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The Warrior AE "The monster" S5 (Extended)

After Kane attacked Sanchi and his crew, they quickly fled back to Captain Avery and his village. Avery showed the crew around the area of his village, convincing them to make it their home and they did. Although, the crew noticed other villages far from Avery's village but their new home doesn't have any protection. Julia goes back to Madame Vadima, where the two discusses her two options of the baby. Luckily, Julia finally made her decision and it was to keep the baby. Tobias's first impression on the local pirates in the bar didn't go well as he and the village's local drunk got into a fight. Sanchez starts to fear about the future of the crew because of Sanchi's impression on second chances and not killing. Finally to end their first day at a new home, Winslow and Mario went out to search for Erica and tried to find Sythe but luck wasn't on their side as Sythe was the one to find them. In a few minutes, Sythe fired shots into Winslow and Mario. Now, fear starts to go around the village for the crew. The residents in Avery's village developed a bad impression on the crew due to Tobias's bar fight, Sanchez starts to worry more about Sanchi changing, Julia's pregnacy is a secret, three of their own crew could be dead, and Sythe and his group are on the island as Sanchi's crew. Only one episode left until Season five ends.

Once the night ended, Sythe and his crew flew back to Valencia to talk to Kane. Although, Kane gave Sythe certain time to arrive and he was a few minutes late. Sythe docked the ship near the armada's headquarters, where Kane was there.
"You're late," Kane said, swinging his cane around, "Was there something else more important than arriving on time?"
"Course not," Sythe said as he walked out of the ship, "It was a long night."
Kane didn't even look at Sythe when he was talking to him. Instead, he moved his head to see the ship and tried to see what was inside of it. Sythe noticed Kane being anxious so he jumped to the conclusion.
"There's only Sanchi, his sidekick, his wife, his boy," Sythe said, "And Tobias...I plan on taking him and his wife out."
Sythe actually cared about Sanchi's boy, Randal. He really didn't want to harm the boy but if it involves his bounty then he would have to. Although, he didn't give away where Sanchi and the rest were at.
"Once it's only Sanchi," Sythe explained his plan, "I can trick him into going back to his old home and we'll capture him there!"
Kane nodded his head as he turned around and walked back into the headquarters, being escorted by a few armadas. Meanwhile Sythe stood there, gripping Iris hard out of anger.
"It'll be a mistake if I don't get my bounty," Sythe said to his self, "A huge mistake."

"They told me they were going out but didn't tell me why," Sanchi said to Sanchez, examining where Winslow and Mario went missing at.
Sanchi, Sanchez, Tobias, and Willis went out in the morning to search for Winslow and Mario once they noticed they weren't in their houses. Sanchi thought they got lost but Sanchez thought their disappearance is bigger than they expect it is, thinking captain Avery and his men were involved in this. Suddenly, Avery arrived to the scene.
"I'm a good guy," Avery said joke fully to Tobias, "No need to swing your stick, ha!"
Tobias didn't laugh at Avery's joke as he turned around and walked away from Avery. Meanwhile, Sanchez pushed Sanchi away from Avery to talk to him.
"I think Avery and this village did something to Winslow and Mario," Sanchez said, "Right when we came here, two of our crewmates went missing and when we first came here, you encountered Sythe and Erica went missing!"
Sanchi never thought it was Avery as he explained it to Sanchez but he had a little feeling that it could be them. From that point, Sanchi decided to keep an eye on Willis, Avery, and the rest of his village.
"Guys," Tobias yelled, "I found something!"
Sanchi and Sanchez ran to Tobias, who was staring at a tree. An arrow, they noticed...An arrow was stuck in a tree like someone was attacked. From that clue, Sanchi knew he was the suspect, "Sythe!"
As the three continued to observe the tree, Avery and Willis noticed an unfamiliar pirate hiding behind a tree just near them. Captain Avery pulled his pistol out and aimed it at the tree, "Come out here, boy!"
Sanchez looked away from the arrow and noticed Avery aiming his weapon at an unfamiliar pirate. Sanchez quickly took out pistols out and he walked towards the tree. Sanchi quickly noticed the problem too.
"Don't move," Sanchez said, aiming his pistol at the stranger.
Sanchez aimed his two pistols at the stranger, trying to fire at him. Sanchi ran towards Sanchez, trying to stop him from killing the stranger. As Sanchez pulled the triggers, Sanchi ran up to Sanchez and pushed Sanchez on the ground, causing his shots to nail a tree and not the stranger. Then, the stranger started to run from fear.
Sanchez jumped back on the ground and got in Sanchi's face, "What is wrong with you!?"
Sanchi didn't want to argue right now. Instead, he ran from Sanchez and started to chase the suspect. Sanchez and the rest began to follow him.

