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The Warrior AE "Off and On" S5 (Extra long)

Sanchi, Malik, and Winslow was at what was left of Guerta, scavenging for any remaining supplies. Sythe demanded for the armadas to fire at what was left of Guerta, causing Sanchi to get on their ship. Meanwhile back home, Erica caught Julia hiding a deep secret. She admitted to Erica that she's been sick and planned to take a ship to look for medicine, Erica decided to come along. Malik and Winslow kept an eye on one of the ship's engineer until he knocked both of the two out and escaped, taking some of their weapons. Bane tied Tobias up for troggys to devour him as a punishment for betraying him.

Bane was asleep, leaning on the ship's wheels. Then, he woke up from yelling and he knew who it was from. Sythe quickly walked in yelling and punching walls.
"I swear Kane gave me the dumbest armadas possible," Sythe said angrily, "Seven of them got devoured by just a few troggys!"
Bane quickly got up, "I thought the troggys were tied up well?"
"It's a lucky guess on how they managed to screw everything up," Sythe said, kicking the wall, "Plus the ones who were in the lower docks with the cannons still hasn't came up to me!"
Sythe started to yell even more and punched a giant hole in the wall. Bane quickly decided to leave Sythe alone and went to check on Tobias, who was suppose to troggys' meal.
"Don't be like those pathetic armadas," Sythe yelled as Bane left the room.
Bane was just a few feet from the door, hearing nothing but a little thumping noise. He got closer to the door, trying to hear something but it was just the same thumping noise. Then, he slowly opened the door.
"Eeeee-wak," A troggy yelled, running towards Bane.
Suddenly, a troggy grabbed Bane and took a huge chunk out of his shoulder. Then, the troggy who was holding tight onto Bane was pulled into the room. Tobias quickly pushed the tied up troggy off Bane and threw his formal friend on the ground.
"Tobias," Bane said angrily, "You son..of..a.."
"Quiet," Tobias said, placing his finger on Bane's lips, "It'll be better for you and I."
Bane slowly turned his head, staring at his bloody shoulder. He quickly placed both hands on his shoulders and tried to eliminate the pain but he couldn't. Tobias got close to Bane, getting on his knees just to snatch his weapon from him.
"Never had to be like this," Tobias said, looking at Bane's revolver, "Your weapon suits me."
"Listen to me Tob..."
Tobias aimed his new weapon at Bane's head, shutting Bane up. Tobias stood there for a few minutes, deciding on what to do with them. Then, he decided and lowered the gun. Tobias walked towards the only troggy left and grabbed it by his neck so he wouldn't bite him. Then, Tobias opened up the door and looked back at Bane.
"You're going to hate me for this," Tobias said, cutting the rope off the troggy and pushing the creature on Bane, "But I'm sorry."
Bane started to yell and say hateful things to Tobias as the troggy landed on him. Then, Tobias shut and locked the door, throwing the key off the ship.

Sanchez led Sanchi and the two tried to look for Tobias. They managed to sneak past bunch of armadas and checked most of the doors on the ship, still unable to find Tobias. Although, they heard screaming from a door nearby. Sanchi quickly ran past Sanchez and towards the door. Then, he opened it up fast.
"Sanchi," Nick said, "Get me out of here!"
Sanchi ran towards Nick, pulling his sword out and cutting the ropes off him, freeing him. Sanchi helped Nick up and checked him for any bruises, ejections, or troggy's bites. Sanchez walked in the room, noticing it was Nick. The one who got everyone in this mess, Sanchez thought.
"Don't you dare help him out," Sanchez said, aiming his pistols at Nick, "He gave us away and got us in this mess!"
Sanchi looked at Sanchez, giving him an odd look. Then, Sanchi looked at Nick in his eyes. Sanchi noticed the fear in his eyes and understood his actions. He wasn't ready, Sanchi thought.
"He was scared," Sanchi said, "Give him a second chance."
Sanchez laughed, "Tobias could be dead because of him!"
"I'm not going to argue with you in this situation," Sanchi said, helping Nick up, "We need to find him then get out of here!"

