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The Warrior AE "Broken For Good" Season five finale (Extra-extended)

Winslow and Mario went missing late at night, which caused Sanchi and the rest to begin their search for their missing crew mates. Suddenly, Sanchi, Sanchez, Willis, Tobias, and Avery encountered a unfamilar pirate...and the pirate started to run from them. Julia and Randal was forced to stay in the house when someone knocked on their door. Julia nervously opened up the door and met someone new in the village, named Austin. Sanchi and the rest continued to chase the pirate. Sanchez tried to fire and take out the pirate but Sanchi pushed him and caused him to miss his shot then the two got into a brief argument. Julia started to become curious about the armory, which made her steal the key from Beano. She went inside the armory and noticed their new home hardly had any weapons. Finally, Sanchi and the rest found the runaway pirate but the stranger didn't release any important information. Then, Sanchez went against Sanchi's orders and shot and killed the stranger. Julia, Randal, and Tobias went out during night and was captured by Sythe. Sanchi and Sanchez made up a plan to go out to their old home with Willis and Allen.

Morning finally arrived and Sanchi still remained awake. He didn't go to asleep, he just stayed up all night and was thinking about getting his crew back. Once when he noticed daylight, Sanchi woke up Sanchez, Willis, and Allen. Before they could leave, Avery wanted to talk to Sanchi.
"Listen son," Captain Avery said, placing his hand on Sanchi's shoulder, "Go bring back your crew, we'll be waiting for you."
Sanchi nodded his head with a smile. Captain Avery placed his hand out and shook Sanchi's hand. Finally, the four left the village and got into the ship and begun their objective.
"Sanchi," Sanchez said calmly, "We're going to get Julia and the rest back."
He nodded his head at Sanchez's comment, walking outside of the ship. Sanchi remained outside of the ship, on the upper poop deck. Meanwhile, Willis and Allen remained in the lower inside port of the ship, where their cannons were, Sanchez stayed inside at the wheel of the ship.
"Geez Willy," Allen said, "I might actually pee me pants, I'm afraid!"
Willis slapped the back of Allen's head, "Ye better not act this way in front of the captain of this ship, ye'll make us look weak!"
Sanchi just stood up and looked out into the Skyways, staring at the ships going by and grazing at the beautiful view of the Skyways, thinking about how Julia loved the color of the Skull Island's Skyways. Sanchez continued to steer the ship when he noticed a big issue, a pirate ship blocking their path. The ship was turned sideways, had their cannons aiming at them but that wasn't the main thing that stuck out for them...both Sanchi and Sanchez noticed the two flags on the pirate's ship. The pirate ship had Julia's dirty white blouse, Randal's small brown and white robe, and Tobias's stick between the flag. Sanchez knew these pirates were going to be an issue.
"Hey you two," Sanchez said, running to the lower port, "If there's a problem with these people, I'll signal for two to fire these cannons at their ship."
Before Sanchez met Sanchi and the rest outside of the ship, he turned the ship around and made their ship's right side (with their cannons) facing the other pirate's ship. Finally, Sanchez ran outside of the ship. Meanwhile on the other's ship, there were four pirates on their docks and were staring at Sanchez and Sanchi.
"We been waiting for ye all," The pirate said, "I'm Derrick and I know ye is Sanchi and Sanchez."
"Yep," Sanchez said, "You mind moving your ship?"
Derrick laughed, "Ye got any others on ye ship? I'll be honest with ye, there be only four of us on here."
Sanchez did all the talking as Sanchi took a few steps away from Sanchez and made him do the talking.
"There's only two of us," Sanchez said, "Just me and my friend."

Everything was dark for these individuals. They all remained in a dark room, with a little pitch of light. Meanwhile on the other side, it was Kane and Sythe.
"Your plan is taking too long," Kane said, "We still don't have Sanchi!"
Sythe laughed, placing is crossbow down, "Derrick and three of my own men are dealing with them. Soon, I'll meet them at where we attacked them at, at that small island."
Kane placed his pistol and cane down. Then, he walked towards Sythe and got close in his face. He was sick of giving Sythe extra time. Luckily if they didn't have anyone else, Kane would of fired Sythe.
"I'm done waiting," Kane said, "I want him soon!"

