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The Warrior AE "Fight for Somebody" S4 (LONG)

Sanchi and the rest managed to escape the bounty hunters and Rogers's castle with only losing Courtney. When returning to Guerta, Sanchez knew it was time to attack Molax and rescue Bonnie and their objective started with Sanchi, Sanchez, Winslow, Boris, and Malik. Meanwhile, Arthur patiently waited for the night to end so he could start the ceremony and get rid of Bonnie, without Danny knowing.

Another day without eating, Bonnie thought in her head. Another day trapped in a dark cold room, she slowly started to lose hope for her crew to rescue her as she slowly leaned her head back with her eyes shut, holding the tears back.
"You don't have much time," Orgras said, "Tomorrow is the day your suffering can end!"
Bonnie shook her head, "Big regret for this whole awful place!"
Orgras laughed, "This place wasn't always like's kinds like your crew who made his change the rules!"
"Well if you're going to kill me," Bonnie said, "Do it quick and make sure Randal doesn't see it...please."
Ogras slowly opened the door back up and he looked back at Bonnie, "The boy might go, too."

Sanchi wanted their plan to go smooth, slow, and sneaky. He kept looking around, making sure they wouldn't get caught and so far no one came out...until now, Sanchi noticed. It was Orgras, walking out of a small building with no windows. Sanchi quickly assumed Bonnie was in there, "She might be in there."
"I'll go check," Sanchez said, "She's my companion...or was."
"Listen," Sanchi whispered, "Boris will stay up here with Sanchez until we return."
Sanchez quickly stood back up, "You're crazy!"
"Quiet," Sanchi said, "Please listen and Bonnie can live!"
Sanchez shook his head and sat back down in his own alone area. Then, Sanchi, Malik, and Winslow quickly crawled down the guard tower and ran towards the home for children. Winslow jumped ahead of everyone and placed his hand on the door, "Is Randal in here?"
"I hope so," Sanchi said, breaking the chains and the lock, "Slowly get in."
Boom! Suddenly, Sanchi heard a scream from a pirate and they released fire. Winslow quickly ran into the building with Malik and Sanchi. Then, Sanchi grabbed a huge plank and placed it on the handles, keeping them inside.
"Randal," Sanchi cried, "Are you in here?"
Suddenly, bunch of kids jumped up and started to scream. They ran past Sanchi with a scream of terror, unfamiliar with the ones who broke in. Luckily, Malik noticed Randal and grabbed him by his shoulders.
"Please don't hurt me," Randal cried, covering his face, "I'm innocent!"
Winslow quickly dropped to his knees, looking the scared boy in his eyes, "It's us..we're to get you out!"
Gunshots started to fire in the room, going through the windows. Sanchi quickly led the group upstairs towards the small rooms. Winslow picked up Randal and took him with them.
"This is dumb man," Malik said, "Now we're trap up here!"
Sanchi knew it wasn't smart after hearing Malik's yelling but he knew there were nowhere to go. Sanchi ran towards the windows and looked out, noticing bunch of pirates with knives and a few with guns around the building.
"We need to get out of here," Winslow said, "But how?"
Randal quickly pushed his self away from Winslow, causing him to be dropped. Then, the boy grabbed Winslow's hand and motioned for them to follow, "At the full top...there's a ladder we can climb down!"
"Show us," Winslow said, "Fast!"
Quickly, the four ran from the windows and towards more stairs. Bunch of Arthur's men ran into the children room, looking for the enemies.

