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The Warrior AE "Battle of Guerta" Season 4 finale (LONG)

After long time of decision, Douglass decided to give Sanchi's crew back to Molax, after Arthur figured out they were in Guerta. Arthur decided to execute Danny and Boris in front of the citizens in Molax, taking them to the town hall. Meanwhile, Winslow managed to get a knife out from the inside of his boot. He quickly took out Arthur's men and freed Sanchi and the rest. Boris quickly get freed, taking out one of Arthur's men. Boris quickly ran towards all of Arthur's hidden explosives, detonating all to blow up the town hall, killing the rest of Arthur's men but Boris knew he'd have to sacrifice his life to do so. Danny quickly escaped from the town hall after Boris's commands, starting Boris's plan. Boris quickly lit the explosives, killing Orgras, rest of Arthur's men, and...his self, saving Sanchi and the rest. Finally, Sanchez gets into a fight with Arthur and eventually leading to Danny taking Arthur out. Now, Sanchi and the rest quickly returned back to Guerta and they encountered a guest, Kane, Coda, and Fin Dorsal. Now, the battle of Guerta officially started.

Sanchi and Sanchez stood there, staring at the two bounty hunters and listening to Kane talking. Malik, Danny, and Julia quickly got all the citizens in Guerta back inside their houses but Douglass refused to. Winslow quickly runs back into their house, finding Randal hiding under the bed. Winslow quickly noticed the fear in the boy's eyes.
"The enemies," Randal said, "They're here...what are we going to do!"
Winslow quickly grabbed Randal's arm and gently pulled him out, "I want you to hide...we'll take care of them!"
Winslow gave Randal a tight hug then the boy slid back under the bed. Quickly, Winslow ran towards the closets, opening it up and pulling out weapons after weapons. Then, he ran back outside, giving out weapons to his crew.
"We need to make it quiet," Julia whispered, grabbing a weapon from Winslow.
Winslow shook his head and ran away to retrieve more weapons. Malik quickly ran up to Julia, shaking and all sweaty. Malik was nervous and he knew he wasn't prepared, like everyone else.
"Julia," Malik said, "I-I-I...don't know what to do!"
Julia placed both of her hands on Malik's shoulders, staring in his eyes. She knew he could do it, she knew they can't turn around, and most importantly, she knew everyone's going to have to fight.
"You can't be nervous Malik," Julia said, "We been through worse...we can overcome all of this...but you can't be nervous, just fight!"
Malik looked at his gun. Then, he looked up at Julia and smiled, "I'll get in the guard tower with Danny...I'm ready!"

"I want you and your crew," Kane said, "It took a lot of thinking to find y' did!"
Sanchi and Sanchez remained silent. Sanchi was trying to think of a way to escape. Meanwhile, Sanchez was staring at Coda, thinking about Courtney and what the monster did to ruin his life. Sanchez was furious and wanted revenge. None of them spoke, they just listened to Kane.
"I have an army and two bounty hunters," Kane said, "You guys don't have much and I think it'll be foolish if you try to do something incredibly stupid."
"Y-y-you don't have to do this," Sanchi said, "We haven't caused any trouble to the armada army in a long time...It was Al and the filthy pirates!"
Kane laughed, remembering the filthy pirates and what happened to Deacon. Kane knew Sanchi was telling lies, "That's incorrect...I remembered what happened to Deacon and...the royal Rogers?"
"I did all of that," Sanchi said, "You only need me...I did all of this!"
Kane started to laugh, walking off his ship and next to the two bounty hunters. He started to throw his cane up and spin it around like he was a kid in a play ground, "I want Julia and the I can kill them in front of you, then I'll throw you in a cage and make you die from sadness...and maybe starvation!"
Sanchi shook his head, looking at Sanchez. He didn't even look back, he still was looking straight at Coda. 