Julia and Randal were inside the house, playing with a bunch of hand-made toys that a resident of the village, named Deanna gave them. Both Julia and Randal were laughing and smiling, playing with each other with the toys. After finally making her decision on her baby, she also decided to spend more time with Randal.
"Boom," Randal said, slapping a figure out of Julia's hand, "He's dead!"
Julia laughed, playfully rubbing Randal's head and tickling them. As the two continued to have fun, someone suddenly knocked on their door and ended their play time. Julia slowly got up, grabbing a knife and walked to the door. She nervously placed her hand on the knob and slowly opened it up, prepared to attack the danger. Instead of an enemy, it was a resident that lived nearby. He was a tall pirate with all his teeth. Julia noticed his shaved beard and his bright diamond eyes. He had a white bandanna wrapped around his head, covering his hair but Julia saw a blonde string of his hanging from his left ear. He noticed Julia's beauty and the knife in her hand, "Woah, no need for a knife?"
Julia looked at the knife, then she dropped it and smiled at the resident, "Sorry, I'm Julia."
"Welcome Julia," he said, "I'm Austin Gem."
Julia stood there after introducing herself, didn't know what to say. Austin noticed her being shy and thought it was adorable of her. He wanted to carry on the conversation and brought up another subject, "Beano told a lot of us about one of your crew mate standing up for his self and fought Ricky?"
Julia nodded her head, "Not the best impression on our first day."
Austin laughed, thinking her crew was brave and tough for standing up against Ricky, "Are you kidding me? Your crew is something else that we need!"
Again, Julia remained silent and didn't know what to say. Austin noticed this and knew she wasn't use to be around others, beside her crew. Suddenly, Randal began to yell for Julia.
"That's my...friend's son yelling for me," Julia said, "It was good to meet you, Austin."
"Anytime," Austin said, shaking Julia's hand, "If you need anything...I'm right next to y'all!"
Julia noticed Austin was different from Avery and the rest. She noticed he was cleaned and neatly dressed. She also noticed he didn't talk like Avery and the rest. Before Austin left, Julia stopped him, "How come you don't sound like Avery and others around?"
"They call me an unique but not-so pirate." Austin said, "I'm from Marleybone but I can tell a few of you all aren't from here...maybe Mooshu or Valencia?"
Julia closed the door, ending their conversation. She didn't want Austin to know a lot about the crew. She didn't even want Austin to know about their trouble with the armadas.

