defeated. It was the beginning of a great and small reunion, eventually ended in the same exact spot, where the chest was taken and the torches eventually went out, leaving everyone in the dark. Chun and Moresco was first to head back to shelter, as the heavy wind and cold air eventually defeated them. Jason and Amy then took Beth back to as she begin to shiver endlessly, leaving Sanchez and Anthony all alone and speechless.
"Once Sanchi wakes up, we'll get that gold back and leave," Anthony said, trying his best to make Sanchez feel better.
Defeated Sanchez just shrugged his shoulders, "I'm not a leader like Sanchi...I let Samuel talk me down and take what you fought for. Then I caught Sanchi's own father with the armadas...if Sanchi was in my shoes, Samuel and Stannis would both be punished and we would be gone already but that's not the case. We're lost without Sanchi."
Anthony didn't believe any of Sanchez's nonsense. He knows Sanchi is coming out of the coma, believing that all of them will have a big purpose in the war. Anthony believed that Sanchi and Sanchez were both important, since they have one of the most important treaties for both sides. Anthony knew that this wasn't the end of their journey, but the beginning. 

Back at the house, Beth was sitting by the fire, trying her best to get warm again. Although she wasn't in her assigned house, she was in the smallest house, where Sanchi laid unconscious. She placed warm towels on Sanchi's forehead and also placed thick blankets across his body, to get him warm. She sat there, in an uncomfortable and hardly stable wooden chair, being right by Sanchi's side.
"You don't have to be up all night by his side," Sanchez said quietly, quickly closing the door, "You need some rest."
Beth smiled but didn't speak to Sanchez, being a bit too shy to even wink at him. Sanchez understood how shy she was, compared to Amy who would usually speak her mind more than most. Luckily shyness didn't change his opinion on Beth, he still believed she was one of the most beautiful girls he ever laid eyes on, which was the main reason why he came inside.
"You need your beauty sleep," Sanchez said, sitting on the hard and cold floor but it was right next to her, "Beautiful ladies like you need to sleep."
One of Sanchez's weakest points was not only making important decisions, but it was also hitting on females...females he was in love with. Even though for most of his life he lived with two females, talking to beautiful women like Beth was never his strong suite but somehow, it worked with a very shy girl like Beth.
"You're too kind," Beth said with a smile, "I wish there were more boys like you."
Sanchez chuckled as he stood up in front of Beth, "I'm no boy...but thank you!"
He then looked into her eyes, feeling a connection he never had with a woman before. He felt a connection with her as she looked back at him, with a gorgeous smile. He didn't know what else to say, completely going speechless from her beauty, but he wasn't the only one who felt the connection. 
"Mr. Sanchez," Beth said smoothly, "Everything okay?"
Sanchez laughed softly, "It's look like a lady I would see in my dreams...a type that I don't deserve."
Beth smiled, grabbing both of Sanchez's hands, "What do I deserve than?"
She then stood up, a few inches away from Sanchez's face. Sanchez believed beautiful ladies like herself deserved more than just a pirate, but a king or god, believing that Beth looked like a beautiful blonde goddess. 
"You deserve a god or a king," Sanchez said as he got closer to Beth
"I don't think so," Beth said, getting closer to Sanchez until there was no room left between them, "I think I will be satisfied by having you."
Sanchez then grabbed Beth's beautiful face and begin kissing her endlessly. He felt like he was living in a dream, finally receiving a chance with Beth. He was completely in love with her as the two fell to the floor, where Beth started to remove her clothes. Sanchez felt the immediate impact from cupid, as he didn't let go of Beth from his fear of losing her. Just from being with Beth, Sanchez lost the thought of Stannis or even losing the treasure, at this moment he didn't care. The two continued to make love endlessly through the night, where no one could see or stop them. 

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