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The Warrior AE "Not Alone with FEAR" S5

Finally, Sanchi, his crew, and other residents from Guerta found a place to hide in. Although they found an island, they still feared. Meanwhile everyone was settling in with tents and stuff, Sanchez, Winslow, Danny, and Erica goes out to look around. They suddenly encountered a group of unknown pirates and was quickly attacked. Luckily, Danny and Winslow managed to pull their weight, taking out the enemies. Sanchez ran inside the enemy's home where one of the pirates fired at him. Luckily, Erica finally stepped up, taking out the pirate. Now with half of the crew gone, Sanchi knows he'd have to keep an eye on Julia, the remaining Guerta's residents, and Randal.

Sanchi, Malik, and Mario Hutch pulled out the filthy and old tents and set them up, giving them somewhere to sleep tonight. Everyone was tired and stressed, unaware on what was coming next. Julia started dinner, which wasn't much but Nick Cartell helped her out. Everyone was doing something while they patiently waited for Sanchez, Danny, Winslow, and Erica to come back home. Although, everyone didn't know they were on part of a bunch of nasty pirates' land, the ones Sanchez and the rest took care of...but there were more.
"I was never talented at tents," Mario said, "Was only good at sleeping in them."
Sanchi finished two tents and got back up, wiping dirt off his hands and he looked at Mario, "It's just something you'll get eventually."
Suddenly, they heard footsteps. Sanchi looked, trying to see what it was. Then, he slowly walked toward the noises. He quickly pulled out his sword and turned past the tree, bumping into Randal.
"Woah," Sanchi said, "What are you doing Randal?"
"I think he's afraid of something," Malik joked, "Give him up to Julia."
Sanchi gave Malik a mad look, making him to turn around and continue with the tents. Sanchi quickly got closer to Randal, placing his hand on the boy's shoulder, "What are you afraid of?"
Randal shrugged his shoulders, "It's just weird without my parents around."
"Listen kid," Sanchi said, "We're your parents now and we'll treat you like a shiny jewel."
"But I'm not a jewel," Randal said, "I'm just a kid."
Randal pushed Sanchi's hand off his shoulder and walked away from Sanchi, leaving him alone with lots of questions. He never understood the kid but he knew the struggle he's going through. Sanchi actually felt bad for him and wanted him to be happy with his new family.
"Give him some time," Julia said, coming from behind on Sanchi, "He's a young boy who already lost his parents."
Sanchi didn't listen to what Julia was saying. Instead, he was focusing on Randal, staring at him and watching him throwing rocks around. Then, someone ran towards Randal, grabbing him and running.
"What the," Sanchi said, "Give him back!"
Suddenly, Sanchi ran towards the pirate who stole Randal. He started to chase the stranger far from Julia and the rest. Then, group of dirty pirates came out of nowhere on Julia and the rest, holding their knives out.
"Ye on our property," The pirate said, "Now...that's a problem!"

"Let go of him," Sanchi cried, continuing to follow the pirate.
Sanchi kept up with the pirate, listening to Randal's screaming helped him out on finding the pirate. Then, Sanchi took a shortcut and just in a few seconds...he was in front of the pirate. Sanchi quickly punched the pirate in his nose, causing him to drop Randal. The pirate tried to get back up but Sanchi kicked him back down, pulling out his sword.
"Ye betta back up," The pirate said, secretly pulled his small pistol out, "Ye will regret it!"
Sanchi just laughed, kicking the pirate down again. Then, they pirate just lied there, slowly pulling his gun out without Sanchi knowing. The pirate remained on the ground, started to laugh. Then, he flipped over on his back, firing at Sanchi. Quickly, Sanchi jumped away from the pirate, hiding behind a tree.
"Oh man," Sanchi said to his self, "This can't be happening!"
Meanwhile with the gun firing, Randal quickly got up and ran back started Julia and the rest. It was something Sanchi wanted Randal to do.
"Why don't ye coming out," The pirate said, firing at the tree,"Come out!"
Sanchi knew the pirate was coming towards him so he needed to think of something fast. He quickly grabbed a branch and climbed up the tree. Then, the pirate jumped around the tree, firing at it but he quickly noticed Sanchi wasn't there. The stranger lowered his gun, scratching his head in confusion.
"Coming at ya," Sanchi said, jumping out of the tree.
Bam! Sanchi jumped out of the tree, swinging the pirate into a tree. First thing he went for was the pirate's pistol. He quickly punched the pirate's stomach a few times then he threw him on the ground, grabbing his pistol. Sanchi quickly aimed the pistol at the pirate's head.
"Ye must be a skilled pirate," the stranger said, "Where ye learned all that?"
Sanchi didn't answer him. Instead, he loaded the pistol and got closer to the pirate.
The pirate was skinny and had a long grey beard. He also had a few teeth missing and his clothes had holes in them, "Ye gon kill me when ye friends came on our land?"
"Wait," Sanchi said, "There's more?"
The pirate started to laugh, "They're attacking your friends now or maybe..."
Boom! Sanchi pulled the trigger. Then, he started to run fast back home where his family was at and he knew they were in danger, "I'm coming!"