After hearing all the commotion, Arthur ran outside of his house with his pistol. Luckily, he saw Orgras running by. He quickly stopped him, "What is going on!"
"Those intruders are back," Orgras said, "They got in here somehow!"
Arthur knew this day would come. He knew he would have to fight against Sanchi's crew. Although, he didn't know it'll be this soon.
"Go," Arthur cried, "Find them and KILL them!"
Orgras nodded his head and ran towards the children's building. Danny quickly ran behind Arthur, hearing the noises, too. Danny was nervous and unaware about his own crew attacking his new home, "What should I do?"
"Don't try to fight them," Arthur said, "Get back in ye house!"
Danny quickly ran back to his house, which was pretty far away. Then, Arthur started to walk towards Bonnie, knowing that her death would have to be today. He opened the door wide, causing Bonnie to poke her head up.
"Looks like ye friends are here," Arthur said, releasing Bonnie from the chains, "Guess you'll have to die today!"
Suddenly, Bonnie bounced up, tackling Arthur into the metal walls. Then, she punched him in his stomach a few times until he threw her off. Arthur wiped the blood of his mouth, kicking Bonnie's stomach three straight times. Bonnie knew she'd have to fight to survive so she rose back up when Arthur turned around to look for his pistol. Bonnie quickly punched Arthur's back and threw him to the ground. Then, she noticed his pistol on the ground and she quickly ran towards it.
"You're a terrible nightmare," Bonnie cried, picking up Arthur's gun, "And nightmares end!"
Bonnie quickly turned around, aiming Arthur's weapon but it was too late for her. Arthur quickly jumped up and ran towards Bonnie, stabbing Bonnie's stomach. Bonnie slowly released the pistol and dropped it to the ground.
"No," Arthur said, "Ye have lost!"
Arthur quickly grabbed his weapon and ran out of the shed, leaving Bonnie there to bleed out. Although, Sanchez noticed someone running out and he knew it was Arthur because of the descriptions from Winslow.

"They have Randal," Boris said, "They should be up here soon!"
Sanchez paid no attention to Boris's words as he noticed someone bloody running out of a small dark building. He knew it was Arthur and he noticed all the blood.
"Bonnie has to be in that building," Sanchez said, running towards the ladder, "I gotta help her!"
Sanchez quickly climbed the ladder which brought lots of attention towards them. Luckily, Boris came to the rescue and tried his best to take out Arthur's men who were firing at Sanchez. Then, Boris climbed down and followed Sanchez.
"Sanchez," Boris yelled, "Be careful!"
Sanchez ran into the room without checking for any enemies. He quickly looked around the small dark room and saw an injured Bonnie laying in the corner. He quickly ran towards her, hugging her and shaking her to see if she was alive. Luckily, she popped her head up with her eyes almost shut.
"Oh no," Sanchez said, "This can't be happening...who-who-Boris you gotta help her!"
Boris noticed both of her arms were covering her stomach, where the blood was coming from. He quickly ripped both of his sleeves off and wrapped it around her stomach. Although, he knew it was too late for Bonnie and she'd die if they would try to move her for medical attention.
"That's all I know to do," Boris said, "I was a scientist and not even for that long!"
Sanchez shook his head, tears started to come out as he looked back at Bonnie, "I'm sorry we came late!"
"Don't be," she said, "You need to leave and leave me here..."
Sanchez punched the wall and dropped back to the ground, hovering over Bonnie, "This wasn't the plan...the plan was to get you out of here...alive!"
First thing Sanchez saw in a while was Bonnie's smile and he finally saw it today. She slowly raised her hand and placed it on Sanchez's cheek, "You did your I can die with a smile on my...face!"
"But-b-b-but I can't lose you," Sanchez said, "I finally found you again...remember Wing Chun and Shiruku Neko...our crew!"
Bonnie smiled and nodded her head, "You two need you leave before Arthur finds you..."
"No," Sanchez cried, "We'll get you out of here alive!"
Boris got back up and walked behind Sanchez, placing his hand on his shoulder, "We can't do that...she already lost too much blood, we need to leave!"
But Sanchez refused. He pushed Boris away from him and got closer to Bonnie, trying to keep her alive by changing the subject, "You remember when I got in trouble for the first time at our old home?"
"Yeah," she said, "You kept throwing mud when they told you not to..."