The four pirates still didn't listen to Sanchez, which made him a bit ticked off. Willis and Allen still remained at the lower port, placing cannon balls inside the cannons.
"I don't want any problems," Sanchez said, "So Derrick if you don't mind...get out of my damn way?"
Derrick laughed, picking his teeth in front of Sanchez and Sanchi. Derrick glanced over at Sanchi and laughed. Derrick knew who Sanchi was, "Ye friend too shy to talk?"
Sanchi still didn't say a word. Instead, he pulled his sword out and tried to intimidate the pirates but they weren't even scared. Derrick started to laugh at Sanchi, "He's my favorite one."
While the pirates were teasing Sanchi, Sanchez quickly glanced behind him and made sure Willis and Allen were still there and aware. Luckily, they were.
"I know you have our crew," Sanchez said, "Where'd you get the clothes?"
Derrick looked up at their flags and smiled at Sanchez, "Ye don't like our new flags?"
"No I don't," Sanchez said, "Where's my crew?"
Derrick turned his head around and pointed at the small island nearby them, an island where once Sanchi and his crew were living in. Then, the pirates walked up to their new decorations and grabbed Tobias's stick. Derrick stared at the object and then he threw the stick far enough for Sanchez to catch it, "You sure that's ye crew's stick?"
Sanchez stared at Tobias's weapon for a few seconds then dropped it. Then, he pulled out his pistol and aimed it at Derrick. Still, Sythe's men weren't scared of Sanchez or anyone on the ship, "Ye gon kill all of us with just one little pistol?"
Suddenly Sanchez smiled at them and gave a thumbs up for Willis and Allen. Then, their ship started to shake as cannons were fired out of their ship.
Boom! The noises from the cannons were so loud that it caused Sanchi to fall on the deck. Sanchi remained on the deck, holding his head tight and continued to hear the buzzing noise. Then, more cannons were fired out of the ship and continued to destroy Sythe's men ship. Sanchi watched it all happened, he watched Sanchez going on the other ship and grabbing Derrick. Finally, Willis and Allen fired more cannons and completely destroying the ship. Sanchi slowly poked his head up and watched Sanchez aiming his pistol at an injured Derrick's head. He watched Sanchez talking to Derrick but due to the buzzing noises, he didn't hear much. Then, Sanchez fired a shot and killed Derrick.
"Sanchi," Sanchez's voice echoed, "Get up, I think I know where Julia and the rest are."

Again, night was close by as Sanchez finally docked their ship at a familiar island. Sanchi laid down on a bed inside the ship, with a bad headache and a little buzzing noise. Sanchez quickly entered the room with Willis and Allen, "You ready?"
"You didn't have to kill the man," Sanchi said, "Could of kept him as a prisoner."
Sanchez laughed and walked out of the room, "I'm not going through this again."
Finally, the crew walked outside of the ship and looked around the area, remembering what times they had on time. Although, there were no ships around the island, no clues, no voices, no one on this island besides them...and that made Sanchi a bit furious.
"I don't see Julia...I don't see Sythe...I don't see anyone here," Sanchi said as he threw his hands up, "What were you talking about Sanchez?"
"I-I-I-I thought they would be here," Sanchez said as he got closer to Sanchi and tried to calm him down.
Sanchez tried to calm him down but Sanchi pushed him away. Sanchez couldn't believe it, the way he was acting after everything he tried to help him, "Sanchi, are you serious?"
"This is all your fault," Sanchi said, "If you would of stopped thinking about yourself then we would of find out more from those ones you killed!"
Sanchez started to laugh, "You're blaming me for our crew missing? Really? Are you serious?"
Sanchi walked up to Sanchez and got a few inches from his face, "Don't you say it!"
He didn't listen to Sanchi's word again after the few warnings. Although this time Sanchez was directly in his face, "You let others alive that came back and killed some of our own and kidnapped most of..."
Bam! Sanchi threw a punch and nailed Sanchez in his jaw, causing him to fall on the ground. Sanchez remained on the ground, looking at the blood on his hand from his jaw.
"Guys," Willis said, "We don't have to..."
Sanchi interrupted Willis with a loud and anger tone, "Get back on the damn ship!"
Sanchez jumped up while Sanchi were busy yelling at Willis. He quickly tackled Sanchi on the ground and punched him three times in his face. Then, Sanchi grabbed Sanchez's fist and stopped his final punch. Sanchi quickly twisted his wrist back and kicked him off. Sanchi quickly pulled his sword out as Sanchi pulled one of his pistols out.
"Wow," Sanchi said, "You think you're really going to kill me?"
The two stood a few inches from each other. Sanchez had his pistol directly aimed at Sanchi's head while Sanchi had his sword out, close enough to slice his head enough.