Tobias was sneaking around the ship, going by armadas after armadas. His objective wasn't to find his new crew but to find Sythe instead. As Tobias turned the corner, he quickly noticed Sythe talking to one of the engineers on the ship.
"There were three of them who attacked me," Engineer told Sythe, "They're looking for someone!"
Sythe shook his head, furious that the armadas didn't get a single sign from Sanchi's crew, "Did you get these weapons from the other two?"
Suddenly, Sythe heard another voice behind him. It was a familiar voice that made Sythe smile with excitement. Sythe slowly turned around, aiming Iris at his old friend, Tobias.
"Toby," Sythe said, "It's good to see you!"
Tobias smiled at Sythe, aiming Bane's revolver at him, "Does this weapon look familiar?"
"You killed one of your own friends who helped you," Sythe said, "Stupid decision!"
Suddenly, Sythe yelled and fire two arrows from Iris, blowing up everywhere but not hitting Tobias. The hallway was filled with smoke, something Sythe didn't mean to do. Due to the smoke, Sythe couldn't find Tobias at all. Meanwhile, Tobias was sneaking up from behind.
"Friends wouldn't let Kane kill his lover of his life," Tobias yelled as he tackled Sythe to the ground.
Tobias started to punch Sythe over and over, screaming at him for what he did in the past. Sythe quickly poked Tobias in the eye with his beak, slapping Tobias off of him.
"The death of your wife was on you not me," Sythe cried, "It was all your fault!"
Sythe quickly got up as Tobias stayed on the ground. He tried to find his crossbow but he could hardly see anything due to all the smoke and dust. Then Tobias ran at Sythe, swinging Bane's knife around. Sythe ducked his head down, dodging Tobias's swings. Then he kicked Tobias hard in his stomach, causing him to hit the ground again.
"Iris," Sythe called, "Come to papa!"
He found his crossbow, running towards it and picking it up. Even though he couldn't see Tobias nearby him, Sythe still fired his explosive arrows everywhere, "Blame everything on you, Tobias!"
Finally with the holes in the ship, the smoke and dust cleared up, revealing nothing in front of Sythe. No body, no weapons, Tobias. Sythe stood there, breathing hard with a red face. Then, he screamed, "I will find you and your friends!"

Sanchi and Sanchez still continued to look for Tobias. Sanchez walked behind Nick, with his weapon pointed at him to make sure he doesn't do anything bad. As they continued to look for Tobias, trouble rose for them.
"Hands up," the familiar engineer said, "If you turn around I will shoot!"
Sanchi raised his hands up, dropping his sword. Sanchez shook his head and placed his pistol down but when he looked back up, Nick wasn't in sight. Sanchez slowly looked left and right.
"You were right," Sanchi said in a depressed voice, "Nick ran off and left us behind."
The engineer didn't care about Nick running, knowing he was useless anyway. Then, he demanded for the other two to kick their weapon towards him. Sanchi kicked his sword and Sanchez threw his two pistols at the engineer.
"Should of listened before," he said, "Your two friends didn't listen well."
Sanchez looked back at Sanchi with a confuse look on his face, "You held this guy hostage?"
Sanchi tried to explain but the engineer shouted and demanded them to shut up. Then, the engineer slowly walked towards the two with a huge smile and ready to fire.
"I'm sorry to do this," the engineer said, "But I..."
Boom! Suddenly, the engineer was attacked and shot in his chest. The engineer dropped the weapons and fell on his knees, slowly dying. Sanchi quickly looked forward and saw the victim who took out the enemy. It was Nick, holding one of Sanchez's pistols.
"I got him," Nick said to his self, "I got him."
Sanchi ran towards the weapons and picked them up. Sanchez walked up to Nick and stared at him for a few moments. Then, Sanchez shook his head and snatched his weapon out of Nick's hand without saying a single thank you.
"Armadas are coming," Sanchi said, "Lots of them."
Sanchi ran past Nick and Sanchez followed. Nick just stood there for a few seconds, staring at the victim he killed, "I'm sorry."

