Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Warrior AE "Freed" Season five premiere

Everything is changing, again," Sanchi wrote, "We lost another home and I felt like we lost a son, it'll be weird not seeing him anymore, hopefully we'll see each other again, Boris." Sanchi kept writing.
Looking back at what use to be Guerta, Sanchi remembered more and continued to write in his small book. I'm the last warrior, trying to protect my crew. I feel like we can't get a place to call home due to bounties and Kane's determination to find me...or us.

A day finally went by since Guerta was destroyed, we tried to find a place to call home but we couldn't. Danny and I already ran into a bounty hunter. Luckily, we managed to take him out but it was still close. My baby honey is scared, she doesn't know what'll happen next and Randal is afraid to stick his head out. We tried everything and it failed but this time, I'm making it won't. Like I said, I'm the last warrior in the spiral, no Juhn, no Shiruku, no Moresco, No Boochbeard, No Avery, more Derwitchi. I just hope my story can continue. Sanchi finally stopped writing, satisfied with his work.
"Sanchi," Malik called, "I think we've found somewhere!"
He got up and ran to look out of the window, next to Julia. It was an unique area, Sanchi noticed. Small green jungle island near the Skyway to Marleybone, everyone else thought it was perfect. There were trees around the island, giving great protection. Sanchi shrugged his shoulders, "Let's give it a shot."
Julia placed her head on Sanchi's shoulder. She was scared but was happy that she was with her family, Sanchi felt the same.
"If we're all together," Julia whispered in Sanchi's ears, "Then we'll be fine!"
It was just Sanchi, Sanchez, Julia, Winslow, Danny, Malik, Randal, and three residents from Guerta, Nick Cartell, Erica Mythstar, and Mario Hutch. Sanchi met the three a couple of times before in Guerta but he didn't know much about them or what they'll do when they're in danger. Nick had dirty blond hair that was long as Julia's hair with his dark brown eyes. Erica was a young female was curly long black hair, she was really shy and didn't know much with weapons but she still tried and fought against the armadas, her first time using weapons. Mario was a dark-tanned pirate with a dark black mustache. He was in his early 20s and was close friends with Jonathan, Courtney, and Kent. When Jonathan died, Mario became depressed and stayed in his house, fearing the pirate world. Sanchi knew that it'll be hard for those three to adjust but he just wanted to do the right thing and he knew he couldn't leave them to die in Kane's hands.
"Hopefully it'll protect us," Mario said, "All of this is scary!"
Suddenly, Sanchez walked up from behind Sanchi and Julia. He stayed there, looking out of the window like they were doing. Sanchez was still a little upset due to the death of Courtney, Bonnie, and Boris. Although, the death of Arthur and Coda helped him a little but he was still struggling with happiness.
"A new place," Sanchez said, "New time to adjust."

It didn't take long for them to gather their belongings. Most of them didn't have anything but Sanchez made sure they had something, handing out old sleeping bags. Although after they got settled in, Sanchez thought it'd be a good idea to look around on the island. Sanchez, Danny, Winslow, and Erica went out while everyone else was out of it.
"We can make this all place work," Erica said, "It's a beautiful and it looks safe!"
Danny laughed, glancing at Sanchez. Make this place work? Danny thought about that for a few moments, thinking and struggling to get by. Danny doubted Erica's statement, remembering all the what he thought beautiful safe places.
"Maybe," Winslow said, "Let's just keep looking around."
The four continued to walk, noticing the silence, which Sanchez thought was weird. Although, they kept roaming around. Passing large trees, fallen trees, ponds, abandoned houses, Sanchez studied the areas. Once he knew something was up, he stopped...and he did, making everyone else stop.
"Don't move," Sanchez whispered, slowly turning his head around.
Sanchez quickly spotted an unusual abandoned building. Clothes all around it, cigars around it, pots and pans around it. Sanchez slowly approached the building, noticing a small fire place outside. He bent over and got closer to the fire, listening to the sizzling noises and looking at the small flames. Sanchez quickly knew something was up.
"Guys," Sanchez said, getting up, "Get over..."
Suddenly, Sanchez heard laughter behind him. He quickly turned around, facing two unfamiliar pirates with swords in front of him. One of the pirates were a skeleton pirate, all bones with a sharp sword and an eye patch on his left eye. The other pirate had skin, with bruises all over his face and when he smiled, he revealed a lot of missing teeth.
"What ye doing on our property," The beaten up pirate said, "Stranga?"
Sanchez raised his hands up right when they noticed both of his pistols on the sides. The bruised up pirate giggled at Sanchez. Then he requested for the skeleton pirate to retrieve his weapons, which was perfect for Sanchez and his upcoming plan.
"Go get he weapons," The pirate said, "Bring'em to me!"
Sanchez patiently waited for the skeleton pirate to come. The stranger placed one of his hands on Sanchez's weapon, making Sanchez smile.
"Well grab it!"
Snap! Sanchez slapped the sword out of the skeleton pirate's hand. Then, Sanchez quickly kneed its head, picking up the skeleton up. Without any regrets, Sanchez slammed the skeleton down, watching his bones go everywhere. Sanchez quickly pulled out his pistols while the other pirate watched his friend's bones go everywhere.
"Now we can talk," Sanchez said, loading his pistols, "One to one."

