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The Warrior AE "Forced" S4

When Sanchi and Winslow returned back to Guerta, they brought one of Arthur's men from Molax. Sanchez, Malik, and Boris goes out to Monquista to negotiate with the king and queen. Boris came up with a plan and they quietly sneaked into the royal house. Sanchi feels more guilt and he starts to image his old deceased crew mates around him. Bonnie starts to cause trouble around Molax.

Few days after incident involving Bonnie, Arthur kept an eye on her. Arthur knew what she was capable of and he knew she'd be more trouble. All he wanted was Sanchi and Winslow but he was unaware about their huge bounties.
"I don't like her," Orgras said, watching Bonnie sleep, "She's a threat!"
"She's in a hard prison cell," Arthur said, "Even I have no clue on how escaping out of it!"
Orgras didn't know who Bonnie's crew was. He had no clue that Sanchi broke into Molax awhile ago. Mainly, Arthur and Orgras didn't know about Matthew being held hostage.
"Two of my men are still gone," Arthur said. "Ye thinking her crew killed them?"
Orgras shrugged his shoulder as he opened up Bonnie's cell which woke her up. He walked in front of Bonnie and stared at the companion with a big smile. Bonnie tried her best to look away but Orgras grabbed her face and forced her.
"Leave me alone," Bonnie said, "I still have few more hours until work!"
Suddenly, Arthur walked in and pushed Orgras out of his way. Then, he grabbed Bonnie's neck and raised her up, "What is ye crew up to?"
Bonnie couldn't answer. She started to scratch Arthur's hand until he released her but he didn't. Finally, she bit Arthur's hand which caused him to drop her. Arthur started to yell as he kicked the bars.
"Monster," Bonnie cried, "You had that coming!"
Arthur turned around and kicked Bonnie in her stomach a few times. Then, he threw her into the cell bars. Orgras watched it all happened and smiled, enjoying Arthur's anger issues.
"Oh Arthur," Orgras laughed, "This is enjoyable!"
Arthur slowly turned around, giving Orgras a dirty look. Orgras quickly turned around and left the building. Now, it was just Arthur and Bonnie. Arthur calmly moved Bonnie away fro the door and calmed his self down, "Now....where's your..crew?"
"We aren't a threat," Bonnie said, "You shouldn't worry about my crew!"
Arthur stood back up, looking away from Bonnie. Now, Bonnie knew this was her chance. She slowly raised up and ran towards Arthur, slamming him into the hard bars which knocked him out. Then, Bonnie took his weapon and ran out. Now, she was trying to look for Randal.

Nervously and quietly, Sanchez and the other two crawled around the king's vents until Boris found the way into the royal room. Sanchez carefully walked out first, surrounded by royalty items, he thought. Then, Malik and Boris walked out. They were in the king's bedroom but the king wasn't in there. Sanchez slowly walked out and into the ginormous hallway. He looked down the stairs and witnessed the king eating his meal in the kitchen.
"Look at all these paintings," Boris said, "These are probably worth a fortune!"
Boris and Malik opened up the king's drawers, opened up the bathroom doors, and even laid on the bed but when Sanchez ran back in, they quickly jumped off the bed.
"He's eating," Sanchez whispered, closing up the vent.
"Let's go down there," Malik said, opening up the door.
Sanchez quickly grabbed Malik's arm and threw him into Boris. Suddenly, Boris flew back and fell into the king's desk which caused books to fall and broke a lamp. This quickly alarmed the king. Sanchez heard the king's footsteps and he quickly pushed Boris and Malik into the king's bathroom. Sanchez quickly ran towards the vent but it was too late as he noticed the king in front of him.
"You broke into my royal house," the king said, "I can have you executed for this."
"Royalty...can't believe I can finally meet you," Sanchez said, "I am danger to you!"
The king looked away from Sanchez and looked at the fallen books and broken lamp. Then, he looked at  Sanchez and gave him a tired look, "Call me Rogers or Roger."
Suddenly, the king interrupted Sanchez as he picked up his books, "I know who you are...Sanchez but where's that warrior and his two pirate troops?"
"You mean..." Sanchez stopped.
"Dez and Gus," Rogers said, "I heard of them and I'm guessing they switched to the armadas?"
Sanchez remembered how Dez and Gus was promoted, saving Monquista with their old troopers, "Both are dead...before the armadas took control."
King Rogers nodded his head as he took a seat in his chair. He opened up one of his drawers and pulled out a cigar. He lit the cigar up and took it out of his mouth, blowing out smoke, "How can I help you and your two hidden friends?"

