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The Warrior AE "Close" S5

With no Sanchez, Danny, Winslow, and Erica, Sanchi and the rest must keep working without them, expecting the unexpected. The remaining group of homeless pirates quickly started a fight with Sanchi and the rest, starting it by attacking Randal. Luckily, Julia, Malik, Sanchi, and the rest managed to take them out. Now, everyone feels safer now but decided to search the island around. Sanchi starts to have thoughts about killing and wants to make allies.

Sanchi slowly washed all the blood off his hands, thinking about Julia's fight and Randal watching it all. He kept staring at his hands, looking at the blood until it was all gone.
"All of us are going to look around," Julia said, "Mario is staying back and I'm going out there."
Sanchi was lost, he only heard a few words Julia said. That was, "I'm going out," and when he didn't answer Julia, she accepted it, preparing to go look around. Sanchi laughed, denying Julia's access, "You aren't going out there."
Julia turned back around, facing Sanchi and the lake he was washing his hands in, "And since when did you start controling me?"
Everyone else felt safe while Sanchi didn't. He felt like there were at least another enemy left here and he didn't want Julia to go out there, fearing that the enemy could be nearby.
"Stay with Randal," Sanchi said, "Please...for me?"
It took Julia a few seconds to decide what to do and she decided to stay back...just for Sanchi, "I'll stay back."

"We could be wasting our times or saving our lives," Sanchez said in front of everyone, "We need to get rid of the matter what!"
Sanchi quickly came running towards everyone else, late to discussing, missing almost all of it, "Sorry I had to..."
"Didn't do much," Sanchez said, "This island isn't so we're going out and staying with each other."
Sanchi nodded his head, "Julia, Nick, and Randal are staying back."
"Fine with me," Sanchez said, "Hopefully we can find a house to stay in instead of those tents."
Sanchi smiled, "Me too."

Finally, Sanchi and the rest left their area and started to roam around, together. Everyone except for Sanchi weren't nervous and didn't have their weapons out. Meanwhile, Sanchi had his sword out, swinging his head every direction. He didn't feel safe, he felt someone was nearby...he felt like somone was watching them. He noticed Bushes moving and branches moving around, like someone were hiding.
"Everything seems so different," Erica said, "I feel all alone."
"You'll get use to it," Danny said, putting his hand on Erica's shoulder, "Plus don't feel alone."
Erica looked up at Danny, giving him a romantic smile. Danny smiled back, wrapping his arms around her shoulder. Winslow and Malik were behind the two, laughing at them and whispering to each other, talking about Danny's romance.
"You look pretty," Danny said, walking next to her really close, "We should talk more."
Meanwhile, Sanchez led the group around the island, searching for any clues and so far there were nothing until Sanchi noticed a well-built wooden house nearby. Sanchez and the rest quickly made their ways towards the house. Meanwhile, Sanchi stayed behind them, looking around the are and trying to look for someone. He felt unsafe still and started to worry.
"Looks like we've found a new home," Malik said, opening up the door, "This can fit all of us!"
Sanchez quickly grabbed Malik and pulled him away from the entrance. Sanchez wanted to make sure it was safe inside. He quickly pulled out his two pistols and slowly walked into the house, looking around. Malik and Danny followed behind, looking around.
"Kinda dusty," Danny said, lighting up candles that were already in the house.
The lit candles helped them see the interior better. Sanchez and Danny quickly looked at the bookshelves and Malik walked towards an old wooden table with a black, metal, and really sharp decoration on the table. Malik rubbed the object, noticing how dangerous the object was.
"Place looks fine to be," Malik said, "Needs to be a little cleaner in my opinion."
Suddenly, Danny started to clap his hands in excitement, "This place has a fireplace!"
"No more cold nights," Sanchez said, "This place is perfect!"
Danny threw a pile of firewood that lied next to the fireplace, "Can't wait to feel this heat!"
Sanchez knew they weren't done looking around. Although, he didn't want to look behind the house, he wanted to check on Sanchi. He quickly advised Danny and Malik to check around the house.

Mario, Sanchi, and Winslow waited outside of the house, standing there and talking to each other. Sanchi moved his eyes around, checking everywhere for someone. Sanchi still felt unsafe and he didn't know what else was next.
"I'm pretty sure Julia is fine," Winslow said, "She can hold some battles."
"I know that," Sanchi said, "I just feel like we're being watched."
Winslow laughed and gave Sanchi a look like he was crazy but Sanchi thought he was just fine, he just wanted to be protect...something he knew Winslow didn't get.
"I'm not crazy," Sanchi said, "Just don't want anything like Guerta or Molax to happen again."
Suddenly, Sanchez opened up the door and placed two thumbs up. Mario quickly walked up there, followed behind Sanchi and Winslow but before the two went inside, Winslow wanted to talk to him.
"Guerta or Molax wasn't your fault," Winslow said, "You can never predict those kind of events but you can always prepare for them."