"Winslow," Julia said, "Is everyone inside?"
Before Winslow could even talk, Douglass came running out of his house with his weapon. Winslow quickly turned around, pushing Douglass away from Julia and tried to get him back inside.
"We're trying to keep you all safe," Winslow said, "Stay inside!"
Douglass pushed Winslow away, getting closer to Julia, "I want to help you guys!"
Winslow grabbed Douglass's arm and threw him away from Julia, "You did enough!"
"You don't understand," Douglass said, "I made a mistake...and it caused someone I loved to die, Boris, I feel dead inside and I want you to help you guys!"
Douglass wasn't done. He continued to speak his heart out. He explained how he felt awful and took the blame for Boris. Also, Douglass wanted to return the favor for everything they did for Guerta. Douglass meant every word and he wasn't the only one. Lots of citizens of Guerta walked outside and surrounded them, with weapons and an eager to fight. 
"Julia and Winslow," Douglass said, "We want to fight!"
Julia looked at Winslow, trying to decide, which took a few moments. Then, Julia shrugged her shoulders with a smile, "Get into good areas where you can spot the enemies...If you have a two or more story house well then get on the roof and fight!"
Quickly, most of the citizens ran and got into places. Douglass quickly ran into his house and climbed on the top of his house, getting prepared. Meanwhile, Danny and Malik noticed all the citizens running around, both of the two smiled.
"Well," Danny said, "The armadas are going to have a problem!"

"You guys can't convince me," Kane said, pulling his pistol out, "I am taking you all or this town will fall!"
Now, Sanchi would know he would have to make a decision, die or fight, he knew the consequences and what is at risk. After moments of thinking, he decided. He threw his hands up and gave up. Kane clapped his hand, signaling for Coda to get Sanchi and Sanchez.
"I call killing the ninja," Coda said, "He's all mine!"
Coda picked up ropes and started to walk up to the two. Everyone in Guerta was watching the sharktooth bounty hunter walking up. Sanchi had his head down with a sad look. Although, Sanchez kept his head up, staring at Coda and had a brief smile on his face.
"Put your hands out," Coda said, swing the rope around, "Ninja is going first!"
For a brief moment, Coda stared at Sanchi in his eyes. The sharktooth smiled, revealing his big, bloody, and sharp teeth. Sanchi slowly placed his hands out to Coda. Meanwhile, Sanchez watched it all happen, staring at Sanchi's sword.
"We're going to kill you all," Coda said, "Like we did to that one female!"
Sanchez wanted to kill Coda for Courtney's death. He wanted Coda dead and he knew he'd do it. Sanchez quickly grabbed Sanchi's sword and pulled it out. Suddenly, Sanchez pushed Sanchi out of his way and injected the sword in Coda's stomach, finally fulfilling his wish. Coda slowly dropped the ropes out of his hands, staring at Sanchez. Sanchez smiled, pulling the sword out, "You aren't doing anything!"
Meanwhile, Kane couldn't believe it. He slowly placed his arm up, looking away. Then, he finally looked, staring at Fin Dorsal's face. Suddenly, Fin yelled out a loud roar. Then, he pulled out his weapons and started to fire.
"Get back inside," Sanchi said, "Quick!"
Boom! Cannons was fired into Guerta, blowing up the hospital and killing couple of Guerta's citizens. Sanchi and Sanchez ran towards Julia and the rest, retrieving weapons.
"We're fighting," Julia cried, "Even Douglass and the citizens are helping!"

"New objective," Kane cried, "I want everyone inside the walls dead!"
Quickly, loads and loads of armadas started to march up and towards Guerta, firing and killing bunch of pirates. Danny and Malik remained in the guard towers, firing at the armadas and defending their homes.
"Danny," Malik said, "Group of them are heading to the left of the walls!"
Danny quickly turned, firing at the armadas and took a few of them out but those two weren't enough. The armadas aimed their cannons at the guard towers and Danny noticed it, "Malik we need to get out of..."
Boom! The armadas fired cannons into the lower part of the guard towers, causing it to fall down. Both of the two fell off the guard towers and landed hard on the ground. Quickly, Malik grabbed Danny and pulled him away from the fallen debris.
"We need to do something about the ships," Malik said, "We need to take out the ships!"
Danny slowly got back up. He felt dizzy and almost fell back to the ground but he was determined to fight again. Then, Malik and Danny took the back way out of Guerta and took the long way in the woods, trying to reach the ships.