Sanchi, Sanchez, Tobias, Avery, and Wills continued to chase the stranger. Sanchi was leading the group, making sure Sanchez wasn't in front of him because he knew Sanchez would try to kill the pirate. Out of everyone, Sanchi was the only one who didn't have a weapon out.
"I don't know if me can keep going," Avery said, "I'm not as young as some of ye!"
Captain Avery stopped running, catching his breath. Then, Willis and Tobias stopped running to make sure Avery was okay. Now, it was just Sanchez and Sanchi chasing the pirate.
"I can still see him," Sanchez said, running faster than Sanchi, "I got him!"
Suddenly, Sanchi's ear started to ring as Sanchez fired his weapon at the pirate...something Sanchi didn't want Sanchez to do. First few shots, Sanchez didn't hit the pirate due to the few trees but once they passed all the trees, Sanchez had the perfect chance. Sanchez pulled the trigger again, aiming directly as the pirate...but right when he pulled the trigger, Sanchi pushed Sanchez and caused him to miss the shot again. Due to Sanchi pushing him, Sanchez tripped on a rock and fell on the ground. Sanchi ran up to Sanchez, staring at him and giving him a disgusted look.
"You didn't listen to me," Sanchi said, "I told you not to fire at him!"
Sanchez laughed at Sanchi, getting back up. Sanchez then got into Sanchi's face and gave him a funny look, "Are you kidding me, Sanchi?"
"Your actions killed some of our own crew," Sanchez cried, "When Julia needed you the most, when I needed you the most...when Randal actually needed you, you suddenly changed into a peaceful warrior?"
"That's not true," Sanchi said, "None of what you're saying is true!"
Sanchez laughed as he threw his hands up. He was little ticked off that Sanchi still didn't get what he's been saying, thinking about few death from his crew in just a couple of months, "You had the chance to kill Arthur for the first time and you didn't, which got Boris killed and him telling Fin!"
Sanchi tried to respond back but Sanchez interrupted him again, bringing up Kane, "When you encountered Kane in Mooshu, you didn't kill him and look what happened now...Guerta is gone, Danny and Malik are dead..because of you!"
Suddenly Sanchi pulled his sword out and got closer into Sanchez, "If you blame me again, I won't hesitate on killing you!"
Sanchez shook his head and turned around, walking back to Avery and the rest. Eventually, Sanchi followed and walked back to Avery, Willis, and Tobias.

Beano finally woke up as afternoon hit. As he got out of bed and walked outside of his house and towards his bar, Julia noticed him and she wanted to talk to him and find out where they keep their weapons. Beano opened up the doors to the bar and he went to the back to get everything ready up. When he came back, he noticed Julia coming in and he started to laugh.
"Welcome m'am," Beano said, bringing out drinks, "I hope ye ain't like ye partner and kick my rumpus!"
Julia laughed, "I'll take a small glass of whisky."
Beano laughed and picked up his smallest glass and filled it up for Julia. He slid it towards her and she grabbed it fast and chugged it, slamming the glass down. Beano was impressed, "Ye drink a lot?"
"First one," Julia said, "But that's not why I'm here, Avery told me he wanted me to get his know where you keep the weapons at?"
Beano laughed, thinking Julia thought he was an idiot. As he continued to laugh, Beano turned around and revealed the key to their weapon shack, "Ye think I'm an idiot, m'am?"
Julia laughed as Beano continued to laugh. Then he jumped over the counter and started to put the chairs out. Meanwhile, Julia knew she'd need to get the key fast and she got to it. As Beano made his way towards her, she quickly pushed a small stool out in front of Beano. Then, Beano tripped on the stool and fell on the ground. Julia ran to Beano to assist them. Julia got on her knees and next to Beano's waist, secretly taking his key.
"Oh wow," Julia said, "Gotta watch out for them stools."
Beano slowly got up, placing both of his hands on his back. Then, he looked down at the fallen stool and stumped on it, "Yeah just gon get out!"
Julia ran out of the bar, with the key in her hand. Then she made her way to the weapon shack, which was located behind Avery's house and near their given houses. She made sure no one was nearby and she quickly opened up the shack and went inside of it. She was surprised to notice the few weapons in the shack. The village didn't have much weapons and she knew their defense wouldn't be the best. She quickly closed the door and left the shack, where she bumped into Austin.
"Hey," Austin said, helping Julia up, "Were you messing with the weapons?"
"I didn't take any," Julia said nervously, "I just wanted to look and see if this place..."
Austin interrupted Julia, taking the key out of her hand, "I'm not mad, I'll sneak this key back into the bar."
Julia's nervous look quickly developed into a confused look. She didn't know why Austin was so polite and helpful to her even when he didn't know much about her or the crew's past, "Why are you helping me, you don't even know me?"
Austin laughed as he started to walk back to the bar, "I like first impressions and I can read a bad chick from a mile away...and you look fine to me."