Malik and Danny slowly opened up the back door of the house, walking outisde. The back of the house was the opposite of the front. The back had trees everywhere and longer trails, the two noticed. Malik quickly noticed a lot of mud...he also noticed foot prints. Malik started to notice something odd. He followed the footprints in the mud and made it to the strange end, there were no more footprints and plenty of more mud. Malik quickly started to believe someone just flew out of the mud.
"Danny," Malik called, "You should see this."
Suddenly, someone swung off a large branch, kicking Malik into the mud. The stranger had long dark brown hair with a small little beard on his face.
"Woah," Danny cried, "Who are..."
Bam! The stranger ran up to Danny, kicking him in his knees and slamming him on the ground. Both Malik and Danny quickly rose back up, ready to fight the lonely pirate who had emerald eyes and a large coat on.
"Two against one," The pirate said, "I like my odds!"
Danny quickly ran up to the pirate, swinging a punch but the pirate reacted fast. He grabbed Danny's fist with one hand. Then, Malik ran towards the pirate, trying to tackle him but the pirate was smarter than him. The pirate kicked Malik's feet up with a super fast move. Then, the pirate pulled Danny's arm behind his back and just in a few seconds, he slammed Danny into Malik. With the two on the ground, the long haired pirate took a few steps back, giving Danny and Malik another chance.
"You two have no chances," the pirate said, "Although I'm getting a good workout."
Angry, Danny got up and ran at the pirate. Danny tried to grab the pirate but the stranger outsmarted him, slamming Danny into a tree. Malik ran at the pirate who wasn't paying any attention to Malik. Then, the pirate turned fast and threw Danny on top of Malik again. Although, the two still didn't give up. Danny and Malik got back up, tiredly holding their fists up. Then, the pirate dropped low, kicking Malik's face repeatedly and punching Danny's private part. Finally, they couldn't handle anymore, the two quickly fell to the ground.
"I need a challenge," the pirate said, "A good one!"
Bam! Sanchi came behind the stranger, slamming a branch on the pirate's head, knocking him out.
"Hey," Sanchi said, "Are you two fine?"
Danny and Malik slowly got back up, which was a struggle. The two couldn't keep their balance and it was hard for them to walk. Then, Winslow and the rest came around the house, surrounding the unconscious body.
"Danny," Malik whispered, "Keep this a secret..."
Sanchi and Sanchez quickly carried the pirate up to the house, Mario led the two and opened up the door. Meanwhile, Winslow stayed back and checked on Danny and Malik, "Are you two okay?"
"Yeah," Malik said, "That dude couldn't handle us and we beat the crap out of him!"
"Totally," Danny said, falling down, " the crap...out of him!"
Suddenly, Malik and Danny dropped to the ground, completely knocked out. Winslow shook his head with a smile on his face, "Bunch of liars."

Sanchi decided their new home was this one story wooden house. He knew a few would have to stay outside in tents and others can stay inside. Him and Sanchez quickly got rid of some funiture that was completely useless. Although, they tried to get rid of the table with the sharp metal object on it but Malik demaded for it to stay.
"I'm going back to get Julia and the others," Sanchi said, cracking his knuckles, "Also I'm going to hide the ship at the docks."
"Sounds good to be," Sanchez said, "I'll keep an eye on this knocked out loser."
Sanchi shook Sanchez's hands, knowing they'd see each other soon. Then, Sanchi ran out of the door, heading to retrieve the rest. Now, it was Sanchez, Winslow, Danny, and Malik alone with the stranger who knew great moves. Soon, the stranger woke up with a big yawn and started to stretch. Meanwhile, Sanchez and the rest were outside of the house, gathering firewood...completely forgetting to tie up the stranger. Winslow was the first one to think of the problem, "Is that guy tied up...right?"
Sanchez stared at Winslow for a few seconds. Then, he dropped all the firewood and ran back inside the house. Gone....the pirate was gone. Sanchez kicked the wall in frustration but he quickly heard Malik yelling, "I found him!"
Sanchez quickly ran outside, taking the back door of the house. He saw Malik, Danny, and Winslow surrounding the pirate. Three-on-one Sanchez thought, he quickly stayed back, thinking the three can handle the single pirate.
"Gentlemen," The stranger said, "How bout we introduce ourselves?"
The pirate name was Tobias but none of them cared. Winslow pulled out his knife and ran at Tobias, swinging his knives. Tobias quickly dodged all of Winslow's moves, not getting a single stratch on him. Then, he grabbed Winslow's hand and twisted it, causing him to drop the knife. With consequences, Tobias flipped Winslow's body around, throwing him to the ground. Satisfied, Tobias looked at the two familiar faces, Danny and Malik, waiting for them to make a move. Danny and Malik slowly backed away from him.
"This is ridiculous," Sanchez said, pulling his pistol out, "Don't move Tobias!"
Tobias stared at Sanchez, slowly rising his hands up. Tobas gave Sanchez a clean smile and just stood there as Winslow crawled towards them. Soon, Sanchi and the rest came out, standing next to Sanchez.
"You're going to be a problem," Sanchi said to Tobias, "Why do I have a feeling we seen each other before?"
Tobias smiled at Sanchi, slowly walking towards them until Sanchez loaded his weapon. Then, Tobias nodded his head.
"Here's something funny," Tobias said, "I know everything about you Sanchi....but you don't know me."

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