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The Warrior "The Terrible Captain" S1 E13

   The dirt and rocky trails around the markets begin to fill up with group of pirates walking towards the end of it, leading to Samuel's market, where must of the flies were. Market where royal and other traders forbidden to even glance at, hearing stories from others about how unpleasant and filthy his place was even though it was in front of several dorm rooms.
   The little rusted bell started to ring repeatedly as the group of pirates all entered Samuel's place, where he greeted the crew. All eleven of the pirates were in debt from Samuel and all waited for the day where Samuel would finally call them up for acts of piracy, today being the day where all the eleven distinct and habitual pirates would finally be debt free from Samuel.
"Stinking Samuel," The leader of the pack said surprisingly, "I was damned sure to see ye face again!"
He nodded his head with a little grin on his face, thinking only about the treasure, "One-Eyed Jack, ye actually showed up!"
One Eyed-Jack, one of the most feared and criminal pirates throughout the whole entire Spiral. The one who slashed and killed his own girlfriend for a chest of rubies, suddenly becoming wanted by many. He stood taller than most and muscular than plenty, being in his mid 20's, with a bald head and a long scar that cut through his left eye and all the way to the back of his head. He was known for his long goatee that was dyed red, for the look that resemblance blood. He smiled at Samuel, revealing a few of his shiny golden teeth, that was ripped out by some of his deceased enemies. He placed his hands, fingers with golden rings on, on his revolver on his right side, and terrifying sword stood harmless inside of his holster.
"Ye want meh to open up anyone's body for ye?" One-Eyed Jack said, looking down at his sword
Samuel could smell the unpleasant whisky stench, mixed with a little bit of sour milk, on Jack and in his breath, indicating that that was truly drunk. 
"It be the morning and a drop still haven't touched me tongue," Samuel said seriously, "Meanwhile ye is probably already drunk if not soon."
Jack smiled, "Not quite, Sammy boy!"
"C'mon John," Samuel said softly, "Don't screw this up for ye new captain and a few of his friends."
Jack bold smile soon became a confused one as if Samuel's letter wasn't clear enough, "Someone needs to start teaching ye how to read. There be a group in those dorms who're now in my debt, one be giving the orders and of course honor of being the captain...of an act of piracy."
One-eyed Jack smile again, playfully blowing Samuel a little kiss as he went over and picked up a bottle of whiskey.
"Might as well start the drinking now," Jack said, raising the bottle up, "It may be a long day."
Samuel walked over to his table filled with bottles of whiskey, snatching one of his bottles out of Jack's hand, slamming it back on the table. One-Eyed Jack then smiled at Samuel again, trying to get the whiskey back.
"Ye be handing me a crew who never ever performed an act or piracy," Jack said, pointing his finger directly in Samuel's face.
"Aye," Samuel said, picking up the whiskey in an attempt to relieve the stress, "Gold and the debts are on the line and ye know the consequences if ye return empty handed!"
Jack rolled his eyes, "I get it; ye will turn us in for all the crimes we committed even though we know about the debt suddenly..vanishing..if ye be gone, but ye be one of me lads that I quite enjoy."

Samuel changed the subject as the old one became a bit dark, "You should head over there, ye captain be waiting for ye!"
Jack innocently shrugged his shoulders, licking his lips, "And who will show me the captain?"

"We should be out of here," Anthony said, staring at Sanchi's unconscious body, "When will he wake up?"
Sanchez nodded his head, standing right by Sanchi's side for the last few days, hoping and praying for him to wake up again. He thought if Sanchi dies, his adventurous dreams would go with him. He believed there was no better leader in the whole entire universe that could lead better than Sanchi, remembered all the dangerous situations they got into and managed to get out of, treating all those times special.
"If he wakes up," Sanchez said hopelessly
Everyone, except for Samuel and Jason, were in the small little dorm, crowding around Sanchi. Even Amy and Beth, who Anthony awkwardly managed to avoid eye contact with them. None of them knew what will happen as they stood in the dorm that was filled with nothing but silence and tears, mostly from Sanchez and Moresco. Every minute that slowly went by was a moment where their hope grew shorter and their waiting would grow longer, feeling like decades since Sanchi was last awake.
"Anthony," Jason yelled from behind the closed door, "We need to!"
After Anthony was too nervous to answer or even move, Jason just opened up the door wide, revealing a group of pirates right behind him.  Tall ones, short ones, terrifying ones stood right behind Jason. As Anthony's fear also grew larger, he took a few steps back when the pirates all cramped up in the same room.