Willis and Allen listened to Sanchi's orders and ran back to the ship. They ran instead of walk because they were cowardly afraid of the dark. Due to the darkness, the two were blinded by the nearby enemies.
"I'm scared," Allen said, "I can't even see me hands!"
Suddenly, the two started to hear whistling noises and they stopped running. They looked around the area and couldn't see a single thing.
"Hands up!"
Group of pirates came out of the darkness, aiming and surrounding at Willis and Allen. Both of the two dropped their weapons and immediately dropped on their knees. All of a sudden, Willis heard clapping and companion came out of the darkness.
"This is great," Sythe said, "Our plan is coming together!"
There were another individual coming out behind Sythe. It was someone Willis and Allen never encountered or seen in their entire life but both of the two knew his appearance and his name. Allen gasped as he recalled the name, "Kane!"
"I don't see Sanchi or Sanchez," Kane said, "Why do we care about these two?"
Kane aimed his musket at the head of Willis, "Tell me why I shouldn't pull the trigger."
Willis's stomach started to turn as he heard Kane's gun clicked. Then he nervously shouted, "Because we're innocent pirates just helping a few friends out!"
Kane laughed at the stupidity of the two, slowly turning away from them. Kane couldn't believe Sythe worried about these two but then Kane thought about getting everyone who even helped Sanchi captured for tonight. Then, the slammed his gun on Willis's head and knocked him out. Eventually he did the same to Allen.
"Get these two on the ship," Kane said, "We gotta get Sanchi!"

Sanchi was close enough to end Sanchez's life with his sword, but Sanchez was close enough to fire a few shots into Sanchi. The two remained still and stared at each other, unaware that trouble was nearby.
"Boris, Danny, Malik," Sanchez said deceased's names to Sanchi, "Bonnie, Courtney, Douglass! How can you still even still be with us after everything you did?"
"Just shut up," Sanchi said, staring at the blade of his sword, "Shut up!"
"Maybe I should add Julia's name," Sanchez continued to get under Sanchi's skin, "How bout Randal's?"
Sanchi lost it. He started to scream at Sanchez as he swung his sword at Sanchez, barely missing his throat. Then, Sanchez kicked Sanchez away from him and started to fire shots, hitting Sanchi in his leg. The two continued to fight, punching and trying to kill each other. Sanchez even had Sanchi on the ground but due to his warrior's skills, he quickly got Sanchez off. The two continued to fight until they heard laughter and clapping.
"Surprise," Kane said, "I don't think I have to get all these men to kill you, you two look like you're doing it to each other!"
Sanchi glanced at Sanchez, realizing he was sort of right but from this point, Sanchez was dead to him and he knew he'd need to think of something to get out of this situation.
"You don't have me," Sanchez said, "Sorry Sanchi."
Boom! Sanchez tried to fire at the armadas to get away but it didn't go as well. His shots missed and the armadas started to focus on him, which made it good for Sanchi to escape. Quickly, Sanchi threw two of the armadas that were holding onto him into Sanchez and made a run for it. Sanchez pushed the two armadas off and tried to run but Kane knocked him back down, aiming his musket at Sanchez's chest.
"Betrayal," Kane said to Sanchez, "He pretty much threw you in the dust!"
Sanchez remained on the ground and didn't even look at Kane. Now, he wanted Sanchi to pay and get caught, "Find him, he's still on this island!"
Sanchi continued to run until he couldn't see or hear anyone near him. His only priority was to escape the armadas and find his missing crew by his self. He felt alone nearby and felt safe. Then, he heard movement and he continued to run. He noticed Kane and the armadas were nearby so he ran and jumped behind a tree, hearing the Kane and the rest talking.
"Sanchi," Kane said, "I know you're here."
Sanchi remained quiet, breathing nervously and still shaking. He looked down at his sword and stared at his reflection, couldn't believe what he was looking at.
"We have your crew," Kane said, "Winslow, Tobias, Mario, those two fools...and...Julia and your boy."
Sanchi become even more nervous once he heard Julia's name. He closed his eyes and tried to remain calm but it only blinded him on what was ahead. Once he opened his eyes up, Sythe was in front of him with his crossbow aimed, "Don't move!"
Sanchi slowly raised his hands up with an evil look on his face, "This isn't the end, I'll make sure my sword meets you!"
Sythe laughed as he threw Sanchi in front of Kane, "Sure you will."
Kane and his men tied their hands together and placed a filthy bag over his heads. Then, Sythe knocked Sanchi and Sanchez out with Iris.

