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The Warrior AE "Molax" S4

Sanchi, Winslow, and Bonnie goes into a new territory but things didn't go well. Arthur managed to capture Bonnie Anne. Sanchi captures a hostage from Arthur's place. After the death of Douglass's wife, he goes out to a familiar bar. Sanchez and Malik goes out and find Douglass, finding trouble with two bounty hunters. Now, Bonnie is stuck with Arthur, waiting for Sanchi to rescue.

Two pirate troops ran into Derwitchi's office. Luckily, he ended his call with Kane.
"Sir," Orgras said, "Trooper Dez was shot....he's dead."
Derwitchi smiled as he turned around, facing Orgras and his trooper. Lord Derwitchi started to rub his hands together, knowing his plan was going just right.
"Good," Derwitchi said, "Get rid of his body."
Finally, Orgras and other trooper walked out of his office. Then, Derwitchi requested to talk to Kane, again. On the hologram, Kane popped up.
"Our plan is going into play," Derwitchi said, "We'll become bigger than anyone could imagine!"
Kane started to laugh, "Deacon, call up the ships!"
On the call, Derwitchi glanced out of the window. He watched Sanchi, Sanchez, and Dorugh walking back to their rooms. Suddenly, Orgras passed them and saluted them. Derwitchi started to laugh, "I'll send them near Cool Ranch!"
"Good," Kane said, "We'll take care of them."

Two pirates managed to carry Bonnie and they quickly threw her into a prison cell. Bonnie jumped back up and ran into the bars, trying to break out. She started to scream and bang on the bars. Then, she heard Arthur's laugh grow louder and louder.
"Pout," Arthur said, "Looking like a child!"
Bonne grabbed Arthur's shirt collar and pulled him into the bars a few time. Arthur quickly got loose, slapping Bonnie's face.
"You need to let me go," Bonnie said, "Sanchi is going to kill you!"
Arthur laughed, "Him and that other fool?"
"They will kill you," Bonnie said, "Sanchez won't like any of this!"
Suddenly, group of workers walked by Arthur, followed by two of Arthur's men. He stared to laugh as he opened up the cell. He grabbed Bonnie and threw her into the group, "Orgras, teach this young lady to work!"
"I will," Orgras said, "Let's go!"
Bonnie followed a group led by Orgras. She looked around the group, noticing how clean the workers were and they didn't have a bad smile on their face. Although, she noticed how their smiles ran away when everyone stepped outside. Clearing, Orgras said. He threw each worker pickaxes and axes. He explained their job, to clear the rocks and trees from the given area. Arthur wanted all of it gone so they could build new stuff. So, they began the work. Bonnie took out couple of boulders. Then, she dropped her pickax, tired as can be. Orgras quickly approached her, "What's the problem?"
"Well," Bonnie said, taking a deep breath, "It's too hot!"
"Ones who don't work..." Orgras said, "Don't live...I advise you to pick up your tools!"
Orgras walked away, purposely bumping into Bonnie. She slowly grabbed her tools and started on another boulder. One hit, two hit, three hit, she saw cracks arriving around the boulder. Although, she took another break as she noticed children running around, having fun. She noticed other pirates walking around with smiles. Then, she looked at the workers who lost their smiles.

Few hours went by and the workers were still doing their jobs but Orgras walked back to Arthur's office after he noticed Bonnie taking another break. He opened up the door, watching Arthur drinking couple of beers. Loudly, he burped, "Whaaat?"
"The new worker," Orgras said, "She's useless and pitiful!"
Slowly, Arthur struggled to get up but he still managed to. He looked out of his window and earned a clear sight of Bonnie watching others do work. He released another burp with a smile, "She use to be one of the snipers in the guard tower...use to."
"Oh," Orgras said, "How come she isn't now?"
"Ran away," Arthur said, "Killed some of my men!"
Orgras stood up straight as Arthur turned around, "What should we do, sir?"
Before Arthur answered the question, he walked back to his chair and laid in it, closing his eyes, "Uhhhhh, hit her with a stick?"
Orgras laughed, "Ok?"

After Bonnie noticed Orgras was gone, she quickly got up and ran to a group of young pirates. She noticed one that looked familiar, too familiar. She ran to the familiar young boy and turned him around. Suddenly, her eyes widen in shock, "What-what-what's your name?"
The boy spoke, "Randal."
The Randal everyone around Guerta been looking for? Bonnie remembered, the one Winslow risked his life for? The one who ran away? All these questions went through Bonnie's head as she gave him a small hug, "Do you remember me?"
"Yes," he said with a smile, "Your name is Bonnie!"
Bonnie smiled and laughed, hugging him again, "That's right!"
She wanted to know his story and what happened to him. She nervously asked and Randal had a smile, prepared to tell the story. Randal ran to look for Sanchi to get help but troggys trapped him and he kept running without looking back. Eventually, he became lost and he ran up into a tree, hiding. On the way up, he skinned his stomach and it started to bleed all on his shirt so he threw it off. Then, Arthur found him and took him into Molax, feeding him and giving Randal a home.
"Courtney," Bonnie said, "She's looking for you!"
Suddenly, Orgras started to yell, grabbing Bonnie's attention. He picked up a long branch from a tree and walked towards Bonnie. Then with no hesitation, he swung and nailed Bonnie in her face. All the children except for Randal ran away from the scene. Orgras started to yell hateful things at Bonnie while she was on the ground, covering her bloody nose. Then, Orgras tried to hit her again but she grabbed the branch and pulled it out of his hands. Bonnie quickly rose up and smash the branch on Orgras's head, knocking him out.
"We need to go," Bonnie said as she grabbed Randal's hand, "Follow me!"
Bonnie ran towards the walls and started to climb it. Randal quickly followed her up. She kept on climbing, see the top of the walls. Then, she made it to the top but a shadow appeared. It was Arthur.
"We're going to have problems," Arthur said, "Aren't we?"
Arthur kicked Bonnie's face, causing her to lose her grip and she quickly fell off the walls. Then, darts was fired in Randal's back. Suddenly, Bonnie and Randal was on the ground, knocked out.