Finally, Sanchi and the rest made it to the top floor of the building. Winslow quickly kicked down the hard door and they ran outside of the top floor. Sanchi quickly ran towards the edge of the building to look around the area. Pirates with swords and a few with guns were everywhere and he quickly knew it'd be tough for a young boy like Randal.
"We need to get down quick," Malik said, "Before they notice us!"
Sanchi needed a few moments to make another decision. Then, he turned around and looked at a scared young boy, Randal. He knew it wasn't safe to keep going and putting him in danger. Also, Sanchi knew that they weren't looking for Randal.
"I think we should leave Randal here," Sanchi said, "They aren't looking for him but if we keep running, they'll be soon!"
"We can't do that," Winslow said, "They know by need to go!"
Sanchi shrugged his shoulders and agreed with Winslow, knowing time was a limit. Then, they quickly climbed down and off the building. They quickly ran far from the children's building. Although, one of Arthur's men caught Sanchi's crew running by and he quickly followed them.
"Don't move," familiar voice said, "Put your hands up!"
Everyone knew that voice but Malik knew it best. They all slowly turned around and was amaze on who was in front of them. It was Danny pointing a gun at them. Although, Danny was more surprise to see them.
"Malik...Sanchi, Winslow, Randal," Danny said, "What are you guys doing here!"
"I should ask the same question," Malik said, "Why are you in an evil place like this!"
Danny looked around, looking at all the pirates running around with swords. He noticed a few breaking into houses just to look for the enemies, destroying properties. Then, he looked at his weapon and dropped it, "I didn't know...I didn't know!"
Malik ran towards Danny and hugged him like their friendship was united again, "It's didn't know but where you have to tell us Bonnie's location!"
Danny looked up with a confusing look, "Bonnie is here too?"
"Oh great," Sanchi said, "They kept Bonnie as a secret from him!"
"It's fine," Danny said, picking up his weapon, "I know this small little building where they put dangerous prisoners...she could be there!"
Danny quickly ran towards the location, with Malik, Winslow, and Randal following behind. Meanwhile, Sanchi stayed back and he went to look for Arthur. He wanted to take care of Arthur his self.

Couple of minutes went by and Bonnie didn't stop losing blood. Boris tried his best to stop it by ripping on sleeve off then he ripped off his other sleeve. Once the blood went through both, he ripped off some of his pants to cover and tried to stop the bleeding but it didn't stop. Meanwhile, Sanchez kept talking to Bonnie about their old memories together.
"I remember we use to roam through the jungles," Sanchez said, wiping his tears away, "And Chun was always scared and tried to convince us not to remember that?"
Bonnie laughed and shook her head, both eyes closed.
"Sanchez," Boris said, placing his hand on Sanchez's shoulder, "Hate to say but she's not going to make it..."
Suddenly, the rest came running in. Hovering around Sanchez and them. Sanchez quickly noticed Danny and patted him on his back. Also, he quickly told everyone the news, "She's not going to make it...we need to go!"
Bonnie slowly opened her eyes again with a huge smile. She quickly noticed Randal, Malik, Danny, and Winslow. She didn't notice Sanchi around, "W-w-w-where's Sanchi...?"
"He went to look for Arthur," Winslow said, "He wanted us to come check on y'all."
From this point, everyone knew this was the last time they'd see Bonnie and knew they'd have to say their goodbyes. Sanchez looked at Randal and he quickly started it, "I'm so sorry we were too late...we tried to prepare and...we lost Courtney and things went bad!"
Randal came in front of everyone and gave Bonnie a hug, "Thank you for protecting me!"
After everyone said their farewells, Bonnie smiled with tears coming out. No one thought she would be smiling but she was like she won something big and she thought she did, "You guys actually came to rescue didn't turn back and left me all tried and I'm happy to go out knowing that my own family tried to you.."
Bonnie closed her eyes and fell back. She was dead.