Suddenly, Julia was tackled on the ground by a female pirate with long dirty blonde hair. She punched Julia in the stomach a few times but Julia quickly fought back, pulling her hair and pushing the stranger off. Then, Julia kicked dirt in the pirate's face, kicking her a few times.
"I advise you to leave," Julia said, holding her fists up, "Or else!"
The woman started to laugh, "I'm not impressed!"
Quickly, the female got back up, kicking Julia to the ground. Then, she slapped Julia repeatedly until Julia gave her a hard punch to the chest, causing the stranger to fall off, starting to have trouble breathing. Julia quickly got back up, trying to attack her but the pirate knew her move, punching her and slamming her on the ground.
"Your moves make me laugh," The female dirty pirate said, "I know what I'm going to do to you!"
She noticed a fire nearby, where Julia was cooking the food. Then, the female grabbed Julia by the hair and dragged her towards the fire, causing Julia to scream a lot. Soon, Julia knew she'd be burnt if she doesn't do anything but she couldn't find anything to stop the enemy.
"Let me go," Julia said, "Let me go!"
Now, they were just a few feet away from the fire. The female pirate continued to drag Julia closer and closer where. Julia could easily feel the heat and knew she was close to the death but she didn't give up. Julia quickly grabbed one of her pots, slamming it on the female's hand. Finally, she released Julia which was perfect for her.
"You screwed up," Julia said, jumping up, "You really did!"
Julia banged the post on her head, causing the stranger to drop to the ground, holding her head. Then, Julia slammed the hard metal pot on her head again and again and again. She kept doing it until the pot was done. Julia dropped the pot, killing the stranger. She slowly turned around and couldn't believe what was in front of her, watching her all along. It was Randal.
"Randal," Julia said, "I had to...she tried to..."
"I understand," Randal said, "That's the only answer now."
Julia didn't want Randal to think killing was the right thing. She tried to convince him it wasn't but Randal didn't listen. His idea of the real world quickly changed after Guerta. Something Julia would never wanted to happened.

"Help," Nick cried, "I need help!"
Two unknown pirates surrounded Nick. With their knives, they slowly approached Nick, with a evil look on their faces. They were thirsty for blood.
"Please," Nick cried, "Don't kill me!"
Quickly, one of the pirates raised their knife and ran towards Nick. The pirate was a few steps away from Nick when helped arrived. Suddenly, Malik came out of nowhere, tackling the pirate to the ground.
"Nick," Malik said, "Get away!"
He quickly ran behind the tents, hiding from all the enemies. Meanwhile, Malik took on two pirates. He quickly pulled his knife out, waited for one of them to make a move. The tall, skinny, and black from dirt skinned pirate was the first one to make a move. He ran at Malik, swinging his knife out. Malik quickly ducked his head, tripping the pirate on the ground. The pirate tried to get up but Malik stepped on his back, completely distracted from the other pirate. Suddenly, the other pirate ran at Malik, stabbing him in his shoulder. Malik quickly pushed the pirate away, leaving the knife in his shoulder, "Ahhh!"
The harmless pirate tried to retrieve his knife but Malik pushed the pirate away from him. Then, the other pirate got up, knife in his hand. Malik looked on both of his sides, noticing both of the pirates next to him. Then, the two pirates ran towards him.
"Bad choice," Malik said, smiling.
Suddenly, Malik dropped to the ground and slid away from the two, causing the one of them to stab the other pirate. Quickly, the pirate noticed he accidentally stabbed his friend. Then, the last pirate dropped his knives and ran away, not looking back.
"Well," Malik said, "That was easy?"