Once Kane and the rest arrived to the armada's fortress, in the Aragon Skyway, they threw Sanchi and Sanchez on the ground and brought out the rest of their crew. Sythe and a few other armadas slowly brought out Julia, Randal, Erica, Willis, Allen, and Tobias. Kane pulled the bag off of Sanchi's head, wanting him to see his crew. Sanchi noticed the tears on Julia's face, Tobias's bruises and scars, and...he finally saw Erica after a few days.
"Now," Kane said, "Shall we begin?"
Sythe walked up to Sanchez and removed his bag. Sanchez looked around and noticed Erica and the rest but he didn't even look at Sanchi.
"Wait, wait," Sanchi said, "Where's Winslow and Mario?"
Kane laughed and looked at Sythe, snapping his fingers to bring out the other two. Sythe opened up a small closet and reveled a bloody Winslow and Mario. Sythe kicked the two a few times until they got into line. Now, Kane's lineup was set. The order of the line up was: Mario, Erica, Tobias, Sanchi, Winslow, Willis, Sanchez, Allen, Randal, and Julia. Sanchi poked his head out and looked at Julia, trying to make her understand that everything was going to be okay but she knew he was lying.
"Let's start with a few stories," Kane said, ending all the talking, "Years and years, I wanted this crew to join the armadas..I even made it clear when  my armadas meet Sanchi and the others for the first time at Scrimshaw but OF COURSE this complicated crew attacked my armadas!"
Most of the crew didn't know what Kane was talking about...but Sanchi and Sanchez knew the story. Kane continued to speak, "I wasn't really ticked, I actually respected y'all moves but once a little birdy told me this crew I've been chasing have joined the Pirate army...I lost it and I knew this crew would become a problem."
Kane walked past each of them who were on their knees. He looked at Willis, who didn't make any contact. He glanced at Erica and Mario and the two just looked away. Kane laughed as he witnessed all the fear in half of the crew. Suddenly, Kane stopped at Sanchi and looked at him, "I thought your crew were tougher than this?"
Sanchi didn't speak, he just gave Kane an angry look which made the new boss laugh. Kane rubbed Sanchi's head like he was a pet..although, Kane thought he was one, "You're a good boy."
It was silent in the room, Sythe and other armadas were in the corners and all around, just listening to Kane's stories. Kane continued to walk and observed the new prisoners. Suddenly, Kane stopped and looked at Randal with a huge smile.
"I know this is Sanchi's new kid," Kane said, aiming his pistol at him, "How exciting!"
Suddenly Sanchez yelled at Kane for him to stop, breaking the number one rule; not to speak unless spoken to. Kane stared at the kid and quickly turned around, kicking Sanchez on his back, "What did you say, huh?"
"Don't harm the boy," Sanchez said, "Don't harm anyone in here except for me, I caused all the trouble for you all...I even killed Deacon!"
Kane started to laugh as he aimed his pistol at Sanchi, "Didn't you two get into a brawl and you're lying to my face trying to defend this worthless piece of crap?"
Sanchez didn't talk back to Kane, "That's what I thought!"
Kane had everything he wanted, the leftover of the crew who caused so many problems to the armadas. Although there were only one problem, he didn't know what to do with him. Kane decided to leave the room for a few minutes and let them say their final words to each other before Kane comes back in.

