Monday, May 16, 2016

The Warrior AE "Perfect plan" S4

Sanchi, Winslow, and Bonnie goes into Molax but their plan didn't go well. Bonnie was captured by Arthur and Sanchi was forced to leave her behind. Although, Sanchi and Winslow came up with a plan to team up with others to take down Molax after he knew Guerta wasn't enough. Bonnie starts her first work in Molax and gets in trouble. Also, Bonnie finally found Randal inside Molax. She gets into a fight with Orgras that leads to Arthur knocking her out his self. Sanchez and Malik flies to a familiar bar and found Douglass. They quickly found trouble with bounty hunter family surrounding them.

Gun fire stopped. Sanchez, Malik, and Douglass didn't make a single sound. Dust and fallen debris was all around the bar and bullet holes were all around the bar.
"There's a back door," Malik whispered, "We can leave from there."
Before Douglass or Malik left, Sanchez slowly opened up the back door and ran out. He wanted to make sure there were no trouble. When everything was clear, he motioned for Douglass to come out and followed by Malik. Looking all around, Sanchez quickly grabbed Malik and pulled him behind cover, "How much bullets do you have left?"
"Not a lot," Malik said, "Two or three?"
"Douglass," Sanchez said, "Do you still have your weapon?"
Douglass removed his pistol from his holder and placed it in Sanchez's hand. He slowly poked his head out, looking around for danger and he saw four pirates walking behind the bar. Sanchez quickly looked away, "There's four of them."
Douglass closed his eyes and started to talk nervously to his self, "...This can't be happening..."
"Awww man," Malik said, "You should of brought Boris instead of me!"
"No, no, no," Sanchez said, "We need you Malik."
Malik dropped his weapon and sat down, "Y'all go...I'll stay back and defend y'all."
Sanchez knew that was the only plan they had left. He handed Malik Douglass's weapon, "I didn't complain about getting you because I knew you can do what Boris, Bonnie, or Danny could do!"
Malik smiled, "Go...if I survive I'll get us a ship!"
Suddenly, Malik ran out and started to fire his musket and Douglass's pistol. The four other pirates started to fire back. Meanwhile, Sanchez and Douglass made a run for it. Malik fired his musket and hit one of the pirates in his chest, witnessing the pirate flying back. Malik stared to cheer, "Come at me!"

While everyone patiently waited for Douglass to return, citizens started to add more protections to the walls. Boris, Danny, and Julia noticed the citizens doing this job.
"These people are involving," Boris noticed
Danny nodded his head, "Surprise they're doing it right."
While Boris and Danny started to talk about the Guerta's citizens, Julia focused on what they were doing. She was actually surprised they were doing it right, "I am too?"
Julia quickly ran to Courtney, "Who taught y'all how to work?"
Courtney laughed, "Your crew!"
"Woah," Boris said, "Are you talking about us?"
Boris counted everyone who were helping. He noticed that everyone around Guerta was helping with the walls and finishing the gate.
"Guess we're the best thing that came to Guerta," Danny said, picking up a hammer, "I need to cheer myself up somehow."
"Well," Boris said, "Be happy you're well and still with us!"
Danny smiled as he nailed two planks on the wall, "Different now."
Julia walked by Danny, picking up two planks. She heard his conversation, "Different?"
"Of course," Danny said, scratching his head, "I'm a lot braver now."
"All of us are," Boris said, "Things change us...good or bad."