Bonnie managed to run out and luckily most of Arthur's men were asleep. She had her chance on escaping but she couldn't leave Randal behind. She quietly ran into the kid's home, breaking the lock and opening up the door. Suddenly, she became disgusted at how Molax was treating the children as she noticed all of them were sleeping on the hard floors with just a blanket, "Randal?"
Suddenly, she heard talking outside of the children's home. She quietly walked out and aimed Arthur's weapon around, trying to execute one of his men. She heard the individual talking again and recognized the voice. It was Orgras. She ran behind him and aimed a weapon at Orgras, "Just me and you!"
Orgras stopped walking and just stood there. He didn't even turn around to look at Bonnie and she didn't even walked in front of him. She was unaware about the grin on Orgras's face. He knew he could handle her. He slowly pulled out his weapon and quickly turned around, firing a gunshot. Luckily, Bonnie jumped away from him and hid behind a building.
"Just me and you," Orgras yelled, "Everyone gonna be awake soon from that gunshot!"
Bonnie noticed houses were turning on and the light was arriving. Out of anger, she banged her head because she knew she messed up. She knew her only option was the climb the walls.
"You're dangerous," Orgras said, aiming his weapon around, "To Molax and yourself!"
Suddenly, Bonnie ran out of cover and fired at Orgras. Orgras quickly dropped to the ground, avoiding the gunshots. Bonnie tried her best to miss Orgras but she tried to distract him for her to run from him. She kept running until she made it to the gates. Although, she forgot about Arthur's men in the guard towers, "Stop now!"
Bonnie came to a complete stop, noticing two pirates aiming out of the guard towers. She calmly remained still as she heard footsteps behind her. It was Arthur.
"Waking up folks and trying to kill my men," Bonnie heard his voices from behind, "What is wrong with you?"
Bonnie took a deep breath, "I told you to let me go!"
Arthur laughed, "That's not going to happen!"
She just stood still in fear. She didn't know what was coming next but she had a feeling she could be ready for it. She slowly closed her eyes as Arthur continued to circle her. He was thinking of a plan.
"Ye should know what," Arthur said, revealing a smile, "Bring the boy!"
Bonnie started to worry more as she closed her eyes again, trying to wake up from this nightmare. Although, she opened her eyes again when she heard Orgras laughing. She slowly opened up her eyes, watching Orgras pushing Randal towards her. Then, Arthur came behind the boy and placed the blade of his knife gently on Randal's neck. Bonnie quickly jumped forward towards Arthur, "Don't touch him!"
Arthur started to laugh, "Ye like the boy...dontcha?"
Bonnie looked in Randal's eyes. She could see the fear that she was familiar with before. She knew that he was really young and she knew the time everyone spent looking for him. She understood the hard work and dedication that her crew had to look for him, "Leave him alone I'll not even speak or cause anymore trouble..."
Arthur smiled and liked Bonnie's choice. He quickly pushed Randal into Orgras's arms, "Take him back to the children's home!"

With Sanchi and Danny outside of Guerta, Winslow knew it was time to handle the prisoner his self. Although, he was unaware that Douglass kicked Danny out. He just thought he went out to look for Sanchi.
"Douglass," Winslow said, opening up the door, "Where's the prisoner?"
Suddenly, Douglass raised out of his seat with a curious look, "Where I kept the troggys at...why?"
Winslow didn't answer Douglass's question. Instead, he just gave Douglass a thumb up and he walked towards the prisoner. He slowly opened up the doors and the first thing he saw was Matthew. Winslow didn't talk to Matthew for a few seconds, he just stared at his new bruises and cuts. Winslow laughed, "Guess you made Sanchi mad, huh?"
Matthew kept his eyes closed due to the light, "I didn't do nothin'!"
Winslow laughed and kicked the ground, "You telling me you and your dead friend walked around for the fun of it?"
Matthew tried to defend his self but Winslow interrupted him again, "You two went out to get me and my friend...the one who I bet gave you those bruises!"
"Arthur just gave us those orders," Matthew said, "He gives us orders that we gotta follow...come on don't do this!"
Winslow looked out of the door, making sure no one was nearby. Then, he shut the door again. He slowly turned around and started to whistle. He wasn't even looking at Matthew, he was looking at Douglass's tools on the shelves. Suddenly, Winslow stopped whistling. Matthew slowly turned his head, looking at Winslow. Then, Winslow jumped towards Matthew and kicked down the chair he was tied up to. Matthew started to scream was Winslow started to swing the hammer around, "Give me some information about your home!"
"It's called Molax," Matthew cried, "There's children, old pirate troops, and lots of strong easily heated pirates like Arthur!"
Winslow dropped the hammer and took a few steps away from Matthew. All he cared about was the children, remembering Randal, "How many of the children are dead?"
"None," Matthew said, "We aren't animals!"
Winslow shook his head as he dropped the hammer. Then, he just walked out of the shed, leaving Matthew tied up on the ground. Although, when Winslow walked out, Douglass was right behind him, "What did you do to him?"
Winslow laughed, "Soon I'll get more information out of him!"

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