After few hours gone by, Bonnie finally woke up in a new room. She was laying on a couch. She slowly got back up, rubbing her head. Then, she heard Arthur's voice behind her, "You're awake."
First thing in Bonnie's mind was to kill him. She looked around the room, trying to find an object to take him down with. She quickly grabbed one of his hard metal trophy but when she turned around, Arthur was aiming his gun at her. Bonnie slowly released the trophy.
"Another problem with you," Arthur said, "First thing you think of is to kill...all the time for you."
"I never liked you," Bonnie said, giving Arthur an awful look.
Arthur laughed as she shrugged his shoulders, "May I tell you a story?"
Slowly, Bonnie took a seat and Arthur began to tell his story, "I had issues with others like you Bonnie, exactly like you...funny thing is, when I lose men or houses because of fools like you and your crew, I usually end up killing them!"
Bonnie interrupted, giving Arthur another awful look, "Then kill me!"
"I might," Arthur said, "But I want your friends...I want them dead!"
Bonnie thought about Sanchi and Sanchez. She knew they would come and save her. Although, she didn't know when, "They will kill you soon...when they come get me!"
"Funny thing," Arthur said, "It's your crew against Molax!"
"I don't care if you guys are the armadas," Bonnie said, "You won't last long!"
"Funny thing," Arthur said, "I actually lost count on how many we have in here."
Bonnie turned around, looking out of the window. She noticed Orgras leading group of workers back to the same spot to finish up the job. Then, Arthur started to laugh. He demanded Bonnie to go back out there to finish up the job.

Orgras was checking off his list to make sure all the workers was there. When he got to Bonnie's name, he noticed Bonnie coming outside. Orgras placed his hand over his scar from Bonnie and gave her a mean look. When she approached him, he pulled his knife out, "If you try to make a stupid move you'll die!"
Bonnie didn't answer Orgras. She just picked up her tools and started her job. She swung the tool into the tree multiple times until she heard cracking noises. Then, she slowly backed up and watched the little tree go down.
"Start working on the rocks," Orgras said, "All of you guys have two days to get rid of everything!"
Bonnie wiped the sweat from her forehead, "Try doing this work yourself!"
Orgras smiled and walked towards Bonnie. She slowly crumbled up her fist and was ready for anything he Orgras had but he just got in her face. Both of the two was looking eye-to-eye.
"When you guys came in here," Orgras said, "I saw a warrior!"
Bonnie was unaware about how rare warriors were. All she knew was that most of them were extinct...except for Sanchi, "Your point is?"
Orgras grinned, "I want him!"
Bonnie laughed at Orgras. He knew some head worker would never get Sanchi, "You won't find him!"
"Funny thing," Orgras said, "Me and another group is going out to Guerta."
Suddenly, Bonnie started to worry. She backed away from Orgras while he kept walking towards her. Then out of being afraid, Bonnie threw a punch at Orgras. He quickly grabbed her hand and twisted it back, causing Bonnie to get on her knees. Then, Orgras pushed Bonnie back on the ground and he pulled out his knife, placing the blade near her throat, "Where is Sanchi!"
Bonnie noticed pirates crowded them. She also noticed one of the boys were Randal. She slowly lifted her hand up and pointed it at Randal, "Let me and the boy go!"
Suddenly, Arthur walked outside with laughter, "Can you ever behave?"
Bonnie kicked Orgras away and she quickly got back up, "Get me and that boy out of this place!"
She was out of options. Arthur was close to Bonnie and she only thought of one thing to do. She quickly turned around, kicking Orgras to the ground. Then, she punched Arthur in his face. Without looking, she tried to run but Arthur grabbed her shirt. He pulled her to the ground and punched her in the face several times.
"All you do is cause trouble," Arthur said, wiping blood off his mouth, "I want her locked up!"
Orgras raised back up, "You sure you don't want her executed?"
Arthur looked at Orgras. He quickly glanced at Bonnie, "I haven't decided yet!"

Before Sanchi or anyone noticed, Orgras ran back to Derwitchi office after he witnessed the death of several warriors. He noticed the bodies and the broken window. He also caught Derwitchi with an armada sword out.
"First Dorugh," Derwitchi said, "Now Juhn."
Orgras was confused and scared, "What did you do?"
"You can join us with the armadas," Derwitchi said, "Or you can be like the warriors and die!"

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