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The Warrior AE "Betrayal mixed with Work" S4

After returning back to Guerta, Sanchez starts to see Courtney in his imaginations, causing the group to worry more about him. Sanchi, Julia, Danny, and Malik noticed Sanchez's weird actions and quickly followed him. After watching him running around and talking to his self, Sanchi got up and brought Sanchez back into the real world, explaining the truth about losing people. Boris, Winslow, and Randal comes in late, leading into a crew hug with everyone in the crew, including Randal. Meanwhile, Arthur delivered a note to Guerta for Douglass and gives him choices; bring Sanchi's crew or watch Guerta fall. Eventually, Douglass decided to get rid of Sanchi and the rest of the crew by giving them fake locations where Arthur and his men were patiently waiting for them. Now, the whole crew is back with Arthur and Molax which makes things become bad.

Once Arthur got everyone, he made sure they wouldn't escape. He injected meds into Sanchi and the rest, causing him to get knocked out for a few hours. Arthur, Orgras, and the rest of his men placed their bodies on a wagon and pulled them back to Molax, which only took few hours.
"Take them in the dungeon," Arthur said, "Near the townhall!"
Orgras and some of Arthur's men dropped all the knocked out bodies in the dungeon, where they tied up their hands and sat them up, eventually leading to everyone waking up. Danny was the first one to wake up, "W-w-w-where-where am I?"
Arthur clapped his hands, introducing the traitors to everyone in the dungeon, "Ye're the first one up!"
Danny looked around the room, noticing his whole crew knocked out. He quickly started to panic and jerked around to try to get his hands untied.
"Arthur," Danny said calmly, "You don't have to do this!"
Finally, Sanchez, Sanchi, and Boris woke up. Sanchez shook his head and stared at Arthur with an angry look, "How did you find us!"
"Woah there," Arthur said with laughter, "Let's stop with all the questions...please!"
"You're making a big mistake," Sanchi said, "If you were would let us go!"
Arthur nodded his head, walking past Danny, Malik, and Boris to get close to Sanchi. He quickly bent over, next to Sanchi's ear. Arthur stood there for a few seconds, breathing in Sanchi's ear to irritate him.
"Ye killed lots of my men," Arthur said, "Then ye have the nerves breaking into Molax!"
Arthur slapped Sanchi's face twice then spit in his face, "Ye all weren't smart and if ye wouldn't ever messed with Molax!"
Boris quickly started to worry, "We could of killed you all...but we left...we only came back to retrieve three of our friends!"
Suddenly, Orgras came back in, asking for Arthur to speak with him. Arthur turned around and walked out of the dungeon, discussing something with Arthur. Meanwhile, Sanchi and the rest quickly tried to come up with a plan.
Winslow, Julia, and Malik finally woke up, "What's going on?"
"We need to do something before they kill us," Sanchi said, trying to get loose.
"Last time we came here... I went in the townhall's upstairs and noticed lots of explosives in one room," Boris said, "We have a chance if I can get up there and we can detonate the explosives...which'll cause a huge explosion!"
"Smart plan," Sanchez said, "Only plan we have left."
Suddenly, Arthur opened up the door with a huge smile, "Every day, one of ye will be executed in front of your crew and others who want ye all dead!"
"Arthur," Danny said, "You can't do this!"
"Oh Danny," Arthur said, "Ye will be the first, soon!"
Arthur's laughter filled up the room, before he slammed the door. Then, he slammed the door, giving the crew darkness everywhere and made their worries bigger. Although, Sanchi's thoughts wasn't about dying, his thoughts were on how he would kill Arthur.
"Baby," Julia whispered, "I'm scared."
Sanchi understood the situation and everyone's fear, "Don't worry baby...I'll make sure no one get you."