Finally, Sanchi and Sanchez made it back to the Avery and the rest. Avery was on the ground, resting and the rest were standing up and talking about certain things.
"You two are back," Tobias said, "Where's the runner?"
Sanchez looked at Sanchi, giving him an evil look, "He got away."
Avery quickly jumped up. He didn't approve the idea of a dangerous and unknown runaway pirate, "We gotta find him?"
Sanchez noticed something odd. He noticed leaves from a tree above Avery were falling down. He walked towards the tree and noticed the branches were shaking. Then, he pulled out his pistol and fired three shots into the tree, "I see him!"
Suddenly, a pirate fell out of the tree and fell on his back with two bullet wounds near his waist. It was the runner and everyone knew it. Sanchez ran up to the pirate and aimed his pistol at the pirate. Sanchi came behind Sanchez, "Don't kill him!"
Trust became the issue between Sanchi and Sanchez. Sanchi couldn't even trust Sanchez from firing any shots. Luckily, Sanchez listened and lowered his weapon.
"Finally found him," Avery said, kicking the runner in his stomach, "Why were you running and where is the two of our men?"
The runner slowly turned around, facing everyone else. He had bruises all over his face with a mixture of mud. The runner pirate also looked young and his voice wasn't really manly-like, "I don't know! I just lost my crew!"
Tobias laughed, "Are you working with a bounty hunter?"
The pirate shrugged his shoulders and avoided eye contact with anyone else. Sanchez started to laugh at this point, knowing the pirate was up to no good and were useless at the same time. He slowly pulled his pistol back out, "Let's just kill him now!"
Sanchez aimed his pistol at the pirate again and Sanchi got in front of the two, "Calm down, we don't need to do this!"
Again, Sanchez laughed and threw his hands up and became furious at Sanchi, "When will you understand the stuff we're force to do? I don't kill for the fun of it, I do it to protect my crew and get rid of washed-up scum bags like this one right here!"
Sanchi looked at the runner and noticed the fear on his face. Then, he looked at Sanchez and noticed how furious he was, "We don't have to do this!"
Sanchez laughed, "We do."
Boom! Sanchez fired and shot the pirate in his head, killing him and disobeying Sanchi's word. Tobias and Willis took a few steps back from the two as Sanchi stood there, looking at the now deceased pirate. Sanchi couldn't believe Sanchez killed the pirate and they still didn't get any answers. Sanchi turned his head around and noticed Sanchez walking away, "I told you not to kill him!"
"I had too," Sanchez said as he began to whistle.

The second day at their new home was close to an end as night arrived. Sanchi and Sanchez went back in their rooms and called it a quit for the day. Although, the two didn't even talk or look at each other. Captain Avery went to bed even though it was just the beginning of the night. Meanwhile some of Sanchi's crew went out when it was night, hoping to find some clues. It was Tobias's idea. He thought since Winslow and Mario went missing during the night, he thought the kidnappers would come back at the night and Tobias and Julia could get them.
"Hopefully it's Sythe," Tobias said, "I can finally end him."
Tobias, Julia, and Randal quietly went out of their house and towards the certain location. Somehow, Randal managed to convince Julia to let him come with them. Randal wanted to see Sythe in person and he wanted the evil man to die, which was odd. Finally, the three reached the location. It was quiet and dark, Tobias still couldn't see or find any clues.
"If we see this bad man," Julia said, "Close your eyes, we gotta get rid of the monster."
Randal shook his head, "I wanna see the monster."
Meanwhile Tobias went to look around the area, Julia and Randal stayed in the open area. The two stayed talking to each other about Sythe. Randal wanted to see him in person but Julia didn't want him too. Then, they heard screaming and a heavy-weight pirate ran out of the darkness and towards them, "Diiiiiie!"
Suddenly, Tobias came out of nowhere and knocked the pirate on the ground with his stick. Then, Tobias raised his Kali up and prepared to end him but he heard more was Sythe.
"Don't do it Tobias," Sythe said, aiming his crossbow at him, "Don't make me kill you in front of the boy."
Tobias was speechless once he noticed he fell in their trap. Then, he looked all around and noticed they were surrounded by Sythe and his men. He slowly dropped his stick and dropped to his knees.
"I knew a few of y'all will come out to look for your crew," Sythe said to Tobias, "Although, I didn't know you would."
Sythe continued to talk. Then, Julia jumped to the conclusion and interrupted him, "Where's the rest of our crew?"
Sythe laughed and pointed at Julia, "I know this is Sanchi's honey boo."
He started to laugh at Julia. Then, he noticed Randal and stopped all the laughter, "You brought the this crew is stupid!"
"Leave him alone," Tobias said, "Don't touch him!"
Suddenly Tobias snapped his fingers, which was a familiar signal for his men. Most of Sythe's men ran towards Tobias and started to beat him in front of Julia and Randal. Julia tried to cover the boy's eyes but Sythe made sure he watched.
"I want y'all to strip the lady and the boy," Sythe said, "If I see any of you laying a finger on any of them, you it?"
Suddenly, the remaining pirates grabbed Julia and Randal. The pirates stripped them and handed their clothes to Sythe. Then, Sythe handed the clothes to one of his men and began their plan to capture Sanchi.
"Take their clothes and place it on the other ship," Sythe said, "I'll escort these three."
Sythe wrapped cloths around their eyes and blinded them for temporally. Now, Sythe's next plan was in place. Group of his men took the clothes and went into their ship.
"I am the monster," Sythe said, "But Kane is the creator."

