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The Warrior "Up Ahead" S1 E15

Sanchez and Moresco ran back to Samuel's market, where they past several sellers who looked at them like they would a criminal, soon letting it be known about their presences. They finally made it to the market, seeing in front of Sanchi's dorm was two bodies and Jason, who was sitting in front of them as a nervous wreck.
"I've only been gone for a few hours," Sanchez said, running to Jason, "And three people are already dead?"
Jason threw his bloody hands up. He looked like he saw a ghost or even witnessed his family being murdered, face crunched up in his shaky hands and started to avoid eye contact with Sanchez or Moresco.
"They tried to kill Sanchi," Jason said nervously, "I-I-I killed one of them...I killed a human being! I guess it came from all the anger that was built up in my body....but-but I should of never killed him after I unarmed him. I'm a murderer in the eye of God!"
Sanchez then left Jason there to panic like a little girl, running into Sanchi's dorm to check on someone who was more important than Jason.

Blood all over the wooden floor and on the walls like someone was painting this horrified sight red, Sanchez thought as he managed to calm his self from throwing up. He looked over at Sanchi's bed, where Stannis was sitting in a chair, blood and bruises all over his face, and just stared at the bloody wall.
"You made a mistake," Sanchez said calmly, "Everyone all around know who it was and they know where that man lives!"
Stannis didn't speak, still staring at the bloody wall like the ruined wall had answers for the man. Meanwhile Sanchez just laughed and placed both ofhis hands on the back of his head, becoming very stressed and worried even more. He tried to calm his self but with the thoughts of others coming in here again and tried to assassinate one of his crewmates, he just couldn't help but explode. Sanchez grabbed a chair and threw it into the bloody wall, where Stannis was staring at.
"Wake up old man it ain't nap time!" Sanchez cried as he taunted Stannis, "Your own son was almost killed and now with you killing that merchant...his name and of course our names are top on the list!"
Stannis looked up at Sanchez, giving him a disgusted stare, "Maybe you should start doing something about it rather than sitting around and let the madness continue!"
Sanchez snickered sarcastically, "I have been working and I listen to my crew and last time I remembered, you weren't apart of this crew and also...I was voted as the quartermaster!"
Stannis laughed, jumping out of his chair, "You've been voted by three other crewmates and I'm quite sure two of them thinks quartermaster mostly involves money! Fool, they'll only obey Sanchi's orders, aka the captain, not you!"
Sanchez took a few steps towards Stannis, staring him directly in the eye valiantly. Both of the two then placed their hands on their weapons, moments away from spilling even more blood, all in front of Sanchi.
"Remove your hand from your weapon," Stannis said in an angry tone, "I know you do not wish to spill more blood in here."
Sanchez shook his head with an angry-like grin, "Aye, will you be the one who'll spill more blood in here? Next to your unconscious son? Kill your captain's quartermaster, right? You probably don't care to have someone else's blood on your hands...I know you're fond of it!"
A rep that Stannis use to enjoy, being the one that was feared by many but he soon started to regret the reputation as being a "traitor and murderer" ever since he met his son. Although Stannis did all the betrayal and killing, but it was really the money and the strive for his pay that made him do the things he deeply, and now, regretted. Stannis thought about his reputation after Sanchez figured it out, becoming speechless. With nothing else to say, Stannis just walked out of the room.
"Is me master awake?" Moresco said, standing at the opened door with a begging and teary look
Sanchez shook his head with lots of things on his mind, as if he was having the feeling that everything begin to fall on his shoulders, "No, Moresco."