After few hours, the door opened back up, revealing Arthur, Orgras, and six of Arthur's men. His men had swords out with pistols on the side and they quickly surrounded everyone. Arthur knew it was time for Danny's execution.
"This is wrong," Winslow said, "All of it!"
Bam! Arthur kicked Winslow in his face, causing him to fall into Malik. Arthur walked towards Danny with a knife. Malik and Boris started to yell for him to stop, following with Julia's crying.
"Don't do this," Sanchi said, "We can negotiate something!"
Arthur shook his head and grabbed Danny, making him stand up. Then, Arthur made his way towards the doors, ignoring all the yelling and begging. Although, only one sentence stuck out for Arthur. It was from Boris. Arthur stopped, pushing Danny back to the ground and slowly turned around, looking at Boris. Boris quickly looked at Winslow, gave him a smile and a nod.
"Danny is useless," Boris said, "I'm valuable...why not take me?"
Arthur laughed, "Ye turn will come soon!"
Boris shook his head with laughter, "I can easily escape."
Arthur gave Boris a questionable look, bending over and getting closer to him. He stared at Boris for a few moments. Then, he asked for Orgras, "Take this pirate and the traitor in the town hall...I'll meet ye up there!"
Sanchi scooted closer to Boris, "Do you know what you're risking?"
"I do," Boris said, "Risking it for family."
Orgras and one other pirate escorted Boris and Danny towards the town halls, leaving a few guards with Sanchi and the rest. Meanwhile, Arthur went gather folks to watch.

Orgras used his key to open up the townhall. Then, he pushed Boris and Danny in. Orgras didn't check any hands or anything, he just kept pushing them upstairs, near the explosives.
"Dorian," Orgras said, "Keep an eye on these two!"
Orgras opened up the two windows, placed chairs near them. Then, he went downstairs to retrieve the weapons. Boris and Danny knew this was their chance. Danny closed his eyes, holding his tears and fear in, he quickly started to talk to his self, "We're going to die,"
Meanwhile, Boris raised both of his hands up with no rope. Boris quickly ran towards Dorian, pushing him out of the window. Then, he ran towards Danny, who had his eyes closed, he untied Danny's hand and closed the windows. Danny quickly opened up eyes and noticed his hands were no longer tied. He then looked around and noticed Boris running into a room. Danny quickly got up and followed, "How did you get freed?"
"Winslow had a knife in his boot," Boris said, "His hands are untied me...we'll getting out of here."
Danny walked into the room, looked around and his eyes exploded. Dynamite, everywhere, Danny looked around and couldn't believe what he was seeing, "Boris...what are you doing?"
"I'm going to detonate all these when they come back up...there'll be lots of them," Boris explained, pointing at a vent, "We'll climb down here and get out of this death trap!"
Boris quickly cracked open a crate and threw Danny a small pistol and a knife. Danny was surprised and amazed at Boris's plan. Then, Danny ran towards the doors, poking his head out and noticed Orgras with more pirates near the stairs. Without any thoughts, Danny pulled the trigger and fired at Arthur's men. He quickly took out three but Orgras jumped out of the way.
"I'll hold them off," Danny said, "Make this quick!"
Boris was almost finished but he had one problem, he didn't have a remote to blow the explosives up when they get out of here. Now, Boris knew he'd have to take the plan to an extreme level. Boris knew he'd have to become the remote, detonating the explosives by hand. Boris remembered what Sanchi said, feared for this moment but he knew it was his time. Meanwhile, Danny managed to kill more of Arthur's men as they tried to run up the stairs with their swords.
"Woo baby," Danny cried, "How's those explosives going?"
Boris shook his head, knowing what have to be done but he didn't want Danny to know just yet, "Good...going good."

"Now Boris and Danny are going to die," Julia cried, "I'm scared!"
Sanchi didn't know what to say. He was tied up and surrounded, Sanchi knew all the trouble and how difficult escaping would be.
"That's it for us," Malik said to his self, "Going out by execution."
While everyone was complaining and worrying, Winslow was slowly pulling his knife back out, dropping the ropes. He turned his head and noticed the closest guard, right behind him. Winslow took a few breaths, preparing for a daring move.
"On the bright side," Sanchez said, "I'll be back with Courtney, Bonnie, and everyone else."
Sanchi looked at Sanchez with a smile, "All of us will be back together."
Suddenly, Winslow jumped up, turning around and stabbing the guard in the stomach. Then, Winslow grabbed the sword and sliced the other guard nearby. Quickly, Winslow ran towards Sanchi, cutting the rope off and handing Sanchi one of the swords. Sanchi quickly got up, swinging the sword at the two remaining guards. Meanwhile, Winslow continued and untied Malik, Sanchez, and Julia.
"Get'em," Winslow yelled, throwing Sanchi another sword.
Sanchi stood there, facing the two remaining guards. The guards were in the corner, waiting for Sanchi make the first move and he did. Sanchi ran towards the guards, swinging his sword. He knew the two guards were inexperienced and he took advantage of it. Sanchi dodged the moves, sliding between one of their legs. Now, he was behind them, Sanchi quickly stabbed one of them in their back. Then, Sanchi threw the body into the other guard, knocking him on the ground and his sword out of his hand. Sanchi walked toward the unarmed guard, looking down at him.
"Ye are all crazy," the guard said, "No way you'll make it out of..."
Sanchi didn't want to hear more, he quickly executed the last guard in the room. Then, Sanchez grabbed the keys and unlocked the doors.
"Let's do another rescue mission," Malik said, "Let's also make sure this is the last visit in Molax."
But before they left, Sanchi stopped and faced Winslow. Sanchi placed his hand on Winslow's shoulder, "How'd you do it?"
Winslow laughed, "I was involved with lots of criminals and had good experiences."