"Guys," Jason said calmly after noticing everyone's confused looks on their face, "There's a new mission...or order."
Sanchez jumped out of his chair, demanding to be right next to Sanchi until he opens his eyes again, "I already almost got killed from the last one so..."
Jason snapped his fingers and rudely interrupted Sanchez, "You aren't going to be on this one so keep quiet!"
After Sanchez took a seat, his eyes soon turned towards Anthony. Right when he started to explain to Anthony, Jack pushed Jason to the back, walking up to his new captain for the order. As One-Eyed Jack begin to approach their new captain, Anthony started to back up until he hit the wall. Jack then got into Anthony's face, giving him a scary but yet playfully look.
"A boy who's holding his parts between his legs," One-Eyed Jack said, "Ye be no captain for meh!"
Jason quickly pushed the other pirates out of his way and started to explain what was going on, "After not giving him a treaty, Samuel is demanding gold and jewels from you all. Since he knows you all are too poor to even feed your crew mates, he decided it'll be an act of piracy to get what he wants, something I am well assure you know...piracy!"
The pirates all surrounded Anthony while Jason continued to explain more, examining their captain while at the same time listening to the objective, "Since Sanchez, Stannis, and Sanchi's companion must be by his side...AND since some of you I care about and haven't made me mad yet, I made sure Anthony would be the one who'd be leading these eleven pirates, who I know are familiar with piracy, to a chest filled with gold and more than that."
Jason then looked over at Amy, who was giving him a hateful look, frowning at her own father. She knew why he would stupidly let some cowardly pirate, who hasn't done any piracy yet, lead a crew filled with pirates who would kill each other for a single gold coin. She was disgusted at Jason at this point and suddenly decided to go with Anthony. Amy then walked out of the room after he couldn't bare watching the eleven pirates all harassing and messing with their captain.
"This is important because if this isn't done," Jason said boldly, "Samuel will instantly throw everyone under...and the armadas will be knocking on our doors."
Sanchi's crew all looked up at Anthony, who was trying to get the strange pirates off of him.
"You can't be serious," Sanchez said, "He hasn't even put a toe on his ship and he's already terrified!" 
Jason didn't want to hear anymore as he turned towards the exit, "You all leave in a few minutes!"

While Anthony's newest crew mates was stacking supplies on the ship, the captain sat lonely on the docks, with a little hope and dignity but mostly fear. He watched ships go by, seeing from far other ships attacking each other than even further ships being completely destroyed. He wasn't ready and was terrified to even see a glimpse of blood or even a flaming ship but at the same time this was his chance to prove he was a pirate and worthy in being in Sanchi's crew.
"Wind is looking just right," Jack's voice begin to echo, "We be ready!"
Anthony took a deep breath and got up, heading straight to the ship and prepared his self for a new adventure. It was something risky he thought, realizing he would be with a crew of pirates he never met before...but he wasn't alone as Amy and Wing Chun approached Anthony from behind.
"You can't go alone," Amy said as she stood next to Anthony
Anthony smiled but at the same time was confused, "What about your father's..."
"If my father going to make someone like you go with a bunch of strangers then I might as well go against his orders and come with you," Amy said, "Plus we should be together."
"Indeed," Wing Chun said, "If anything doesn't go as well with those animals, I can manage to calm them down."
After a long discussion, the three of them all hoped on the ship and set sail to retrieve some treasure. Piracy, something Anthony and Chun was about to finally be apart of.