Land, the piece of land where they've been hiding in for a week now, the sight of it just a few miles from them. Anthony could see the island being hidden by the puffy clouds, he just smiled, revealed a missing front tooth, from the thought of returning back to his crew. Staring into the thick clouds, he begin to fantasized like he had nothing better to do.
"Almost home," Chun said, snapping Anthony back into reality, "That's what Jack been telling everyone."
Anthony nodded his head, turning around to Chun, revealing his swollen eye and purple bruises all over his face.
"Jack also told everyone that you're a hero," Chun said kindly
Anthony laughed as if what Chun said was just a lame joke, "Sure."
Chun shrugged his shoulders, shortly approaching Anthony closer, "I still think you and I are cowards...nothing more but at the same time, we saved everyone from getting into a head-on ship battle, which could of been bad."
Anthony nodded his head again, "I just got lucky from Jack's little present."
Chun smiled, shaking Anthony playfully, "Lucky or not, I think your name is stitched onto Amy's heart!"
He looked up to Chun, wondering if he was being serious. Chun nodded his head with a smile without Anthony even saying a single word, knowing what was going on in young pirate's mind.
"I'd do anything for her," Anthony said softly, "I had no courage or even a hit in me against West, but when she kissed me, I felt invincible as if she filled my empty scared body with courage! Tell me Chun, is this a significant sign of love?"
Chun nodded his head, patting the one who was developing into a young man after his first act of piracy.
"Talk to her," Chun said, "When we reach home, tell her what you told me and if you do, she'll love you even more!"
Antony became anxious and exciting to return back, turning around just to stare at their home, going into the clouds.

The debt wasn't over, not until Samuel receive his treasure and become pleased, which meant more work for Sanchi's crew. After a long day for Sanchez, he was sent out to gather rare green berries for beer or even tea but he wasn't alone as Moresco and Jason both received the news that they'd have to go with him.
"He's gonna be sending us on the stupidest tasks until Amy comes back with what he wants," Jason said angrily
"Aye," Sanchez said, looking up into two very tall trees, glancing at a group of berries all the way on the top, "Did Samuel inform us that the berries were every...high up?"
Jason pulled out his old and rusty binoculars, shaking his head with a loud sign, "Rare type of berries and most of the time the rare ones are in the most difficult spots."
Sanchez threw his hands up as if he was surrendering. He and Jason both knew they were too heavy to make their way up by climbing on the branches. But then Sanchez looked down at Sanchi's little comrade, who had wings on his back and laid less than sixty pounds, knowing Moresco would be the perfect one for this mission. At that point, Sanchez had hope to gather to berries after pointing at Moresco.
"You and me can't climb up there," Sanchez said to Jason, "But our little buddy can definitely can!"
Jason looked down at Moresco, then looking up at Sanchez and gave him an impressed look, "Right!"
"Master's partner," Moresco said, pulling on Sanchez's shirt, "Must Moresco be the one for this job?"
Sanchez bent over and picked up Moresco, throwing him a couple of feet in the air, eventually landing on a branch on the tree. Moresco then stood up carefully and looked all the way up, seeing the long but yet ruthless climb for him...but with his determination and passion to please people, he stuck his sharp claws into the tree and begin to climb up. Staring from the bottom as they watched the little creature climb up, Sanchez somewhat felt like everything was coming right back to him and soon enough, they'd be out of this place and off to Mooshu.
"This little Monquistador," Jason said calmly, "Can he do it?"
"Let's hope so," Sanchez said, "Can't have two in a coma."

Moresco was close to his goal, seeing the berries as he climbed closer and closer to it. Luckily he didn't even look down to see how high he was. Getting closer once again, Moresco climbed the final branch all the way on top of the tree, feeling like the companion who's on top of the whole entire Spiral.
"Me on top!" Moresco's voice begin to echo all around the woods, "In good reach of berries!"
As a matter of time their luck was bound to run out. When Moresco turned his little bodies to grab the berries and from a good distance, he saw an old man with a bald head talking to a group of armadas. One of the armadas were tall and ginormous, looking like a big giant from far ahead, and he glanced over at the other armada with a large and tall hat on his head, seeing the gold trim around it. It was a disturbing sight for him as he begin to breath heavier and more nervous, causing him to lose his balance on the tree.
"Bad men," Moresco begin to repeat over and over again to his self, "Bad men!"