With all the gunshots from the town hall, it dragged lots of attention. Arthur quickly ran towards the town hall, meeting Orgras and Dorian's body outside, "What is going on!"
"This was planned," Orgras said, "Go check on Sanchi and the rest...we'll take care of the other two!"
Meanwhile, Danny continued to guard the stairs, firing more at the pirates. Orgras quickly ran inside and towards the stairs, he pulled his small pistol out. Then, Orgras ran in front of Danny, firing at Danny and shooting him in his shoulder. He rolled away from the stairs, covering his wounded shoulder.
"Boris," Danny said, "They're coming!"
Boris motioned for Danny to come and he ran to Boris. He quickly noticed the explosives were in different positions than before. Although, he noticed there were nothing to ignite the explosives, "Boris, where's the remote?"
Boris smiled, "It's me."
Danny had a confused look on his face and he tried to argue back but there were no time. Orgras were upstairs with lots of back up and he fired at them. Danny ran and closed the door, locking it. Boris quickly opened up the vent and motioned for Danny to go in it.
"Boris," Danny said, "You can't do this just can't...let me die for y'all!"
Boris jumped up, "I can't...I need to do this, I'm doing this so you and the rest can carry on with the story!"
Danny was speechless, he didn't know what to say. He ran to Boris and gave him a hug, tears coming out. Boris managed to hold back the tears, patting on Danny's back. Then, Danny went in the vent and he looked back at Boris.
"Thank," Danny said, knowing this is the last time he'll see Boris, "I love you."
Bang! The door busted down with Orgras leading the group. He quickly fired at Boris but he dropped to the ground, dodging the bullets. Boris started to fire back, taking out few of Arthur's men but he couldn't get Orgras. Boris rose up, firing few more shots but Orgras shot Boris in his shoulder, causing Boris to hit the ground. Then, Boris crawled towards the explosives, pulling a small match out.
"You fools," Orgras said, walking towards Boris's body, thinking he was dead, "You thought y'all could handle us!"
Orgras jumped over the counter, looking at what Boris was doing. His eyes became wide and he had fear. He noticed a small flame on a string on one of the dynamites. Boris smiled and waved at Orgras and the rest.
"Bomb," Orgras cried, "Run!"
Orgras dropped his gun and ran towards the windows but it was too late. There were no time left.