The night was silent, the house was silent. Sanchez managed to go to asleep meanwhile Sanchi stayed awake, patiently waiting for Julia to come back to the bed but he didn't know she was outside of the village. He waited and waited until the door opened up but it wasn't Julia, it was Austin.
"What the," Sanchi said, jumping off the bed and running towards his sword.
Austin put both of his hands up, "Wait, it's about your wife!"
Sanchi stopped, staring at the blade of his sword. Then, Sanchez ran into the room and tackled Austin on the bed. Sanchez placed the tip of the gun on the back of Austin's head, advising him not to move.
"Let him go," Sanchi said, "What did you say about my wife?"
"Her and a boy went out with a guy with a stick," Austin said, "I-I-I was spying and wanted to see what they were doing but...b-b-but a group of strangers attacked them."
Strangers? Sanchi looked up, staring at Sanchez as he looked back too. Then, Sanchez took him out of the head lock and threw him on the ground, "Where at?"
"I'll show you," Austin said, "Follow me!"
Austin ran outside of the house, with Sanchez and Sanchi following him. As the ran by Avery's house, they heard someone yelling their name. It was Captain Avery. Although, none of the three could explain it to Avery so the captain just followed the three until they made it to the area. The same area, Sanchi and Sanchez noticed.
"My baby girl," Sanchi said, dropping on his knees in tears, "Do you know who kidnapped them?"
"It was too dark," Austin said, "Although, I heard a group of them will be in the Skyway near here."
Sanchez looked at Avery, noticing he was silent and not contributing or helping. Then he snapped, he pulled out his pistol again and aimed it at Avery's head. He didn't know who to blame, Avery or the armadas.
"Everything is adding up," Sanchez said, "Every time we came here, someone went missing!"
"Put the weapon away," Captain Avery said, "How dare ye fo' blaming me!"
"Put the weapon down," Sanchi said to Sanchez with a calm tone, "We shouldn't be doing this now!"
Sanchez dropped both of his pistols and walked away from Avery, grabbing his head from lots of stress. Finally, Sanchi stood back up and knew what had to be done, "Tomorrow morning, Sanchez and I will go back to our old home and look for them...they have to be there even if they were kidnapped."
"Sure thing," Captain Avery said, "Willis and Allen can help ye two."
That was the plan, going back to their old home to search for their crew. Sanchi and Sanchez walked back to their homes for rest. Although, Sanchi wouldn't sleep due to her missing wife. He placed his sword on his bed next to him, glancing at it a few times. He didn't know what to do anymore, kill or be killed...that's what was going through Sanchi's mind.

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