Suddenly, Malik and Winslow woke up. They couldn't believe they let one individual take them out. Malik even brought up the idea to switch up their story into a good lie.
"Sanchi is going to be furious," Winslow said, rubbing his head, "I can't believe this crap!"
Malik got up, feeling his head and his back. Then, he walked over and looked out of the window. His eyes widen up and knew trouble was nearby. Armadas were marching and looking through every ships on the docks. Winslow ran to look out of the window too, causing his jaw to drop, "We are in trouble."
Malik started to panic, "Oh man this can't be happening!"
Winslow ran towards the ship's wheel, opening up a drawer near it. Winslow let out a big sign, "This is happening and that one scum bag stole our guns.."
Malik quickly noticed group of armadas were marching towards their ship. They knew they'd need a plan fast and knew they couldn't wait for the rest to come.
"Malik," Winslow said, "I need you to steer this ship in the perfect angle to fire cannons at the armadas while I go out and get in the other ship."
Malik slowly turned around, giving Winslow a confused look, ""
"I don't know," Winslow said, "You got a better plan?"
Malik tried to think of a plan but he only came up with a simple one, involving the armadas to come in here and just die by them. Malik shook his head with a smile but when he tried to explain he simple plan, Winslow rudely interrupted.
"If it involves giving up and letting these armadas to come in here," Winslow said, "Then don't tell me it."
"Ooooor maybe," Malik said, "We could beg?"
Winslow ignored Malik and quickly busted open one of the windows, "Steer this ship and fire those cannons!"

Tobias continued to look around the familiar ship. He sneaked past lots of armadas who were heading towards the docks. Tobias quickly ran into a room as more armadas marched near him. Although, Tobias heard voices in this lonely room.
"Sythe if that's you," An armada who was sitting in the captain's chair said, "We should put up the anchors."
Tobias slowly walked to the armada who had his back facing Tobias. Then, Tobias pulled out Bane's revolver and fired it into the chair where the armada was sitting in. The clockwork fell out of the chair, disabled. Suddenly, Tobias noticed the ship's wheel right in front of him which made him grin.
"Heard gunshots in here," Tobias heard someone say.
Tobias had a feeling armadas were coming in here. He quickly hid next to the door and waited for them to walk in. Suddenly, someone walked in and Tobias grabbed him and place the blade of Bane's knife on their throat, "If you do anything stupid I will..."
"Tobias," Sanchez said, "Drop's us!"
Tobias turned the individual around and noticed he was holding a traitor, he thought. Tobias quickly punched Nick in his face, causing him to fall on the ground. Sanchi ran towards Nick and helped him up, "Have you lost your mind?"
"Something I've been trying to do since I saw his face," Sanchez said, laughing.
Tobias ignored what Sanchi said and got into his plan, "We need to lift up those anchors and I can easily steer this ship into..."
Boom! Tobias stopped talking as he heard cannons were being fired. Sanchi knew who it was and knew he'd have to take care of the anchors fast, "Steer this ship and I'll go slice the ropes of the anchors...we need this to be fast!"
"Woah Sanchi," Sanchez said, "What's going on?"
Sanchi smiled at Sanchez and placed his hand on Sanchez's shoulder, "I have a feeling Malik is going to do something really stupid."