Once the cannons were fired, Sanchi and Julia quickly became separated and got lost. Sanchi slowly got back, smoke and flames surrounding him but he left the area, trying to look for Julia again. He went by dead bodies of familiar citizens that Sanchi knew. He tried his best not to look but he couldn't help it.
"Julia," Sanchi cried, "Where are you!"
Winslow ran up behind Sanchi, almost out of breath and ammo. He had blood all over his shirts and bruises on his face. Sanchi knew he got into a brawl  with a few armadas.
"We already lost a lot of our own," Winslow said, "We pretty much only took out a total of fifteen armadas plus Danny and Malik are missing!"
Sanchi didn't listen to anything Winslow said, he slowly turned around, looking at Winslow, "Have you seen Julia...I can't find her!"
"Maybe she went with Jordan and others," Winslow said, "I don't really know!"
Boom! Sanchi heard more cannons being fired into the walls. He slowly looked there and he noticed armadas started to run out, being led by Kane. Sanchi knew this was he'd have to duel with Kane again.
"Get out of here," he said to Winslow, "Find Julia!"
Sanchi hid behind debris, waiting for Kane to go by so he can take him out once and for all. Once he noticed Kane, he walked out, calling Kane's name. Suddenly, Kane stopped and pulled out his sword. Then, he slowly turned around, "There's Sanchi!"
Sanchi let out a roar and he ran at Kane, swinging his sword at him. Quickly, Kane swung back and started the duel. Cling, cling! Back and fourth both of their swords hit each other and nothing else. Sanchi knew this would be a hard duel.
"You should of killed both of the bounty hunters when you had the chance," Kane said, "Now we found you all!"
Sanchi pushed out, kicking Kane in his legs. Sanchi slowly walked away from Kane, swinging his sword around, "I took out Deacon...I can handle you!"
Sanchi swung his sword at Kane and missed. Kane quickly ducked his head, avoiding Sanchi's sword. Then, he went up, grabbing Sanchi's arm and headbutted him, causing him to drop his sword.
"Now you have no weapon," Kane said, "Just give up!"
Sanchi still didn't give up, he kicked up dirt and debris, blinding Kane for a few moments. Then, he got up and managed to get his sword out. Quickly, Kane swung his sword out, getting rid of the dust but once it was gone...Sanchi was gone, too.

Boom, boom! Douglass remained on the top of his house, firing and taking out armadas. He had a great smile on his face, he felt like he was helping out and winning the battle. Although, they were far from winning.
"Douglass," Sanchez cried, "Have you seen Sanchi?"
Douglass quickly turned around with a huge smile on his face, "Sanchez...we're doing it!"
Sanchez shook his head, "Where's Sanchi?"
Douglass shrugged his shoulder, turning around and continued his objective. Sanchez quickly ran next to Douglass, looking at battle. Suddenly, Sanchez knew he wasn't done with revenge once he noticed Fin Dorsal taking out three pirates. Sanchez let Douglass be and ran towards Fin Dorsal.
"You should of never killed the love of my life," Sanchez said, "Aiming his pistol at Fin."
Suddenly, Fin stopped and dropped one of the citizen's body. Fin slowly turned around, with the same smile as Coda, revealing his bloody teeth and his bloody and angry face.
"She deserved it," Fin said, "Just like what I am going to do to you!"
Fin started to run at Sanchez. He fired shots at the sharktooth but missed, causing Fin to tackle Sanchez to the ground. Fin released another roar and started to choke Sanchez. Quickly, Sanchez bite Fin's hand, causing him to let go of Sanchez's throat. Then, Sanchez punched Fin twice in the face and pushed him off. Sanchez quickly got up, coughing and struggling to find his weapon. Fin also got back up.
"I remembered that crane companion," Fin said, "And a bald headed trooper...lemme guess, those two are dead like your lover?"
Sanchez shook his head, biting his lips. Quickly, he released out his anger. Sanchez ran towards Fin, punching him in the stomach repeatedly and kicked him in his knee, causing him to fall down. Then, he kicked Fin in the stomach over and over. Fin quickly fought back. He rolled over, knocking Sanchez over with his huge tail.
"None of you guys understand how doom you are," Fin said, "This place isn't enough to stop what we're doing!"
Sanchez slowly got up. Sanchez knew Fin was wrong, he knew they can take care of the armadas but not all of them, "You're wrong...we have enough to stop you and Kane!"
Fin smiled, picking up Sanchez's gun. He raised the gun and aimed at Sanchez, "You cannot do anything!"
Boom! A gun was fired. Fin stood there and so did Sanchez. Then, Fin dropped the pistol and looked down at his chest, noticing blood was coming out. Suddenly, Fin looked up and at Sanchez.
"None of you," Fin said, falling to the ground.
Suddenly, Sanchez heard laughter from above. He looked up, noticing Douglass with a smile on his face. The old man saved Sanchez and he knew that.
"Douglass," Sanchez said, "T-t-t-thank you!"
Douglass laughed, raising his weapon up, "Keep fighting!"