Sanchi kept running and running, seeing smoke from their fire from earlier. He heard screaming but it eventually stopped, which made Sanchi feared even more. Soon enough, he was back home.
"Sanchi," Julia cried, running towards him, "You're back!"
He quickly noticed the big purple bruises on her face, placing his hand on one of them. Then, he looked by the fire and noticed a body. He quickly looked back at Julia who quickly started to cry, "She attacked me...I-I-I-I had to!"
Sanchi hugged Julia tight as she cried in his arms, "Everything is going to be okay!"
Julia looked up at Sanchi, wiping her tears away, "Who are these people?"
Suddenly, they started to hear screaming...again. Sanchi decided to handle it his self, advising Julia to stay back. Then, he quickly ran towards the screaming. It was from Malik.

After easily handling two of the strangers, another one came out of no where, tackling Malik to the ground. Then, the pirate pulled out his pistol and aimed it at Malik's head.
"Ye come on me land and kill me mates," The pirate said, "Ooooh my momma gonna like ye!"
"Maybe not," Malik said, laughing
Malik quickly kicked the gun out of his hands. Then, he jumped up and uppercut the pirate in his stomach. With hardly any strength left, Malik pulled his knife out but the pirate slapped it out of his hand. The pirate then punched Malik's in the face three times, causing him to fall back. The pirate quickly ran and grabbed the pistol, aiming it at Malik's head, "Foolish man!"

Nick and Mario hear the fight going on and they knew Malik needed help, hearing the screaming but they were too scared to do anything. Although, Mario felt a little courage inside, wanting to help Malik. He wanted to help someone who helped them survive. Mario wanted to return the favor.
"He needs our help," Mario said, running towards Danny's bag, "We need to do something!"
Nick laughed, grabbing Mario and pulling him away from the bag, "Are you crazy?"
Mario quickly pushed Nick away and quickly grabbed Danny's gun, "I'm going to help someone who pretty much rescued us!"
Nick tried to convince Mario not to, "You're going to get yourself killed!"
"Oh well," Mario said, "Malik and the rest risked everything for each other and us!"
Mario quickly ran out, Nick running behind.

"Kiss everything goodbye," The pirate said, few seconds away from pulling the trigger.
Malik thought it was hopeless. He quickly closed his eyes, waiting for the shot to be fired. Suddenly, a shot was fired. Malik slowly opened up his eyes, scared to see the gunshot on him but there was none. He quickly looked up at the pirate, noticing a circle of blood forming around his stomach. Then, the pirate dropped on top of Malik.
"Mario," Nick said, "You got him!"
Malik quickly pushed the body off of him. Then, he happily got him and smiled at Mario. Malik quickly gave Mario a big hug. Sanchi ran up, noticing no one else beside his crew were around.
"Sanchi," Malik said, "What a day huh?"
Sanchi smiled, patting Malik on his back, "Where's Randal?"
Suddenly, he heard a squeaky voice from behind. Sanchi quickly turned around, facing Randal and a few familiar guests. Randal was right next to Sanchez, Julia, Danny, Winslow, and Erica. Randal smiled and gave Sanchi a thumbs up, "I found help!"
"You had a couple of issues," Sanchez said, "I can see that."
Sanchi quickly noticed the terrible smell when he stepped next to Sanchez. He quickly backed away from Sanchez, pinching his nose, "Ah man...what happened to you?"
"Long story," Sanchez said, "Let's just say we ran into a group of odd pirates."
Danny laughed and he quickly noticed a wound on Malik's shoulder, revealing lots of blood, "Malik...who stabbed you?"
"His body is over there," Malik said, "It hurts!"
Erica walked up to Malik, observing the wounded shoulder. Then, she nodded her head, sucking her lips in, "I can fix you up!"
The crew quickly went towards the tents, ending a long day. Malik immediately earned his medical attention, Randal talked to Sanchi and Julia, Sanchez finally cleaned up, and the rest slept.

Another rough day, Sanchi wrote. It doesn't matter...we still managed to survive it, just another normal day, he continued to write. Another normal day for the family.

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