Saturday, September 7, 2013

Goodbye from Blaze

Hello fellow Adventurous Wizards and Pirates. It's me, Blaze! Hope everyone had a fantastic summer. For sure I did, but that's not why I am blogging at the moment. Sure I wish I could but I been so busy in school and sports that I am lucky enough to even post one right now! I am retiring from AoTS and P101 & W101. I put lots and lots of hardwork in AoTS. Kept on trying and trying to become well heard, which work a little. I am glad for the progress of AoTS and the amazing games!

This community has been one of the best I ever been! So many memories I'll be keeping. Kind people. Sure there was rough times. I meet so, SO many kind, trustworthy, funny people. Of course I lost many of them who I known since 2008 when the game came out and still can't let that go. Gain new ones (Bloggers, etc) that was the best! Never love a community like this ever! So many adventure in Wizard101 and great friends and the same for Pirate101 with major help (Not the best Wizard/Pirate) of course I did so many stupid things I regret, like getting my first account mute. Turning down offers, not finishing world/projects I promise and not playing some times.'s the reason. Back in the summer I had loads of funerals I attended. Great aunt passed away, Grandfather passed away, one of my friend since Pre K passed away. Everything was just terrible and heart breaking for me and my family. Other things happen that was just terrible, that I am not getting in to (Personal reasons)
My sub ended awhile back in August 2012 for Wizard101. Still manage to get on and talk to people. On the exact date, October 11th my sub will end for Pirate101. P101 was great wish I could finish it but that'll be too complicated. Money is becoming a issue around my house. My mom working hard for her money and soon enough I'll be working.

I really love all the support from all of y'all, even the one who didn't even follow! Nothing made me happier then hearing "You have a great blog" "Aots is amazing". Just makes me smile in joy! AoTS' goal was to gain 1,000 followers, sadly we are way behind but 13k views? Amazing! I honestly love the work of the blogs and the amazing events and I met some of the best bloggers! (Edward, Autumn, Jason, Cody, Blaze ETC ETC) So many well known bloggers was actually on my friend list! All the special party events made me so excited never miss one until this year. I love W101, P101, AoTS, Bloggers and some I could call my friend.

Thank you for the ones who supported me and thank for you dealing with me :). AoTS, W101, P101 & for sure this community will be in my heart and I will truly miss it! 

Hopefully cya around and last message: Have fun adventuring in the amazing Spiral..Adventurous Wizards & Pirates :).. 



  1. Aww Blaze, I'm so sorry to hear about all of the bad things that happened over the Summer. :( I really hope things get better for you and your family soon! I have so many great memories/ pictures on my blog and ones I'll keep and treasure forever. I'm going to miss you and so many people are going to miss you. I wish you luck in the real spiral and hope you succeed in everything you plan to do. x hugs x

    1. Thanks Ed :) I'll always remember you. You're so amazing. I'll be stopping around :)

  2. I'm sorry to hear about everything you went through, and while I understand why you are leaving, I will miss you. You're an amazing friend that I will never forget. I hope you still come around twitter once in awhile to say hi. Good luck with everything!

    1. Aww, thanks Autumn. Means a lot. I'll for sure miss you and Edward :/, But I'll visit :)