"This is all my fault," Sanchez said, "They caught us because of me!"
Sanchi looked at Sanchez, he didn't show any hatred to him but just respect. Although, Sanchi felt guilty and knew all of it was his fault but he respected Sanchez for taking all the blame in front of Kane's face.
"It's really my fault," Sanchi said, "I had the chance and I didn't take it!"
"We...we're overcome-over com-come this," Winslow said, "I know-I know it!"
Suddenly, the doors opened up again and silence filled up the room. Kane, Sythe, and a few other armadas entered the room, "All the piss and sweat gone yet?"
"I know what to do," Kane said, aiming his pistol at Sanchi's forehead, "Kill the punk warrior!"
Everyone gasped as Kane aimed the pistol at Sanchi's head. Meanwhile, Sanchi didn't move but he closed his eyes and was patiently waiting for the gun to fire. Kane started the death countdown, "9, 8, 7, 6, 5."
Julia glanced over at Sanchez, "We gotta do something."
Erica and Mario looked at Tobias and Winslow, "What are we going to do?"
Kane continued the countdown, "3,2..."
Suddenly Kane stopped as he heard someone yelling for him to stop. It was Sanchez. Kane turned around and looked at Sanchez slowly standing up. From this point, Sanchez knew it was time to man up. He knew the crew wouldn't survive without Sanchi, he knew all the times Sanchi saved the crew and even Sanchez, Sanchez knew he was dead anyway...Sanchez knew this was his shot.
"You don't need to kill him," Sanchez said, "Killing him won't prove anything! I am more valuable and I should be the one you should shoot!"
Sanchi looked at Sanchez with his eyes watering. He thought Sanchez was a hero and more braver than his own self, "Sanchez, you don't have to..."
"I do," Sanchez interrupted Sanchi, "Julia needs you, that boy needs you...the crew needs you, Sanchi."
"I made Sanchi kill Deacon," Sanchez continued, "It was my idea to destroy those armadas at Scrimshaw, I convinced Sanchi to join the pirate army!"
Kane stared at Sanchez for a few seconds then he looked down at Sanchi. Suddenly, he thought of a brutal idea. He sliced the rope off and freed Sanchi and made him stand up as Sanchez dropped back on his knees. Then, Kane and a few other armadas pushed Sanchi and got him behind Sanchez.
"I only want Tobias, Winslow and you," Kane said to Sanchi, "If you want the rest to leave safely, kill one of your own."
Kane handed Sanchi his pistol and Sanchi glanced at it for a few moments, tears slowly coming out. Sanchi didn't want to do it, remembering all the memories he had with Sanchez and how close they became. Sanchi started to cry even more and started to shake. Meanwhile, Sanchez was whispering for Sanchi to pull the trigger. Sanchi raised the gun at Sanchez's head and closed his eyes and started to thank Sanchez for everything. Sanchez closed his eyes and trapped the tears, "Farewell brother."
Boom! Sanchi pulled the trigger and that was it. His partner in crime, his best friend, his brother was dead. Sanchez's body slowly dropped to the floor and blood was officially back on Sanchi's hand.
"Excellent," Kane said, taking his gun back, "You're back to your old murdering self!"
Sanchi dropped on his knees and cried on the floor. Meanwhile Kane got Julia, Randal, Erica, and Mario up and gave them to Sythe.
"Your new paid check is staying alive because you're now under my control," Kane whispered to Sythe, "I want you to take these four to your ship and kill them!"
Sythe was furious about not getting his well-earned bounty but he knew it wasn't time to argue with him. Although, Sythe decided not to kill them but to take them back to where he found them.
"You see Sanchi," Kane said, "You killed your partner for what? Your crew may see their last lives and now I'm sending you to a hardcore jail camp where you'll die slowly from a broken heart!
Sanchi remained on the ground as Sanchez's blood slowly got on him.

That's a wrap of a hardcore and my favorite Season Five! I'm happy to announce that this series was a hit and can't wait for the rest to see Season six and glad to say that there be a Season seven and eight!

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