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The Warrior AE "Sick" S5

Sanchi, Winslow, and Malik sneaks onto Sythe's ship, where he was holding three of their own. With Tobias betraying the two bounty hunters long ago, Bane quickly tied up Tobias for group of troggy's lunch. Luckily, Tobias managed to take care of the troggys and killed his old friend, Bane. One of the ship's engineer, who was held hostage by Malik and Winslow, knocked out the two and escaped with some of their weapons. Sanchi and Sanchez ran around the large ship, sneaking past armadas to look for Tobias where they quickly found Nick tied up. Trying to gain their trust, Nick saved their lives by taking out one of the engineers on the ship. Malik and Winslow designed a tough plan to escape from armadas. Malik quickly flew one of the ships and fired cannons at the armadas while Winslow made a run for their other ship. Luckily, they made it unharmed and went to look for their crew. With all the anger from Bane's death, lots of damage to Kane's ship, and his bounties slowly getting out of his hands, Sythe encountered Tobias and the rest where he brought memories of Tobias's deceased wife. Tobias and Sythe quickly dueled on the top of the ship, where Malik and Winslow fired at and separated the two. Meanwhile the crew was getting on the ship, Sanchi watched Sythe climbing back on and he left the bounty hunter there. Julia and Erica developed a plan to see Madame Vadima due to Julia's illness.

Finally, Sanchi and the rest returned home after they were gone for two straight days. Julia, Erica, Mario, and Randal watched two ships docked. Julia quickly smiled, tears from joy started to come out. Sanchi was first off the ship, walking towards them. Julia encouraged Randal to go hug him and he did, Julia following behind.
"Randal," Sanchi said, picking him up, "Glad to see you!"
Sanchi held Randal tight as Julia ran towards them and hugged the two. The three was holding each other tight for a few minutes, happy to see each other again.
"Nick," Mario said playfully, "Did you get those long night stress drinks?"
He didn't answer Mario, instead he just shook his head and walked by him. Nick walked back inside the house where he dropped to the ground and stayed up.
"Hey guys," Malik said, waving, "I'm alive too."
Sanchi, Randal, and Julia finally stopped the hugging session and Sanchi placed Randal on the ground. Randal quickly tugged on his pants and the young boy whispered, "Did you get any food?"
Sanchi nodded his head with a smile, pointing at Sanchez and Winslow, who was carrying their supplies.
"Julia," Erica whispered, "It's close to nighttime."
She nodded her head at Erica. Then, she grabbed a few snacks from Winslow and handed them to Randal, "Eat up then go to bed."
Randal grabbed his two pieces of bread and walked inside, Mario, Erica, and Malik followed him to eat too. The rest stayed back.
"It's about Nick," Sanchez said, "He aimed his weapon at Tobias and I.. the dang weapon that we gave him."
"Okay," Julia said, "Why are we discussing this?"
"Sanchi still wants him here," Winslow added
Sanchi quickly interrupted their conversation, "He was scared and I'm pretty sure we'll did something that was risky before...He deserves a chance and I assigned Winslow and Malik to keep an eye on him!"
"Volunteering me to baby sit some guy," Winslow said, walking away, "Thanks."
"We can talk about all this later," Sanchi said, "It's late and I'm pretty sure we all need some rest."
"Agreed," Julia added, "Let's sleep."

Finally, everyone was asleep...except for Julia and Erica. The two ladies quietly got up, Erica was sleeping outside in a tent while Julia was sleeping between Randal and Sanchi. She slowly lifted Sanchi's arm off her and got up, going outside to meet Erica.
"Got two pistols and a knife for us," Julia whispered to Erica, "Do you know how to get to Vadima?"
Erica nodded her head and motioned for Julia to follow her to the ship. The two walked quietly to the ship. Then, Erica slowly opened up the door and walked into the ship. Suddenly, they heard a voice behind them, "What are you two doing?"
Julia turned around fast, aiming her weapon at a familiar face. It was Nick, who had his hands up. Nick knew they were sneaking out. Julia shook her head and lowered her weapon, "You can either come with us or go back and be quiet about this."
Nick thought about Julia's offer. He thought if he'd go with the two ladies, then he would gain Sanchez's trust again. Nick smiled and threw his hands up, "I'll come."
"Then get on fast," Erica whispered, throwing him a knife.
As night began to fall, the three quickly jumped on the ship and flew away from home. Julia looked back out of the window, watching her home as they got further away and eventually she couldn't see anything.