Sanchi kept running, trying to look for Julia but he couldn't. He started to yell for her name but it didn't help. It made it worse and made Kane closer to him. Suddenly, Sanchi heard Kane's voice again, "Last time we dueled, I lost my arm."
Sanchi looked around, no one was nearby but he kept hearing Kane's voices, "Lucky I managed to get a fake metal looks better!"
Sanchi dropped to the ground, covering his ears and tried his best to ignore Kane's voice. Then, his voice grew louder. Sanchi slowly looked up, Kane was right next to him, "Now I think it's time for you to lose something!"
Kane swung his sword but Sanchi jumped back, causing him to miss. Then, Sanchi ran into Kane, pushing him to the ground. Sanchi tried to kill Kane but the armada fought back, causing both of his sword to hit Sanchi's sword.
"I told you to leave me alone," Sanchi said, slowly walking away from Kane, "And you still can't do it!"
Suddenly, Sanchi heard a scream of terror. He stopped what he was doing and tried to listened. He heard the scream again and it quickly became familiar. It was Julia.
"I can't do this," Sanchi said, slowly backing up from Kane, "I can't!"
Sanchi left Kane there after hearing Julia's voice.
"Coward," Kane cried, "You cowards!"

Julia were in Douglass's house with Winslow. Armadas quickly started to fire at them and surrounded the house. Douglass tried to defend them but there were too many armadas. 
"They're surrounding the house," Winslow cried, "We can't get out!"
Julia kept firing at the armadas, tears coming out. She thought she wouldn't make it and started to fear more. She was out of options. She started to scream for help, "Sanchi!" and "Sanchez!"
Jordan came back from downstairs, out of options too. She quickly helped them and fired at the armadas but it didn't go well. The armadas kept firing at them, hitting Jordan repeatedly in her chest, killing her. Julia quickly got back up, aiming her weapon and she pulled the trigger only to hear clicking noises. She was out of ammo.
"I'm out of ammo," she cried, "I'm out!"
Winslow tried to fire but he was out of ammo too. He quickly threw his gun down out of anger, "Me too!"
More and more armadas started to surround them. Julia and Winslow dropped to the ground, trying to avoid the gunshots. She kept yelling for help, yelling for her crew's help. Luckily, she got it.
"Over here," Sanchez said, "She's here!"
Sanchez and Sanchi dropped down and started to fire at the armadas. Then, Malik and Danny managed to steal an armada's ship, firing cannons at the armadas.
"Keep firing," Danny cried, "Make sure you don't hit the house!"
Armadas started to drop to the ground like flies and in a matter of a few minutes, they were gone. Quickly, Sanchez and Sanchi ran into the house, retrieving Julia and Winslow.
"Get on the ship," Sanchi said, "Now!"
Sanchez led Winslow, Julia, and Randal to the ship and the four quickly got on. Meanwhile, Sanchi ran upstairs and to Douglass, who was still firing at the armadas.
"Douglass," Sanchi said, "We need to leave!"
Douglass stopped firing, lowering his gun and looking at Sanchi, "This is my home...It's pretty much gone now, all of it, and I want to go with it and go out like a hero!"
Sanchi quickly became confused. He thought Douglass was doing this because of what he did before, "Douglass you don't have to do this!"
Douglass got closer to Sanchi, patting him on his back, "You guys!"
Sanchi knew there were no more time left. He hugged Douglass and ran back downstairs, gathering the surviving citizens. 

Sanchi helped the last citizens on the ship and before he got on the ship, he looked back. He looked at all the destroyed houses and walls, remembering this place well. Then, he looked at Douglass, the only one left. He was still alive and firing.
"Woohoo," Douglass cheered, "Come at me!"
Douglass continued to fire at the armadas, taking more and more out. Douglass felt invincible and proud of his self but he was unaware on Kane walking up from behind. Kane started to whistle as he got closer to Douglass, pulling his weapon out. Then, Kane aimed his pistol at Douglass's head and he pulled the trigger, releasing the last gunshot on Guerta.
"Get on," Sanchi said, "We need to leave soon,"
Boom! Sanchi heard the gunshot, causing all the gunshots to end and brought in silence. Sanchi looked back, watching Douglass's body falling off the roof. Sanchi shook his head and getting on the ship.
"Malik," Sanchi said, "Get us out of here."
Their ship flew off and Kane watched it go by. He knew they escaped from him again and he was furious about it.
"Sir," General Tousk said, "They have-they have escaped...w-w-wwhat are we going to do about it?"
Kane removed his mask and threw it on the ground. He rubbed his face and tried to relax, thinking of something. Then, he thought of something, bounty hunters.
"General," Kane said, "Get me the best bounty hunters and scumbags in the spiral...I'll get Sanchi and the rest back!"

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