Malik ignored his fear and ran towards the ship's wheel, undocking the ship and flying it into the skyway. Then, he turned the ship sideways so the cannons would face the threats. Malik quickly threw an anchor out and ran towards the cannons.
"Don't screw up," Malik said to his self, lighting a match and igniting the cannons.
Meanwhile, armadas were firing at Winslow, who only had a knife as a weapon. Luckily, Malik had his back and continued to fire cannons at the armadas. Winslow quickly ran up to two armadas and pushed them off the ship and to their deaths in the skyways. As Winslow was close to the other ship, a cannon were firing right in front of him. Winslow looked back at the ship, "Are you stupid Malik?"
Malik didn't care if armadas weren't even there, he still fired cannons everywhere, blowing some of the docks, taking out armadas, and blowing up some of the ship's supplies.
"This is some bravery junk," Malik screamed, "Whoo!"
Winslow dodged armadas and debris and was near the ship. Malik still had his back, firing cannons everywhere.
"Almost here," Winslow said to his self, "I can do..."
Suddenly, an armada tackled Winslow to the ground and started to punch Winslow in his face. Winslow quickly grabbed the armada's fist and tried to tear it off. The armada guard headbutted Winslow twice, causing Winslow to release his fist. Then, Winslow grabbed the armada's chest amour and pulled it off. The guard grabbed its chest plate and slammed it on Winslow's face. Winslow quickly got a hand on the chest plate too, pushing the armada off. The armada slowly stood up, pulling his sword out and walked towards him. Winslow tried to crawl from the armada as he got closer. Then the armada raised his sword up, preparing to strike Winslow.
"Winslow's in trouble," Malik said to his self, preparing to light the cannon.
Winslow quickly turned on his back, staring at the armada as he rose his sword up. Winslow thought this was it, closing his eyes. Suddenly, he heard Malik firing a cannon and he opened his eyes back up. The armada guard saw the cannon coming his way.
"Uh oh," The armada said
Boom! The cannon nailed the armada, causing it to blow up in pieces. Winslow slowly got up, giving Malik thumbs up and he got into the other ship. Winslow flew the other ship next to Malik's, "Find the rest."

"That's Malik and Winslow," Sanchi said, "They blew up at least 90% of their docks!"
Tobias was busy steering the ship, trying to get the expensive ship to crash into what was left of Guerta. He quickly explained to them that they had a few minutes before the ship could crash and blow up into lots of pieces. Sanchi and the rest quickly left the room and climbed on the outside top of the ship.
"They got both ships," Sanchez said, "Both ships...?"
Sanchez and Nick started to jump and wave their hands to signal Malik, who finally noticed them. Meanwhile, trouble awaited for them as they heard Sythe's voice.
"You all are some daredevils," Sythe said, aiming at Iris, "Heck, you even got one of your crew mates back who snitched on you?"
Tobias quickly pulled his Kali out as Sanchi pulled his sword out. Sythe started to laugh at the two as he had Iris out, "Two sticks against my love Iris?"
"Don't you dare say that name again," Tobias said, "You never had right to mention that name!"
"Oh excuse me," Sythe said, "Did Iris bring back memories?"
Sanchi slowly turned his head at Tobias, noticed tears were coming out of eyes. He also noticed the strong grip he had on his Kali stick, "Who's Iris?"
"My weapon," Sythe said with joy, "Also some dead female."
Tobias couldn't handle it, he yelled at Sythe and ran towards him, dodging Iris's arrows. Then, Tobias tackled Sythe to the ground and punched him in his face a few times. Sythe quickly fought up, biting Tobias's arm and threw him off. Sythe quickly grabbed Iris again and aimed it at Tobias.
"Don't join Iris," Sythe said, "Don't make me kill you and your new friends!"
Suddenly, armadas after armadas climbed up with their weapons out. Tobias took a few steps away from them. There were dozens of them and Sanchi knew they all couldn't take them out.
"You lost," Sanchez said, clapping his hands.
Suddenly, Sythe started to laugh at Sanchez's remarks. Then, he aimed Iris at Sanchez, "You and the rest have lost..."
Boom! Suddenly, cannons were fired at the side of the ship, causing it to shake and make Sythe and the armadas fall down. Sanchez, Tobias, and Nick quickly ran towards Malik's ship. Meanwhile Sanchi stayed still, looking at Sythe, who was dangling off the ship. Sanchi stared at him as he climbed back up. He had the perfect chance to end the bounty hunter's life...but he didn't. Sanchi quickly ran towards the ship and jumped on it.
"This isn't the end," Sythe's words echoed, "You'll regret this!"
The most expensive ship throughout the spiral and the ship with the most cannons crashed into the land of Guerta, blowing up in pieces. Malik shouted and cheered for the rescue mission as he heard Winslow's screaming from the other ship.
"Sanchi," Tobias said, running to him, "D-d-did you kill Sythe..?"
Sanchi stared at Tobias and Sanchez. He knew they'd be furious if he didn't but he had a feeling Sythe didn't survive the crash,
"Y-y-yes, he's dead."

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