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The Warrior AE "Alliance Or Advice" S4

With Danny trying get rid of the problems in Guerta, it leads Douglass to kick him out without any of his crew knowing. Sanchez, Boris, and Malik managed to get inside King Rogers's mansion but they were caught by the king. Meanwhile at Molax, Bonnie stirs up more trouble by knocking Arthur out and almost killing Orgras in a shootout between the two but Bonnie admits to stop causing trouble when Arthur brought innocent Randal out. Winslow takes matters in his hold hands and talks to the new Guerta's prisoner Matthew.

Night gone by and he knew he'd have to find a new home before it becomes cold again after he hardly survived his first night alone. Danny was furious at Douglass but not at his crew.
"Start up you fire," Danny said, trying to create a fire, "I'm freezing!"
Danny knew he would have to survive on his own but he also wanted revenge. Although, he had a feeling he wouldn't get any. With him failing to start up a fire, Danny picked up his bags and continued to look for a new home. Although, he heard voices which caused him to drop to the ground. He had a feeling it was three pirates, "We know ye hiding there!"
Danny shook his head and got back up, wiping mud off his ripped up pants. He didn't speak unless they did and he had his hands up as the pirates checked him. One of the pirates took his weapon away. One of them were Ogras, "Are you alone?"
Danny smiled, "Pretty much."
Orgras threw Danny's pistol on the ground and got in Danny's face, "Did you deserve any of it?"
Danny nodded his head which answered Orgras's question but he had more for Danny, "Were you in a crew?"
"I was," Danny said, "Got kicked out."
Orgras laughed as he opened up Danny's bag, "Kicked out of a crew?"
"Sure did," Danny said, "I caused trouble...apparently."
Orgras didn't look at Danny. Instead, he was looking through Danny's bag. He threw most of his stuff out but when he was done, he signaled for the two other pirates to pack up his bags. Ogras got back up and observed Danny, "Can we even trust you?"
"If you get me out of this cold," Danny said, "I can become one of you."
Orgras smiled and patted Danny on his back. From that moment, Orgras trusted Danny and liked him. He even gave Danny his weapon back. Then, they all walked back to Molax. Although, Danny didn't know these were the ones who captured Bonnie and almost killed Sanchi and Winslow. He didn't even know who Arthur was.
"You're going to like our place," One of Arthur's men said, patting Danny on his back.
Danny nodded his head and he looked back, remembering his old home. Now he was ready for his new home and new lifestyle. Although, he didn't know anything about Molax.

King Rogers already knew that two of Sanchez's crew mates were hiding. Slowly, Boris and Malik came out with their hands up but Rogers didn't have a single weapon out.
"Three of you," King Rogers said, "Why?"
"I need to skip to the conclusion," Boris said, getting closer to Rogers, "You need to help us...there's more and we live in a small place in Skull island!"
Sanchez gasped and pulled Boris away from Rogers. He threw Boris behind him and tried to talk to Rogers but the king wanted to talk to Boris, "Let the young man finish..."
"He's just nervous," Sanchez snickered, "You don't always meet someone royal on your bad days?"
"I know you're not here just to meet me," King Rogers said, "Tell me the real reason."
Boris jumped in front of Sanchez, "We were attacked and they have one of our friends!"
"Yeah man," Malik pitched in, "Can you help us?"
King Rogers walked away from them with his head down. He slowly walked towards his window to look out of it. He didn't know much about who attacked them but he thought he knew it, "No way Monquista can go against Kane...I can't help!"
Boris quickly ran towards Rogers, "Not the armadas...pirates...bunch of heartless pirates!"
King Rogers gave Boris a strange look and turned around. He misunderstood them but he still didn't know if he could help them with the issue. King Rogers's main reason was that he didn't want to start a war with pirates he hardly knew. Also, he only knew Sanchez's crew from others around the spiral.
"Please," Boris said, "We need your help!"
King Rogers nodded his head, "Maybe...may I talk to Sanchez alone...please?"
Boris and Malik walked out. Rogers followed behind and closed the door. Then, he opened up a drawer in his desk and pulled out dirty and crumbled up papers. He gently laid them on his bed, letting Sanchez look at them.
"You and your crew...are really hated by the armadas," King Rogers said, "Bounties and bounties?"
Sanchez started to worry more as he looked at every sheet, revealing his crew. He passed Malik's name, Boris's name, Danny's, Julia's, Emmanuel's, Winslow's, Chun's, and Sanchez's name with the same amount of coins for a bounty but Sanchi's bounty was another story. Sanchi's bounty tripled the other bounties.
"If you want all of my men," King Rogers said, "I want your leader...Sanchi!"
Sanchez dropped all the sheets and slowly backed away from Rogers, "He'"
Rogers laughed, "Sometimes someone must die to save others!"