Leaves falling from the tree and landing next to their feet, Sanchez couldn't get a clear view of Moresco but could see the top branch shaking repeatedly. Once again he started to worry again, trying to look for Jason's binoculars.
"Binoculars," Sanchez said suddenly as he started to walk away from him
Jason developed a confused look, trying to see what was happening on top of the tree, "What?"
Sanchez turned around and reached into Jason's pocket, pulling out the binoculars. He then tried to get a clear view on what was going on, seeing Moresco standing shaken on a branch as if he saw his future's death right in front of him, Sanchez thought as he pulled out his pistol and started to yell; "Moresco!"
Moresco's voice then begin to echo and Sanchez heard it, hearing words he wished he never heard. His fear grew larger as he heard what Moresco was yelling, running towards where Moresco was staring at.
"Get Moresco out of the tree," Sanchez yelled to Jason, "I think the armadas found us!"
Sanchez was terrified and endangered with the thoughts of them being captures grew scarier and scarier as Sanchez continued to run towards where Moresco was staring at. 
"We've been sitting here for days now!"
Sanchez stopped and dropped to the ground, hearing Deacon's voice. He remained there, silent as if someone stitched his mouth, lying on the ground nervously and continued to hear their conversation. He recognized Deacon's voice and even Rooke's voice while he was on the ground eavesdropping.
"We are royal people, not that pathetic scumbags you've been hiding with," Deacon said to someone, "As piracy grows, we just keep climbing down and eventually decline! You understand now, old man?"
Sanchez scooted up even more, crawling towards the bush to see who they were talking to. As he got closer and closer, he felt his heart beat even faster with the rest of his body shaking even more. Finally making his way to the bush, he slowly look through the bush's thin leaves. Suddenly he felt disgusted and furious, after looking at who was on the other side of the bush. Sanchez felt like he was in a dream, realizing him and his whole crew was betrayed by the old man that was named, Stannis.
"You all should leave," Stannis said, glancing towards a bush that was shaking, "And...."
"We've been here for days now," Rooke shouted, slamming his axe down, "Please tell me you aren't falling in love with your traitor of a son!"
"I never said that!" Stannis said, feeling offended, "They just aren't worth it without that treaty!"
Rooke might of been the dumbest one there but Deacon wasn't, and he knew that his son and his crew still has the treaty.
"We were right," Deacon said calmly, bringing everyone's attention towards him, "Stannis...your own child changed you!"
Stannis was getting mad but yet he knew they were right, "Without me...without me Kane would of never spotted this crew! I will not be criticized by Kane's sidekick and an underpaid monster!"
Sanchez continued to listen, staring directly at Stannis with one of his fists crunched up. 
"No need for a fit Stanford," Deacon said, getting closer to Stannis, "We're all doing our jobs and are working constantly to find these pirates. Remember our job? Your son is nothing close to a pirate but yet we don't know much about his crew. I know what you have to do and the reasons why; piracy, we need to vanish piracy and with Sanchi and his crew causing'll be quite difficult."
Suddenly the bush behind them started to move again, causing the armadas to focus on the plant. Deacon then snapped his fingers, eventually two guards ran towards Deacon. After seeing nothing behind the bush, Deacon suddenly heard a gunshot from close by, alarming everyone nearby.
"Maybe it's your son who listened to us," Deacon said, pulling out his pistol, "Guess it's time to check..."
Stannis jumped in front of Deacon, stopping him from moving anymore. Stannis thought it was just a hunger looking for some food, thinking it was one of Deacon's men but Deacon didn't believe him. He started to be fed up with pirates and Sanchi's crew.
"Jackson and Davis," Deacon called up two of his rangers, "Find whoever is in these woods and bring them to me!"
The two rangers ran deep into the woods. Deacon then begin to walk back to his ship to rest in, being followed by Stannis, who was trying to convince Deacon that it was nothing in the woods, gambling with his own life.
"There's no law saying others cannot hunt for their own food," Stannis said, thinking he was defending Sanchi., "Perhaps it was one of your men!"
"If it was a pirate then I want him here and dead," Stannis said, walking on his ship, "I must rest now."

With anger and loads of hatred, Sanchez ran from the armadas and back to Jason, suddenly bumping into an armada. Without asking any questions or hearing his words, Sanchez just knocked down the armada and fired a shot into him. A shot that notified Deacon and the rest.

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