Sanchez and Douglass still heard gun shots. He knew Malik was still alive fighting off the bounty hunters. Suddenly, the two stopped and Sanchez pulled Douglass's bag off his back and opened it up. Douglass quickly took the bag away, "What are you trying to do?"
Sanchez snatched the bag back, "Any weapons?"
"I gave you my only one," Douglass said, leaning on a tree.
"You came here alone," Sanchez said, throwing his bag down, "You came here with a hardly working weapon?
"You gave it to Malik," Douglass said, "He's trying to please you."
Sanchez laughed as he returned Douglass's bag back to him, "Why would he try to please me?"
"I don't know everything about you or your crew," Douglass said, "But I can tell your emotions make your crew feel like you don't want some of them...example is Malik!"
Sanchez quickly turned around, facing Douglass, "How do you know any of this?"
Douglass slowly got back up, placing his hands on his back, "Boris felt the same way before...he told Mary and I."
Sanchez didn't want to explain some of his past to Douglass. He just wanted to return home to with Douglass and Malik. Although, Sanchez felt like it wouldn't happen after he noticed everything was quiet, "Hide in a tree."
Sanchez pulled out his small knife and slowly walked back to the bar. He went from tree to tree, trying his best not to get caught. He wanted to see if Malik survived. Each step he took, he worried more and more. Then, he heard voices. He dropped behind a tree, trying to recognize the voices. None of them were Malik, Sanchez knew it. Suddenly, Douglass started to scream, "Help!"
Sanchez heard Douglass screaming for help. Then, he heard the bounty hunters laughing. He kept running, close to losing his breath. Suddenly, Sanchez tripped over an enormous tree root. Sanchez just laid there, focusing on the screaming. Then, he heard cannons being fired and everything became quiet. Sanchez quickly got up and ran towards Douglass.
"Douglass," Sanchez said, "What in the world just happened?"
Douglass pushed one of the bounty hunter's body off him, "Four of them attacked me!"
Sanchez knew Douglass couldn't take them all on, "What happened to them?"
He heard another voice behind him. He smiled as he recognized the voice. Malik, Sanchez knew. He quickly turned around and gave Malik a huge hug, "You saved him!"
"After I was out of ammo," Malik said, "I ran and stole one of their ships...then I finished the last four off!"
Malik walked back on the ship, leaving Sanchez and Douglass alone together. Before Douglass took a step, Sanchez placed his hand on his shoulder, "What you said about emotions...that was mostly Sanchi."

Finally, Sanchi, Winslow and Matthew was near Guerta. After a long mission that didn't go as plan, Winslow smiled as he noticed Guerta. Before they returned home, Sanchi wanted to talk to Matthew, "You don't do anything'll be fine!"
When they finally arrived, Sanchi noticed the gate was done. Suddenly, the gate opened up and revealed Sanchez with a smile. Although his smiled was gone after he noticed Bonnie wasn't there and he noticed an unfamiliar face. Sanchi didn't explain it to Sanchez. Instead, he wanted to explain it when his whole crew was around. When he noticed his crew around him, he started to explain the situation. He told them how he saw another threat. He explained their place and how protected they were. Sanchi knew Guerta wasn't strong enough to take down Molax, so he explained the get an alliance with Monquista.
"This is Matthew," Winslow said, "He's from Molax...we're holding him hostage!"
Sanchi nodded his head, "Tomorrow, I'll go out to Monquista...then maybe Mooshu for help!"
"That wouldn't be smart," Sanchez said, handing Sanchi a sheet, "That's all of us!"
Sanchi crumbled up the paper, "Kane set these bounties?"
"And everyone around the spiral know your price," Sanchez said, "I say me, Boris, and Malik go out to talk to Monquista."
Suddenly, Danny spoke up, "I can go to Mooshu!"
"I'll go with him," Winslow said, "Us two can head out to Mooshu."
Julia tried to volunteer but Sanchi cut her off, "I want you to stay here...I need you!"
"I need to help," Julia said, "Everyone else is."
"I'm not," Sanchi said, getting closer to her, "You and I can stay here with Courtney."
Douglass didn't like the plan. He didn't want to start a war with Molax, knowing who Arthur was, "Maybe we should leave Molax alone."
"That's not going to happen," Sanchez said, "They have Bonnie..."
Sanchi smiled, "He's right...we're going to get revenge!"

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