After just a few minutes, they were close to their destination. Julia already recognized where they were heading, one of her old homes when she was living life to the fullest as a senator in the pirate army. Erica was familiar with the place too, working as a medic in the pirate army for a few months before everything went bad.
"Erica," Julia said, grabbing her attention, "Are you sure these schools are still up?"
Nick charmed in, "Kane's army needs training so why would they take down..."
Erica quickly interrupted Nick, not caring on what he had to say, "They should be."
Finally, the ship was landed and docked at Skull island, noticing the giant volcano and skull. Erica was first off the ship, then Julia made Nick get off the ship second and she got off last, keeping a close eye on Nick.
As she jumped off the ship, she started to have stomach pain again. She quickly fell on the ground and started to throw up in pain. Nick got close and tried to help but Julia pushed him away as Erica got on the ground to help her out.
"Madame Vadima is just over the bridge over there," Erica said as she pointed at the old bridge, "Can you make it there?"
Julia slowly looked up at Erica, wiping her tears away and she nodded her head. Then, they started their journey. Nick approached the bridge, staring at the filthy and old bridge. Nick shook the two sticks that kept the bridge up a few times, noticing it was really loose. He quickly turned back around, facing the two ladies, "This isn't a good idea."
"Well we need to get there," Erica said, "We can go one at a time."
Nick slowly placed one foot on one of the bridge's planks. Then, he took another step and continued to walk on the odd narrow bridge. After step he took, he heard a squeaking noise. He managed not to look down and into the pits of the Skyway and he eventually made it across. Now, Erica was up. She knew Julia had to get there so she walked fast across the bridge, loosening up the legs that were planted in the ground. She eventually made it across with Nick.

Suddenly, a unknown pirate came across Erica and the rest crossing the old bridge. He stared at them and watched Nick walk across the bridge. Then, he ran back to bring the news to the boss of the place.
"Captain A," The pirate said, "The is a few pirates that is walking across oue bridge!"
The boss quickly turned around in his chair, slowly tapping his hook on the table, "Ye and others go check out it...I'll be there soon!"
"As ye wish," The skinny ginger pirate said, "Allen and I will get others to get these strangers!"

Julia slowly place one foot on the bridge, taking deep breaths and trying not to freak out. She finally took a few more steps, hearing the bridge squeaking and cracking. As wind started to occur, she started to fear more after every step on the ship.
"The wind is getting bad," Erica said, "She needs to make it across fast!"
Julia continued to walk across the bridge slow. Stomach started to turn and tears starting to fall down from her eyes. She was sick and scared, which made Erica worry even more.
"You can do it," Erica yelled at Julia, "You're close!"
Suddenly, the wind started to blow harder and knocked Julia down. Then the bridge started to swing wide back and fourth, which wasn't good for the legs planted in the ground as they slowly become looser and looser. Then, they heard a cracking noise and part of the bridge came out, causing the bridge and Julia to hang off into the Skyways. Meanwhile on the other side, Erica quickly noticed the two others legs planted in the ground were coming out. She and Nick ran towards the legs as they came out of the ground. Luckily, both of them grabbed it, causing Erica to lay on the ground and closer to the edge off the island.
"This can't be happening," Julia said as she panicked, "Don't let go!"
"These ropes are almost worn out," Nick pointed out, "We need to do something fast!"
Erica was leaning off into the Skyway, having a tight grip on the ropes of the bridges. Nick managed to get on his feet and tried to pull up his side of the bridge but he wasn't strong enough. Meanwhile, Julia was holding tight on one of the planks on the bridge, dangling off back and fourth as strong winds occurred again.
"We need to hold on tight," Erica said, pointing at the obvious, "Or she's history!"
Suddenly, the wind blew hard enough that the bridge went up for a few moments then flew fast into the side of the island, nearly knocking Julia off. She slowly grabbed a different plank higher up, slowly climbing the bridge up, "Almost there!"
Meanwhile, Nick started to hear laughter from others behind him. As he turned his head around, he noticed a group of pirates aiming their weapons at him and Erica, "Drop the bridge now!"
Nick stared at them then he glanced at Erica, who was aiming her pistol at him, "If you betray any of us this time I'll kill you!"
The leader of the small group had ginger hair and a light ginger beard. He looked young, tall, and he was skinny with a black robe wrapped around him with an eye patch on his left eye. The other next to him was short with nothing on his face, beside a few stars. The shorter pirate had blue eyes and short brown hair.
"Allen," The gingered hair pirate said, "Help these two get their friend."
Suddenly Julia placed her hands on the other side, slowly climbing back on the island and off the bridge. Allen and the other pirates tried to help but she pushed them away, "I got it myself!"
"Don't ye talk to Allen like that," The ginger pirate said with laughter, "He's a bit slow if ye get my drift."
Erica sarcastically laughed as she threw her hands up, "Who are you anyway?"
"Well young lady," he said, "I am Willis and ye are on our property."

