Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Warrior AE "Old" S5

Sanchi, Sanchez, Tobias, Danny, Erica, and Malik headed out to Waponi Wu to gather armada's hidden supplies when they ran into Kane, group of bounty hunters, and his troops. Kane and his men quickly located Danny and Erica, causing the two to seperate and Danny risking his life to get Erica to Sanchi and the rest. Sanchi, Sanchez, Tobias, and Malik gets into trouble with Leonardo, Sythe, Bane, and some of Kane's armadas. Luckily, Sanchi and Tobias managed to take care of Leonardo but Sanchi decided to keep him alive and they decided to leave the supplies behind and get back home. On top of a cliff, only way out was to falling into the skyways, leading to death, Kane encountered Danny. Kane asked for Danny to give away his crew but Danny declined his offer, causing Kane to execute Danny. Julia and Winlosw takes care of Randal back home where he had a few nightmares about someone with Sanchi dying. Now with hardly any supplies, Sanchi decided to go to a place he haven't seen in a long time to see if supplies were still there.

Kane remained on top of the cliff, wiping blood off his sword. He patiently waited while his men looked all around for Sanchi's crew, unaware of them fleeing off the island. Meanwhile for the bounty hunters, Leonardo was furious about his injury and Sanchi's crew escaping.
"Their ship that they came in is gone," an armada said, "We're also missing another ship...they must of stole one of our ships."
Kane slowly turned around, facing the armada with all the bad news he didn't want to hear. He slowly removed his mask off his face, revealing an angry look, "They're missing and one of my ships are missing too?"
His troop nodded his head. Then, Kane walked closer to the armada, both of the two eye-to-eye. Kane quickly went into a bad mood and the bad news didn't help anything. Kane grabbed the armada and threw him off the cliff, taking his anger out. The rest of his troops stared at him, speechless. Kane placed his sword back in his holder on his waist, "Anymore bad news?"
All of his troops were quiet. Then, the silence broke when one of the bounty hunters started to yell, calling out Kane. It was Leonardo, "Patthhetic!"
"Bounty hunters," Kane said, "There's only three of you now."
Kane pulled out a map of the skull island skyway, looking for another island to look for. Leonardo quickly walked up to Kane and slapped the map out of his hands, letting the wind take it away.
"You owe me lotsss of coinsss becaussse of my hand and all thisss trouble we went through becausssse your men couldn't even defend themsssselvesss!" Leonardo said, "And I thought thissss wasss the armadass killed all the warriorssss?"
Leonardo quickly turned around, walking down Kane's men. Kane didn't take disrespect...not even from bounty hunters. He quickly pulled out his pistol and walked behind Leonardo, "You're right Leonardo."
The lizard bounty hunter turned around. Then, Kane fired multiple shots into Leonardo, making him drop on his knees. Kane slowly walked up to the struggling bounty hunter, laughing at him, "I expect Sythe and Bane to split all that coins."
Kane tapped on Leonardo's shoulder, causing him to lean off the cliff and falling to his death. Kane slowly put up his pistol and walked past his men and the bounty hunters. Sythe and Bane heard Kane's voice echoing, "I expect you two to take care of the bountys."
Sythe looked at the edge of the cliff, "What are we going to do now?"
Bane laughed, started to walk back down, "Look for them...what do you think?"

First day since Danny's death went by, crew still haven't recovered yet. Sanchi knew they'd have to get supplies soon before it's too late and he knew it. Erica stayed in the small wooden house ever since Danny's death, not getting out of the house. Also, Mario stayed in the house and kept her company.
"Sanchi," Nick said, walking to Sanchi, "Can I burrow a ship?"
Sanchi dropped all the firewood, confuse on what Nick was talking about, "Why do you need a ship?"
Nick quickly explained it to Sanchi, noticing no one was nearby. He told Sanchi he wanted to go out and get a few drinks, brining some back here for bad nights. Sanchi quickly thought this was stupid but he knew Nick wanted to get out of the island for a few days.
"You have a bounty on you too," Sanchi said, "Others will see your face."
Nick laughed, "That don't care about me plus I'll be fine."
Suddenly, Sanchi noticed Sanchez walking out of the house, walking towards the firewood. Sanchi quickly called for his attention, wanting him to go with Nick to gather a few drinks.
"Sanchi," Sanchez said, "Nick."
"Can you go with Nick for a few drinks," Sanchi said, "Cut some of your hair and put on some kind of costume."
"Fine," Sanchez said, "We'll leave in an hour."

After hours are laying down, Malik decided to get up and he quickly got out of the tent, located backyard of their new home. He thought about the trouble Erica was going with due to Danny's death, he wanted to make sure she was doing okay. He slowly opened up the door, noticing Erica in front of the fireplace with someone else.
"You're making me feel better," Erica said to Mario, "Thank you so much."
Mario smiled, hugging Erica tighter. Malik quietly walked behind the two, furious at Erica, "Your dirty..."
Julia quickly ran in the home, stopping Malik from finishing his sentence, "Malik?"
Erica and Mario quickly jumped up, completely surprised and unaware, "When did you two get in here?"
"Man forget that," Malik said, "Danny died not long ago and you're already with someone new?"
Mario placed both of his hands up, looking innocent, "Malik I swear we weren't doing anything bad, I was cheering her up before she was sad!"
Malik closed his eyes, trying to get rid of stress once he heard Mario's voice. Mario quickly got closer and tried to explained to him what was going on. Malik quickly started to get annoyed by him, pushing him on the ground, "Shut it!"
"Malik," Julia cried, "Calm down!"
"Girl come on," Malik said, giving Julia a questionable look, "Get mad at these pathetic and filthy poor excuse of a pirate, Erica!"
Erica was offended, she jumped up and slapped Malik's face. Then she stood there in Malik's face, giving him a death stare. Malik placed his hand on his gun holder, causing Julia to get between the two. Julia got the closest to Malik, look at him in his eyes once she noticed his hand on his gun, "Don't do anything stupid!"
Malik looked at Julia then he looked at the black implanted sharp object on the table, seeing his dark reflection. Malik moved his hand away from his weapon, looking at Julia.
"Pirates like her don't live long," Malik said, "Maybe that's why Guerta was a waste!"
Malik made his way to the door, going by a teared-up Erica. He also walked by Mario, pushing him back to the door. Malik decided to go with Sanchi and Winslow to Guerta to look for supplies.

Sanchi, Winslow, and Tobias started to walk towards their two ships, both stolen from Kane. Malik quickly followed behind, volunteering to help out and Sanchi accepted it. The four approached Sanchez and Nick, who were packing up their new ship.
"Make sure you have the map," Sanchez said, taking the map out of Nick's pocket.
Sanchi knew that it wouldn't be smart sending Sanchez with someone they hardly know or knew long enough to trust but then again he thought about sending Tobias with them.
"Hold on," Tobias said, playing with his hard, built from scratch, and wooden kali stick, "You want me to go with those two?"
"Yes sir," Sanchi said, "You don't mind right, Sanchez?"
"Fine with me," Sanchez said, finally finished packing up the ship, "We're leaving now."
Sanchez, Tobias, and Nick jumped on their new ship, preparing to head out. Also, Sanchi, Malik, and Winslow got on their ship, preparing to head out to Guerta. Both of the ships flew off the island. Julia and Randal watched both of the ships flying away.
"They're going to bring back bunch of yummy snacks," Julia said, "And important supplies!"

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