Meanwhile the rest patiently waited for Sanchez's commands, Winslow and Danny decided to sit down and relax. Although, Erica stayed up and aware. She was worried which made her sick to her stomach, "I-I-I'm scared!"
Winslow laughed, "Of what?"
Erica slowly looked around, hearing crumbling leaves. He shakily pulled out her knife, waving it around. Danny and Winslow wasn't impressed.
"I-I-I hear something," Erica said, "Do you hear it?"
Danny shook his head and got back up. He walked right next to Erica, trying to hear any danger nearby and he didn't hear a single thing. Danny started to smile, hearing noises behind him, thinking it was Winslow sneaking up. Suddenly, he heard Winslow screaming, "Behind you!"
Danny quickly turned around, facing a stranger aiming his gun. The pirate quickly pulled the trigger. Luckily, Danny pushed Erica to the ground and he moved out of the way. Then, Danny quickly got back up, running into the stranger. Meanwhile, Winslow was busy with one too.
"I advise you to leave," Winslow said to the pirate, "Or else!"
The dirty heavy set pirate laughed, swinging his knife at Winslow, who was dodging his hits. Winslow tried to make a move but he was unsuccessful due to the knife. Although, he noticed the pirate was almost out of breath, he knew that was his time. Winslow quickly kicked the pirate's stomach a few times, causing him to drop the knife. Then, he ran into the pirate, pushing him into a tree, "Look out!"
Bam! Winslow slammed the heavy set pirate in the tree, causing the tree to shake. Winslow quickly turned around, someone else in front of him. Winslow threw a punch but the pirate moved his head way, screaming for him to stop, "Winslow it's me Danny!"
Winslow laughed, patting Danny's back. He was curious on how Danny took out the unfamiliar pirate but when he glanced at the pond near them, he noticed blood all in it, "Is he..."
Danny quickly finished Winslow's sentence, "Yes."
"Good deal," Winslow said, "Where's Erica?"
Both of the two forgot about the newby, Erica! Both of the two turned around fast, looking for Erica but was unsuccessful. Then, they heard screaming. Winslow and Danny both recognized the voice, it was Sanchez's.

"Drop the weapon," The pirate said, "Or ye will die!"
Sanchez laughed, "I already lost have nothing on me!"
The two stayed far from each other, aiming their weapons and waiting for one of them to make a move. Sanchez had a feeling this pirate wasn't the brightest.
"Maybe you can drop your weapon and I'll gladly leave..." Sanchez stopped as the pirate started to shoot at him.
Bang, bang! The pirate started to shoot everywhere, trying to hit Sanchez. Meanwhile, Sanchez dropped to the ground and rolled around, dodging the bullets. Then, Sanchez ran inside the house, shutting the door.
"Get out me house," The pirate yelled, "Get out!"
Suddenly, Sanchez heard a disgusted odor. He quickly covered his nose and mouth and ran away from the door, going into another room. Right when Sanchez opened up a door, small creatures came running out of the door, running past Sanchez. He quickly slammed the door, "What is this place?"
Bullets went through the house, almost hitting Sanchez. He quickly ran from the door and ran to another, opening it up and running in it. This time, this room had a worse odor and Sanchez could easily identified the smell. Few tears came out of his eyes as he started to vomit.
"This is disgusting," Sanchez cried, "You should do all of this outside!"
Suddenly, gunshots fired inside the room, causing Sanchez to drop down in the disgusted mess. Then in just a few seconds, the bruised up pirate found Sanchez.
"I found ye," The pirate said, aiming his weapon at Sanchez, "Huge mistake coming inside me house!"
Sanchez vomited even more, "I wouldn't call this a home!"
The beaten up pirate fired few shots in the air, making Sanchez quiet. Then, the pirate loaded up his small revolver up and aimed it at Sanchez with a grin, "Say goodbye you..."
Suddenly, the pirate stopped talking. Then, his face expression changed like he was in pain, dropping his revolver. Finally, the pirate fell down, revealing Erica who pulled her knife out of the pirate's back, "Is he...dead?"
"Sanchez," Winslow yelled, "Are you in here?"
Danny and Winslow came right behind Erica, covering their face and tried not to look in the room.
"Awwww man," Danny cried, "Why are you in there?"
"That's gross," Winslow said, throwing up, "Get out of there!"
Quickly, Sanchez got up and ran towards the door, causing the rest to run out of the house. Then, they quickly ran back to Sanchi and the rest, where Sanchez would like to keep everything a secret. Although, Sanchez was satisfied with Erica's work for today.

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