The pirates surrounded them as Willis explained more to the three, "We friendly pirates and we associate with them armadas just as much they associate with us...if ye get my sarcasm it means we don't associate with them clockwork freaks."
Willis continued to explain more. In just a few minutes, Erica noticed Julia's pale face and she rudely interrupted Willis, "I'm sorry but this female right here is ill and need immediate help!"
"Me is sorry m'am," Allen said, "But me ain't a witch doctor like Vadima."
Willis looked at Julia and noticed her pale face, "Allen, they're asking for Vadima you idiot!"
Allen had a confuse look on his face, "Then why did she tell us about her sick friend?"
Willis shook his head, "Allen just go and take the young lady to Vadima before I get more mad."
Allen and two other pirates helped Julia up and took her to madame Vadima, where she could receive medical help. Meanwhile for the rest, Willis wanted to talk to them and discover more about them. Willis quickly noticed the fear on their face.
"Well," Willis said with a chuckle, "Why do ye fellas look like ye is late for a meeting with the reaper?"
"I'm sorry," Erica said with a rude attitude, "We aren't comfortable with a group of strangers!"
Willis laughed as he got closer to Erica. Then, he stopped the laughter awkwardly, "Honey we aren't obviously strangers when our captain knows that sick gal."
Nick looked around, trying to look for a familiar face but all of the pirates surrounding them were strangers to him, "Who's the boss of this place?"
"Ye two will get the pleasure to meet him," Willis said, motioning for them to follow him, "He's nice."
Nick and Erica followed Willis and the other pirates into a small village, a village that was nothing like Guerta. There were no walls surrounding the houses, no guards, no towers, Erica quickly noticed.
"I don't see any protection," Erica pointed out, "You guys could be attacked easily!"
"We have no fear because the armadas don't care about us and we have created smart alliances with other nearby villages," Willis said, "It's a trade route thing that I'm sure you wouldn't understand."
Finally Willis and the other pirates approached a large bricked house. Willis began knocking on the door and Erica and Nick patiently waited to meet the boss. Suddenly, they noticed the knob was doing. Willis quickly looked back at the two with a big smile, "The captain is here!"
The door opened up and a pirate with a grey mustache, brown hair, green and gold wardrobe on with a big brown hat came out. He was a decent height and skinny with a huge smile that revealed a few shiny silver teeth. Then, a white parrot flew on his shoulder.
"Hello," he said, "I'm captain Avery!"

Finally, Julia received the medical help she needed. Allen pointed at the small house that madame Vadima was hidden in, house near the other trainers. Julia, with fear, slowly walked to Vadima's door. She stood in front of the door, staring at the metal door knob and feared on what was on the other side.
"Uh m'am," Allen said, "You have to knock if you want her to come out."
Knock, knock! Julia gently tapped on the door and she heard quiet footsteps walking towards the door. Every step she heard, her stomach started to turn and turn...and turn. Suddenly, a purple hair women opened up the door, "How may I help ye?"
"...hi," Julia said nervously, "I'm Jessica?"
"Well Jessica," Madame Vadima said, "Would you like to know your future or personal help?"
Julia looked behind Madame Vadima and into her training room. She noticed goo and the color of them glowing on the walls. She glanced at few of Vadima's voodoo items, noticing needles in some of them.
"I-I-I," Julia said, her vision becoming blurry, "I need help..."
Suddenly, Julia fell on her knees. Allen quickly ran to her and helped her up but she wouldn't reply to any of their questions. Madame Vadima and Allen carried Julia into her training room and laid her down on one of her beds, near her potions, "What is wrong with ye?"
"She lost her balance," Allen said, placing his hands on his cheeks from shock.
Madame ignored Allen's stupid comment and ran to her potion shelf. She quickly grabbed two potions that were light green and dark green. Then, she ran to her potion bowl and dumped both of the potions into the bowl. With her hands, she stirred the potions to create one total one, "Thus potion will give her strength and health back!"
"Madame," Allen said, "Isn't she ill?"
"Ye right," Madame Vadima said, "I need ha conscious to find out more information to help ha!"
Suddenly, the potions oddly changed into a different color, forming a new potion. Then, she started to wave her hands around, which made the potion from the bowl rise up. She quickly repeated a ritual spell, whispering it to herself with her eyes close. Then, the potion went in through her nostrils and ears, going through her body. Only taking a few minutes, Julia rose like she was brought back to life. She opened her mouth wide up and she puked the potion back out. Julia quickly fell back down, still very ill.
"Hmmm," Vadima said, examining her vomit, "She's not only sick..."