A skull with a blue bandanna wrapped around its head with its sword inside of the mouth. While they set sails, Anthony was staring at their flag that was set high above the ship. Anthony wasn't use to seeing a flag owned under his name, having a crew and even wearing a captain-like hat on his head was new to him. Yet he still didn't know what to do with any of it. He didn't know what their flag meant, scratching his head as he was trying to figure the tricky flag out like it was a hard puzzle with billions of pieces.
"That flag is what defines me, ye, and all of me brothers," One-Eyed Jack said to Anthony, "It means we're strong buccaneers that aren't afraid of sharp little needles."
Anthony nodded his head, "And what happens if the captain is nothing like his flag?"
Jack shrugged his shoulders, scratching his bald head, "Let's hope the other captain we're going to attack don't find out."
Anthony shook his head as he became even more nervous but when he looked up at the quarterdeck, he saw Amy and Chun watching him, he felt a little bit better. Jack then turned him back around and started to walk around the ship with him, going the opposite way where Amy was standing at.
"We got the cannons ready for anyone that want to have our stuff," One-Eyed Jack said, "Since ye know nothin', I gave your crewmates their jobs and titles, putting me as the boatswain."
Anthony nodded his head as the two continued to walk. While walking by past others, Anthony watched as a few pirates took cannons downstairs with bag filled with ammunition.  Every pirate that he walked by, he studied his body and the details on it, staring at every vein, tattoo, clothing, but the scars left on the pirate's body is what stuck out the most for Anthony. Scars left from swords, bullet wounds, or just fists, Anthony thought that every scar has its own story.
"These eleven pirates are loyal and do what it takes to get this pissed poor job finished," Jack said, studying a passing ship.
Anthony followed Jack's eyes and turned around, staring at a ship that was equal in size but more valuable. Jack stepped closer and studied the ship, seeing the golden armor and the dozen cannons from another Skyway, Jack read the ship like a book.
"Shiver me timbers," Jack said so surprisingly, "This ship isn't from here!"
The magnificent ship with gold all around with, something that all the pirates on the ship noticed. The ship itself even looked like a chest of jewels, so Jack knew this was the right ship to get treasure and more than what Samuel asked for.
"That ship isn't from here," Amy said from behind, "It's more valuable than any ship that was made in Skull Island."
One-Eyed Jack pulled out his spyglass and glanced towards the ship, noticing the fine fabric the crew were wearing. Fabric that cost over hundreds of dollars and worth as much, Jack knew this was the perfect one to attack.
"Drop the anchor," Jack said, putting up his spyglass, "Drop it and get to ye stations!"
Pirates all around the ship started to run around, going downstairs to the cannons or going up to the sails. Anthony watched as Amy and Chun walked to a safer position while Jack was trying to snap Anthony back into it.
"Listen ye fool," One-Eyed Jack said, shaking Anthony, "Ye be the captain, right? Ye gon have to act as one or ye'll get us all hanged or worse!"
The royal navy ship dropped the anchor near Anthony's ship, dropping a little wooden bridge to get on his ship. Anthony slowly took one his pistols out, one he never used, and walked over towards where the other ship's captain would be. Pressure was on Anthony's back as he began to walk over, breathing hard and dripped sweat.

The captain in front of Anthony, named captain West, stood taller than Anthony. He had white and curly hair that reached to his shoulders with eyes bluer than the sky. He wasn't dirty, he wasn't muddled with his clean navy blue vest on.
"This must be a mistake," Captain West said, looking at his fingernails, "Why must be a group of smugglers make my ship stop when we're heading to King Derwitchi for trade reasons?"
Anthony stood there as West's crew all got on his ship, aiming their long muskets at Anthony's crew, who was also aiming their weapons at West crew. Both sides were waiting for their signal to fire at their enemies, with Anthony between both of them.
"Captain," Anthony said nervously, "I am Anthony De Sharp and..."
Suddenly Anthony stopped as he heard a burst of laughter from captain West, showing a great big of disrespect towards Anthony, "I apologize for my manners but you're no captain and I think all of this is a joke. May myself and my friends be excused now?"
Anthony looked around the ship as he grew quiet, looking over at Jack, who was shaking his head.
"Perhaps you all have some gold or other supplies that we could have," Captain West said nicely, "For bothering us and making us extremely late."
"I can't let you all do that," Anthony said, gripping his pistol
He couldn't let down his crew again and come back empty handed, knowing Sanchi's life could be at risk. Anthony slowly took a few steps towards West and looked him straight into his eyes, not looking away nor looking weak.
"Boy," West said quietly to Anthony, "Don't be stupid. I can single combat you and end you or my crew can end you and your crew. Either ways I'd hate to go that far. I shall let you go over and talk to your crew, discuss and tell them a offer I want; every supplies on this ship for their lives."
Anthony nodded his head and walked over towards his crewmates, going in a room to discuss a few things.

