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The Warrior AE "Friends" S5

After taking out threats, Sanchez decided to check around the small island for more. Julia, Nick, and Randal was forced to stay back and stay aware, fearing Sanchi a bit. On the walk, Sanchi started to have feelings that they weren't done with enemes, thinking they were being watched. Danny and Erica quickly created a bond with each other. Danny, Malik, and Winslow were all eventually attacked by a pirate that had moves named Tobias. Sanchi managed to catch Tobias and the stranger stated, "You know nothing about me...but I know a lot about you."

After the attack on Guerta and Sanchi's crew escaping from the armadas, Kane quickly started his next plan; gathering the top bounty hunters in the spiral. He quickly gathered a few of them; Leonardo, Bane, Sythe, and Demarous. Leonardo or Leonard was a lizard-companion that killed his crew mate for coins. He had blood-red eyes with a long tongue, he had sharp scales all over his back. The giant tale on him bought Kane's attention and hearing his stories helped give him the leadership in the bounty crew. Sythe was a crane companion who lost his crewmate. He had black-dark feathers and a large sniper.
"Welcome bounty hunters," Kane said, walking past each of them, "I have all of you an objective."
Kane lined up the four bounty hunters. He kept walking by them, observing and looking at their equipment. Kane was impressed.
"I exxxpect a large pay," Leonardo said, "Better not be wasting my time."
"Of course the pay will be the largest you'll ever get," Kane said, "You can split it or kill each other for it...but I want each individual I am looking for!"
Demarous laughed, "Sanchi...a warrior?"
Kane handed the bounty hunters sheets, giving them information on the ones with the bounties. Then, Kane started to talk, quieting the rest. He knew that Leonardo, Sythe, and Bane executed lots of warriors before and he knew all of them did objectives that most couldn't do. That's why Kane wanted them.
"Uh," Sythe said, "Isn't this one...Tobias a bounty hunter too?"
"Indeed," Kane said, "I have reasons why I want them and I expect you all to capture them."
Sythe picked up his hat, placing it on his head and he picked up his equipment. Then, the rest of them followed Sythe out of the door, going into theirs ships to find them. Although, Kane ordered for Leonardo to stay back for a few moments.
"Bounty hunters only care about two things," Kane said, "Their selves and the profits...which means they'll kill the ones working with them for profits."
"Underssstand," Leonardo said, "I won't be fooled by any and I'll get Ssssanchi, Sssanchez, Tobiasss, Danny, and the rest."
Kane swung his cane around, "I expect you will."

"He knows a lot about you," Sanchez said, "Why wouldn't you execute him?"
After what Tobias said, Sanchez and the rest...except for Danny and Erica, wanted to get rid of him. Meanwhile, Sanchi wanted Tobias alive. The group all surrounded around Sanchi, complaining and disagreeing him.
"This is stupid man," Malik said, "He tried to kill me, Danny, and Winslow!"
Winslow was lying on the ground with an ice pack on his head, "Don't mention my name."
Suddenly, the crew all started to talk at once. Which, bothered Sanchi. He couldn't focus anymore and when he tried to look at Tobias, he noticed he was gone, "Oh man!"
Sanchi pushed Mario and Sanchez out of the way, trying to look for Tobias. He looked around the back. Then, he ran inside and Tobias wasn't there. Sanchi quickly started to worrying, slapping his self. Then, he went out in front, hoping to find him somewhere.

Meanwhile, Danny took a few candles and took out Erica near the tents to make love with her. He placed down sheets so they wouldn't have the lay on the dirt. In just a few minutes, the two became undressed.
"You're perfect for me," Erica said, "You make me forget about all the bad memories."
Danny smiled, kissing Erica, "Love you."
Suddenly, Danny heard someone nearby but he didn't care, he was busy with Erica. Then, the footsteps became louder. Danny kept his eyes closed on Erica and he quickly heard Erica's screaming. He quickly opened up his eyes, jumping up completely naked, "Why are you here?"
It was Tobias with his hands up, looking at the two naked in front of him. Tobias tried to explain he didn't mean no harm and wanted ask a few questions. Then, Sanchi and the rest ran towards the screaming, finding Tobias.
"Woah," Malik said, "Danny and Erica...what are you two doing?"
Danny ran behind a tree, getting dressed up. Then, he came back out with a red face. He was embarrassed that he was caught. Winslow and Malik started to laugh at Danny.
"You're messing with the wrong ones," Sanchez said, pointing the gun at Tobias's head, "I can easily end you!"
Sanchi quickly ran up, moving Sanchez away from Tobias. Then, Sanchi tied up Tobias's hands and pushed him down. This was Sanchi's chance to talk to Tobias, "How do you know a lot about me?"
"Keeping me tied up won't solve anything," Tobias said, "I didn't kill any of you."
"Sorry," Julia said sarcastically, "We have issues with trusting strangers."
Tobias shrugged his shoulders, knowing that Julia was right. Then, he looked up at Sanchi, "I don't have anything against y'all."
"You kinda attacked us," Malik said, rubbing on his bruises.
"Good point," Tobias said, "Just want to talk to you Sanchi."
Sanchi quickly started to question Tobias. He didn't know how this stranger knew his name when Sanchi never seen him in his entire life, "How do you know me?"
Tobias wiggled around and eventually got on his knees and leaned on a tree, comfortable he explained. Then, he got to the main point. He explained to Sanchi on how he knew him, "Your master from Mooshu...trained me before you, he told me lots about me long ago...can you trust me now?"
"He's long gone," Sanchi said, "And I know you can tell me more!"
Tobias explained to them how he used to be a bounty hunter and few weeks ago, he was working with Kane to hunt for Sanchi...which made it harder for the crew to trust Tobias. Although, he continued, "Then things got out of hands between Kane and I...making me hide from him."
"Well," Sanchez said, "How'd you know we were living here?"
"Good question," Tobias said, "I was at a ship and when I noticed you all fleeing, I followed you all...lucky I didn't tell Kane your location."
Sanchez laughed, "So you followed us then you and Kane had problems with each other?"
"Exactly," Tobias said, "It really isn't that bad because Kane placed a bounty on me..too."
Suddenly, Sanchez and Sanchi looked at Each other, "We need to talk about this."