Sanchi was first outside, noticing bunch of pirates with swords running towards the town hall. Sanchi knew what was up and he wanted to handle Arthur but Sanchez wanted it more.
"I'm killing Arthur myself," Sanchez said, "He killed my companion!"
Sanchi nodded his head, "I'll take Malik and Julia to safety...I'll be back to help you."
Sanchi, Julia, and Malik ran towards the guard towers and Sanchez ran towards the town hall with both of his pistols. Although, he heard yelling and stopped, staring at the town hall.
"Move," he head yelling, "Get away!"
Boom! Suddenly, the town hall went into flames and debris flying everywhere, killing Orgras, all of Arthur's men, and...Boris. Sanchez slowly walked out and into the open, staring at all the flames and debris. Then, he was tackled to the ground by Arthur. Arthur quickly turned Sanchez around, punching him in the face. Quickly, Sanchez headbutted Arthur, punched him repeatedly, and threw him off. Sanchez slowly got up, looking at an angry Arthur, "You did this!"
Arthur shook his head, "I killed I'm going to kill you!"
Arthur ran to Sanchez, trying to tackle him but Sanchez punched him, causing him to hit the ground. Sanchez tried to pull his pistol out but it was stuck in his holder. Arthur quickly got back up, uppercutting Sanchez, and threw him near the fire and debris. Arthur slowly pulled out his knife and walked towards Sanchez who was unable to get his pistol out so he knew he'd need something else. With bravery, Sanchez grabbed a burning plank. He started to scream from the burning flame, but he smacked Arthur's face with the plank. Arthur fell back with his face burning. Sanchez slowly crawled towards Arthur's knife and tried to grab it but he was quickly kicked in the face by Arthur. He slowly got back up, picking up his knife and flipping Sanchez over, who was too weak to do anything else.
"This is it," Arthur said, getting on top of Arthur, "This is it for Dan Sanch..."
Suddenly, a sword went through Arthur's chest, causing him to drop his knife. Arthur remained silent and stayed there until the sword was out. Then, Arthur fell off of Sanchez, revealing Sanchi.
"You're finished with killing," Sanchi said, wiping the blood off his sword, "Finished!"
Sanchi dropped his sword and got closer to Sanchez, making sure he was okay. Meanwhile, Arthur wasn't finished. He slowly crawled towards one of Sanchez's pistol. Arthur placed his bloody hand on the pistol. He tried to pick it up but someone stepped on his hand. It was Danny. He stomped on Arthur's hand, picking up the pistol. Sanchi helped Sanchez up and the two walked next to Danny, facing an injured Arthur.
"I never lied," Danny said, "You lied to your people and denied the truth!"
Arthur looked up at Danny, giving him a scolding look, "Your guys won't last..."
Boom, Danny pulled the trigger, finally killing Arthur. Then, Danny dropped to the ground and went into tears, remembering what happened to Boris. Sanchi and Sanchez didn't know the reason but they helped him up, knowing they had to leave before it got worse.

"I see them," Julia said, waving for them to come this way, "Over here!"
Once the rest approached, Sanchi quickly noticed something wasn't right. Someone was missing, Sanchi quickly noticed. He slowly turned around, facing Danny, the last one who were with Boris.
"Danny," Sanchi said, giving Danny a confused look, "W-w-where is Boris?"
Danny broke into tears so he was unable to speak but he gave them a clue by pointing at the exploded town hall. Sanchi and the rest quickly understood Danny's clue, breaking into tears.
"No, no, no, no," Sanchez cried, "Did Boris sacrifice his life to kill all of them?"
Danny nodded his head, "He did...I offered to do it but he wanted to...he did it for us...he did it so we can carry on with the story!"
Julia covered her mouth, already crying. Winslow closed his eyes, shaking his head, Malik shook his head, patting Danny's back, Sanchi cried in Julia's arm, and Sanchez just stood there, staring at the flames and debris of the town hall. Suddenly, Sanchez started to yell.
"This can't be true," Sanchez said, "Not Boris, not Boris!"
"He saved us," Julia said, "He did it for all of us...he cared!"
Everyone was upset with Boris's death but they knew they'd have to get out of here and back to Guerta. With sadness with them, they slowly walked back.

It was day time by the time they made it close to Guerta and something wasn't right. There were no one in the guard towers and they didn't hear any noises. Although they didn't look at the docks near Guerta with ships everywhere. They took the back way and entered Guerta. Their first priority was to get payback on Douglass, blaming him on Boris's death.
"Douglass," Danny said, first one to noticed him, "You scum bag!"
Danny ran towards him, throwing a punch and hitting Douglass's nose. Quickly, citizens around Guerta walked outside and ran towards the conflict. Sanchi quickly ran and tried to break the fight between the two, "Danny stop!"
Malik and Winslow grabbed Danny's arm and threw him off Douglass. Sanchez ran in front of Douglass, aiming his pistol at Douglass's head.
"Don't do this," Douglass said, "What did I do?"
"You set us up," Julia said, "Boris is dead because of..."
Boom! Cannons were fired into the walls of Guerta, causing lots of noises. Sanchez lowered his pistol and ran towards the destroyed walls, the rest followed behind. Sanchi ran past Sanchez, the walls, and outside of Guerta.
"Oh no," Sanchi said, looking at the danger ahead.
Sanchi noticed all the ships, armada ships. Then, he noticed Kane walking off a ship, followed by Fin Dorsal and Coda behind. Julia ran out to see what was happening but Sanchi demanded for her to go back inside of Guerta. Sanchez was the only one to go out.
"It's Kane and the bounty hunters," Sanchi said, "They found us."
"The Warrior and his crew," Kane said, "Let's have a talk."

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