Sanchi managed to get by most of Arthur's men and in a no matter of time, he was near what he thought was Arthur's house. The town hall and he knew Arthur was in here. He slowly opened up the door with his sword out and walked around, looking for Arthur. Everything was quiet but then Sanchi heard footsteps behind him. He quickly turned around and he was hit in the face with a metal bar. Sanchi quickly fell to the ground, the enemy tried to hit him again but Sanchi moved out of the way, grabbing his sword and got back up.
"Trespassers," Orgras cried, "Enemies!"
Sanchi quickly recognized that face from long ago when he was actually a true warrior. He knew that face of a pirate troop and he thought it was a traitor too, "Pirate trooper...traitor!"
Sanchi ran towards Orgras, swinging his sword at Orgras, trying to execute him but Orgras fought back with a random metal stick. Quickly, Sanchi managed to get Orgras's leg and sliced his leg, giving it a huge gushing hole and caused him to fall down.
"You couldn't blame me," Orgras said, "Lord Derwitchi gave me those orders to kill him!"
Sanchi shook his head with an angry look. Then, he kicked Orgras's injured leg couple of times, "Well if that's true...then my mind is giving me orders to kill you!"
Sanchi rose his sword, ready to strike Orgras but he heard an echo throughout the large hallways, "Stop!"
Bam! Arthur ran out of nowhere and tackled Sanchi to the ground. He quickly punched him in his face repeatedly until Sanchi grabbed his fist, twisted it around, and threw him off.
"Ye would think ye wouldn't return after what happened th' first time," Arthur said, "It's too matte what...Bonnie is probably close to dead anyway!"
Arthur made another risky move, he ran into Sanchi, throwing him into the walls. Then, Arthur pulled his knife out and tried to stab Sanchi. Luckily, Sanchi moved out of the way, causing Arthur to stab the wall. Quickly, Sanchi jumped up and kicked Arthur in the back, causing him to go into the wall. Arthur quickly turned back around, dizzy and tried to stab Sanchi but Sanchi grabbed Arthur's hand, trying to remove the knife. With using all of his strength, Sanchi pushed Arthur's knife into his shoulder. Arthur started to scream in pain as Sanchi pushed him back into the wall. Sanchi walked towards his sword and picked it up. He looked at the Arthur and Orgras, lying on the ground and screaming in pain. Sanchi laughed and walked out, making his way towards the guard towers where his crew were at.

"Sanchi," Danny said, "Up here!"
Sanchi quickly climbed up, meeting his crew again. He looked around and knew they were missing someone. It was Bonnie, the one he tried to save, the one he gave money to when they first met, the one he wouldn't see again, Bonnie Anne. Sanchi gave Sanchez a hug, "I'm sorry pal..."
"It's fine," Sanchez said, wiping his tears away, "Let's just go."
Quickly, Danny and Malik climbed down. Then, Randal and followed behind Winslow and Boris. Now, it was just Sanchez and Sanchi to come down.
"I understand about losing Courtney and Bonnie," Sanchi said, "But you still have others who love and would die for you..."
Sanchez smiled, patting Sanchi's back. Then, the two quickly climbed down and everyone ran back home, leaving Molax.

Arthur and Orgras quickly got patched up after their injuries. Bunch of Arthur's men came running in, "Sir...they got away!"
"We'll find them again," Arthur said, "What about Bonnie?"
"She's dead," Arthur's guard said, "We checked."
Arthur quickly rose up, placing his hand over his bloody wound. He slowly walked towards the doors and opened it up, looking at all the chaos a group caused. From that point, Arthur knew he wasn't done.
"They could be hiding in another place," Orgras said, "Perhaps...Guerta?"
Arthur knew where Guerta was and he was familiar with the leader and the deals they made in the past. Arthur shook his head with an evil look on his face. A look of revenge, "We'll make a deal with Douglass if they're staying in Guerta."
"I shall go and write the letters," Orgras said, "Although I need to rest for a few days so we'll need someone to give it to Douglass."
"I'll get one of me men to deliver it," Arthur said, "I want those ones I saw here!"
Orgras knew most of the faces, including Danny's face, "Sanchez, Sanchi, Boris, Danny, Malik, Winslow, and they must have Randal...too!"
"Good," Arthur said, "Write those names down!"

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