After a long walk back to Molax, Orgras, three of Arthur's men, and a new pirate finally arrived home. While waiting at the gates, Danny was excited for them to open up so he could see his new home for the first time. Then the gates was opened by Arthur.
"No luck on looking for our men," Orgras whispered to Arthur, "But we found someone new!"
Danny watched the two whispered to each other. Then he noticed Arthur looked at him. As the two made eye contact, Danny quickly looked away.
"He could be with Bonnie ye idiot," Arthur whispered, looking away from Danny.
"Maybe or maybe not," Orgras said, "Keep Bonnie away from him until we gain his trust completely."
Arthur nodded his head and made eye contact with Danny again, "Welcome...come on in!"
Danny smiled and walked into Molax as the gates closed. Then, Orgras left Arthur and Danny alone with each other. Arthur knew it was perfect to talk to him.
"What did ye do to get ye selfer kicked out of..." Arthur stopped and hoped for Danny to finish.
"Guerta," Danny said, "I'm a troublemaker..."
Danny and Arthur stopped walking. Arthur tried to study Danny without knowing anything about him. Meanwhile, Danny looked around small portion of Molax. He noticed few houses, big buildings, and he noticed others all sweaty smashing rocks, "Did they volunteer for smashing rocks?"
"They did something that made me give them that job," Arthur said, "It's a job ye would never want!"
Danny stared at the workers, watching them smash rocks. Then, he heard yelling from one of Arthur's men. They called for Arthur and he walked away from Danny.
"Matthew and the rest are still not back," Arthur's men said, "Maybe those attackers executed him!"
Suddenly, Arthur kicked the walls. When Arthur looked towards Danny, he quickly looked the other way. Then, Danny noticed more of Arthur's men opening up the gates with weapons and going outside of Molax.
"It's getting dark," Arthur said to Danny, "Advise ye to find an empty house or make a fire!"

Sanchez knew he would have to make a decision but he just didn't know when, "I think I need time to think about it!"
He made his way towards the door to open it but Rogers stopped him. Looking at him, Sanchez knew how much men they could get and how big of a help Rogers could become but he wasn't ready for losing another crew mate.
"Can't be afraid on losing people," Rogers said, "That's what'll make you weak!"
Sanchez remembered everyone he lost. Even his old family, Sanchez knew he couldn't lose anymore and mostly.... he didn't want to.
"You hardly know me," Sanchez said, opening up the door.
Rogers quickly stopped all three of them from leaving, "But I know that y'all did something to Kane to make him put bounties on all of y'all!"
Now Boris knows, Sanchez thought. Boris quickly moved from Sanchez and ran towards King Rogers with a confused look, "Bounties on us?"
"We all have bounties," Sanchez said, "From Kane and the armadas!"
"And I think his name is Sanchi," King Rogers said, "Has a bigger bounty than your whole crew combine...double!"
Boris started to worry from that point, "Well...can you help us?"
King Rogers looked away from Boris and walked past him. He stopped next to Sanchez and whispered into his ear, "I want that bounty or me and my men will fly to Guerta and demolish that whole entire place."
King Rogers walked back downstairs to finish his meal. Boris and Malik quickly ran into his rooms, grabbing the sheets and opening up the vents but Sanchez just stood there. He felt endangered again. He knew he'd have to make a decision soon, very soon.
"Yo man," Malik said, "We need to go before bounty hunters see us in the skyways!"
Sanchez, Boris, and Malik went back into the vents and back outside of the king's house. Then, they got on their jump and flew out of Monquista and back to Guerta. Sanchez didn't say a single word on their way back.

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