"They take everything and we get nothing but another day to live," Anthony said, "The deal he made to me."
Jack laughed, slamming his fist on the table, "There are other options but we cannot give away anything."
"He's right," Chun said, pointing at the window, "It may be suicidal going against them all but there's something else we could do."
Jack shook his head, surprise this is the only option they have left. Eleven against twenty well-trained pirates were stupid to go against and they all realized that, thinking their only option was left but Amy didn't think so. She knew how weak Anthony was and no way he could even swing it directly at him.
"Anthony cannot fight that man," Amy said, "We could negotiate something else but..."
"I'll do it," Anthony said, interrupting Amy, "I will duel this captain West fellow."
He was risking it all and he knew it, but yet it was the only thing he had left to do. It was a way to keep the rest alive and it was a way to keep Amy alive. Now it was a duel between the two captains and Anthony knew it was either him or West that would die, no one else.
"You don't know have to this," Amy said softly, running towards Anthony.
She placed both of her hands on Anthony's cheeks, forcing him to look at her. He stared into her dark beautiful eyes, seeing a bit of fear in her eyes. Both of the two were scared and she knew there was a chance those two would never see each other again. Amy then pulled Anthony in her lips, giving him his first kiss ever, which motivated him.
"I will come back to you," Anthony said bravely, "I promise!"
While Jack watched the two kissed, he suddenly thought of something smarter. with a big smile that grew from cheek to cheek, Jack quickly opened up a closet and brought out a small little crate. He released an evil-like laughter as he opened up the crate and brought out a small bomb, not much bigger than Anthony's hand.
"Before this foolish duel," Jack said, handing the bomb to Anthony, "Give this to him as a gift and let it blow up in his lap."
Anthony quickly threw the bomb back in Jack's arms, "Let it blow in his lap? Are you crazy? Right when I tell him my decision he's going to pull out his sword and attack me!"
Jack shrugged his shoulder as he lit the bomb, placing it back in the crate and giving it to Anthony, "Place it under the table and hope for the best."
Anthony decided to take the crate and walked out, strongly remembering Amy's kiss that kept him going.

He walked out of the captain's cabin, seeing West sitting at the table on the lower main decks, sipping a cup of tea like nothing was going on. He was completely calm and also satisfied with these events. When Anthony made his way to the table, he looked around the upper part, where West's crew stood and his own crew stood, including Amy.
"You're back," West said, placing his tea down, "And you got me a present?"
Anthony slid the crate under the table and took a seat in front of West. He tried to calm his self down but not even Amy's kiss could stop him from shaking as he continued to shake like he was a ringing alarm clock, shaking over and over again. 
"I know you're peeing your pants," Captain West said, "So what's the decision?"
Anthony took a deep breath, slowly pulled his sword out. He waited for a few minutes but the bomb didn't do anything. From that point Anthony knew the bomb was useless and he was on his own again. Once West was distracted, sipping on his tea, Anthony quickly got down to business.
"Can you please decide..."
Suddenly Anthony jumped up and swung his sword, missing West completely. Captain West meanwhile flipped backwards and landed on his feet, quickly pulling his sword out. The two stood there, with nothing but a table blocking them. After waiting for a while for Anthony to make the first move, West quickly decided to make it, jumping over the table and kicking Anthony right in the face, causing his sword to fall under the table and next to the crate.
"Come on kid," Jack said when his captain fell to the ground with no sword in his hand.
Anthony remained on the floor. He was facing the wooden floor, noticing the sunlight in front of him suddenly disappeared as a shadow grew bigger. Anthony then turned around, trying to pull out a pistol but West pushed his gun out of his hand and picked him up by his shirt collar, raising him up like he was a child.
"You could of went back harmless but broke," West said angrily, "Now your crew's going to watch you die!"
West punched Anthony in his nose and slammed him on the ground, giving him varieties of bruises to remember. As Anthony tried to crawl away, West grabbed him by his leg and threw him across the table and eventually landing hard on the ground.
"Get up child," West yelled, "Show your crew and put up a fight at least!"
Screams and cries became louder as Anthony hit the ground again, slowly losing a bit of consciousness. He slowly but struggled to pull his self up, looking over at Amy, who had a terrified look on her face. Tasting his own blood with pain all over his body, Anthony nodded his head at Amy and turned back around, where West punched him across the face and pushed him near the end of the ship. Anthony then tried to fight back but West pushed him again, hitting the edge of the ship again, where there was nothing but the pit of the dangerous Skyways.
"You should of just got out of here when you had the chance," West said, kneeing Anthony's private area, "Coward!"
Anthony looked at West, staring him right in his eyes, seeing nothing but his own bloody reflection, " coward!"
Suddenly the crate started to shake with a loud sizzle. 
"You let your crew down," West said, punching Anthony in his stomach, "You let your own girl down!"
The crate stopped, no or shaking or sizzling but the bomb was far from being finished. Finally the crate blew up next to Anthony's sword.
Boom! Pirates all around dropped to the ground as they heard the loud pop, not one of them seeing what happened on the main deck. Suddenly the blade of Anthony's sword launched with the bomb, sending it in the back of West's skull and coming out of his eye, blooding splattering all over Anthony's face. His eyes widened, pushing West's body on the ground and finishing him off, firing the last shot to end the combat.