After introducing their selves to the captain, Avery allowed Willis and the two newbies into his house. Captain Avery led them to his living room where they all sat down. Nick looked all around his living room, noticed well-painted paintings and the expensive wallpaper, he was impressed.
"Well," Avery said, "Why are ye here?"
As Avery took a seat behind his fireplace, Nick noticed a old revolver hanging above his fireplace. Avery noticed him staring at the item as he turned around.
"Me ol' pistol," Avery said, "Haven't fired a shot ever since my life changed dramatically."
Nick nodded his head, "You have lots of expensive items in here?"
"They not valuable," Avery said, taking a sip of his hot tea, "We're just an everyday village like them others villages."
Finally, Erica spoke, "All villages aren't the same...especially yours!"
Captain Avery smiled as he rose his hands up defensively, "Ye fellas know this how?"
"We use to be in one...stronger than this one," Nick said, "Walls, watchers, and good crew who became strong leaders!"
Erica looked at Nick with a big smile. She noticed how he already changed since the captured. She liked how he defended his crew after how he didn't feel apart of it.
Avery stood up, looking at Willis with a confuse look, "And these leaders are?"
"None of your darn business," Erica snapped, "We don't even know any of y'all!"
"False," Avery said, pointing at Erica, "That sick gal use to be a senator and her lover use to be someone's a shame he's gone."
Nick squinted his eyes at Avery. Then, he looked at Erica just as she turned her head to look at him. Both of the two had confused looks on as they stared at each other.

After a few seizures and lots of vomiting, Vadima finally managed to calm Julia's illness down a little. She brought out her staff and raised on over Julia's chest and started to perform spells over her sick body.
"Micha, Duwa, Coos," Vadima repeated, "Micha, Duwa, Cooose!"
Green-like spirits rose out of her staff and flew into Julia's chest. In just a few minutes, she started to cough rapidly. Finally, the spirits flew out and into Vadima's crystal ball, where she would find out more on her illness. The madame grabbed her crystal ball and started rubbing it, soon smoke would rotate inside the ball. Baby noises were made from the ball and bunch of whimpering and crying from pain. Then, Vadima placed both hands on the ball and closed her eyes.
"Madame," Allen said, "Will this young lady be good?"
Finally, Julia slowly rose back up with both of her eyes open and fully breathing. She started to touch all around herself, she was surprise to be awake, "D-d-d-did you heal me?"
Vadima nodded her head, "From your symptoms, you and your crew aren't living in good conditions."
Julia stared at Vadima, trying to understand what she meant by not living in good conditions, "What?"
"Drinking bad water," Madame Vadima said, "Which wouldn't be good for your baby."
Suddenly, Julia's heart stopped beating for just a few moments from shock. She slowly stepped off the bed like she witnessed death. She slowly walked to Vadima with a strange look on her face, "My baby?"
Madame Vadima looked at Allen then looked back at Julia, "You're pregnant."

It was still late was Sanchi rose up, waking up. He noticed Randal sleeping on his arm and not sleeping on Julia's, who he noticed wasn't here. He looked all around and saw no Julia. He quickly bounced up and noticed there were others who were missing.
"Sanchi," Winslow whispered, "We have bad news."
Winslow, Sanchez, and Malik quietly walked back into the room, informing Sanchi that Julia was missing. Also, Malik pointed out that Erica was gone too.
"We're missing two," Sanchez said, "How are we missing two?"
"Malik and I went to the back docks and our ship was still there," Winslow said, "We went to check the ship nearest to us and it's not there...someone stole it!"
For more bad news, Mario quickly entered the room from behind. The three words he spoke was stuck in Sanchi's head for a few minutes as his heart started to beat fast and stomach started to turn.
"Nick is missing," Sanchi heard in his head over and over as he fell on his knees.
"This can't be happening," Sanchi said, "He probably stole them for those bounties!"

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