Sanchi, Sanchez, Julia, and Winslow quickly walked away from the area to disscussed it. Sanchi didn't have problems with keeping Tobias but he wanted eyes on him constantly. Meanwhile, the rest didn't want Tobias around, fearing that he could be trouble.
"He seems dangerous," Julia said, "I don't like him."
"She's right," Sanchez said, "It's too risky."
Sanchi couldn't believe that Julia was disagreeing with him. He wanted to give Tobias a chance so he could learn more about his relationship with Sanchi's older master. Sanchez strongly disagreed with everything Sanchi was saying.
"We need to execute him," Sanchez said, "Can't trust anyone."
"Give him a chance," Sanchi said, "I know what I'm doing!"
Sanchez quickly questioned Sanchi's statement, disagreeing that he knows what he's doing. Sanchez remembered all the scary events they been through and he was done with risks. When he noticed a risk, he wanted to quickly get rid of it and that was Sanchez's motto from now on. Something Sanchi didn't get.
"He doesn't need anything," Sanchez said, staring at Tobias from far, "He even looks dangerous!"
Suddenly, Julia noticed Tobias was talking to Randal. She quickly ran towards them, yelling for Tobias to get away from the kid. Sanchi and the others followed.
"This is cool," Randal said, looking at Tobias's knives, "How'd you get this?"
Julia quickly pulled her knife out, threatening Tobias in front of Randal, "Back away from them!"
"Don't kill him," Randal said, "He's a good guy."
Julia strongly disagreed, pulling Randal away from Tobias, "You don't know that!"
Randal pushed Julia's arms away from him and walked next to Tobias. Randal liked Tobias and trusted him, knowing he wouldn't harm anyone. Then, Tobias stood there, the ropes were already gone.
"This is silly," Tobias said, "You can easily trust me!"
Sanchez quickly walked past Julia and Randal and he grabbed Tobias. Sanchez took Tobias away from everyone else, wanting to take him out his self.

"Sanchez," Tobias said, "We gotta talk."
He ignored what Tobias was trying to say to him. Sanchez wanted to take him behind the house and shoot him in his head. Meanwhile, Tobias were trying to talk to him and wanted Sanchez to understand that he was harmless.
"I wouldn't harm that boy or anyone in your crew," Tobias said, getting thrown on the ground by Sanchez.
Sanchez tied up Tobias's hands up again, pushing him on the ground. Then, Sanchez loaded up his gun and aimed at Tobias. He stared at the Tobias for a few seconds, listening to him begging. Then, Sanchez was tackled to the ground by one of the homeless pirates.
"Sanchez," Tobias cried, "I can help you!"
The pirate quickly punched Sanchez repeatedly. Sanchez quickly pushed the pirate off him, trying to look for his gun. Then, the pirate came from behind and kicked Sanchez to the ground. Meanwhile, Tobias crawled around, trying to get untied.
"Let me go," Sanchez said, pushing the pirate off, "I didn't do anything to you!"
Suddenly, the pirate pulled a knife out and pushed Sanchez to the ground again. Then, the pirate jumped on Sanchez, placing the blade on Sanchez's throat, "Remain silent!"
Tobias crawled behind a tree, helping him get on his feet. Then, Tobias started to scrap the tied rope on the tree, trying to get loose. Finally, the tied ropes came off and Tobias ran to help out Sanchez.
"Don't do this," Sanchez said nervously, "We can talk this over."
Tobias quickly came out of nowhere, uppercutting the pirate off Sanchez. The pirate quickly got back up, holding his knife. Meanwhile, Tobias didn't use any weapons. He had a feeling that he could easily handle this pirate. Then, the pirate ran at Tobias. Quickly, Tobias spun past the pirate, kicking him away. The pirate turned around, swinging his knife around. Tobias dodged his moves like he was a well-trained ninja. Then, Tobias swung his arm out, grabbing the pirate's handing and retrieving the knife. The pirate tried to pull his other knife out but Tobias grabbed the pirate's arm with his other knife in it and pushed the knife into the pirate's stomach, killing him.
"That wasn't so hard," Tobias said, running towards Sanchez, "Can you trust me now?"
Tobias quickly helped Sanchez up, handing him his weapon and the pirate's knives and from that point, Sanchez knew they made a friend.
"No," Sanchez said, giving the knives back, "You can keep them."
Tobias had a confuse look on his face, "Don't need them."
"You will," Sanchez said, "You'll need something if you're willing to join us."
Tobias smiled, patting Sanchez's back. Then, the two walked back to Sanchi and the rest.

Leonardo and the other three bounty hunter began their search for Sanchi. Sythe quickly brought out a map and laid it down on a wooden table inside the given ship from Kane.
"They just lost their home," Demarous said, "They gotta be running out of food soon."
"Indeed," Leonardo said, rolling up the map, "We look all around Sssskull issland."

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