"Someone had a bomb," Chun said to Amy, "Was it Anthony's?"
Chun slowly poked his head up. His worried look suddenly changed into a giant smile, quickly pulling Amy up to see it. Jack then ran to the main dock and helped Anthony up, who lost his balance and fell a few times. The combat was over with, giving Anthony his first act of piracy and his first victory on the same day but the rest of West's men didn't think so.
All of West's men aimed their muskets at Anthony and his crew, causing Anthony's crew to aim at West's men. One shot away from starting a bloody battle on the ship, something Chun didn't want. He remembered why he decided to come along with them, making his self to get up and run between both sides.
"This was a fair duel and your captain called it," Chun said, raising his hands up at West's men, "This was between both of our captains for the gold!"
"West was our captain!" One of his men yelled
"He fought bravely but was unsuccessful," Chun said to his men, "Now it's over...all of it and you all can go back home, alive and free! We are just pirates that was challenged by your captain and even put all of your lives in risk! Now think, would a good captain ever do that to his beloved crewmates?"
Chun didn't know much about piracy, crews, or even being in a battle with another ship but he knew how to convince and negotiate with them, even though he was the complete opposite of West's men.
"Now let's all calm down," Wing Chun said with a playful smile, "Perhaps if you all don't want to leave empty handed we could negotiate something else, right?"
Above West's men, Chun stood there with no weapon in his hand, which was a strong sign for the rest of West's men. 
"I guess you all are too scared," Wing Chun said, "How bout someone tell me what's on that ship to give me an idea?"
A little tan boy stepped up, "Six crates filled with nothing but gold and a few jewels."
"Give us two chest filled with gold and jewels," Chun said, "You can keep the rest and elect a better leader. All go back on your ship completely unharmed with four chest of treasure, all for yourself. Fair?"
The ship sounded like crickets. As for Chun, we nervously waited for an agreement, but none of West's men spoke up, causing Chun to think of something that was stupid but was the only option left. Chun then took a few steps up, established a calm and suitable face before speaking.
"Without the vest that bleeds red and of course the armor that would protect you from a shot," Chun said calmly, "Under all of that is just skin...just like us."
One-Eyed Jack shook his head, "He's going to get us..."
Suddenly Anthony jumped back up, nearly falling back down. He knew where Chun was going at and wanted to help, hoping that they would listen to the one who took out their captain.
"Pirates!" Anthony shouted, throwing down West's knife, "You all are trying to stop what we're becoming! Pirates...your captain just did an act of piracy just by stopping his ship next to ours...he told me he was willing to get his men to take us down and take our stuff! Pirates! You naked men!"
Anthony then walked closer to West's crew, who was standing there completely bewildered but willing to hear more, since a profit was involved.
"When you return home...they'll call you pirates and execute you," Anthony continued, "Hand us what my bird friend offered...and you all keep the rest and we will never meet again!"
Anthony stood there in front of West's crew, eventually losing his balance from the tough hits from West and fell to the ground.
"Be smart," Chun said, walking past Anthony like he was never there, "We're offering a good offer and a better life for all of you!"
The place became quiet again as the suspense for Chun grew larger but then the first of West's crew dropped his sword, landing right next to Anthony. Then another sword fell next to Anthony and another one like a chain reaction as all of West's men dropped their swords to the captain who killed their captain, thinking it was Anthony who placed the sharp reckoning in the back of West's head.
"We got more than we were suppose to," Amy said with a confused look, "Why'd you ask for two?"
Chun smiled, patting Jack's back, "Maybe I should get a little pouch and the rest for the eleven of them."
Anthony then slowly rose back up, face completely bruised and bloody, with his speech messed up, "We...we...won!"
"Because of you," Amy said, giving Anthony a big and tight hug, "You finally one of us!"
Anthony grinned with his swollen eyes closed, hugging Amy tighter. Finally he felt like he was apart of the crew and...apart of a new relationship for him.
"Let the sails and get the anchor up," One-Eyed Jack said to the others, "We're going back now!"

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